Welcome Home Ch. 01

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Solo Male

Ch. 01: Some Harmless Fooling Around

Robert was home from Iraq after a rather difficult tour of duty. He sighed as he searched in the fridge for something cool. It was another 90 degree day in Southern California and the swamp-cooler as usual wasn’t keeping up. Strangely the heat no longer bothered him now used to 115 degree days in Baghdad.

He grabbed a couple of beers and went to his room. He just wanted to relax a little before his parents, or sister came home. The welcome home barbeque was tonight. He rolled his eyes just thinking about it, dreading all the bullshit he would be forced to deal with. It was bad enough he had to live with his parents till he could find a place.

Once his computer was on he was tempted to check out some porn, and possibly jerk-off to his favorite porn babes. He’d been in Iraq for seven months without even smelling a woman. During his tour Robert actually found little interest in sex occasionally playing with himself. Now that he was home eying the girls on the plane, the airport, pretty much anywhere, sex was the only thing on his mind.

It was a bit hot though to get all worked up over a tiny video. He chugged down half his beer when he heard a scream and then a splash in the pool. He cautiously looked out his window to see his sister, and a couple of girlfriends out back. “Jesus Christ,” he sighed annoyed with his sister brining her friends over.. He checked out her friends though, and was impressed. “Oh man,” he whispered eying a hot petite, and curvy blond. “Nice tits,” he noted as she removed her t-shirt revealing a white and tight bikini top.

Next he observed a well toned brunette, “Oh wow,” he said admiring her tan athletic thighs as she removed her shorts. Both of these girls were gorgeous he thought fantasizing about them as he massaged his crotch.

He tried to forget about his ex-girlfriend, Larissa. She had broken up with him just days before his return. They had been living together for months, and he thought that she may be the one. While in Iraq he received a letter stating she fell in love with one of his friends, and ended their relationship. One of the reasons he would be living with mom and dad. Surprisingly the anger helped him cope with the stresses of combat.

He tried to relax as his manhood responded to the stimulation. It soon became tighter in his jeans as he grew. He stood to unbutton his pants. Once he pulled his stiffing member out he enjoyed the relief and took another look at his sister’s friends. “Damn,” he whispered observing the awesome curvy blond. He looked for the athletic brunette who was applying sun tan lotion earlier. “Oh well,” he said unable to spot her.

Robert sat down on his bed, with closed eyes, imagining himself fondling those beauties, all while massaging his half erect penis. He chuckled to himself noting, how ridiculous that thought was, like they would have anything to do with him. It didn’t matter he was determined to enjoy this four minute fantasy till he finished off.

He was so enjoying his bliss he didn’t immediately notice the bedroom door bust open. His reaction to the intrusion was slow, even unconscientiously delayed like he wanted to be caught.

Alana was shocked at what she was witnessing. A guy holding his dick in his hand working it hard. She was stunned, fascinated, and disgusted, but froze. Robert aware of a presence looked up with eyes wide open. The amazingly well toned brunette was before him, watching him jerk-off. It was so sudden, and unexpected neither reacted immediately. “I’m sorry,” Alana declared, “I was looking for a bathroom.”

“Wrong door stupid bitch.” He swiftly ripped a blanket over him.

“I apologize; I didn’t know,” she pleaded with hands up to her mouth.

He felt bad with his harsh attack, but he was clearly jerking-off, and he considered it a most private thing, and obviously embarrassing to be caught in the act.

“I’m sorry,” she stated again. All her senses told her to leave, but her body just didn’t respond as she watched him struggle to pull up his jeans.

Robert wondered why she was still there studying him. He wanted to cuss her out, but became mesmerized with her beauty. Out by the pool it was obvious she was hot, but up close she was stunning. Her dark and straight, more than shoulder length hair, covered one of her startled eyes.

She had nice breasts for her 5’5″ athletic frame. They were tightly supported by a bright yellow bikini top. He could see just above her denim shorts a yellow string matching the bikini top. Robert greatly admired the thin bright yellow string high up on her hip. The bright yellow contrasted nicely against her caramel colored skin glistening from the liberal amount of oil she had applied.

He found her face adorable; big brown eyes surrounded by long eyelashes, with lovely pink glossed lips. She was Playmate caliber as far as he was concerned. “I’m sorry for yelling at you…”

“No, no, it’s understandable.”

“You must think I’m some kind of weird perverted freak-boy.”

“No, bedava bahis you were doing something natural that we all do in the privacy of our bedrooms.”

He found her remarkably reasonable. “So you get yourself off,” he stopped speaking searching for a name.

“Oh Alana,” she said nervously surprised at herself. It wasn’t like her to tell a guy she caught with his dick in his hand that she found it natural. She had always been out going, a people person, and like most young girls had a healthy interest in boys and sex.

She was embarrassed by his rather personal question. Get yourself off she thought knowing full well she did.

He was very attractive she noted. Tall, muscular, and his close-fitting hair cut. He even looked good with the glasses on. T-shirt, jeans, sand colored boots, she liked the outdoor look. The site of his penis in hand rapidly flashed through her mind.. Alana ignored his question, and asked her own. “Were you having fun,” she queried trying not to laugh.

“Yes. I’m Robert by the way.”

“Yes I know Rob. I’ll leave to let you continue.”

Puzzled he asked, “Do we know each other?”

“Alana Becker. I’m a friend of your sister’s; tree grades behind you in high school.” He still didn’t recognize the hot babe. “For Christ sake you babysat me and my brother for like a whole summer.”

It finally hit him, “Oh shit. Little Lana? My God Alana you’ve, uh… well matured… um nicely too. I never would have recognized you.”

She blushed at his compliment, “Thank you Rob. I lost the baby fat; got into sports.” She overtly looked him up and down. She hadn’t seen him in a couple of years and remembered him as a boy. He was definitely a man now. “You’re hotter than I remember.” They stared at each other intensely for a moment. She awoke from her gaze, “Ok, I’ll leave you to finish.”

The question left his mouth before he thought it through. “I could use the help of a beautiful girl.”

Her eyes went wide with wonder, and was flattered, but again surprised. “Excuse me?”

He blushed, “I apologize; I never should have…”

“All right, I’ll help.” He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Alana couldn’t believe what she was saying. She was about to retract her offer, but Robert quickly escorted her in and shut the door.

It was only seconds before he had her sitting in a chair in the middle of his room. “Thank you so much Alana,” he moved close to her with his crotch only inches away from her face.

Her mouth was dry as she became very nervous. She started thinking of the porno’s that her and her friends had watched late at night while drinking beer. The dirty magazines at the mall after school with the giant cocks being displayed. Alana and her friends always laughed and joked about them. She wasn’t a virgin, but she wasn’t that experienced with men either. “I’m sorry, but I’m not sure what to do.”

“Oh… well first you pull out my…”

“I mean I know, I, I’ve just never done this before, I’ve never touched a guys… cock, I’m a little nervous.”

He frowned, “How old are you?”

“Does that matter?”

Wow he thought she’s definitely matured. “Believe it or not yes.”

He took a step back. She sensed he was unsure about her working his manhood. “Don’t worry I’m legal. Besides when I’m finished with you, that will be the last thing on your mind.” She couldn’t believe what she was saying. This wasn’t really her, and it was like she was playing the part of a porn actress. While nervous and a bit paranoid she was enjoying herself.

“We better not; my sister is out there, my mom might pull up any moment.”

She hated it when people treated her like a child. She had gone round and round with her parents about getting a car. If she was mature enough to get a man to cum she can sure as hell handle a car she thought. “This was your idea Rob,” she pulled him towards her by his belt. She placed her hand on the bulge. She squeezed feeling his stiffening cock.. He grimaced with intense pleasure. Her sudden burst of confidence began to fade away as her shaking hands began to undo Robert’s belt and then the buttons on his jeans.

“Oh yes Alana you’re doing so good.”

She nervously smiled at his praise while she focused on pulling his pants down. His dark blue boxer briefs were form fitting even tight with his rod trying to tear through the soft material almost as if it was reaching for her. “Oh my my,” she whispered wondering how she got herself into this. Alana moved her hands up and down his thighs and then his center again squeezing his member.

Robert opened his eyes once he felt her pull on the waist band and continued further freeing his penis. Even though she knew what to expect she was surprised by the size as it flopped out. Only half erect it seemed big to her. Nothing like the penises in the magazines her and her friends laughed at, but still impressive. She marveled at his muscular legs exploring them as well. “I guess the Marines keep you guys in good shape.” bedava bonus If she only knew he thought, but didn’t answer.

Placing her hands on his dick forced him to moan and close his eyes. It was surprising to her how soft it was, but hard too while generating enormous heat. Using both hands she gently massaged him while intensely inspecting it. “Oh wow” she said caught by surprise as it continued growing and suddenly twitched up pulling away from her. “Um Rob do you have any oil?”

He had trouble speaking at first, “Ye, yeah… in the drawer behind you.” She hasn’t done this before he wondered, but asking for oil already. He watched the busty beauty search for it. ‘Oh God I want to rest my hard pipe between those jugs’ he said to himself. He sighed, admiring her healthy bronze breasts still glistening with lotion, tightly trapped inside that bright yellow top.

She found the small bottle of oil and looked up to find him gazing at her. Again she was flattered with his lustful eyes undressing her. Feeling wanted she refocused on his stiffening dick. She smiled thinking about his gaze of her. Her confidence had returned, “Do you like what you see Rob?”

“Ah, uh, yes I do. You’re beautiful Alana.” He groaned when he finished as she wrapped her delicate fingers around his barrel. “Wh, why, are you doing this. I mean… why me?”

“I’m not sure. I was shocked when I walked in on you, but strangely turned-on. You’re cute. Your cock is beautiful… long and thick.” She began slow, full length strokes from tip to base. “I had a serious crush on you two summers ago.”

“Re, re, really?”

“Yes. I can’t believe I’m telling you this, but… I watched Christi Richards give you a blow job in the school dugout one morning.”

“Oh shit you’re, kidd, kidding me?”

“No,” she said rather seriously. “You cummed all over her face… and, well… I’ve fantasized about it, you ever since.” Alana knew she was blushing as she admitted one of her secret fantasies.

This girl was amazing and so mature he noted. His buds in his squad would never believe him. There was a loud splash in the pool causing him to wonder what if his sister found out. ‘Oh God what if my parents found out’ he asked himself. Robert forced himself to clear his mind and enjoy her touch. She started palming the head of his dick. Fascinated by its expansion as she tightened her grip around his shaft. “Oh yes,” he moaned.

He decided to see how far she was willing to go. Robert slipped his hand through her lovely dark shoulder length hair, resting his hand at the base of her head. “Drop your hands for a second.” She complied and he pushed his pelvis forward while pulling her pretty face towards him. “Oh yes,” he exhaled resting his fully erect shaft and balls on her face. She became nervous and unsure about this, but allowed him to massage his cock into her face. “You’re incredible,” he stated as he dragged his balls across her lips, cheeks, resting them on her eye lid. He continued massaging for a few moments.

He decided to go further placing both hands on each side of her head. “Lana just let it happen.” Her eyes went wide as she panicked watching him rest the massive head against her lips. She shook her head in protest, but he was far too strong as he pushed forward. “It’s ok,” he whispered, “it’ll be ok, just take me in.”

“No Rob,” she choked as he forced his way into her mouth. Her wet mouth was cooling his overheated dickhead. He pushed further, and then further filling her mouth with his hard meat. Fearful she began to tear never having a man’s cock in her mouth before.

Her jaw was stretched wide, but he began to feel her tongue massage the underside of his shaft. “Ah, you’re unbelievable.” She relaxed as he moved back only to gag as he shoved his thick cock in again. He moved at a fast pace fucking her mouth enjoying the streaming salvia exiting her tiny mouth, dripping off his shaft. She finally had enough and grabbed his ball-sack hard, “AHH, FUCK,” forcing him to grimace in pain and retreat.

“You fucking asshole Robert!” Her eyes continued to tear as she yelled at him throwing the bottle of oil hitting him.

She stood to leave. “I’m sorry. That was stupid of me; I should have stopped when you told me to.” He was in a complete panic. “I am a fucking asshole; I watch way too much porn and just assumed that’s what you wanted.”

“I’m going to tell your sister,” she moved forward, but he blocked her path.

“Please? Alana, calm down, just hear me out.”

She decided to do as requested and sat back in the chair. “Fine. I told you I’ve never done this before; you scared the shit out of me.”

“I’m sorry. I never meant to scare you. I know this will sound stupid, but I really like you. I’ve never met a girl… a woman, like you.”

‘We’ve known each other as adults for like five minutes.” She said intensely, and with obvious disbelief. The ‘woman’ comment softened her anger though.

“I know, but you’re so open and free. That kind of scares me, deneme bonusu but I like it. .I’m not making any sense am I?” She didn’t answer as he got on his knees, “Please Alana forgive me. I was a total idiot.”

She continued to stare at him surprised she was enjoying his groveling. She got off on having power over him. He seemed sincere and truly sorry about his actions. “I must be the dumbest girl on the planet. You have an odd effect on me, and for some reason I enjoy it.”

“Ok you’re kinky then,” he grinned as he finished. She laughed at his comment. He moved close to her sliding his hands onto her well toned thighs.

She watched him cautiously, as he moved in close to her between her legs, but grinning herself. “You’re still a fucking asshole.”

“So true, so God damn true,” he whispered.

“Rob,” she whined, “I would have sucked your dick if you had just asked me to.”

He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. She was a sure thing and he managed to screw that up. “Can I ask you something?”

She rolled her eyes with mild disgust. “Let me guess. You want me to suck your dick?”

He did so want that, but had already decided against it. “No. I want to kiss you. I wanted to the second I saw you.”

Alana studied him for a moment and then removed his glasses placing them on the desk behind her. “I’d like a kiss.”

He wasted no time moving in and applying his lips to her pink glossy mouth. He was gentle with his massage eventually opening his mouth, and she followed his lead. Alana placed her hands on his face and slipped her tongue in his mouth. He was caught by surprise opening his eyes for a second and gripping her thighs. They continued on for almost a full minute. “Oh wow, you’re good at this Lana.”

She rubbed his bottom lip with her thumb. “Thank you. It does help to have a partner that knows what he’s doing.” He stood putting his hand out for her to take. She stood taking his hand and laughed. “You look ridiculous with your pants around your ankles.”

“I know so don’t look,” he quickly pulled them up and over his now limp dick.

“So what now Rob?”

He led her to his bed where he jumped on. “C’mon.”

“I shouldn’t; I mean I can’t stay long. Your sister and Courtney are probably wondering where I am.”

“Please? Just some harmless fooling around.” He quickly took off his t-shirt revealing more of his muscular physic.

She bit into her lower lip so tempted as she looked over his very healthy body. “Ok,” she jumped on the bed where he quickly rolled on top of her. Excitedly they stared into each others eyes. She felt compelled to tell him,. “I had such a crush on you.” With some disappointment she continued, “But you never noticed me.”

“I’m sorry…”

She stopped him, placing a finger on his lips. “It’s ok. Why would you?”

“Hey, hey don’t put yourself down. I think you’re beautiful.” He moved close and kissed her, soon slipping his tongue in to meet hers. He started moving his hand over a breast gently squeezing it. He removed the tight bright yellow bikini top exposing her luscious mounds of flesh. He was in awe looking them over with her large dark areolas and hard nipples. “Jesus Alana you’re huge.”

“Is that a problem?”

He laughed, “God no. You’re gorgeous.” He put a hand on a breast and caressed her, squeezing, lifting while she closed her eyes enjoying his touch. He was delighted with their soft texture, and firm feel. He admired their almost perfect roundness, and wonderful caramel coloring, glistening with oil. It was clear she sunbathed without a top often. They were simply perfect, almost too perfect, he suspected, and now wondered if they were fake. It seemed all the girls he had seen coming home where big busted.

Honestly he didn’t care since they looked magnificent and felt wonderful. Robert soon had his lips on her soft sweet flesh ready to consume every inch of her. He caressed her breast with his lips, tongue, and hands often burying his face in her chest. She enjoyed every second of it dragging her short red nails through his hair. In his bliss he whispered in her ear, “Please let me inside you?”

Her eyes opened considering his request as he mauled her neck with kisses. “No Robert.”

A bit surprised he stopped to look at her “No?”

She shook her head indicating no. “I don’t really even know you, and you probably think I’m a slut.”

“No, no, not at all. Wild maybe.” He began kissing her breasts again gently biting a nipple.

“I’d be willing to finish you off though.”

That got his attention and he looked up at her. “Yeah?”

“Yeah. Move,” she pushed him then encouraged him to lie on his back with his sand colored boots on the ground. She hovered over him placing her hands on his face caressing his skin. She lowered her head to kiss him taking her time. Climbing over his head and shoulders moving towards his crotch she dragged her heavy breasts down his chest then his stomach.

“Oh that’s nice Alana,” he exhaled with pleasure.

She giggled, “I haven’t even started.”

Robert placed his hands on her shorts exploring her ass and thighs that surrounded his head. “This is interesting; I’ve never tried a 69 position before. I say we get your shorts of because I’d love to slip my tongue inside you.”

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