Walking in on mom and our black neighbor


Walking in on mom and our black neighborConsidering this happened 4 years ago, it feels good to finally get this off my chest and tell someone about it. My mom was 43 years old then. I may be biased, but to me she was – and is – hot. Short, thick brown hair and a fairly pretty face. Her tits were were quite big, definitely more than a handful, though at her age they had started to sag. She had big nipples… I know this for a fact, because when it used to be just us around the house, she would just wear a shirt without a bra and I could easily make out her thick, fat nipples poking through. She was quite modest though. When my friends were over, she’d put on a bra, so that those pervs didn’t get a free show. She was definitely kırşehir escort a bit heavy south of the border, her ass was big and plump, and it looked good in anything she wore. Growing up, taking a pair of her panties from the laundry and sniffing them was my favorite way to masturbate.All in all your typical mom. Or so I thought…I remember that day clearly. Dad was away on another one of his business trips. Though I did not know it then, the relationship between my parents was almost over. I wished I hadn’t come home from school early that day. I wished I had stayed back with my friends for a little while longer, but I was eager to get back home and play video games. I wished, I hadn’t walked in on our black neighbor kırşehir escort bayan in the middle of our living room, his pants pulled down his waist, with my mom on her knees, her eyes closed, her soft, warm mouth filled with his thick black cock. I wished I did not stand in the doorway, eyes wide and mouth dry, as I watched my mom slurp on his huge black cock, her soft pink lips stretched wide by its sheer girth. Mom was in her underwear, and as I watched her, I wished my pecker didn’t get start hard, watching mom’s lips suck on a black cock, the same lips that kissed me every morning when I went to school. Our black neighbor grabbed my mom roughly by her thick brown hair, as he began fucking her soft, escort kırşehir warm mouth hard, using her for his own pleasure. I wished I didn’t rub the bulge in my pants, as I heard my sweet mom gag on his thick black rod, as it bulged obscenely from her cheeks, and from hearing him grunt as he began spewing his load of slimy, sticky cum in my mom’s soft, warm mouth, while she obediently swallowed his thick spunk, moaning softly, even as some of his black seed escaped from the corners of her mouth, coating her soft, pink lips. I wished I didn’t flee back to the garage, and proceed jerk-off furiously, before they noticed me.I gave it an hour before I went back home. Mom met me at the door, smiling sweetly, asking me how my day at school was. Everything looked normal as it always was. Could it have been just a bad dream? As she left to fix a snack for me, and my cock hardened once again as I looked at her plump, round ass in her jeans, and I wondered just what other secrets my mom had….