Welcome Home (Pt I)

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Okay, this is my first ever erotic story. Go easy on me. I hope you all enjoy it 😉

Walking home from work one night, Kaylee Stone adjusted her form-fitting black skirt, sighing. She walked briskly, wanting to get home quickly. As she walked up to her apartment door, she fumbled through her purse, looking for her keys. She finally found them and opened the door, walking in and kicking off her shoes. Admiring herself in the mirror she smiled, studying all of her curves. She loved how she looked in this tight black shirt with fishnet sleeves, and the short black pleated skirt. She pressed her breasts together, smiling, and thinking of how much he would like what he saw.

As he walked in the door of the apartment, he took off his coat and called out “Kaylee, you home?”. He walked over to the table, and picked up a note. ‘Meet me in the bedroom. Signed, Your Little Slut Kaylee’, and it was sealed with a bright red lipstick kiss. He quickly walked to the bedroom, seeing her lying on the bed, legs spread, revealing her tight pink snatch underneath of her black skirt. She grinned at him, sucking on her black lace panties, and rubbing along her slit invitingly. He grinned and walked over to the bed, climbing ontop of her, grabbing her head and starting to kiss her passionately, with a fire in his eyes. She started rubbing his growing cock through his pants with one hand, unbuttoning his shirt with the other. As she got it unbuttoned, he flung it across the room, revealing his firm chest, which looked like it had been chiseled from stone. She moaned through his lips and began to unbutton his pants, sliding them down, needing him deep inside of her so bad. He pushed his pants down, revealing his large member straining against his black silk boxers. She grabbed ahold of it with both hands, sliding her hands up and down it, biting her lower lip. She took his middle finger in her mouth and began to suck it slowly, and sensually, running her tongue all around it, before spitting it out and grinning. As both hands got to the top, she rubbed the head with both thumbs, swirling them in circles. As she did this, he began to moan lowly, pulling her shirt up over her head. He reached behind her, unclasping her bra with one hand, throwing it to the floor. He admired her breasts, beautifully firm 38C’s, before latching onto a nipple with his mouth, sucking it, swirling his tongue around it. She moaned and threw her head back, still rubbing his cock. It was atleast 8 inches long, and an inch and a half thick. She growled, and looked into his eyes fiercely. “Lose the boxers, tough guy.” Hearing this, he detached his mouth from her puffy nipple and slid his boxers down, his huge dick springing up. “Ohhh, baby… Put it in me…” she begged as he rubbed it against her pussy lips, sliding gaziantep evi olan escort it up and down, slipping the tip barely in. She moaned “Pleeassee?”. He grinned and pulled it out, crawling up to her mouth, pressing it against her lips. She looked up at him, speaking as well as she could with a cock in her face “Please, fill me up, I need you… I’ve been waiting for this all day…” and right before she closed her mouth from speaking, he shoved it into her mouth, grabbing the back of her head and thrusting it right into her throat. She took it down her throat, gagging and her eyes watering, a little bit of masquera rolling down her cheeks. She tried to suck on it to make him happy, but couldn’t through the coughing and gagging. He continued to ram her throat hard, moaning loudly, loving how it felt. “Ohh baby, that’s right. Take it, you little slut. Right down the throat. Swallow my monster cock…” he said, fucking her face as his balls slapped against her chin. He kept pushing and pushing, deeper each time, forcing her to continue gagging and choking, until finally, he started moaning loudly, pulling his cock from her mouth. He grabbed it in his hand, jerking it violently, before shooting rope after rope of hot, thick cum onto her face, and into her still open mouth. She licked up the cum around her mouth, and swallowed it along with what went in. She grinned and looked at him lovingly. “You think you’re done? You’ve still gotta clean this beast off, bitch!” he said, grinning, and pushing his cum covered dick head in her face. She took it in her hand and sucked every last drop of his seed off of the head, licking it like a lollipop. “Ohh, I love the way you taste, baby.” she said, grinning and rubbing her pussy.

Lighting up a cigarette, he grinned, looking down at her cum covered face, knowing that he’d marked her as his own. She laid back and frowned. “Aww, nothing for me?” she pouted. “Baby, you know me better than that. I can cum two or three times before my dick starts going soft. there’s still some time to work you in.” he smiled, taking a drag and blowing the smoke in her face. She smiled, fingering her sopping pussy with two fingers, up to the second knuckle. Noticing, he smacked her hand “You horny bitch, that’s my job!” she fakely frowned “I’s sowwy, baby.” he reached in the dresser drawer, pulling something out. He went to making out with her, grinning. As she went to rub his body, she was sternly shocked at the fact that her wrists were bound to the bedposts. He then worked his way down to her feet and bound her ankles to the bed aswell. She started struggling, but realized that it was in vain, he was too good with knots. He slid up to her, tickling the outside of her slit with his fingers, teasing her sopping gaziantep fetiş escort enterance, before putting his cigarette out on her inner thigh. She moaned in the ultimate mix pleasure and pain, needing more. He started rubbing it slowly in a circular motion, like he knew she loved, watching her face contort, and listening to her sexy moans. He watched her chest rise and fall as he went faster and slower, bumping her clit every once in a while. He slowly slid one finger into her, pumping her slit, and then added another finger, and another. She started moaning, loving the feeling of three fingers inside her warm, wet kitty. He took his fingers away, and buried his face in her snatch, licking it frantically. He rolled his tongue, and pressed it deep inside her, before unrolling it and lapping out all of her sweet pussy juice. She moaned louder and louder, he breathing becoming more and more unmetered. He waited until she was right on the edge, and then stopped everything, waiting for her to cool down. She frantically tried to rub her thighs together to finish herself off, but couldn’t move an inch. She started screaming in frustration. “You son of a bitch! Make me cum!” she yelled, having needed release all week. He grinned and spanked her cunt as hard as he could. She groaned in pain. “All in due time, my dear. I’m still having my fun.”

She laid on the bed, trying to break free, as he stood over her, jerking his dick, just teasing her. “Pleeassee…” She cried out, a single tear streaming down her face. “You’ve been teasing me for a half an hour!” I haven’t fucked myself in a month and a half, I’ve been waiting for you to get back from Italy, and this is what I get in return? Please! Just let me cum!” she begged. He stooped down and dragged his huge dick across her soft skin. He placed it up on her pubic region, sunk down and started fucking her pelvis, only inches away from penetration. Even this was giving her some pleasure, so she moaned. He kept this up for several minutes before pulling back and starting to smack her pussy with his cock. Over and over and over again, beating the head of his dick against her sensitive, swollen clit. She pouted “Please, baby! You know you want my warm, wet, slippery walls around your rock hard cock…” she said in her sexiest little voice. He grinned at her. “You certainly know how to change a man’s mind…” he said, rubbing his cock slowly. “So… You’ll fuck me?” She asked, trying to seem cute and innocent. He said “Yup. Close your eyes…” She did, and he spit on his hand, rubbing it all around his dick, quickly shoving it into her tight, almost virgin asshole. She squealed in pain, but loved the pleasure. “Oh! Baby! Why aren’t you fucking me? Warm, wet, slippery walls!” she exclaimed. gaziantep bayan escort “That’s… Ughh…. Exactly what I’ve got around… My dick!” he said, grunting and moaning, pushing it in and out, her asshole sucking on his dick like a vacuum. He groaned, grunting with an animal like tone, enjoying the feeling of her asshole milking his cock. Suddenly, he reached up and grabbed her by the throat, pressing a thumb into ther windpipe, cutting off her air. She began to struggle, and stare at him. Although she was unable to speak, her eyes asked “Why?”. The answer to this question was pleasingly clear to him. When he cut off her air, she tensed up, making her tight little asshole 10 times tighter around his already huge cock, making the experience much better for him. He kept pumping her for several more minutes, her face turning bright purple, she was just on the edge of unconsiousness, when he finally grunted loudly and pushed his cock as deep into her as it would go, and pumped her guts full of his hot, sticky seed. He pulled out after his balls were drained, he was shuddering with pleasure as he released Kaylee’s throat, and she gasped for precious life. The color began to return to her face, and she was so close to orgasm that she couldn’t stand it. “Please…” she gasped. “Finish me off….” With that, he took his cock and rammed it into her pussy, full force. She screamed, feeling like he’d torn her pussy apart. His cock was still surprisingly hard for having released twice already. Although, it didn’t surprise her. Afterall, Dominic WAS a porn star. He kept fucking her tight little twat, making it feel more and more painful with each thrust. Kaylee was used to him, but would still never be able to accommodate him pain-free. As he kept thrusting, he came for the last time, and feeling his milk shooting deep inside her sent her over the edge, she started moaning and screaming his name, looking down and watching his huge load shoot back out of her pussy, past his dick, as he pumped harder and harder. They both moaned loudly as they finished, and he fell ontop of her. She moaned loudly “Ohhh god, Domi, I love you so much….” she said, tired and gasping for air. He said “I love you too, slut.” as he kissed her on the lips. Just as this happened, he got off of her, and people started coming in the bedroom door. She screamed and tried to cover up, but couldn’t because of the restraints. Three men and two women walked in, all wearing nearly nothing. “Domi! What the hell is this!?” she asked, looking around in a panic. “It’s a gangbang, Kay. I thought I’d get you a little present. This whole time, there’s been a camera recording over there on your desk. I had a friend set it up while you were at work. I’m going to keep a few copies for myself, and sell the rest on the internet. Enjoy your gift, Kay!” he said, grinning evilly and walking out of the room. Everyone circled her, as she started to cry. She knew that the fucking had just begun.


Alright, guys. Thanks for reading my first story, I hope you enjoyed it. Leave me comments, tell me what you think, and should I continue with the sequel?

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