Voices in My Head Ch. 04

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I woke up early enough that I knew Dad had not left for work yet… I was curious to see what mom would do… I was kind of looking forward to turning her over my knee and playing with her.

So… I was dressed and headed down the hall way in almost record time… as I neared the stairs I began to “clump”, probably making more noise than necessary…

[Oh shit! Here he comes already! Just don’t turn around Jim… keep your nose buried in the paper like always.]

I hit the bottom of the stairs where I could see into the kitchen and there she stood, in all of her naked glory… not a stitch of clothing on her body. A Terrycloth robe was draped on the counter top just to her left rear, a very quick grab away… and Dad was busy drinking his coffee and reading his paper… mom had positioned herself directly behind him…

I laughed and nodded to her, which she took as a signal that she had met the request and could put her robe back on…


Technically she had been naked when I came down… I had not said how long she had to stay naked… she flew into the robe and filled dad’s cup before he had a chance to ask for more.

[I hope that satisfied him. I sure didn’t know what else to do… but damn… now that it’s over I am dripping and my thighs are wet.]

Mom filled a plate with scrambled eggs, I buttered toast and then sat down while she finished the breakfast that had been interrupted by her forced exhibitionism.

A few minutes later dad finished his coffee, decided it was time to get on the road, and that he might really get used to mom’s new attitude towards clothing…

“Walk me out to the car Hanna my love?”

(Dad): [I want to get my hands inside that robe again and I can’t do that in front of Jake… don’t want him getting the wrong idea about his mother’s virtue now…]

“Ok Jim… everything all right?”

[He probably just wants another feel inside my robe… too bad I did not think of this year’s ago… we have just been stuck in our ruts.]

“Oh sure darlin’… all’s right with the world.”

Mom followed him out, giving me a smile and a wink as she went through the door…

[See what you have started you wonderful young man?]

(Dad): [This is so sexy… what’s gotten into the old girl? What ever it is I hope to God it continues… ]

[Ooo… that feels good Jim… you haven’t held me like this or kissed me like you meant it in far to long…

now get to work and let me go fuck my brains out with your son…]

As he backed out of the garage, mom stood there watching him…

[Look back this morning you selfish prick…]

And when he did, she flashed him, as the door descended.

I was sitting back at my plate, my clothes however were in a semi contained pile by the stairs when she came back through the door.


“What if it had been your father coming back in?”

“Lose the robe mom, and come suck my cock while I finish eating breakfast.”

“That’s no way to talk to your mother…”

She said this as the robe left her shoulders and hit the floor two steps behind her.

I turned slightly sideways to give her better access but she still ended up partially under the table…

[He spoke to me like a servant… like he… so if it was so wrong why are you in such a hurry to get on your knees? Because I have been aching to get his cock in my mouth since I woke up this morning… because I want this… maybe because you ARE his… servant…]

A couple of bites wolfed down what was left on my plate. I leaned back and looked down at my red headed Irish blooded mother bobbing on my almost erect cock. She felt my movement and looked up, not relinquishing more than an inch, though it was a losing battle to keep as much meat in her mouth as blood inflated both length and girth…

She came all the way off, leaving my dick shinny with spit, held tight to my shaft and dipped low to tickle my balls a bit with her tongue…

“Ummmm… that does feel nice mom…”

She smiled up at me, happy with the results, happy for the praise…

[It is so nice to be appreciated… I love how he looks at me… l can’t get enough of his smile… the feel of this magnificent cock as it gets bigger and harder… I could do this all day and be happy]

One hand wandered between her spread thighs without karataş escort my prompting… one hand had a death grip on the base of my cock, squeezing but not able to touch thumb to finger anymore…

[These balls are so full… I really want to have what’s in them…]

She trailed her tongue up the underside and immediately upon reaching the tip, engulfed it and began her up and down motion again… trying to push deeper every 4th or 5th dip…

She came off again and began rubbing my cock on her lips, cheeks and neck, stroking and squeezing the shaft… I reached down and caressed her face, brushing a stray lock of hair back…

“Come and give me a kiss mom… “

I pushed the table back and she came up and forward settling her full firm tits in my lap, around my meat. Our smiles met with a twinkle in her eyes…

[It feels so good to be so wanted… so full of passion, to want someone so much again…]

Her hands pushed her tits together as her tongue played tag with mine, and she began to massage my steel hard shaft.

[He is so hard… it seems like it would hurt so much sometimes, but he never seems bothered by it…]

We broke the kiss… her smile returned as her eyes slowly opened…

“Very creative solution mom… I was not sure if you were going to be able to figure out a way to pull it off.”

[It was a crazy risky thing to do…]

“It was wasn’t it? I wasn’t sure if you would accept it, but it was the only thing I could think of… I was so scared of getting caught! And so wet being so brazen and naughty! When your father backed out… he, he looked back at me, and he never does that anymore… but I was hoping he would and I flashed him!”

“Lucky him. Did you just show him some leg? Or a boob?”

“No!! I opened the robe and showed him everything! The whole thing made me wet… makes me more wet just thinking about what I did, and telling you about it.”

“Woooo… that feels really nice… “

“I’m glad you don’t mind Jake… I really like the way it feels too… I just…”

“Oh wow… there is that blush again.”

“You make me feel things I haven’t felt in way too long… things I did not know I could feel anymore… things that were never ‘O.K.’ to feel before… I really like it… and I want more… I… I keep… I just still feel unsure… not about you!… about me…”

“Its O.K. mom… it’s all good…”

I kissed her on the nose…. Then each eye…

[I am so wet… how can I be so wet? I don’t ever remember being this horny… ever!]

I lifted her up to her feet, one hand on each upper arm, and when we were both standing I set her, sitting on the edge of the table… then sat back down in my chair…

“My turn…”

[Oh yes!]

“Oh Jake…”

I licked the wetness on her thighs, caressed and stroked her legs, stomach, breasts, arms, hands…nibbled, licked and sucked inner lips and outer lips, clit and employed fingers at strategic places both inside and out. She laid back and spread her legs, knees up and apart…

I stood up and took over from her, the working of her sensitive tits and nipples, rubbing my cock against her pussy… she whimpered and moaned, begged and pleaded for me to “put it in”, but I went back down and tasted her some more.

Mom came multiple times on my tongue, on my fingers and a combination of both… I reminded her how sensitive and enjoyable the nerves around her ass hole can be.

My face, from eyebrow to collar bone, from ear to ear, was a mess of pussy juice when I stood up and walked around the table. Mom was lying flat, still recovering from the last set of small, but rapid fire climaxes… her breasts heaving with every breath, but she followed me with her eyes as I walked to the other end of the table. I pulled her the short distance across, then leaned over and began devouring her tits. She played at getting my cock and at first I held her down and denied her… my mouth stayed on her chest, my hands went everywhere… she squirmed and wiggled, enjoying the chase and the attention… she was laughing and giggling when I met her mouth to mouth… we ended the kiss both breathless.

[I can’t get over how much he makes me orgasm… over and over… he seems to last and last and never worries about himself.]

“Jake… honey…”

“Yes karataş escort bayan mom…”

“You have been so attentive this morning… and…”

“You really want to that bad?”

She rolled to her side and reached for my erection…

[Fuck yes! Hanna… you are being a total slut… what is he going to think of his mother? Are you kidding me right now? I am ecstatic at how he thinks about me… mom… slut… cock gobbling slattern… he is making me feel more alive…]

“You have no idea baby… I want to suck your magnificent cock so bad…”

“Ok… roll all the way over onto your stomach… now hands and knees…”

She hurried to comply… more like a puppy expecting a treat than a wife and mother…

I walked around to the other side of the table…


“Just a second mom… wait right there.”


I went to my pile of clothes and fished out my phone, set it on the counter across the kitchen to catch her at a rear to front side angle, and pressed record…

I went back up front… took her face in my hands and kissed her lips, then said… “Spread your knees… more… good, now, shoulders on the table… “

I stepped to the side slightly and fed my cock to her open and waiting mouth…

I stroked and petted her hair and head, touched her face, then let one hand travel down her side and over the curve of her ass…

One of her hands was stroking my meat, more just holding it while I slow fucked her mouth… I was being gentle, but every so often I would go deeper and trigger her gag… her whole body would react… but she accepted it… welcomed it… thought of it as progress in her quest to deep throat the whole thing.

“Feels really good mom… and I love how open and vulnerable your body is… ass in the air, pussy spread wide and so wet any one who wanted could slide right in… even your ass hole is clenching open and closed when you gag…”

My fingers and palm played over her ass cheeks, pussy lips and asshole as I spoke to her…

“You should get your other hand down here and play with my fingers while they are playing with you…”


[He is recording this and filming what he is talking about… and all I can do it keep sucking… I can’t even think to stop my hand from obeying him and fingering my pussy… God I’m wet! I would never have thought I could ever come from giving a blow job… Fuuuucccckkkk!]

She did her best to keep sucking as she came, but it over took her and, though she held her mouth on me as her body shook and spasmed, her cheek was in a puddle of drool when she got back enough control to swallow, lick and suck again. Her hands were wet, one with spit, one with pussy… and there was a small puddle between her knees…

I pulled back, completely out of her mouth, she tightened her grip on my shaft as she felt it slipping away….

[I’m sorrory, l’m sorry, l’m sorry… oh fiuck!]

“Jake… No! Please… let me finish… I didn’t mean to stop… don’t be mad…”

I pulled her hand off and bent down, planting a kiss on her cheek.

“Nothing to be mad about mom… you are doing a great job…”

[Of cumming my brains out… not so much making YOU cum]

“…you came hard again, but didn’t fall apart… I took away your suck toy and you did not move… you stayed put…”

I kissed her cheek again…

“Up you go now… nope… quiet… hands and knees, now spin around and face the camera… you played beautifully for the camera… I think you are a natural… now easy… feet on the floor, belly on the table.”

“Thank you honey… I want you inside so much!”

[Yes! He is going to fuck me!]

I pushed forward and my cock slid right up the crack of her ass… I reached over her, pointing with my finger…

“Mom… see this puddle? This dripped off your hand and down your thigh… I am going to be focused back here, (grinding my hips a bit) and while I am, I want you to lick this up… lick it clean, let the camera see how much you like tasting it…”

She was nodding her head in understanding, wiggling her ass and tilting her hips, trying to position herself to give my cock access to her…

I stepped back, just enough for movement, she went up on her toes, arching her back as much as she could and escort karataş spreading her thighs as much as she could, all while shifting her upper body slightly, so that she could lick and slurp at her tasty mess.

There wasn’t much going on behind the scenes in her mind… the critic was quiet while she enjoyed the pure physicality of the pleasures she was experiencing… I was not trying to punish her, so I was slow going in, even though she was wet enough to slam fuck. I did not stop until I was bottomed out and then I bumped her a few times without pulling out.

Her imagination was playing a big part, being newly freed to BE a part of sex… it helped keep her on the edge… helped keep her so wet and in a constant state of agitation and anticipation… she stopped sucking at the table top and made sounds, feral, animalistic sounds, grinding her hips around my shaft, against my pelvis… one hand was white knuckled at the edge of the table, the other clawing for purchase where the edges were out of reach.

I set up a pace that began slow and steadily increased in speed and power. I pulled her a few inches away from the table… I did not want to bruise her thighs when we really got going…

Over the next ten minutes I held her hips, pressed her down from the middle of her back, pressed her tits into the table using the side boob that could not help but offer itself up as sacrifice when she was pressed flat. I drug my fingertips down her back and grabbed handfuls of ass cheek. After the first minute or two, she quit trying to clean her juice by licking… she let loose of the table edge when that climax floated through and tried to sweep it into her mouth and suck it off of her fingers… she ended up with it all over her face

I was not counting, but was aware of her ups and downs while I plowed and dug around in her… but in the end, I was just a machine… ones and zeros… in and out… and she was just the sleeve…

When I finished I left it all as deep inside as I could reach… I felt like I emptied my heart and soul into her… like I had given my all… drained of everything.

Mom was draped over the table, I was aware that she was breathing, but not moving… I stepped a half step back, then another, pulling completely out with a wet pop, then, in a “half assed” attempt, aimed for a chair to sit on, hitting it with “less ass than in my attempt”, and landed heavily, sitting on the kitchen floor… not caring at all, I laid back all the way and closed my eyes… happy that I could feel the heart pounding in my chest… and my lungs sucking air…

Being an athlete, my recovery time, breathing and heart rate, settled and came to resting faster… but mom, as much as she had cum, did not have as far to go… I sat up as she knelt down on the floor at my feet…

[Even softening… even having just unloaded, filling me up, he has a magnificent cock]

She did not say anything, just crawled over to me, crawled “over” me, and kissed me, pushing into me. I took her hint and laid back. She laid down on top of me… she kissed me deep, grinding her shorter, but gorgeous body, against mine. I could feel a warmth flowing across my cock… if it was pee… so be it… I will wash, but it did not jet… it flowed, and plopped…

[I can not believe I am thinking this… Hanna, such nasty ideas! I know! I can feel his sperm dripping out of me and it makes my mouth water and my stomach tingle knowing all I want to do is go and lick him clean]

“Stay still Jake… please don’t get up or move… “

“I will stay right here until you release me… you have earned that much this morning…”

She smiled as she moved down, stopping to lick and nibble at my really small nipples… leaving a snail trail down my leg, she drug her wonderful tits down my body, then dipped her face into my crotch, sucking and licking… her cum and mine… some left from when I pulled out, some newly leaked out of her own body…

[I can’t imagine going back a week and looking ahead to see this happening… I had no idea that this world existed only a few small choices away… hidden behind a veil of guilt, shame… should and shouldn’t… I am not sure where I am going from here… where he might be taking me next… but I am going along…]

She lost herself for a short time in the shear pleasure of a toddler playing in their first mud puddle… everything, no matter how messy or “gross” went in the mouth… everything got smeared on the face… in the hair… and when she was done, with nothing but a smile on her face and a giggle in her tummy, she crawled back up, kissed my face, sharing her gooey mask and nuzzling in my neck.

“Thank you Jacob…”

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