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You come home from work some night, and we are all alone. I greet you at the door with a hug and a kiss, and take your hand. Leading you to the living room, I stand you in the middle of the floor where there is a pillow waiting. Kissing you hotly and deeply, I reach down and start to undress you…pulling off your shirt and caressing your chest. Slowly I kiss my way down across your stomach and stop so I can undo your pants. You are excited, as your cock has already started to grow and I can feel your bulge beneath my firm touch.

Quickly, because I am already excited, I unzip your pants and pull them down to your ankles. Feeling your dick through your boxers, I straighten up and kiss you again. You reach for my tits, and I tell you no – you are allowed to look, but not touch. Tonight, I just want to pleasure you. I touch them for you, pulling on my hard nipples and bringing one to my own mouth licking it and pinching it. I look down and can see that you are very hard now and decide to release your big cock from your shorts. As I pull them down and have you step out of them, your cock brushes my cheek and twitches in anticipation, leaving a wet droplet on my face. I smile up at you and slowly lick my full lips, leaving a wet shine on them.

Kneeling on the pillow, with my big breasts canlı bahis swaying free, I look up into your eyes as I grasp your firm cock with my hand, and lick it from the base to the tip. Your eyes narrow as a groan of pleasure escapes from your lips. Fondling your dangling balls with one hand, I circle the tip of your rigid shaft with my tongue, making sure you can see every move my hot mouth makes. My pussy starts to get damp as I run my mouth all over your cock, then reach underneath and lick your balls. Boldly I suck one, then the other into my mouth, gently sucking and swirling my tongue all over their fullness. I think about what they hold for me and moan in pleasure, as I can’t wait to feel their hot nectar on my body. It’s hard to tease you so slow, but I keep my own greediness in check and continue to mouth them for a couple minutes as I run my hand up and down the length of your cock.

Bringing my attention back to your manhood, I take the tip of it into my mouth and sink my lips further and further down your shaft, taking as much in as I can. I ride your dick with my lips, faster and faster, as you hold my head with your hands and signal me when you want it faster or slower. I love it when you take control, even when I am pleasuring you. Then I wrap my one fist around the base bahis siteleri of that big dick and stroke it, while I suck the top with my hot lips and fondle your sac with the other hand. I’m getting very wet by now, and moaning with pleasure. The vibrations that you can feel from my moans excite you further and you urge me on by telling me how good my mouth feels. How hot and wet I must be myself from sucking on you. You know I am, and how I love to be talked dirty to, during sex of any kind. It spurs me on to suck harder and faster, to bring the ultimate pleasure to you.

I reach back with one hand now, and feel along my wet slit…it’s so wet I can feel the dampness along the outside of my pussy lips. I touch my clit and moan louder…you feel so good in my mouth that I want to cum with you. Reaching under the edge of the pillow I take out a long slender vibrator that is tipped slightly at the end. It’s a new toy that you didn’t know I had…and reach under my cunt with it, touching it ever so slightly to my ready lips. Mmmmmmm…the vibrations just about drive me wild and I suck, lick and nibble my way up and down your cock, getting hornier by the moment. You feel so good in my mouth. I want to show you how much I love you and how much I love sucking you off.

Slipping the tip of bahis şirketleri the vibrator into my now very wet pussy, I stroke it back and forth a few times, then find my clit and hold it there. I’m sucking hard on your cock now, moving my hand firmly and rapidly on the base, in unison with my mouth and you are groaning and holding my head on it. I love being between your legs giving you pleasure; it makes me wet just thinking about it, and very hot writing about it. I start to rub my now hard hot clit with the tip of my toy, and I know that between that and sucking that big fucking cock of yours I’m going to cum soon.

I stroke your shaft faster as it’s very wet from my mouth now, and rub my pulsating clit faster with my toy…I can feel my orgasm building and know that yours is close as you tense and your head falls back. Moaning frantically, I cum hard…and feel a rush of wetness as my pussy contracts in an intense, long, wet orgasm. Knowing that I’ve cum, you allow yourself to, releasing my head and pulling your cock out of my mouth. I stroke your hard shaft a couple times and your hot juice sprays onto my waiting breasts. It feels so good landing on my creamy tits and I moan, knowing how good your release must feel. I pump you with my hand gently until I know you are finished, and give your dick one last, loving lick. We collapse together and hold each other close, just enjoying the feel of our hot naked bodies pressed into each other, and the love that we feel when we are together. Welcome home honey.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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