Weekend Getaway

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We’d both been working a lot, so we were really looking forward to getting away for the three-day weekend. We had decided to spend the weekend at a state park about three hours from home. Far enough to feel like we were getting away, but close enough to keep the drive reasonable. We were staying at the lodge inside the park. It was surprisingly nice, if a little bit dated, but in a cool kind of way. The architecture and choice of materials gave away its late-sixties construction, but it was nice.

Our room overlooked the large outdoor pool from our small balcony. We had made our reservations last-minute, so we had had to settle for a room with two queen beds rather than one king which we had orginally hoped for, but since it was a holiday weekend and they had sold out, we were just happy to have a room. The first night was uneventful since we were both tired from a long day at work followed by a long drive. We joked about the separate beds, but neither of us complained about being able to stretch out in our own bed and get a good night’s sleep.

We spent the next day hiking many of the trails all through the park, did some canoeing on the lake, and spent a little time in the nearby small town. We were back at the lodge before eight that night after eating dinner in town, and decided to hit the bar on the main floor.

I took a quick shower and put on some decent clothes. Debbie showered and was in the bathroom for longer than normal. When she finally emerged she was wearing one of my favorite dresses, a silky black negligee-looking thing with spaghetti straps. It was about mid-thigh length, with slits on both sides that really showed a lot of leg when she sat down. She’d only worn it around the house when she wanted to drive me wild, thinking it a little too risque for being out in public. She had on black high heels, with straps around her ankles and silver buckles, and a matching black ankle bracelet with a silver knot on her left leg. She had several black and silver bracelets of various designs on her left wrist. She looked incredible.

She stepped into the middle of our room, gave a little spin and asked, “Do you like it?”

She stopped her spin with her left hand on her hip and her right hand out in a “well?” kind of motion, and that’s when it became really obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra under the thin silky black material of the dress. Her nipples seemed to be trying to bore holes right through it. Her tits bounced perkily as she shifted her weight from one foot to another waiting for my answer.

“You know I do,” I said. “I like it even better that you’re not wearing a bra.”

She turned her back to me and while looking at me over her shoulder slowly ran her hands down her sides to her waist, and then across her bottom, smoothing the silky material against her body the whole way. She stopped with her hands just above her knees, her back arched a little, the dress and the pose really accentuating her perfectly-shaped butt.

It finally hit me what she was showing me with this pose. “Oooh, and no panty lines either, nice,” I said.

“You must have a sexy black thong on,” I told her as I imagined what she would look like later when I slid that dress off her.

“No,” she simply stated.

I knew she had a blue thong that she often wore, so I said, “I meant a sexy blue thong.”

“Wrong again,” she said, wiggling her bottom with a playful grin as she said it.

She ran her hands up the back of her legs, opening the slits on the sides as she did, and then across her bottom again, watching me closely the whole time. I had about half a hard-on watching her.

“You see everything I have on,” she said with a mischievous look.

“You’re not wearing anything under the dress? Top or bottom?” I asked incredulously, hard-on instantly moving up a notch from half to about five-eighths full.

“That’s right,” she said as she walked slowly over to me, placing one foot directly in front of the other and exaggerating the sway of her hips, her nipples leading the way and bouncing just a little with each sexy step.

“And this silky dress feels so good rubbing against my naked body, mmmm,” she purred as she pressed up against me and kissed my neck.

“I’d never leave the house like this normally, but since we’re far from home and on vacation…” Debbie said as she took another slow spin and then walked back into my arms.

“Ok, we’d better get going if we’re going to go. I’m about to blow right here,” I laughed and playfully pushed her away. I couldn’t wait to get her down to the bar, in front of a bunch of strangers in this outfit. I just knew she was going to be the center of attention, and knowing that there was nothing but that thin black silky dress covering her amazing body was going to be fun.

The bar was pretty full already, and more people were streaming in as we entered. I enjoyed watching heads turn as we walked by. I saw a couple of guys get a nudge from their female companions for being bakımlı gaziantep escort too obvious. I loved it, and Debbie didn’t seem to mind as she walked right down behind the crowd seated at the bar, visible to everyone in attendance. We took the last high table near the end of the bar, and ordered a couple of drinks. Debbie sat at our small table with her left side toward me and her legs facing toward the bar. Everyone coming in would look up the aisle behind the patrons at the bar right at her legs. The guys seated at the bar kept stealing glances over their left shoulders at Debbie, and who could blame them? I was a little jealous of the view they had as mine was blocked a little by the table between us.

There was a young couple sitting at the bar just across the aisle from our table, about 5′ from us. The guy looked like a gym rat type, cut-off shirt, bulging muscles, tan. The girl was a dark-haired beauty, wearing a tight, short white dress that barely made it down over her ass, darkly-tanned legs crossed, one glossy white stiletto hooked over the rung of the bar stool, the other swinging slowly back and forth. They looked to be late-twenties or so. The girl had her phone out, scrolling through photos. We couldn’t help but see them. She stopped at a photo of a shirtless guy, posing with his hands behind his head, flexing like a body builder. We couldn’t quite make out if it was the guy that was sitting with her, but it seemed likely. She nudged him with her elbow to get him to look. He leaned over toward her to see the photo, nodded and smiled at her. She looked back at him returning the smile. She then scrolled through several more photos, all very similar to the first, pausing on each for him to get a look. After maybe a dozen, a different kind of photo appeared on the screen. This one was a woman lying naked on her back on a bed. And not just any woman, but obviously it was the one holding the phone. The long dark hair and tan slim legs gave it away. She flipped slowly from one picture to another, all of her. Each picture was a different pose, mostly on the same bed, but some from a chair, and some standing. She was completely naked in each, only a pair of heels that looked just like the ones she had on. I figured the pictures had likely been taken right before they came down to the bar. She held the phone up so her boyfriend could more easily see, which meant that Debbie and I had as clear a view as he did, and about half the bar probably did too. The girl with the phone didn’t care, you could tell. She just exuded sex and I started to wonder if she might be a professional dancer or something. The poses in the photos, the legs, the shoes, the way she held herself in that bar stool, it all seemed to point that way. I was really wishing I could get an even closer look at her photos.

By now, the drinks had worked their way down and I had to take a leak. I kind of hated to leave the show, as I was quite enjoying it. When I told Debbie I had to head to the john, she asked teasingly, “Are you sure? You might miss a really good picture,” and shook her head at me as she took another sip of her margarita.

I was standing at the urinal doing my thing, when someone else walked into the bathroom and made his way to the urinal next to me. It was him, phone girl’s boyfriend. I gave him a little nod, and he asked, “How’s it going?”.

I wasn’t feeling any pain, thanks to the three, or was it four, whiskey sours that I’d had, so maybe that was why I answered, “Your girl is super hot.”

He chuckled a little and replied, “Yeah, thanks. You like the pictures?”

That surprised me a little, and I think I felt myself blush a bit as I finished up and gave it a few shakes.

“I did notice those. Couldn’t help it, really. But, yeah, it looks like she knows what she’s doing and she’s got a gorgeous body.”

“She does some modeling, and dancing, so, yeah, she knows how to show off her assets,” he said.

“Well, you’re a lucky guy,” I told him, as I dried my hands. He moved over to the sink next to me.

“You’re not doing too bad yourself,” he told me looking into the mirror. “Your girl is sexy. She’s got that MILF thing going on big time.”

“Thanks, she’d be flattered to hear a young stud like you say that, I’m sure,” I smiled at him in the mirror. I turned and headed for the door.

The bathrooms were out in the main lobby, and when you entered the bar area there was a short flight of five or six steps up to the bar itself. As I started up the steps, my view was right down the aisle behind the bar stools straight at Debbie and those gorgeous legs. She was still sitting with her legs facing my direction, her legs crossed at the knees, right leg over left. Most of her right thigh was exposed by the slit in the side of her dress. I knew she saw me coming, but she acted like she didn’t and kept her eyes off me, drink in her hand, sipping from its pink straw. I was about halfway bakımlı gaziantep escort bayan up the steps when she started to slowly move her right leg, raising her knee and bringing her right foot up to her left knee. She placed her right hand on her bare right knee as she continued to hold her drink in her left hand, nonchalantly sipping away. From my position on the stairs my head was about the same height as her crotch, and with her right knee held high, I had a perfectly clear view of the pink, moist lips of her pussy.

I hesitated on the stairs, my mouth probably hanging wide open, a little in shock. She looked so sexy. She slowly moved her right knee back and forth a little, but kept it held high. She was looking away from me, toward the crowd at the many tables, acting as if she didn’t know I was there. As I got to the top of the stairs and started to make my way behind the row of people seated at the bar, I heard a noise like someone stumbling on the stairs behind me. I managed to pull my attention away from Debbie’s exposed womanhood and turned in time to see the guy that had been in the bathroom with me catching himself on the second step from the bottom. Our eyes made contact, and he quickly looked away from me and directly in the direction of Debbie, and slowly started back up the remaining stairs, eyes not moving from Debbie’s crotch. Debbie quickly slid her right knee back down to rest on her left. I chuckled a little to myself knowing what made him stumble as I made my way back to our table.

“You missed a few pictures, but then she put the phone down when he headed to the bathroom,” Debbie said as I sat down.

“I wish I had a picture of what I just saw coming up those steps,” I smiled back at her.

“Why would you want a picture of a guy tripping on the stairs?” Debbie asked coyly, knowing exactly what I really meant.

“That was so hot. Thanks for the show,” I told her.

“I guess you weren’t the only one that saw that show,” she said as she watched our friend take his seat.

“He thinks you’re hot,” I revealed as he settled back in to his bar stool.

“What? No he doesn’t,” Debbie protested, watching him lean into his girl saying something into her ear that caused her to look our way and smile.

“Seriously, he said you’re a MILF,” I answered. Debbie gave me the look. The one that says she doesn’t really believe me.

“He told me in the bathroom. He also knows we could see the photos, but I’m sure neither of them cares. I think it’s more likely they want people to see them. She’s a model and a dancer, so I think she’s used to attention,” I explained. Debbie looked their way again.

The couple at the bar were talking quietly together as I followed Debbie’s gaze their direction, and they looked back at us, and smiled. The girl hopped off her stool and took the couple steps over to our table.

“Hey! Do you guys mind if we join you?” she asked.

“I don’t mind, and I’m sure he’d love it,” Debbie quickly answered with a knowing look at me, as she scooted around the table to make more room. Those margaritas were making Debbie very honest.

Her stud made his way over, carrying their drinks, and introduced them.

“Hi, I’m Rick, and this is Lisa,” he said. We introduced ourselves as we made room on the table for their drinks.

“Rick said you guys liked my pictures,” Lisa said looking from Debbie to me and back again.

“Sorry, we didn’t mean to gawk, it was hard not to notice,” Debbie started to explain, but Lisa quickly cut her off.

“Oh, no, I don’t mind at all. I like showing off my pictures,” Lisa said as she pulled her phone out and held it in both hands on top of the table, pressing away at it.

“From what Rick just told me, I think you like showing off a little too,” Lisa said looking up from her phone and flashing a smile at Debbie.

“I think he almost broke a leg gawking and climbing the stairs at the same time,” Lisa laughed and elbowed Rick playfully. Debbie’s face turned a little red and she glanced at me. I just shrugged a little, and noticed that Debbie’s nipples were hard as rocks pressing against that thin black dress again. My pants started to fit funny.

Lisa laid her phone on the table facing Debbie and me, so that we could get a good look at the screen. There she was, naked and on that same bed again. Seeing it up close was a lot better than looking across the aisle at it. I could now tell that she was in a room that looked just like our room at the lodge, so my earlier guess that the pictures had been taken just before they came to the bar was likely correct.

Lisa scrolled through several pictures.

“They’re really beautiful,” said Debbie. “You look fabulous, you have a perfect body,” she continued. Lisa’s body really was something. She must tan naked because she was dark all over without a tan line anywhere.

“Thanks, but my body is far from perfect,” escort gaziantep bakımlı bayan Lisa answered. “I wish my legs looked as good as yours. Mine are too short, but yours are fabulous, aren’t they, Rick?”

“Oh, yeah, you have gorgeous legs,” Rick answered looking at Debbie and then down at her still crossed legs.

“I wish I had a picture of what I saw coming up the steps a little while ago,” Rick added.

Debbie looked down and giggled a little self-consciously, blushing sweetly.

“That was really only meant for one person to see,” she said looking back up at Rick.

“Well, I’m glad I got to see it too,” he said returning her gaze.

“Ok, down boy, down,” Lisa laughingly told Rick.

“It really was a beautiful sight,” I added, smiling at Debbie.

“You know, you two girls make a great pair,” Rick said looking from Debbie to Lisa.

“Debbie in this silky black thing, and you in your skin-tight white dress. Debbie’s light caramel-colored skin, and your super dark tan. Debbie’s blonde hair, and your black hair. You guys are like the perfect set,” Rick explained to Lisa. We all laughed.

“He’s right, you’re like the best of both worlds or something, kind of both ends of the spectrum, the yin and yang of hotness,” I said, taking another drink of my bourbon. I guess Debbie wasn’t the only one feeling extra honest from alcohol.

“Well, I think we need some pictures,” Lisa said as she picked her phone up off the table and handed it to Rick. She hopped off her stool and moved over to stand right next to Debbie. Lisa put her right hand on Debbie’s exposed right knee, and her left arm around her shoulders. Rick aimed the phone at them, and took a couple of pictures.

The girls did look good together. I glanced around the room and noticed a lot of eyes were on them. Debbie hopped off her stool, and now she and Lisa were standing with one arm around each other and posing for Rick. The girls turned toward each other, each lifting their outer leg, their knees almost touching about waist high. Rick got a couple shots and then Lisa grabbed Debbie’s leg with her right hand at the thigh and pulled it up a little higher. With her left leg so high, her inner right leg was visible all the way up to where her left leg crossed. It looked hot. Lisa playfully slid her hand all the way up Debbie’s leg, pushing what little of Debbie’s dress was there out of the way, and now all of both of Debbie’s legs were on display. Knowing that she wasn’t wearing anything under the dress made it even hotter for me. The girls started to lose their balance, and they both laughed as they staggered back to standing on both legs.

Lisa grabbed her phone back from Rick, and stood next to the table with her elbows on the table, phone in both hands. I was making my way back to my seat and had a nice view of Lisa from the rear, leaning on the table, her back arched and her rear pushed out, the short white dress stretched tightly across her round ass just below her crotch. She looked really nice. Rick was saying something quietly to Debbie as he helped her into her seat. I remembered that he, too, knew she wasn’t wearing anything under that silky black dress and was probably as turned on as I was seeing it pushed so far up her legs, and knowing just how close we were to seeing everything. I wondered what he said as I saw Debbie blush just a little and smile.

“These would be great, if the background and lighting didn’t suck,” Lisa said as she stared intently at the phone.

“Debbie we look great, but we need a better place to do this,” Lisa said still looking at her phone. “Let’s run up to our room! It’ll be perfect, come on!” Lisa commanded grabbing her drink with her free hand, nodding her head toward the door and heading in that direction. Rick looked at me, shrugged and followed Lisa to the door. I looked at Debbie, gave the same shrug and followed Rick. Debbie laughed, grabbing her drink and saying, “What the hell, let’s go.”

When we got to the room Lisa quickly got busy moving furniture around, turning on lights, re-positioning lamps, and arranging pillows. She looked like she knew what she was doing.

Lisa stepped back and put her hands on her hips, “There, that’s perfect.”

Rick stepped over to her with something in his hand. Lisa grabbed it and snapped her camera into it.

She unfolded the legs of what turned out to be a tripod. Meanwhile, Debbie had sat down on the one king-sized bed in the room and started to take off one shoe.

“Oh, no honey, not yet. Leave those on for me please,” Lisa said to Debbie as she continued adjusting her phone on the tripod. I was glad to hear somebody else tell Debbie to keep her heels on. She was always too quick to take them off for my tastes too. I kept my eyes off Debbie because I knew she’d be giving me a look after Lisa’s order. I looked around their room. It was a mirror-image of the way ours was set up. Their bed was on the right side wall as you came in, our two were on the left side. They had two chairs and a small table where we only had one chair, but otherwise they were pretty similar. I looked into the large mirror on the wall opposite the bed and could see Debbie as she re-did her shoe and crossed her legs. She caught me looking and stuck her tongue out at me. I knew she was thinking that I was secretly gloating about Lisa making her keep her shoes on. Of course I was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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