Wet, Wild Night

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**This is a work of fiction: AS ALL OF MY STORIES ARE WORKS OF FICTION. Thank you. ^.^**

I was staring out the window all day, thinking about my husband, Damien, and waiting patiently for him to come home. Earlier that day, Nick, my other husband (yes, I am married to two men!) said that Damien would be late that night.

“What’s the matter love?” Nick asked, coming up behind me and wrapping his arms around my shoulders. I snorted playfully and twisted around in his grasp.

“Just waiting for Damien to get home. You know how I worry about you two until you’re safe and sound.” I smiled widely and nuzzled his jawline. He chuckled and nipped the top of my ear, making me groan softly and being putty in his hands.

“He’ll be home soon, I promise love.” Nick said, smiling widely and stepped away. “Now, go relax or take a nap while I make dinner.” he said, giving me his wonderful crooked smile I love so much. I stood up and stretched, noticing how he let his eyes linger over my body and his eyes swirled with passion. I smirked and wandered into our room we all shared, slipped under the covers before smirking even wider.

I quickly hopped back to the door, my large 38C breasts bouncing up and down. I turned the lock for a moment, slipping off my shirt and bra, then stepped out of my pants. I chuckled softly and unlocked the door, kicking my clothes to our dirty clothes pile. Then I bounded back to the bed and slipped under the cool covers and soon I fell asleep, dreaming almost instantly.

“She seems asleep,” one of my lovers, Damien, said, his weight depressing the bed where he crawled up into it.

“Of course she is! I told her to go lay down until you got home.” Nick chuckled and shifted on my right side, his fingers trailing up and down my arm. I felt my arm shiver with goosebumps and I heard them chuckle.

“You didn’t slip her anything did you?” Damien chuckled but I could hear the undertones of his desire.

“Nope, nothing.” Nick replied and his fingers gently ran over my bare breasts. I licked my lips without thinking and I heard them chuckle again. Damien shifted until he was closer to my side, then his lips trailed over my collarbone softly. I moaned softly between my parted lips and his own lips pressed harder against the sensitive spots on my neck.

“She’s responding nicely in her sleep,” Nick chuckled and he pulled the blanket away from my chest, exposing my hard nipples and his fingers gently teased them. I groaned softly and my chest raised up higher, wanting more attention to my hardened nipples.

They both latched into my nipples, rolling them gently between their teeth and I whimpered, my eyes fluttering open and closed. They moaned gently around them, sending soft vibrations coursing through my chest. With both my hands, I reached up, threading my fingers cimcif gaziantep escort through your hair.

“Ah, I cannot tell if she’s starting to wake up or continue dreaming!” Damien smirked and his tongue flicked out over my rosy bud, making me groan as Nick kneaded my breast, forgetting my nipple entirely.

“I love how she gets so wet so quickly,” Nick said, his fingers trailing down my tummy and underneath my panties. My body started to tremble in anticipation, even more of my sweet liquid pooling out onto my nether lips and down my inner thighs. Damien moaned his answer out over my breast and I tightened my grip.

“Goddess yes, she gets wet so easily!” he said when he pulled away, leaning down to nip and bite at my neck. His teeth sank into my flesh a bit, blood pooling to the surface and he latched on with his amazing mouth, suckling the wound and making me squirm even more underneath the both of them.

Nick pressed his thumb over my clit, making my body arch upwards and gasp loudly. I heard their echoing moans at my pleasure.

“I think baby girl should wake up,” Damien mumbled, his bite becoming harder and his sucking more frantic.

“I agree,” Nick replied, his thumb working harder.

“I think she’s awake now,” Nick replied as my eyes fluttered open and I gazed up at the two of them. I groaned softly, realizing my dream was actually happening. “Enjoying?” Nick asked me, his eyebrows raised high, waiting for my answer.

“Yes,” I moaned softly, shivering beneath you two.

“Good,” they both replied at the same time then Damien pulled away, licking the blood from his lips before sharing a passionate kiss with me. I moaned against his lips, flicking my tongue into his mouth and pulled back to his tasty lip.

“Ooh, baby girl,” he groaned softly and I reached down to find his pants still on and his bulge pressing frantically against the confines. I felt Nick with my right hand and within moments, had the both of them unzipped and cocks poking out. I heard their echoing moans of pleasure and I pushed Damien back for a second as I sat up on my elbows.

“I want to suck you both.” I demanded, my gaze hungry from the sight of my men and I watched as they both got off the bed and started to strip tease me. Damien unbuttoned his shoulders and Nick pulled it sensuously from his broad shoulders, having to stand on his toes a bit since Damien was 5’11. Then Damien undid Nick’s shirt and pulled it from his 5’9 frame, both of them watching my reaction. I shifted on the bed and Damien smirked toward Nick.

“Stay on the bed, or else we’ll stop.” Nick licked his lips, giving me a wickedly evil grin.

“Don’t be evil!” I groaned, giving my best puppy dog pout.

“This is for the other night ago!” cimcif gaziantep escort bayan Nick replied, his eyes running their heated trail over my body. I blushed, remembering that I had tied him down while I raped Damien in his sleep then refused to give Nick release.

“If you move off that bed, we’ll both stop and you’ll get nothing tonight. You won’t even get to suck.” Damien supplied from behind Nick, his large hands running down Nick’s chest and stopped at his waistband and then pushed them down to his ankles. I heard Nick moan softly as he kicked the pants to the side and Damien slid his hands beneath Nick’s boxers. I grew wetter and I whimpered in pleasure and pain as I squeezed my legs together.

“Spread your legs baby girl,” Damien commanded, lifting his green, passion filled eyes to mine. “and play with that sweet little clit of yours.”

“Can I use the bullet?” I asked softly, knowing how much hornier the bullet made me. He nodded, pushing Nick’s boxers down completely before wrapping his large hand around Nick’s 8 inches of hot cock. Nick groaned and slowly thrust into the tightness of Damien’s hand and I whimpered more, spreading my legs wide after I grabbed my lovely purple bullet from the nightstand drawer. I whimpered and spread my nether lips open as best as I could, pushing the bullet to my sensitive little clit and slowly turning it on. I gasped instantly, my back hitting the bed and my hips arching upwards.

“Oh yes,” I heard both of my men groan and I opened one eye slightly, watching as Damien slowly jacked Nick’s hot shaft off slowly and I could already make out a large droplet of pre-cum dripping down his length. I licked my lips and pressed the bullet to my sensitive nub even harder, whimpering and let my eyes slide closed.

“Open them,” both of them commanded and I opened both of my eyes, my swirling brown orbs passionately watching the two of them. Damien smirked and moved from behind Nick’s back and knelt in front of him, Nick’s prick right there at his mouth. I groaned loudly, my pussy leaking so much that the spot underneath my ass was wet with my juices.

“Watch me baby girl. Watch me take Nick into my mouth and suckle him until he comes.” Damien said huskily, his lovely green eyes half lidded and I felt my breath hitch more. Damien slowly sucked inch after inch down until he reached the base of Nick’s shaft and I heard him moan around his thickness.

“Please don’t tease me like this,” I whimpered softly and begged, wanting both of them buried deep in my throbbing, soaking wet pussy.

“Ooh, it won’t be long baby. Just until I explode, which won’t be long.” Nick panted, his hands balling into fists as his hips started thrusting into Damien’s wet mouth. “Keep playing with yourself,” escort gaziantep cimcif he ordered softly and I knew me masturbating was driving him wild from his much harder his hips pounding into Damien’s mouth. Suddenly Nick’s loud shout of pleasure echoed from his lips and I gasped, coming hard myself from hearing him explode in pleasure. I could see Damien couldn’t hold it all in his mouth and some dripped out of the corner of his lips and onto his thighs.

“What does our mistress want?” Damien stood up and they both asked, their voices low with arousal. I smirked and tossed the bullet to the side before spreading myself wide open for them to see.

“I want this,” I spread my pussy lips, “fill with Damien’s dick. And I want this,” I turned over and sat up on my hands and knees, exposing my asshole to them, “filled with Nick’s dick.” I felt the bed depress beneath them and suddenly I was flipped over and lifted above Nick’s prick.

“Does my mistress want my cock in her ass?” Nick asked, teasing my tight hole with his tip.

“Yes,” I moaned softly and slowly bore down on his thick head and he hissed in pleasure.

“And my mistress wanted me here?” Damien said, his fingers teasing my pussy, helping me press down harder on Nick. I nodded and threw my head back, biting my lip in pleasure as I took Nick balls deep in my tight ass, then laid my back against his chest and Damien quickly shifted and speared himself in my wet twat. My eyes flew open and I screamed out in pleasure, instantly coming around both of them, my juices pouring out of my wet pussy.

I panted as they slowly started to move in and out of me, our pleasure increasing from before. My whole body was sensitive from my masturbating earlier and I felt both of my lovers’ pricks trembling in my stuffed holes, letting me know they were already close to exploding. I tightened around the both of them, wanting to milk them of their cum and Damien slapped my tit, the sting bringing me to his attention.

“We’re going to give you all our cum, and I’ll make you pregnant.” he grunted, thrusting roughly into my body, his fingers bruising my hips.

“Yes!” I panted heavily and whimpered, licking my lips and felt the urge to be pregnant with a child and my belly swollen from it. He smirked and he screamed out my name and I heard Nick echo his cry. I tightened around the both of them as much as I could, shouting out their names as I exploded around them. I could feel the hot cum fly into my holes and there were so much that some dripped out even though they were still throbbing hard inside of me.

“You’re such a cock whore,” Nick chuckled, sitting up on his elbows and licking at my wound Damien had made earlier and it had started bleeding again. I chuckled and panted, trying to catch my breath.

“You’re going to have our baby,” Damien replied, reaching up with his soft hand to stroke my cheek and I nuzzled his palm with a smile.

“I’m always your cock whore baby, and I love the idea of having your child and my belly swelling with it.” I smiled lovingly to the both of them, my heart fluttering happily and I let my hand gently rub at my stomach, unable to stop thinking about how much more hornier I’d be in a month or two.

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