I was walking though a neighborhood, looking for a house to brake into, I came up on to this house it was small, I think about a three bed roomed house, I walked up the path, then I walk around it to find a open window or door and I found an open window leading into the cellar.

Yeah, I am Alex Hawk as you can tell I burglar houses for a living and sometimes I take the odd girl who are sleeping sound asleep, although I drug them and then have my way with them, anyway I am about 5.6, quiet musically and white I have been in and out of prison since I was 13 so I don’t know any better I am 18 now, I also know I have some children out there, I know the last virgin I raped she is about 6 mouths pregnant she was a nice tight 18 year old black virgin.

Anyway I got into the cellar and looked around a little bite a could not find anything, so I decided to turn a light on to see what there was, but as soon as I turned the light on I sore skulls staring back at me.

I stepped back and almost knocked myself out on some shelves, then I knocked into a table, I looked at the top of the stairs and sore a door opening up I looked around and quickly hid hide in a closet.

As she walked down to the cellar I she said out loud I think a pear of white cotton bikini thongs would suit you, I smiled to myself thought what a strange women, then I felt a tightness against my dick and balls, then I think a white demi bra and little sexy tight white pleated mini dress, I was sniggering to myself.

I then looked down, then looked back up and sore a pear of eyes steering back at me though the cracks of the door she opened the door, grabbed me and though me onto the floor.

She then pined me up to a wall and said how dare you? I will teach you a lessen not to came here again, she stepped back and said something in a strange language I didn’t recognize, I felt a pain and the dress get tight as it fitted my curves, as breast grow on my chest and my stomach got a little tighter and the thongs fitted me perfectly she then put her hand up the dress and I screamed and tried to run but I couldn’t move, she then grabbed a phone and said hello I have a burglar here, could someone come and get her please, yes maim someone will be over soon good.

She then let go of me, looked down at me and said that won’t do, she then said I think a pear of white stockings, white knee high boots and long soft hair tied in to a pony tail will suit you and in a blink of an eye, I had stockings, boots on my legs and long soft hair.

She then left and sometime later a police officer came down to the cellar, arrested me and took me to the police station.

Once there I was sighed in and my finger prints were taken then I got taken to a cell about an hour after I got put in the cell another officer came and took me to an interview room, where is he Alexandria, who? You know you, I don’t? Your twin brother Alex? I don’t know what your talking about sir? Right here it is we took your Fingerprints and they match Alex’s fingerprints so you are twins, no I am not I am a single child? If you want it that why fine, he took me to a and handed me to a female officer she stripped me searched me and then handed me plain pink cotton cami top and panties I put them on and the she took me back to the cell.

I just otele gelen escort sat there and I started to cry, I laid down, drifted of and fell asleep in the cell.

As I slept one of the night officers opened my cell door, and he sore an angel sleeping on the cell bed he then unzipped is flies and out sprung his big black cock, He slowly got near my face stocked me and said you are beautiful under his breath.

What? Now suck my dick, I am so horney baby, I started crying and screaming, taste it my darling, no, you will, he grabbed the back of my head and forced his cock to my lips.

He told me to lick it again. Since I was in no poison to say no and didn’t have any control in this situation since I was in a police cell, he then he gripped my head and started to push his cock inside my mouth I couldn’t stop him even if I wanted to. His cock went in and out of my mouth, I started moaning and crying trying the escape, and you like it don’t you.

I tried in vane to shake my head, but couldn’t. I was just now concentrating on trying to breathing; since his dick was deep inside my mouth I was a little scared.

He pulled out and I gasped for air. After I had got some air, he pressed his cock inside my mouth again. He smiled and continued pumping.

I was scared so I slowly put my fingers tighter around his dick, slowly gathering momentum as I slid my hand up and down the shaft as it goes in and out of my mouth, he then pulled out.

I took his head into his mouth once more, but I accident running my tongue over it. He moaned like a wild animal, thrusting slightly harder with each of my hand movements.

Suddenly, as if it were all in one motion, I slid his cock down to his balls. I rolled them gently in my palm, I was crying and moaning, but I thought doing this might get it over with slipping backwards and forwards to take him in my mouth. His moans grow loader and more frequent. His hips rocked harder, even while he tried to restrain himself.

With the next thrust, I took his cock to the hilt. The coarse hairs of his pubes tickled my nose; I didn’t stop sucking his dick though until I finished what he’d started thrust harder and faster, while I dug fingers into the muscles of his ass.
He then went spiralling over the cliff in orgasm and screamed take it bitch, I tried to scream no.

I tried to pull away, but he pushed my head onto his dick and down my throat just before the waves of come burst forth, He held tight to my head, milking his cock for what it was worth down my throat, swallow it bitch.

When the seemingly endless torrents of spunk had finally stopped, he relaxed and looked at me, smiled and said good girl.

I looked and sore his cock was still hard, he got on top of me rolled me over I pleaded with him but he was in a trance primal instinct.

He then, ripped the panties of me, then pushed me into the bed, then put his hand under the top and started playing around with the breast there real, a moan escaping as my body responded to these invading hands moving all over me.

I closed my eyes, as I started getting feeling an unusual feeling and became extremely horny, my breath suddenly started coming in gasps. I lay there loving and hating these caresses, He lowered türkmen escort his head and ripped off the top with his teeth to play with my nipples…he licked and sucked my nipples I squirmed trying not to feeling fulfilment.

He then put his head on my chest slowly ran his tongue up and down it, stopping again at the nipples…nibbling, making me arch my back wanting more, I cried no please stop.

His hands shot to my waist, He put me on my hands and knees, as If I had any chose anyway. It will only hurt if you try to fight It.” he started taking me with short tiny strokes I screamed no please don’t, ever so slowly moving deeper and deeper into my ass.

I could feel the resistance as it faded with every stroke. With in minutes I was starting to push back against him? I was starting to enjoy it, I found myself moaning.

I grunted every time he bottomed out, as he shouted, you like that, he slammed into me harder. His thighs were slapping loudly as they collided with me on every stroke, I was still moaning loader and loader almost screaming.

I started feeling a feeling at the pit of me stomach, as he suddenly plunged two fingers into me I tried to fight but it was to late, my knees buckled and I fell onto the bed face first with my ass in the air with his fingers still in me, he started aggressively rubbing something which made me scream, I moaned and started shacking and bucking as I was impaled on his cock, I then screamed I’m coming, then as I was about to come, he started rubbing something very fast, which made me shack and groan even more then last time, I then screamed as he cam in my ass.

As I felt as I was about to orgasm he then stroked my crotch and I moaned even loader, as he touched something a rush of warmth started going up my entire body as my leg locked in place and I had the most powerful, pleasurable orgasm I have ever had in my tiny little life and then I clasped and just laid on the bed trying to get over what just happened.

He lift me of the bed and took me to the shower, he took me to the shower then he then started sucking on my breast again I held his head as if I was feeding a baby, I moaned I like that, he slowly started kissing is way down my stomach.

When his lips finally touched, between my legs, he started doing something and slowly sucked something. The feeling was heavenly; tingles went up and down my spine as the he slid a finger inside me while sucking me. I could feel the pressure building inside me; he knew I would be cumin soon. With the warm water falling down on me, his mouth on what ever he was doing and the thought of what is happening, the sensations finally overtook me. I was rocking my hips against his face when all of a sudden my orgasm hit me. I violently shook from head and curled me toes as I let the sensation take over, my juice spilling into his mouth.

He then slowly stood up and cared me back into the cell, placed me softly on his bed I moaned as the residual effects of the orgasm were still running though my body, still confused not to sure what just happened it was as if I was having an out of body experience.

With my eyes closed I began to picture my ex girlfriend. I could feel his hand touching my leg, rubbing my thigh as he slowly moved his evi olan escort hand further up my leg. He paused for second as he reached between my legs. It felt so good that a soft moan escaped my lips as I opened my legs slightly, giving him better access. I began to slowly move my hips as his hand rubbed my crotch. He placed his hands on my shoulder; I could feel wetness in my crotch.

He then climbed onto top of my dead body, then started rubbed his cock up and down my crotch I realised for the first time how soaking wet I was. I felt confused, how could my body feel like this.

Despite my wetness it still hurt a little. I could feel the head of his cock as it met the slight resistance of my hymen. He looked into my eyes and I could see the look of shock as realised that I was in fact still a virgin. The look of shock quickly turned to lust as he pushed forward tearing my hymen. I groaned as I felt the sharp pain rip through my body.

And I screamed, as he started to slide his cock in and out off me. I felt it filling me with each thrust as it hurt each time he did it.

He started fucking me faster and harder and the more I cried and screamed the more he fucked me, he was fucking me so hard that every time he rammed it in I banged my head on the wall.

His eyes travelled over my tits, He sucked one of my nipples into his mouth I hated myself for enjoying the sensation shooting though my body, I know I am male but it feels so good.

I tried to let my mind wander elsewhere but the sensation wouldn’t allow me to ignore it. I felt it getting stronger and stronger, until my hips trembled and I let out a small scream.

He kept pounding his dick into me. His balls slapped my ass with each thrust. I felt another sudden rush run though my body as I felt an orgasm coming.

He then stopped and screamed I’m cuming, I’m going to cum

I screamed in between moans, don’t cum in my pussy! At the realization at what he just said, so I screamed, “Please cum in my mouth!”
All he did was look into my eyes and said don’t worry darling, I’m infertile, He then thrust his cock deep inside me pussy, and emptied his balls inside my body.

His cum filled my pussy and leaked out onto my thighs. He pulled it out of me and put a towel over my face and I passed, he then took me back to the shower and dressed me in some white cotton panties, pink and white cotton pyjamas bottoms and a camisole bra top he then covered me up in a blanket and left me.

The Next Morning

I woke up with a start and a police officer walked along and corridor banging all the cells o wake up all the prisoners, the majority of then were just in there for been drunk and disorderly so they all got released after sobering up.

Were as me I am in there for attempted robbery, so am was going to court, a oldish police women came into my cell and said Alexandria all the charges has been dropped so you are free to go now, she continued and said look you are 18 still young try and not go the same path as your brother please.

If you want I can go to your home and collect some clothes for you, that is when I realized I didn’t have any clothes, I started crying and said I don’t have any, what clothes Alex? Yeah I started crying, she sat on the bed with me and said, Alex don’t worry my daughter is about the same size as you so I will get some if you want, yes maim.

She came back an hour or two later and handed me some clothes, put those on darling and you will feel better.

I left the police station feeling very confused and disorientated, but worse is to come later on in the day.