Walking in the Rain Ch. 02


Chapter II:
Lorraine, Mary Ann and I.
By; HDTopper

It was about a week or so later that Lorraine and I were at the burger shack when she blew my mind. I had been hinting about us being more like a couple, going steady it was called back then.

“I have to tell you something but I’m afraid.”

“Come on Lorraine, what can you tell me that is so terrible that you’re afraid.”

“I’m, I’m afraid you’ll hate me, and then my secret will be all over the place.”

“Ooh for Christ’s sake Lorraine, you have nothing to fear from me. We’ve know each other since we were babies, what makes you think I would do or say anything to hurt you?”

Lorraine looked into my eyes as hers began to fill with tears, then she just blurted out, “I really like you but this might be all wrong, I don’t think but we can be, you know, like boyfriend and girlfriend.”

“What the hell are you talking about, are you seeing another guy I don’t know about?”

“No, no, nothing like that, weren’t you curious why I didn’t go out with any of the guys at the sub-shop and why I was still a virgin?”

“Not really and what has that got to do with anything?”

“Well, well,” she began almost in a whisper even though we were alone; it was like she was afraid someone might hear what she had to say. “Well I like you a lot and I really enjoyed what we did the other night, but, but when I dream, most of the time I think about girls.”

Then Lorraine turned her back toward me, put her head on the passenger door and began to cry. I slid beside her and took her into my arms, and after a mild struggle, I pulled her into my chest and kissed her cheek, holding her close until she cried herself out of tears.

“First of all you are my friend so if you think you’re gay, who gives a shit, besides that is no one’s business except ours. Secondly, you’re full of shit; you are in no way gay, BI maybe, but not gay. I know you enjoyed making love to me as much as I did to you, so there you go, and that’s the proof you need. If that’s not enough proof, maybe I’ll eat your pussy until your head pops off again, I said laughing.

She just remained silent but whether she did it intentionally or not, I don’t know, but she smiled at me, and then she shifted her body so that she could snuggle deeply into my arms.

Obviously her snuggling meant she was seeking both acceptance and protection, I gave both willingly, holding her and for once in my life, being silent. Once she was totally calm I wanted to break the ice and thought humor might work. I turned her body so that we were looking into each other’s eyes and I took a chance.

“See that Lorraine, you’re more fucked up than me. Like you, I like to lap a nice sweet cunt or two now and then, but without any question you’re a much better cock sucker than I will ever be.”

“Why you, you miserable fuck,” Lorraine, yelled as she began to beat on my shoulder and arm. As she beat me I fell laughing onto my side across the seat toward the drivers side. At first I think she was hurt and mad, but as I continued to laugh and she continued to literally beat the shit out of me, she realized that I was just kidding. Fortunately she also began to laugh. Unfortunately for me, even though she was now laughing as well, she continued to beat the crap out of me until I grabbed her in a bear hug and kissed her.

Once we were both settled down, I drove her to the park where we sat, talked and talked about us.

We also talked about why she thought she might be gay, but most importantly she admitted that she really enjoyed being fucked that night. I also found out that she had broken her own hymen with a vibrating dildo but that she almost always thought of other women when she was alone and masturbated.

“If you’ve never been with another girl what makes you think you’re gay,” I asked?

“Do you jerk off in bed at night,” she asked.

“Of course not, that’s naughty and I would never do that,” I said laughing.

After she started to once again beat on my already bruised arm, I yelled, “OK, OK you win, yes I admit it, I jerk off a lot.”

“And what do you think of when you do?”

Talk about being in a no-win situation, so I used my head, “All I ever think about is that great night with you in the rain.”

Lorraine smiled a knowing smile but being a darling she let me off the hook. “See you asshole I’m a girl bahis siteleri and you were thinking of a girl, well I’ve thought about that night a few times too, but don’t be hurt, most of the time I think of another girl.”

“A particular girl?”

“Mm, mm, yeah I guess so.”

“Anyone I know?”

“I can’t tell you, you know that.”

We both became silent for a while, before I took her into my arms and kissed her gently. “Lorraine, no-one is home at my house, can we go there I would love to make love to you again?”

“I don’t know, I sometimes I think about it, but then somehow I feel like its wrong, I, I.”

That was all I let her say as I kissed her again and began to do my best to seduce her.

Eventually she fell to the insistent gentle kisses and the way I licked her neck and touched her. Eventually I managed to get her slacks and panties down, my tongue into her pussy. While I was eating her delicate pussy a plan hatched in my evil head and I knew instantly I had to put it into motion.

The night ended with me eating her to a few orgasms, one so massive I thought her screams would fill the park with cops. She gave me a nice blowjob after which we joined some friends at the sub-shop and hung around until I took her home.

Chapter II, part II.

Lorraine’s final seduction:

Long before there was anything between Lorraine and I, I had a sex only relationship with another woman and mutual friend of Lorraine and I.

Maryann is a few years older than me, and very pretty. At four foot eleven inches tall, she carries a set of boobs that would make Dolly Parton proud. To say she is sexual dynamite would be a major understatement. Maryann and I had an understanding; we had sex and plenty of it, but no attachments. During our escapades we had often talked about a three-way with another girl, something she really wanted to try, but it never materialized. Neither of us could come up with an eligible third partner that would be willing and discrete enough that her reputation would remain unblemished.

Under the promise of never repeating what I told her, one night I told her about how Lorraine thought she was gay and I knew she was BI. We discussed the possibility of getting Lorraine to be our third. We talked and talked , then between us we devised a plan that ended up to be quite successfully.

About two weeks later when everything was in place, all I had to do was lure Lorraine into our erotic web. So on that particular Friday evening I took Lorraine out to eat and then suggested attending a party at Maryann’s, she agreed. Our little gathering at Maryann’s apartment carried on until about midnight at which time, as we had arranged, everyone was gone except the three of us.

We all had, had a few drinks and according to our plan I acted more intoxicated than I really was. Maryann insisted that I lay down in the spare room for a while to sober up before driving Lorraine home.

I protested saying that I was fine, but in order to keep me from driving, and sober up a bit, Maryann convinced Lorraine to lay down with me, supposedly so that I wouldn’t do anything foolish.

After we were lying there a while Maryann stuck her head in the door and said she was running out to the Quick-EE Mart and would be back in about an hour.

Once Lorraine was relaxed I started to kiss and caress her. Being a little tipsy it was easier than I thought, slowly but surely I was getting her aroused. I managed to finally get her skirt pushed up, panties off and ate her until she was steaming.

Without any warning, once she was hot, I straddled her waist, put her hands above her head and began kissing her. Maryann, who really hadn’t gone to the Quick-EE Mart, was watching for my signal from the connecting bathroom.

Once in position, I had Lorraine’s vision blocked from the bathroom door, a naked Maryann snuck into the room, bent between Loraine’s splayed thighs and artfully began to lick Lorraine’s already aroused pussy.

Lorraine tried to throw me off her body but I held her upper body still as Maryann held down her legs and worked her tongue over Lorraine’s engorged clit. Like Lorraine, Maryann had often dreamed of trying sex with another woman and there was no way she intended to let her prize escape her now. Maryann began to work on Lorraine’s clit and pussy like a demon; doing canlı bahis siteleri everything she liked being done to her. Slowly her efforts were rewarded. Lorraine calmed down and within a few minutes Lorraine was humping upward toward the tongue that was giving her such pleasure.

I let Lorraine’s go and removed her blouse and bra, confronting no resistance from
her I rolled off the bed and Maryann slid upwards and kissed Lorraine with such eroticism I almost came in my pants just watching.

As much as I was aching to watch them make love to each other, I knew at this moment in time had no place for me. So I left the room closing the bathroom door behind me letting the two women work things out for themselves.

They kissed and ran their hands all over each other’s bodies slowly exploring as they drove each other into an eventual state of unbridled desire.

Once that they were into each other without hesitation Maryann slid down and began to fondled Lorraine’s breasts, she nibbled and nursed like a child at its mother’s teats.

Lorraine’s moans of pleasure were making Maryann ecstatic, driving her onwards to her eventual goal.

The moans they both made were driving me crazy as I listened to gasps and moans from behind the same bathroom that once concealed Maryann’s presence from Lorraine. I removed my clothes and I slowly stroked my cock as I listened and watched their explorations through the slightly ajar bathroom door.

Maryann was playing in Lorraine’s navel with her tongue as she pushed her skirt off her legs and onto the floor. When the skirt finally fell to the floor, Maryann repositioned herself between the splayed thighs, and gazed upon her prize, a prize that before this night had always been nothing more than a masturbatory fantasy.

Lorraine’s body was having little sexual spasms that inadvertently caused the lips of her pussy to pulse out of control. First opening then closing over and over with anticipation of the pleasure she both wanted and hoped would be invading her body.
Then suddenly all you could hear was gasp pass from Lorraine’s lips that was so wanton it made the marrow in your bones resonate with its eroticism.

Finally their fantasies had been answered; a moist hot feminine tongue had just swept across an equally wanton molten pussy sending waves of pleasure throughout one woman’s body from her inflamed womanhood and the other from the millions of taste buds in her tongue, directly into the sensory receptors of their brains. In a single motion, a mere spec in time two lives were forever changed as a delicate female tongue of one woman traveled from an anus upwards until it met and captured between her teeth and lips the tasty engorged clit of another woman.

Lorraine’s body went rigid as her nervous system attempted to process all of the sensatory information it was inundated with. It was too much, so stimulating, it was overwhelming and she just became lost in this new world of pre-orgasmic bliss. It seemed that almost immediately the sensory overload that took over her body, caused her premature and irreversible assent towards the inevitable massive orgasmic explosion induced by the oral stimulus of a female lover.

Knowing she was now in total control, Maryann was now fulfilling her own bisexual fantasies by collecting and tasting the nectar that resulted from the efforts of her own mouth and tongue taking possession of another woman’s pussy and bringing it to orgasm.

The nectar that her efforts created flowed effortlessly into Maryann’s waiting mouth giving her a sensation of accomplishment, of success, success that she felt through her entire being making her shiver with sexual excitement. The awesome taste of feminine nectar, the softness she felt on the tip of her tongue as it explored every centimeter of Lorraine’s labia, the rigidity she could feel as she examined and made love to another woman’s clit. The feelings she got when her efforts made it fill with blood and grow into a tiny little cock, only made her crave more and more.

All her senses were alive, taste, touch, sight and of course sound. Yes sound, there was all those moans and shudders of extreme pleasure that Lorraine let out. As they filled Maryann’s ears with sounds of pleasure she found herself enjoying the same intensity of pleasure that Lorraine was experiencing at the same moment in time. güvenilir bahis Their sexual emotions had melded them into one overexcited mass of emotions.

The massive collection of sensory stimuli had finally become much too much for both of them. Both women were now one and were fast approaching a simultaneous joint orgasm. Lorraine’s was coming from the unselfish efforts of Maryann’s mouth and tongue as she devoured her feminine banquet without inhibitions or reservation; she simply wanted only to please this other woman.

Maryann’s body was also pulsing toward the same mutual explosion, but the result of a different set of erotic stimuli. Just knowing she had fulfilled a long time dream of unselfishly taking another woman on this private and erotic journey, was hers.

According to plan, we intended to show Lorraine she was capable of enjoying both men and women equally, so before Lorraine could reach her final and ultimate explosion, Maryann repositioned them both.

They were now centered across the width of the bed, with Lorraine kneeling above her head. Maryann immediately began to gnaw at the pussy above her bringing Lorraine ever closer to orgasm. Once she was approaching her ultimate explosion I quietly moved behind Lorraine as she succumbed to her own desires and bent down to taste another female lover for the first time, to actually taste another pussy.

As Lorraine began to taste another pussy for her first time, her conscious thoughts were locked on the long awaited task at hand, Maryann grasped my rigid cock and with no advanced warning fed it into Lorraine’s pussy before she knew I was even there, then almost simultaneously she took her clit between her teeth, we were joined in the primordial dance between species.

As she gasped from the sudden intrusion of a cock into her body, I grasped hold of her hips and began to fuck her with animalistic thrusts. As I fucked Lorraine Maryann licked away at her clit letting her experience both worlds simultaneously.

You could easily see her excitement as Lorraine’s head flopped around as she tried unsuccessfully to maintain some control over her body. It was almost humorous to watch as she quite unsuccessfully tried to provide a little oral pleasure to Maryann, in return for the efforts Maryann bestowed upon her. Within minutes and although this was not what she intended, she couldn’t help herself, Lorraine was so totally into being fucked and fucking back she had stopped even trying to eat Maryann.

Keeping with our plan of duel sexual satisfaction, I pulled out of her and walked around the bed. I lifted Lorraine’s head by her hair and began fucking her mouth for a minute or so, letting her enjoy her own taste.

I pulled out of her mouth and drove myself into Maryann’s cunt, at the same time, pushing Lorraine’s face down to where we were joined and demanded she lick us both, which she did with obvious pleasure.

I moved back and forth between the two pussies, fucking each in turn before moving on to the other once again. Each time I was going to enter Maryann’s pussy I would first get Lorraine to suck me clean of her own sweet nectar, then I would stroke myself in and out of Maryann before pulling out so that Lorraine could taste Maryann’s juices. In virtually no time at all and without any guidance from me, Lorraine soon learned to suck me clean, guide me back into Maryann for a while, and then pull me out so she could enjoy Maryann’s taste as she cleaned me again.

Finally I could take no more and I needed to come, so I drove myself deep into Maryann and savagely humped until I unleashed the biggest come I’ve had in ages.

Once finished, I pulled out and after making Lorraine clean my cock, I bellowed, “come on you bi-sexual slut, suck my come out of your girlfriend’s messy cunt!”

As I pushed Lorraine’s face into her oozing pussy as Maryann rolled over on top of Lorraine and let my sperm run down into her lover’s mouth as I and sat back in the chair by the bed and watched them make love and bring one another to climax.

Maryann screamed out, “yes, ooh god yes, eat me, suck his come out of me, OOH GOD, OOH SHIT DON”T STOP I’M COMING!”

Not many seconds later I saw Lorraine’s legs lock in place as she moaned, came, and then fell onto the bed semi-comatose and as limp as an old dishrag. Maryann and I moved the limp body of Lorraine into the center of the bed and snuggled on either side of her. We took turns kissing and gently touching her now sensitive body. I covered us with a sheet and snuggled up as we fell into a satisfied and needed sleep.

There relationships grew and changed over time, let me know if I should continue.