What A Morning!

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The morning actually began the day before, when we agreed that I would come over after her husband left for work – showering together before she took me to my morning classes at the university. Between me working full-time and attending college full-time – and also being married, my schedule can be quite full, requiring us to get it whenever we can. Leaving my house, I drove to where I’d await her page telling me the coast was clear. My arousal was already heightened by the neighborhood liquor store’s adult video section by the time the page arrived.

I knew it was going to be a fun morning when I pulled up to her house. Sabrosa sauntered onto the driveway, and to make sure I knew she was ready and waiting, she opened her bathrobe. Seeing her tender naked flesh exposed in public – her perky tits and shaved muff – just about made me cum before even turning off my car. Once parked, I pulled her behind the fence and opened her robe to expose one of those luscious breasts for inspection and suction. Her laughter and moans mixed together to encourage us to move as quickly as possible to the morning’s events.

Once inside the house, we pressed our bodies together in ravenous kisses, my crotch seeking to know any contact possible with her nakedness. Stepping to the bedroom, I disrobed her, glorying in her tasty beauty. Sabrosa uses only the best skincare, so her nude body glows all the more as she smiles over our heated cebeci escort passions. Pushing me to my back after pulling off my shirt, she clawed at the clothing holding back our shared nakedness. A surprised smile crossed her face when she saw I wasn’t wearing any underwear to contain my trimmed package. Sabrosa loves to greet and love my cock by taking it into her mouth and engulfing it – a practice to which I never object. She flew to my engorging penis, her hands rubbing my balls and ass, teasing my asshole with a finger. After exciting me, she slowly stopped and gave me a cute smile and a contented little growl. Looking at the time, she got up and bade me follow her.

Making our way to the shower, she made it just as we both like: hot. Soon the bathroom filled with the steam of heated water and passions. Her body glowed even more with the heat, and the water dripping off her body beckoned my attention to her sweet sex. Taking her razor, I applied some of her special soap to the area and began to gently pull the sharped tool across her skin. Hearing her gasp as the blade slid over her slick mound, I carefully sliced the stubble peeking through the skin, leaving her tenderbox smooth to the touch. After rinsing her glistening tenderness, I moved close and covered it with soothing kisses. Again, she gasped and moaned in an increasing chorus, as my lips met her mounting pleasure.

Ensuring çukurambar escort our time was maximized, Sabrosa grabbed us towels and lead me back to the bed. Laying me down, she took a small bottle of fine oil and rubbed it onto her middle finger of her right hand, while her left hand went to my balls and her mouth to my still-moist cock. As I entered the trance-like state of erotic pleasure, with her lips and tongue dancing on my excited meat, she took that finger and began to work it into my anus. Soon, I felt the welcome intruder make its way inside and press against the gland, encouraging my trip to ecstasy. As her mouth moved up and down on my grateful rigidness, her finger in me played the pressure of my rhythm.

With my groin engaged in the building orgasm, the moans of climax moved ever outward with increasing power. It was as if the coming bursts would never arrive, my pleasure centers overloaded in the present’s “not yet” – but anticipating the emerging promise. The moans began to roar out from deep within me, and my excitement encouraged hers all the more. Her finger raging inside, her other hand massaging my aching balls, and her mouth at full throttle pulling the cum from deep inside me, Sabrosa’s excitement also rose as she heard my gutteral cries of pleasure. Filling the room with a symphony of orgasmic release, I fired the first burst of my sexual essence, and she ankara escort kept pushing and pulling the cum from deep within me. Within moments, the second and larger blast forced its way through the tunnel and shot into her frenetic suction. Sabrosa’s moaning matched mine as her mouth continued to make love to my naked gun, now finishing its third heated cum-spray into her voracious drawings. Sensing that the waves of pleasure had finished overwhelming me, she slowed her oral lovemaking and soon released my tenderized meat with a series of long and slow licks while looking up to my contented face. Each pass over the rim on the head evoked a tiny post-cum flinch.

Her lithe, moist body moved up to meet mine and she lay down on top of me, our naked bodies enjoying the pleasure of the moment. I received her warmth in a moment of stolen time. The clock told us both to get dressed and leave, as class was starting in five minutes.

On the way to class, I could not keep my eyes off of her glowing beauty as she drove. She was absolutely radiant, this love-goddess who knows the pleasing touch of loving. Getting out of the car was next to impossible.

Stumbling into class thirty minutes late, I found a seat at the back of the room. After the extreme pleasure of the morning, concentrating was both easier and more difficult. It was all I could do not to turn to the guy sitting next to me and say, “Dude, I just got the world’s greatest blowjob!”

Spending the afternoon together, Sabrosa glowed and laughed with me over my struggle. “Hey, you should have told him! He’d probably love it!”

And you know something? She’s undoubtedly correct, because this woman understands a man’s sexual enjoyment!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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