We Had A Lot Of Sex

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Public Sex

The beer tasted like shit, but I threw my lips on it anyway. My girlfriend Melissa’s parents rented a real nice restaurant to celebrate her graduating from high school. I sat there with the rest of the kids that went to boarding school with Melissa and I. Melissa sat at a table with her family and this other kid who touched her leg. The kid wore a bandana and a pink button down. He looked like an idiot. She flirted with him, regardless of my presence. Every time I tried to talk to her she would stare at me like I was begging for change. She obviously didn’t want me there.

After I had thrown back about six beers, Melissa got up to give a toast. She was incredibly drunk, and no one knew what she was saying. At one point she said something about how much of a fuck up she had been, and about how she couldn’t believe she had actually graduated from high school. It was true she had been a pretty big fuck up. She never got good grades and she was always getting drunk, snorting some drug, and doing crazy things. When I had first met her she took a shit on the side of the girl’s dorm at the boarding school we attended. It made the dorm smell of shit for a week. Toward the end of the toast she picked up her cousin, who was only a year old, and started screaming at its face, telling it that it was so cute, and that she would always be there for it. The yelling scared the baby, and it started to cry. Melissa finished up her toast then sat down on the idiots lap. He whispered something to her then they got up and left the restaurant. I decided to fallow them.

I went outside, and there they were. She looked so happy. The idiot said something that made her laugh. They hugged then kissed. My heart started beating hard. I ran across the street and found a pay phone. My hands shuffled through my pockets till I found my friend Tim’s number. He said that he was coming into the city that night. I needed to find out where the he was. I picked up the phone and dialed his number. My neck hurt, and my hands couldn’t stop shaking. My skin felt like a sweat shirt that had shrunk and no longer fit. I dialed Tim’s number. It rang then Tim picked up.

“Tim, where, the fuck, are you?” I yelled.

“Bobby calm down, what’s going on?” Tim said almost laughing.

“Fucking Melissa just fucking kissed this idiot, and I’m fucking freaking out. Where, the fuck, are you?”

“I’m here with Rosemary. We’re on a train about a half hour form Penn station. We’re about eat some shrooms.” I could hear Rosemarie’s voice in the back ground. They were both good friends of mine. I needed their company.

“Don’t eat fucking shrooms yet. I need you guys to calm me down. Once I’m calm, then we can party. I’ll meet you at Penn in front of the Mc Donald’s.”

It didn’t take me long to find a cab. The cab brought me to Penn station for seven dollars. I got there and there was only ten minutes till Tim’s train was supposed to arrive. The minutes were going by slowly. I got frustrated, and my skin started to hurt. I passed out on the floor of Penn station next to the Mc Donald’s.

Tim woke me up before I got in any trouble. We went outside and lit up our cigarettes.

“Bobby, what’s going on?” Rosemary asked. “Why were you sleeping on the fucking floor?”

“I think Melissa’s cheating on me. I’m going to go tell her to fuck off, but I need you guys for support.”

“All right then after you tell that bitch to fuck off we’ll eat these mushrooms and have a good time. Where is she now?”

“They’re probably at the Chelsea.”

“Isn’t that the hotel where Sid Viscous killed his girl friend?”

“Yup, that’s the one.”

“God, Melissa is so fucking cheesy.”

“Let’s take the subway.” Tim said.

“Fuck that, my dad gave me tons of loot. Let’s take a cab.”

The cab brought us the hotel for ten dollars. She was in room 310. When we got there she was in the hall way trashed, talking to some girl I had never seen before. I walked up to her.

“Melissa, we have to talk.”

“Excuse me for a few minutes, I need to talk to my boyfriend, he looks angry.” She had a huge disgusting smile on her face. She thought she bahis firmaları was being really charming. I hated hit when she talked about me like I was a burden.

Tim and Rosemary went with girl into the room where everyone else was partying. Melissa stayed in the hall way with me.

“What the fuck is going on? Are we still together?” I asked.

“Yes why of course we are, you’re my boy friend Bobby.” Melissa said, still trying to be charming with that half stupid grin on her face.

“Then why are you throwing yourself all over that idiot in the bandana?” I yelled.

“I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing. I want to be with you, but I also want to like do stuff, and he’s really not an idiot, he goes to film school.”

She no longer had a smile on her face. Instead she just looked sad, and desperate. She bit her knuckle. I grabbed her arms then my tongue in her mouth. Melissa kissed back hard.

“Why are you with me any way? I’m all fucked up. I’m just going to end up pushing you away.” At this point her voice was shaky and she had tears in her eyes.

I heard some one coming up the stairs. It was my friend Sean. Sean looked at us gave us a nod then walked into the room where everyone else was. He knew not to interrupt.

“Why do you stay with me?” Melissa asked. “I’m so fucked up to you.”

“What are you doing? Do you want me to break up with you? Do you want me to break up with you so you can go off and suck that idiot’s dick without feeling dirty.”

“No I want to be with you.” She said this then started crying hysterically. I took her face and kissed her hard. I kissed her mouth, her cheeks and her nose until she calmed down.

“Melissa lets just go into the room and have a good time. Let’s just try to enjoy the rest of the night.” I told her the then kissed her cheek again.

“Can we do that? Can we go in and have fun?” Her voice was like a little kid who had just been punished.

We walked into the room. Rosemary and Tim lay on one of the beds. I looked at their eyes. They were tripping. What if Melissa and I had broken up? What if I was in hysterics and needed their support? They ate the shrooms, without knowing if I was all right. The rest of the kids at the party were just stumbling around drunk. I had just gone through hell and needed to have a good night.

I sat down on the other bed next to Sean. He gave me a beer, I drank it fast, and then he gave me another one. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood. It was obvious that I was the only kid at the party whose girlfriend had almost left him for an idiot in a pink shirt. I knew that everyone had seen Melissa and I fight, and I appreciated them acting like nothing had happened.

At one point I noticed Melissa putting her coat on. She gave me a smile the left the room. Celia, a good friend of Melissa, was standing near me. I asked her where Melissa went.

“I have no clue.” She said.

“I think she went to go get some coke.” A girl I didn’t know said.

She was gone for about an hour. When she got back she looked insane. Her eyes were wide and her movements were frantic. She came up to me and gave me a kiss. Her mouth opened mine up wide then her tongue invaded. It slashed around in my mouth like a trapped fly. When Melissa’s kisses were not sweet, they were sloppy. Some times I liked it, and sometimes I didn’t. This time, I simply liked her doing it in front of everyone. The idiot was there. He saw it. Melissa was mine, not his.

Eventually Melissa left my side. I started to listen to the conversation that was being held between Sean and this tall blonde girl, Claire. Claire was only nineteen but had just gotten engaged. She described to us how she met her future husband in France, and how he gave great head, and how his dick was huge. He was also forty three. Some perverts had the best luck. Claire was a good looking girl, her face was bird like, but some guys like that.

An hour went by and I got real drunk. Tim and Rosemary were cuddling on the bed. She was a short girl with an ugly face and a great body. She had rapped herself around Tim tightly and I could see part of her butt crack. kaçak iddaa At this point the room was real crowded and I was tired of talking to people. Melissa was sitting on the floor talking to the idiot. He was making her laugh. I watched them then got and got really anxious. My stomach and skin started to hurt again.

Eventually she got up and went to the bathroom. I waited a minute then fallowed. I opened the door and there she was, sitting on the toilet peeing. “What are you doing?” She asked with a big grin on her face. She wiped her vagina, and then started to pull up her pants.

“Keep them down” I said, then turned her around. She put her hands on the toilet bowl and I began to lick her pussy. I licked and she moaned then I moved my tongue to her asshole and licked its nub.

“Let’s go to the shower so if anyone walks in they won’t see us.”

“Doesn’t this door have a lock?” I asked with my penis pressed in between her butt cheeks. Melissa had a really firm butt. She grinded it against my cock then told me that someone had broken the lock in a drunken rage. We got in the shower and closed the curtains.

The shower was small but we had space to maneuver. We quickly removed our pants and put them in the corner. We fucked hard and franticly. Her skin and facial expressions were sweaty.

She was my girlfriend not the idiots.

I was drunk so it took me a while to cum. I pumped away for what seemed like an hour then pulled out, and squirted onto the shower curtain. Melissa pressed her body up against mine hard. Eventually Sean came in and started to take a shit. “Just keep doing what you’re doing” he yelled. Melissa looked at me, smiled, and then we laughed. It was the type of laugh that felt really good like the orgasm I just squirted onto the shower curtain.

Sean eventually left. We got out of the shower put or clothes on. Melissa pointed at my neck and laughed. I looked into the mirror. There was a huge hickey on my neck. It looked like a wound. We left the room most of the people had left. There was no sign of the idiot.

We hung out a bit then tried to go to sleep. Melissa and I had one bed and a few kids slept on the other. Melissa kissed my cheek a bit then started to cry.

“I’m sorry about tonight.” She said.

“Don’t worry about it.”

“I’m eventually going to push you away.”

“Come on, I can’t deal with this right now, I’m fucking tired. We just had a good time, cant we just leave it at that?”

“That’s my point you can’t deal with me. Everything I do hurts you so much.”

“Everything hurts right now Melissa. It’s not just you.”

“Like your Mom? Do you miss your Mom?”

“I really can’t talk about this right now.”

“Bobby, it’s been month’s sense she died, and you haven’t talked about it once. I’m your girlfriend you are supposed to talk to me about it. That’s boyfriends do with girlfriends.”

“Listen I can’t talk about this right now.”

“You hate me.”

“What the fuck are you talking about? I just freaked out about the idea of you leaving me for that idiot. I fucking passed out in Penn station.”

“You passed out in Penn station?”


She started to cry harder. I tried to hold her but she punched me in the face. I sat up and looked at the kids on the other bed. Hopefully they couldn’t hear the conversation Melissa and I were having.

I walked over to a table near the window, and lit up a cigarette. There was an unfinished can of beer on the table. It tasted great. I drank it slowly. The sun rose and the kids that slept on the bed got up and left. Melissa continued to cry on the other bed where I had left her. I eventually went back, and kissed her on the cheek.

“You left.” She said in a whimper.

“I’m sorry but I just couldn’t deal.”

“The only reason you go out with me is for the sex.”

“That’s fucking stupid.”

“No its not” She lit a cigarette then continued. Her eyes had stopped crying, but she was still very upset. “You never yell at me when we have sex.”

“Of course I don’t yell at you when we have sex.” The conversation had gotten stupid. We were both tired. kaçak bahis “Melissa you are such a fucking weird chick.” I had an obvious fondness in my voice.

“I’m not weird you’re weird.”

“No you’re weird.”

“No you’re weird.” She was now using her little kid voice. I kissed her then wiped away some of her left over tears.

“Can we fuck?” she asked.

“I don’t know I’m pretty tired.”

“Oh come on we have an entire hotel room to ourselves.”

She was right. We had sex in a variety of different positions. I humped then squirted on a variety of different things. We had conquered the hotel room. Eventually we just couldn’t hump anymore. We lay on the floor exhausted. Melissa was on top of me, and my penis was limp but she slowly rubbed her folds against it anyway.

“I got the best idea” she said “let’s go back to my moms place. She’s at work and has all these sexy out fits.” She looked so excited. We ran out of the hotel where Sid Vicious and his girl friend Nancy tried to kill themselves. We got in a cab then headed for her mom’s place.

Her mom lived in a real nice apartment in the lower west side. It was small so Melissa normally slept on the couch. That didn’t matter though, because her mom wasn’t around, we used her bed. Her mom was real young and in real good shape. All of her sexy little outfits fit Melissa perfectly.

Each out fit got me ready for another exhausting round. I would be near passed out, sure that I couldn’t take it any more, and then she would walk in wearing another outfit. They were really cheesy, the type of stuff you see in soft core porn from the 80’s.

Finally she got tired.

The phone rang. It was her friend Kim. She wanted to know if we wanted to hang out at her place. Kim was a great cook and loved to make us food. We jumped at the chance to be fed.

I got up and started to put on my clothes. I couldn’t wait to eat food. Melissa made me take my clothes off again. I couldn’t believe it; she wanted to go another round.

She put some more of her mother’s lingerie, crawled up to me on all fours then massaged my balls with her huge tongue. I got erect, and ready for another round. It lasted for ever. I pumped and I pumped, and then finally came on her back.

The last three rounds I had not been able to squirt. The cum had simply dripped out of my penis. I did not expect such an explosion. It shot all over her back and her hair. It looked really sexy. My penis stayed hard as I stared down at the combination of flesh, sweat, and cum. She turned around and slugged me. Melissa hated cum. She hated its taste, its smell, and everything else it had to offer.

“Come on lets get in the shower.” She said.

“You fucking hit me.” I said.

“I’ll hit you in your penis if you don’t get in the fucking shower.” Melissa rarely spoke like that. She either said thing as a joke, or she was whining, or she used a little girl voice.

I got in the shower. It was nice. I washed her then she washed me.


Kim had a real nice place that was only a five minute walk from where we were. She had her boyfriend over. He was a big guy with a series of scars across his face. He wore a turtle neck and a pair of red slacks. I had never seen anything like him. We sat and ate. Kim made a great meal. We had stir fry rice, and wine.

Kim carried the conversation. She talked of her new boyfriend’s body like it was a toy. His butt was her favorite thing to talk about. “You just want to bite it” She said. Her boyfriend just sat back with a huge grin on his face. Every once in a while he would grab one of her tits, stick out his tongue and tease her ear. They were fun to watch.

At about ten Melissa and I got tired. Kim insisted that we stay in the guest room. It was bigger than any room, in any house I had ever lived in, and it was her “guest room”. I thought of all the rich kids I had met at boarding school. How many nice rooms of theirs I’ve been able to sleep in. Then I realized that I had gone almost an entire day with out feeling anxious. I was very grateful.

Melissa and I got into bed. It was a huge bed with huge fluffy blankets. I put my penis in Melissa slowly. We had sex really slowly, looking directly at each other the whole time. She came, and then I came inside of her. We lay next to each other and softly rubbed our lips together.

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