Weekend with Katie Ch. 03

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This is the third and final installment of ‘Weekend with Katie’. I hope that you have enjoyed the first two.

The Final Chapter

I awoke to an early sun streaming through the bedroom windows. Katie lay sleeping next to me, a gentle and relaxed purr like that of a finely tuned motor emanating from her.

Deciding not to wake her, I softly extract myself from her arms, put on some flannel pajama pants and a t-shirt, and go downstairs to start some coffee and breakfast.

Over the scents and sounds of eggs, bacon and coffee, I sense Katie’s presence in the kitchen doorway. I glance up from the stove, and see her, framed in the morning light, wearing a long t-shirt that reaches just below her thighs. I can see the finely toned muscles of her legs, and catch a whiff of her skin over the smell of the breakfast. She looks awesome!

“Good morning, Sir!” she coyly states, delivering a perfect bow from student to teacher. The sight of her, in her t-shirt and cascading blonde hair, evokes a smile from me.

Politely, I bow back, as is the martial arts custom, and respond with “Good, morning, Katie!”

She saunters over to me, plants a kiss on my lips and gives a firm hug to my waist. I hold her close, gently rubbing her shoulders and stroking my fingers through her hair. She feels great, her firm breasts pressing against me, her nipples hard under the morning air.

We share a breakfast, move out to the deck to enjoy a crisp morning under a blanket overlooking the wooded back garden, and snuggle.

“This is fantastic”, she says. “I love being here with you like this. Knowing you bahis firmaları this way. I understand now a little more about what you mean in class when you talk about ‘creating power from the hips’. I like it!”

She moves in a little closer to me, lets her hand work down my stomach to the waistband of my pajamas, and reaches in. “Want a little ‘morning glory’? Oh…I see you do!” she exclaims as my member hardens under her firm coaxing.

With that, she pushes the waistband down, increases the attention to my growing cock, and kisses my neck. I respond, rubbing her shoulders and pulling her closer. She continues to nuzzle into my neck while still working her magic on my member.

“You’re so hard”, she says, smiling. “I just love the feel of your cock in my hand. I love the feel of your cock in my mouth, and I absolutely love the feel of your cock deep inside of me. I’ve got to have it, now.”

She slides over me, pulls the blanket up around her shoulders, and rubs the head of my member against her now wet sex.

“Oh, God…” she exclaims. “Ohhhhhh, yessssssss” she sighs as she gently lowers herself onto me.

The cool autumn air surrounds us, with the blanket keeping the heat in. She moves up and down, left and right, all the while staring into my eyes. Her hands are resting on my shoulders, and her legs are straddling me and the chaise on the deck.

“I wonder if any neighbors can see us”, she asks. “I hope so”, she adds, letting her head fall back slightly, her lips open and her eyes now half-closed.

As much as I want to continue to fuck her like this, I decide to give her kaçak iddaa a little special attention. Much to her dismay, I push her off me, lay her on the lounge, and pull the blanket up over my shoulders. I move my head lower, to her breasts and stomach, and continue to move downward.

Her neatly trimmed blond hair, soft and downy from her shower, is the perfect place to tease her. I begin by slowly licking her, moving my hands around her sex. I use my thumbs to hold her lips open, and slowly begin to lick her up and down.

For contrast, I twirl my tongue around her, and then push it in, fucking her with it. My hands are still working her lips apart, exposing her to each and every stroke of my tongue. She’s so clean smelling and tasty, I want to do this to her for hours.

She’s going wild now, muffling her moans and exultations of joy. Her hands are holding my head, pulling me deeper into her. Her legs, so strong and demanding, have wrapped around her hands and are aiding in the task.

In just moments, she begins a tremendous orgasm, her stomach muscles rippling and writhing in ecstasy. She puts one hand into her mouth to muffle her screams, while holding onto my head with the other.

“Jesus….that was too much!” she says, panting and cooing. “I love it, and I want more!”

With that, she turns me over so I’m on the chaise, and straddles me again, picking up where she left off.

She sits on me, rocking back and forth, coaxing herself. Slowly, she moves one hand from my shoulders to her breasts, fondling her nipples and pinching them. Then, the other hand joins, pushing and kaçak bahis pulling her beautiful breasts to the rhythm of her movements.

After a few more minutes, she lets one hand wander down to her clit, where she begins to rub it. She presses and twirls her fingers on her nub, increasing the speed of her actions against me. She drives herself lower onto me, my head touch the inner Katie. She seems mesmerized as she works herself and me over…

“Uuuugghhhhhh”, she moans…sensing that she’s getting close. “Oooooooohhh, yesssssss”, she hisses, increasing her movements with both hands and hips.

“Oh, Katie…I’m going to cum” I say…

“Yes… fill me with your cum. Shoot deep inside of me. Please…please…please”.

Her hands move back up to her breasts as she nears her climax. My hands grab her hips, moving her all around, my shaft bending with her. I begin to shoot inside of her, and she rocks back and forth continuously, milking me with her inner muscles. I grunt and groan my orgasm into her, pulling her down on me harder and deeper.

“Yes…fill me up. Cum, cum, cummmmmmmmmmmm” she cries.

Suddenly, she begins to explode once again, this time unleashing a flood of juices on my cock. Our combined juices drip out of her, onto my thighs. She slows her rocking, leans forward so her hands rest on my chest. She drops her head a little, regaining composure, as her hair falls over my face.

“You feel soooooooo goooooood” she says. “I can stay here all day!”

“Why don’t you?” I ask.

“Maybe I will, but first, I need to clean up myself and the kitchen. Then, we’re going to spend the rest of this Sunday exploring each other. How does that sound?”

Without waiting for my answer, she hops up, wraps the blanket around her shoulders, and moves into the house, humming a happy tune…

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