Wendy and Max


This is the first few chapters of the story. All participants in this story are 18 years of age. I hope that you will find this submission enjoyable and will look forward to reading the second part, which will be coming soon. Enjoy!!


Wendy and Max have been dating for a few months and now that the football season is over, Max is happy to be able to spend more time with Wendy. He is not a football player, in fact he doesn’t play sports at all. Wendy was a reserve cheerleader. Between attending practices, cheering at reserve football games and attending the varsity games, she barely had time to do her homework much less spend much time with Max.

For for years, she has tried out for varsity cheerleader, hoping that she would make it, but she just isn’t enough, popular enough or as beautiful as all the other cheerleaders. She loves being a cheerleader, even if she isn’t on the varsity squad. Dating Max most likely does not help her chances either. She has had opportunities to date more popular jocks, but they are not as interesting to her as Max. She likes Max’s sense of humor, his quirky looks and his intelligence and knows he will make a great engineer someday.

After the fifth period Senior economics class, she sees Max walking down the hallway in her direction. She hurries down the hallway and gives him a quick hug. She asks, “What are you doing after school today?”

“Spending time with you, hopefully,” he replies.

“Great, meet me out back after class.”

Max gives her a quick peck on the cheek then continues toward his next class before he is late for class. He feels pride well inside of him as he sits down in the classroom. A few minutes into class, he begins to daydream about her. They have shared many quick kisses while dating, but their relationship has not progressed much further, mainly because they have not spent much time out of school together. He envisions their relationship going further as he stares blankly in the teacher’s direction. With his 19th birthday coming up soon, he wonders if she would be willing to give him a birthday gift that no other woman has given him. Before he knows it, the class bell signals the end of period six.

The next two classes seem to drag on forever until the final school bell of the day rings. Max quickly collects his books and races off to his locker, puts his books away, then heads behind the back of the school. He sits on a picnic table in the patio area covered with brick pavers and waits for Wendy to arrive. While waiting, he looks at the red, yellow and purple flowers blooming from the bushes that create a divide between the patio area and the blacktop of the rear parking area used by the teachers.

He feels a tap on the back of his shoulder blade and turns to see Wendy. She circles around where he is sitting on top of the picnic table. Taking a seat next to him, she asks if he has been waiting long.

“Nope” he answers. “I have only been here a minute or two.”

She scoots close to him, pressing her legs and hips against his. Max puts his hand on her knee and gives her a peck on the side of her cheek. She smiles and begins to blush as his hand slowly moves up her leg. Afraid they will be seen by other students or worse yet, a teacher, she pushes his hand away.

“You’re going to get us in trouble, Max” she giggles. Taking him by the hand, she says, “Let’s go home.”

The two of them walk hand in hand down the edge of the blacktop, heading to the street. Cars are lined up, trying to leave the school area as they approach the street. The turn left onto the sidewalk and head toward Max’s house, which is just a few blocks away from her home. As they are walking, they chat about their school day and classmates.

Wendy finds it romantic that Max allows her to hold his hand without complaining or trying to pull away. Most of the popular guys think they are too manly to hold hands. They head toward Max’s house because his parents don’t arrive home from work for a few more hours. Her mom gets home from her factory job earlier and would not be happy if she brought Max to her house.

When they enter Max’s house, he gently leans her against the wall and gives her a peck on the lips as he looks into her eyes, looking for approval. Wendy’s eyes stare back at him with a serious look on her face. She leans in and gives him a peck on the lips. Wanting to move things further, he wraps his arms around her waist and moves in closer to her, pressing his body against her. Their lips meet for a third time, this time staying locked for a few seconds.

Max parts his lips, not sure how to give her a passionate kiss, but willing to try anyways. He has gotten further with her than any other girlfriend he has had, which isn’t saying much, considering this is the longest kiss they have shared thus far.

Wendy feels something pressing against her mound and becomes a little freaked out. She breaks the kiss and pushes his body away from her simultaneously, then steps away from the wall. The kiss has stirred excitement in her body tekirdağ escort as well, but she is afraid he will act like her other boyfriends and try to go from first base to third base in a matter of minutes. Her other boyfriends took passionate kissing to mean they had freedom to grope her body anywhere they pleased.

Taking Max by the hand, she starts walking further into the house and says, “Let’s go sit on the couch and watch some TV.”

Feeling rejected by her sudden movements and pushing him way, Max follows her through the living room to the family room in the back of the house, which is his room to watch TV. He wonders if she didn’t like the way he kissed her as they are walking.

“Would you like a snack?” he says, finally speaking up as they start passing the kitchen.

“Sure, grab me something and I bring it into the room. I will find something to watch.”

Fumbling through the pantry, Max finds a half bag or Oreo cookies hidden in the back. He wonders if his mom hid it from him and his little sister. Luckily for him, she goes to an after school program and won’t be home for an hour or so. He grabs the Oreos and heads into the family room where Wendy is sitting on the end, resting her left arm on the arm rest, flipping through the channels with the remote in her right hand.

They watch cartoons for a little while and joke about the football team’s losing record for the third consecutive year. Wendy shares a few funny stories that she experienced with the cheerleaders during the season. As she is talking, Max places his hand on her lower thigh. She ignores his hand while it rests there. As she finishes her story, his hand moves up further. Wendy wants to push his hand away immediately, but hopes that he will respect her enough to only go so far. She presses her legs together, letting him know that she is closed for business.

Reading her sign correctly, Max knows that nothing is happening at this minute. Enjoying the feeling of her warm legs through her jeans, he drags his fingers up and down her legs. What he doesn’t know is that his hands are having an effect on her body, even though she is not letting him know it.

His fingers moving up and down her leg is soothing to her. Every once in awhile, his fingertips will touch a certain spot near her inner thighs and send a different sensation through her lower body. This sensation makes her body feel warm and tingly. It is a different feeling to her; something she has not felt from fingers other than her own before.

Luckily for her, his fingers only brush that spot sporadically. Feeling a sense of passion, she leans in and whispers in his ear, “We can kiss, but no further, okay?”

He doesn’t give her a reply, instead letting his actions speak as he turns toward her. Her body turns in his direction as well until they are facing each other. She folds her right leg under her left knee and feels his hands on her ankle and upper thigh as their lips connect. Within a few seconds, the awkward feeling dissipates and the kisses are less clumsy.

She can feel her body starting to get warm and peels her sweater off her arms, letting it fall behind her onto the couch. Max looks down and sees a small indentation pushing through her t-shirt. He looks at her light blue shirt a second before moving back in for more kisses.

After kissing a few minutes, his neck is getting sore from leaning forward so he places his hands on her shoulders and leans backward, pulling her down on top of him as he lays on the length of the couch. Their lips only partially separate for a brief moment before reconnecting as her body presses against him.

This position makes her feel a little uneasy, wondering if he will take the moment of passion and try to turn it into more. She feels his arms slide in between her arms and her body before wrapping around her shoulder blades and holding her softly. She adjusts her legs, sliding one in between his legs, straddling his other leg. The feeling of his hot breath on her cheek warms her face and her heart. She can hear both of them breathing hard and decides to stop this before it goes further.

Using her hands as a platform, she pushes her upper body into the air above him and looks down at his eyes as they open. She can see the passion in his eyes match the passion she feels inside. She takes a long draw of air into his lungs and giggles, feeling nervous with him for the first time. The nervousness isn’t because she feels uncomfortable around him, it comes from her worry of where things may go if they continue to kiss passionately. She wants things to go further with him, but she isn’t ready yet.

His hands slide down to her butt cheeks. He playfully grabs her butt with both hands. She adjusts her legs and rocks back onto her knees then smacks his chest playfully. They both laugh at each other as she slides off the couch.

Max feels a little frustrated, hoping things would go a little further and feeling excited by the passionate kissing. He watches her stand up and grab the Oreos forumagic.com off the table in front of the couch. He sits up, adjusting himself while she is facing away from him. She sits down next to him on the couch, trying not to let him see that she is looking at the bulge in his pants.

“Here, have an Oreo” she says to break the silence, handing him an Oreo.

The two of them joke around with each other for the next half hour until Wendy prepares to leave before his sister arrives home. She tells Max that he can call her later as she takes him by the hand, helps him off the couch. He walks her to the door then gives her one last passionate kiss before she leaves. His hands cup the small of her back, sliding down to her butt cheeks as they are breaking the kiss. Wendy giggles as she swipes his hands away from her. “Men” she exclaims as she heads out the front door.

The next day while the two of them are walking to school together, Wendy share with Max that she received a call from the reserve basket ball coach who wants to talk to her after school today. She is so excited that she can barely contain herself.

Max, on the other hand, has mixed emotions. He knows how much she loves cheer leading, but he was hoping to finally have time to spend with her. He looks down at the sidewalk and says, “Oh”.

Confused by his reaction, Wendy says, “Aren’t you happy for me? I have been trying to get on the basketball squad for four years now.”

He looks up at her with a smile he knows she can tell is fake. “I know how much you want to be a basketball cheerleader and I would be happy for you if you made the team, I was just hoping that we would have more time to spend together since the football season is over.”

Wendy puts her arm around his waist. “If I make the team, I promise I will spend more time with you and I will make it up to you.”

Max puts his arm around her waist also as they walk toward the school grounds. He smiles at her and wonders if she will even be around for his nineteenth birthday on Wednesday or if she will be too busy with practice if she makes the team.

After school, Max walks home alone while Wendy has a tryout with the JV squad. After dinner, she sends him a text and tells him that she will find out tomorrow if she made the team or not. Max sends a reply telling her he will keep his fingers crossed.

Tuesday afternoon, Wendy sits nervously in the gymnasium with five underclassmen girls who are also hoping to make the team. Seniors are not usually on the JV squad so she is worried that she will not make it. Her only glimmer of hope is that the JV cheer leading coach called her and invited her to the tryouts. The coach enters the gym and thanks them all for their trying out and announces that only three new people will be added to the JV squad this year so unfortunately two will not make the squad.

Wendy gets really nervous and can feel that her palms are sweaty as the coach prepares to read off the names. The coach reads off the first name. It takes a second before Wendy realizes it was her own name that was called. She jumps up out of her chair and releases a loud screech of excitement and does a happy dance.

When the meeting is over, she calls Max and shares the great news. Max can hear how happy she is and feels torn. This means he will have to wait three more months to spend a lot of time with her. However, he knows this has been a dream of hers all through high school and is happy she achieved her goal. He congratulates her and tells her they will have to celebrate soon.

Ten minutes later, he hears a knock at the door. His little sister runs to the front door and opens it. She smiles when she sees it is Wendy, then calls for Max. Max is surprised to see Wendy and invites her inside the house. He looks at the clock and notices that his parents will be home soon.

Wendy gives him a strong hug then does her little happy dance, her excitement boiling over. She tells him that she has practice after school for the next week, but she promises to spend time with him Saturday before the first game and possibly Sunday. Max cannot help but laugh at her excitement and crazy dancing.

He wonders if she forgot his birthday is tomorrow because she hasn’t mentioned it at all. Perhaps she has been so wrapped up in making the JV cheer leading team that she has forgotten about him. After all, she did practice then go out to eat with her family a month ago when she turned eighteen, leaving no time for him to celebrate with her.

Max’s preteen sister, April, gives Wendy a big hug and congratulates her before running off to her bedroom. Max waits until his sister is gone then gives Wendy a big, passionate kiss that lasts for seconds. The touch of Wendy’s warm lips on his mouth causes his groin to stir immediately.

Surprised by the passion in his kiss, Wendy pulls back and says, “Wow. That was great. Kiss me again.”

They stand in the middle of the living room kissing, swapping saliva, and holding each other close for a few minutes until a car pulls into the long driveway next to the house. Max sees a flash of silver through the window and knows his mom is home. The two of them make their way into the kitchen to greet his mom when she comes through the side door in the kitchen which leads to the garage.

Wendy shares the great news with Max’s mom. His mom gives Wendy a warm smile and congratulates her, mentioning that she knows how hard Wendy has worked to make the team. Max stands back a few feet and lets the women gab about cheerleading. As always, his mom starts telling a story about when she was on the cheerleading team in high school. After his mom finishes the story, Wendy looks at the time and realizes she needs to get home for dinner.

Max walks her to the front door, giving her a long kiss and grabs her butt cheeks just before she leaves. Like yesterday, she swats his hand away and giggles, commenting “Men”. If she told him that she likes when he grabs her butt, she knows he would do it all the time. Therefore, she pretends not to like it and knows he will still try to get away with it occasionally.

Wednesday, Max and his family have his favorite meal of steak, mashed potatoes, and green beans then eat cake. Afterwards, his dad says he has an errand to run and heads out the front door. His sister gives him a hand made card, wishing him happy birthday. His mom gives him a card and tiny box, telling him to read the card first. While he is reading the card, his dad returns inside the house.

Max begins to tear off the present wrapping, wondering what could be in such a small box. While he is tearing off the wrapping, he hears something rattle inside. He opens the box and sees a car key inside. His shock and excitement show on his face. They take him out to the front of the house where he sees his new car parked on the street in front of the house. Max runs out to the car, unlocks the door and climbs inside, shocked by the present.

After dinner, he works on a school project, wishing Wendy was there to celebrate with him. She calls him on the phone and wishes him a happy birthday then apologizes for not being able to celebrate with him. He thanks her and tells her he wishes she was there also. He tells her about his birthday present and they both cheer in excitement. She says that she has just been so busy with practice, then showering and eating and still has homework to do, not letting him know that she has a surprise up her sleeve.

Around ten o’clock, Max turns off his bedroom light and heads to bed for the night. He is staring up at the ceiling, feeling sad that he didn’t get to see Wendy tonight. A few minutes later, he hears a soft tapping on his bedroom window. He hops out of bed to see who is outside his window. He slowly pulls the drape to the side and sees Wendy smiling at him. He opens the window and says, “What are you doing here?”

Wendy hands him a wrapped present then whispers, “Watch out, I am coming in.”

Max sets the present down then helps Wendy sneak in the window. A cool breeze blows through the window, giving him a chill after being in the warmth of his bed. Wendy whispers, “surprise” as she gives him a big hug and seductive kiss.

The surprise visit from his girlfriend makes him very happy. He holds her close and whispers into her ear, “Thank you for visiting. I didn’t think I would see you tonight.”

His warm breath in her ear makes her shiver and sends chills down her spine. “I had to give my man his birthday surprise. Go ahead, open it.”

Max quickly begins to unwrap the present, trying to be as quiet as possible so his parents and sister don’t hear him making a commotion. Tearing the wrapping off, he sees a box of sour gummy bears. He smiles, happy that she brought him his favorite candy.

“Sorry it isn’t much, but I hope you enjoy them,” she says.

“Thank you so much,” he says softly, with enthusiasm in his voice.

The gift isn’t that important to him. He is just happy she came to see him and was thoughtful enough to get him a gift at all. He places the box of sour gummy bears on his dresser and when he turns around, she is standing right in front of him. She places her hands along his jaw line and gives him a long, passionate kiss then tells him she has to get home.

Max grabs her butt cheeks with two hands and is surprised that she does not swat his hands away immediately. Instead, she waits a few seconds and enjoys the feeling of his manly hands squeezing her butt. After a few seconds, she swats his hands away and says the usual, “Men”.

“I have to go,” she whispers in his ear then heads toward the open window.

He watches her, wishing she could stay longer, as she heads toward the window and begins to bend her head down. Just before heading out the window, she turns around and faces him. “I almost forgot I have one more present for you.”

Curious to see what his other present is, he looks at her. She is wearing basketball shorts and a t-shirt so he is not sure where she could be hiding his other present. Wendy waits a moment, building up courage, before quickly lifting her t-shirt and flashing him with her boobs. She holds her shirt up, revealing that she is not wearing a bra, for a couple seconds.