Wedding Wiles

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Stepping out of the lift, I walked casually into the reception area of the Ritz Carlton Hotel and took in the sight of a wedding reception in full swing. People filled the area, decked out in their finest livery as they took an evening off to celebrate the wedding of a friend, relative or colleague.

I stepped over to the groom’s registration table, flashing the young lady behind the table a brilliant smile as I told her my name.

“Lee? Mr Shaun Lee?”

“That would be me,” I affirmed, the smile still plastered across my face.

“Thank you Mr Lee,” she replied while handing me a car park voucher. “Hope you enjoy yourself tonight.”

How she figured I had driven there, I would never know. Perhaps it was the neat Armani suit that fit me perfectly, or the big silver Tag Heuer on my wrist. Either way, it didn’t cause me too much concern, for I had left my sleek black Mercedes SLK tucked away in the carpark.

Thanking the lady, I walked over to the groom. A distant cousin of mine, he’d still seen fit to invite his whole extended family to the wedding. A quick round of salutations and congratulations put the necessary formalities out of the way, leaving me free to do what I’d actually gone to the wedding for – the hunt for a lady looking for company.

A quick scan of the room revealed the usual assortment of types; elderly uncle and auntie types (obviously the relatives of one side or the other), middle aged yuppies (probably colleagues) and a bunch of annoying kids who tagged alongside their parents, complaining about the long wait till dinner. Basically, no solo girl who looked like a likely target for me.

Then out of the corner of my eye, I caught a flash of blue. Spinning around, though not so quickly as to draw attention to myself, I found myself looking at her.

The first thing I noticed about her was her height – about ten centimetres taller than me, she stood out as being one of the taller people in the room. An electric blue dress hugged her body, emphasising her full curves as she walked across the room to get a glass of champagne from a passing waiter. My eyes immediately sized up her shapely figure, a hourglass outline highlighted by what I estimated to be full D cups. Her dress ended at her thighs, showing off long curvaceous legs that would have been the envy of most of the other ladies in the room.

Her facial features hinted at a mixed heritage; high cheekbones, a sharp nose and big eyes gave her an exotic air, something you didn’t quite find in most local girls. Long black hair that flowed down her back also made her look particularly elegant, especially in combination with that dress.

She didn’t look particularly interested in the goings-on though, wandering to the side of the room as she sipped at her glass, watching the flow of people into the room. Of course, in such a situation, the last thing you want to do is to startle your prey, so I picked a few walnuts off one of the serving tables and munched on them for a minute or two before casually sauntering over to her.

“Excuse me, would you happen to know where the groom’s parents are?” I asked as I closed within earshot of her.

A little startled by my appearance, she nonetheless recovered quickly and smiled.

“They’re over there,” she said, waving a hand in the general direction of a well dressed couple chatting on the other side of the room. Of course, I’d already known that beforehand, but güvenilir bahis every suave don juan needs a good icebreaker, right?

“Ah, thanks. I’m Shaun by the way,” I said by way of introduction as I proffered a handshake. Her return grip was firm, yet supple, hinting at a blend of strength and sensuality.

“Gwendolyn, though everybody just calls me Gwen,” she replied, raising her champagne glass to her full lips as she took another sip. I could almost imagine those lips doing something naughty, but I drove the thought of my head as I focused on the goal. “I’m the bride’s cousin, but she’s off with her hubby-to-be on some last minute stuff, so I’m pretty much stranded her alone.”

I nodded and offered a sympathetic smile, carrying on the small talk as we waited for the main ballroom to open up for dinner. As we conversed, I noticed certain minor details, such as the way she self-consciously tucked her hair behind her ear, her frequent blinking and the way she leaned in my direction as she talked – classic signs that she was attracted. Always a good start.

Then dinner was ready and we split up as we walked to our respective tables. As it turned out, I was seated at a table near the front of the stage, surrounded by other distant relatives whom I hadn’t seen in years, let alone spoken to. It could’ve been the worst possible scenario… if it weren’t for Gwen being seated at the very next table.

Throughout the courses that were being served, I kept up the idle chatter at my table while taking the occasional peek over at her. She was kept busy by her own relatives too, downing glass after glass of champagne at a relatively quick pace by my measure. Probably better to be tipsy than to put up with some uncle boasting about the hole-in-one he hit at the club last week.

Then just before dessert, there was a break in the action as the bride and groom went around to take photos with the guests. I was about to make a call on my phone when Gwendolyn caught my eye and gave me a wink, gesturing to the main reception area as she got up and walked out of the room.

My interest piqued, I swiftly made the necessary excuses and followed her out of the room. Her gait was just a little bit on the unstable side, something that gave away her somewhat less than sober state as I caught up with her outside the ballroom.

“Ohmigosh, that was the most dreadful dinner conversation I’ve ever had,” she grumbled in a slurred voice as she leaned against a decorative pillar. “Silly aunts.”

“I know what you mean,” I replied, once more with that sympathetic smile of mine. All the better to win her over. “My folks are just as cheong-hei [long winded] as yours.”

Gwen grinned and hooked her arm around my elbow. “I’m not feeling too well.. could you walk with me to the toilets?”

I didn’t even have to voice a response, tucking her arm into the crook of my elbow as I gently guided her to the restrooms adjacent to the ballroom. When we arrived there, I was about to let go of her when she abruptly grabbed my hand and pulled me into the female toilet. Which mercifully was devoid of any other female patrons.

Before I could utter a single word of protest, Gwen dragged me across to the furthest stall, pushing me in before she entered herself. A loud “SHH” silenced any complaints as she locked the door behind her with an audible click.

By now, I knew what was happening and I felt a certain tingling türkçe bahis in my boxers in anticipation of the fun to come. Seizing the momentum of the occasion, I dropped the lid on the toilet seat and swung Gwen around so that she had her back to the seat. She threw her arms around my neck, smothering me in a blanket of kisses as I ran my hands down her shoulders to the nape of her back, feeling the sensuous curves that ran down her ample butt.

Kissing her neck, I squeezed her ass with both hands, eliciting a short shriek from Gwen as she leaned even closer into me. The sensation of her body pressing up against mine was so intense that my dick swelled so hard in my pants that I was sure Gwen could also have felt the bulge in my crotch pushing against her.

And she must have felt it and taken the indication to heart, for she broke off the embrace and began unbuttoning my dress shirt. It didn’t take long before she was running her hands up and down my chest. I sped up the process by unbuckling my belt and letting my pants fall to the ground, leaving my full-blown erection to peek through my boxers.

Before Gwendolyn could proceed any further, I decided it was my turn to unwrap my present and spun her around, planting kisses at the nape of her neck as I ran the zipper down the back of her blue dress, sliding it off her to reveal a black bra and a matching black thong. A quick snap of the bra clasp and it was gone, along with Gwen’s thong as she slid it off her legs.

She placed her garments on the top of the toilet’s water tank and turned around to face me, completely nude. Her D cups hung free, sagging ever so slightly in the way natural boobs would as she cupped them in her hands, the nipples swelling in her arousal. To my surprise, she was completely shaved down below, a bald pussy gaping ever so invitingly as I pulled her close once more.

I took her in my arms and kissed her again as she caressed my body, letting her hands wander down to my waist where they snagged my boxers and pulled them free of my waist, letting my dick spring free. I could hear Gwen gasp at the sight of my cock as it swelled to its full length to salute her naked form – all six inches of it.

She got down onto her knees, tentatively taking my dick into her hands as she slowly began to stroke and massage it. Obviously, she wasn’t used to dicks, or at least dicks of my size. But any uncertainty Gwen might have faced quickly evaporated as she took the globs of precum on the tip of my dickhead and spread it all over the length of my penis to give it some lubrication as she attended to it with her gentle hands.

It wasn’t long before she grew comfortable enough to bend forward and took the tip of my cock into her succulent lips, sucking gently at the swollen dick head before sliding as much as she could fit into her mouth. Which was about three quarters of my penis – any more and she’d have to deepthroat it, something which I wasn’t sure she could handle, so I let the issue slide.

Gwen’s tender administrations sent me into bliss as I grabbed the back of her head as she ran her lips up and down my dick, her tongue licking and probing, sending a shiver down my back. Standing in the toilet at a wedding dinner, a beautiful girl on her knees giving me the blowjob of my life.. what more could I ask for?

I let her pace the lovemaking as she stopped the blowjob and got up, seating herself on the toilet seat cover güvenilir bahis siteleri as she spread her legs wide, inviting me onwards with a come-hither smile. But as she saw me position my ramrod at the entrance to her pussy, a look of concern flashed across her face.

“Shaun, please be gentle…”

I nodded, pretending to oblige as I got myself into position. Holding onto the toilet tank for support, I entered Gwen in one swift stroke, causing her to scream in shock as I sank most of my six inches into the depths of her vagina at the first try. Her hands grabbed my back as she gasped for her breath, not expecting such a move. I gently pulled out till only half of my dick was in her before sliding it back in, settling to a slow rhythmic motion that allowed her to get used to the sensation.

It was an utterly indescribable feeling. Unlike the other girls I had been with, Gwen’s pussy was deep enough to accommodate the full length of my dick. I could still feel the walls of her vagina pressing in, slick with female lubrication as my penis slid in and out of her. While doing so, I reached down and grabbed her sizable tits, squeezing and sucking on them as we made love.

As she got accustomed to the size of my dick inside her, I sped up the rhythm, pushing faster and harder into Gwen as I felt her vaginal muscles tighten in response to my strokes. To my surprise, she reached orgasm first, squeezing my cock as she cried out in sheer pleasure, her body shaking as she came, a flood of fluids drenching my dick as I felt myself reaching my own climax.

Although I hadn’t worn a condom, I was enough of a gentleman to know that such unprotected finishes could result in trouble for the girl later, so I pulled out of her, placing my dick between her boobs as I squeezed her two mounds together, forming a valley in her cleavage that I rubbed my dick against. A good titty fuck, something that was also hard to come by locally for most local gals didn’t have the cup size to make for a good boobsex session – something Gwen obviously didn’t have problems with.

By then, I was so near the edge that it took no more than five strokes before I was ready to blow my load. I got up and aimed my dick at Gwen’s face. She gamely closed her eyes, just seconds before I climaxed. The first load shot over her head, but the following spurts landed right on target, plastering her forehead, nose and lips with loads of baby-making batter.

As I leaned against the cubicle wall in exhaustion, Gwen pulled off a length of toilet paper and used it to wipe the cum off her face. Obviously she either wasn’t used to the concept of facials, yet she’d gone through with it. What a girl!

After a short break, punctuated by heavy breathing, we slowly began the process of putting our clothes back on. As we headed back out of the toilet, I thanked my lucky stars that noone had entered during our little tryst.

Gwen was going to head back to the ballroom, but I decided to call it quits there and then, kissing her goodbye as I turned to head back to the lifts. Better to get out of sight before some nosey person started asking about my prolonged absence at the dinner.

Of course, as we were saying goodbye, I noticed where my first stray payload of cum had landed – splat on the front of her dress, a whitish gooey spot right over her right breast. She seemed to have missed that little detail, so I didn’t bother telling her, letting her keep it as a memento of our little adventure. Also, it’d prove for some rather interesting explanations to her relatives if some eagle-eyed aunt spotted it, wouldn’t it?

“Gwendolyn, what’s that little white spot on your dress…?”

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