What Anal Sex Has To Do With It.


A couple makes a Valentine memory with a new sexual position.

After sitting through a Valentine’s dinner in a restaurant with too many couples who didn’t speak to one another, my wife, Georgia, and I, decided to never ignore one another like that. Whoever said silence is deafening was talking about these couples, at this restaurant, and on this Valentine’s Day. We watched them sitting in silence while they waited for their food, ate their dinner, had their dessert, and even after they finished eating, they quietly waited for the check without having said a single word to one another. It was so sad.

“Look at some of these people,” she said in a hushed whisper while looking around and whispering to me in between furtive glances. “I feel like I’m dining in the The Eagles’ Hotel California, Don,” said my wife. “It’s so eerily quiet. No one is talking to one another. It’s so surreal. What should be a happy occasion is more like a wake before the funeral. No one is talking to one another, but us.”

I didn’t notice it at first but then, when I looked around and watched some of the couples being non-responsive and not interacting with one another, she was right. Instead of being alive with love, this place was dead with indifference. It was depressing. If not dead inside already, the couples all looked as if they were waiting to die or waiting for something good to happen, instead of seizing the moment and making it happen.

“Yeah, I know,” I said, “what should be a happy occasion filled with love, happiness, and romance is filled with gloom, doom, and sadness. I feel as if I’m sitting in a divorce court courtroom instead of in a nice restaurant having a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner.”

The men we saw with their wives looked as if they didn’t want to be there. Quietly suffering in silence, the wives appeared depressed, aloof, and detached. What should have been a happy occasion was a nightmare. One would think, just a night out away from the children would make them happy. Instead they all look as if they were just going through the motions of celebrating Valentine’s Day. Only, it was obvious their hearts weren’t in it and their heads were elsewhere.

Who knows why people suffer in silence. Maybe it’s the economy. Maybe one of both of the couples are unemployed or suffered a loss or for whatever reason forced themselves to drag their sorrowful bodies out to dinner. If sitting here like this and in this way was their good time, I can’t imagine their bad time. They all looked as if they just had an argument. They all appeared as if this was the last place they wanted to be. Yet, for whatever reason why all of these couples were so obviously miserable, it opened my eyes to the relationships of others for the benefit and the betterment of our relationship.

“I could never treat you like that, Don,” said Georgia touching my hand.

She’s such a sweetie. With her blonde hair and bright, blue eyes, she is such a beautiful woman and I love her.

“I know,” I said touching her hand with my fingers, before looking around again, “this place gives me the creeps. Do you feel it? There’s so much negative energy and hostile emotion.”

“I do,” she said. “It’s terrible. If we ever get like this, bored and tired of one another, let’s just call it quits,” she said still looking around the room at all the lifeless couples. “I don’t want to live life like that, not talking to you,” she said giving me a sad, little smile. “It’s so tragic to love someone, to be so close to someone, only to end up like this. I never just want to go through the motions of love. I want to always feel it.”

“Yeah, agreed, that would be terrible not even being able to talk to you,” I said suddenly feeling a little pressured to spice up our sex life.

Only, it was easily to want to spice up our sex life than it was to actually spice up our sex life. How do I accomplish that? It’s sometimes difficult to rekindle that spark of passion we had when we were dating and when we were newlyweds. We used to fuck like rabbits, then. Now, we’re doing well if we have sex once a month.

Seeing these lifeless couples corresponded with our diminishing passion and it made me think of our sexual situation. Our sex life had suddenly become the same old thing with the same old positions and all the expected moves and, somehow, I drew the parallel of our lives becoming like their lives one day. A good and bad thing over time, nothing was fresh anymore, even our conversations were becoming a little stale. We know one another so well that we don’t always have to voice what we are thinking. Slowly, gradually, but definitely, we were turning into one of those couples.

Sometimes, we can communicate our thoughts without even having to talk. Only, I realized now, that it’s always better to verbalize our thoughts. I didn’t want the same thing that was beginning to happen with our conversations to happen to our sexual relationship. Just as I wanted to evoke a preponderance of thought with things that I said or she said, I wanted to surprise bursa escort her by trying new things. I figured when sex becomes routine and expected, that’s the beginning of the end and Georgia was too good of a woman not to be appreciated, taken for granted, and have slip through my hands.

Admittedly, I can understand how it’s hard to maintain the flame of love, passion, and romance, but, if we love one another, why can’t we burn the flame of love, passion, and romance throughout our entire relationship? Georgia and I love one another. There’s no other woman I’d rather be with. If I’m going to have sex with anyone it’s going to be her. She’s the mother of my children, my lover, and my friend.

Understandably, a typical woman would ask, what does sex have to do with it? A typical man would respond, are you kidding me, it’s all about sex. Admittedly, women need the emotional part of a relationship, where men more require the physical part of it. Yet, that being said, both parts are needed, the emotional and the physical and when they merge together in a relationship of love, nurturing, and caring it is a beautiful thing.

There’s no doubt that I’m with Georgia because I’m sexually attracted to her. You’d just have to look at her to see that and any man who sees her would be attracted to her, too. How could anyone not fall in love with her? She’s a ten from her head to her feet.

“Let’s get out of here, Don,” she said. “This place is not conducive to the mood that I want to be in later, if you know what I mean,” she said giving me a wink and touching my hand again, while running her bare toes up my leg.

Oh, my God, she gave me goose bumps when she did that and I couldn’t wait to get her home alone.

“Waiter, the check,” I wanted to scream, but I was still eating.

“Let’s not have dessert here. We can have dessert at home,” she said flashing me a sexy smile.

Hurriedly, we ate our meal and skipped dessert, even though they had chocolate mousse and I so love chocolate mousse. This place was a downer and we needed to leave.

“All the bakeries are closed this hour, Honey,” I said, still craving the creamy texture of chocolate mousse.

“Pull in to that convenience store,” she said pointing to a 24 hour store. “They must have something we can have with our coffee.”

Georgia waited in the car, while I ran in the convenience store to see what we could have with our chilled champagne and coffee later. She didn’t know about the champagne. It was a surprise.

“Perfect,” I said reaching in the dairy door and grabbing two cans. “Whipped cream. I always wanted to try this,” I said shaking up the can, while shaking up my libido at the same time.

I imagined licking whipped cream from her tits and her pussy. Then, I imagined me acting like a male stripper, while she sucked whipped cream from my cock, before exploding and giving her a taste of some real whipped cream, if you know what I mean.

“Oh, boy,” I said. “I can’t wait. Let the Valentine festivities begin.”

I grabbed a jar of cherries and a couple of packs of Ring Dings to take the edge off our need for chocolate later. I always crave chocolate after having sex. When I got up to the counter, they had a little heart shaped box of dark chocolates. Figuring that I needed to be fortified with extra chocolate, especially dark chocolate, with the amount of sex I imagined I’d have with my wife later, I bought that, too.

“This is so much better than having dessert at that restaurant,” I said not realizing that I had said what I was thinking out loud.

“What did you say?” The man behind the counter looked at me, as if I was crazy.

“Oh, nothing, I was just talking to myself. What do I owe you?”

“That will be nineteen dollars and seventy-five cents.”

Gees, twenty bucks for two cans of whipped cream, a small jar of cherries, two packs of Ring Dings, and a tiny heart shaped box of 4 chocolates. I could have bought all of this at the supermarket for less than half the price. He bagged everything and I gave him a twenty and he handed me back a quarter.

We promised that if we ever tired of one another and our relationship ever got to that point where we couldn’t even talk to one another, we’d end it. Yeah, I realize there are other considerations such as children and owning a house that gets in the way of calling it quits to a marriage, but to live in the way that these couples were obviously living and for them to not even talk to one another was just terrible. I hoped we never reached that point in our relationship.

Dining in that depressing restaurant was a surreal atmosphere, a downer, and a bummer. With a negative energy that was contagious, it nearly ruined our Valentine’s Day. Yet, believing that there is a reason for everything in life, it was something that we were meant to see and to feel, so as to know how not to act and what not to be like to one another later in life. It was a real eye opener that was for sure.

I got in the car and handed Georgia the bursa escort bayan bag.

“Whipped cream? What do you have in mind?” She looked at me with a sexy smile and laughed.

“Something sweet to eat, hopefully,” I said as I drove home.

As soon as we got in the house, Georgia headed upstairs to the bathroom and returned wearing a sexy little, red nightgown.

“How do I look?” She flashed me a sexy smile.

How did she look? She looked like sex. She was a five alarm fire. She reinforced the reason not only why I was in love with her but also why I married her. She looked hot.

“Wow,” I said. “Let’s have coffee and champagne later. Suddenly, I feel sleepy. Let’s go to bed,” I said grabbing a jar of cherries and shaking up a can of whipped cream.

“Champagne? You bought champagne?”

“Yep, I bought a nice bottle of bubbly for later,” I said again, while feigning a yawn and giving her shapely butt a pat.

“Okay,” she giggled.

As soon as we climbed on the bed, Georgia assumed the position, on her back with her legs spread. It was then that I remembered all those couples at dinner. I didn’t want to end up like that. I didn’t want to be like them. I needed to stoke our fires of passion by trying something different.

I remembered that if it was all about sex, then it was time that I was adventurous. I needed to be more creative. I didn’t want to be bored by sex. There was a reason why we haven’t been having sex as much. It had become mundane. Sex for us had become routine and no longer exciting. We were losing the passion. As a couple we needed to try something new, so as to inject a bit of adventure and excitement into our sexual relationship.

“Let’s try something different. Let’s make this a memorable Valentine’s Day,” I said.

“Different? Like what? What do you have in mind?”

“Hand me the phone,” I said to my wife, “I want to call a couple of my buddies over. We can have a gangbang.”

“Don! Don’t you dare.”

“Just kidding, but you should have seen the look on your face,” I said.

“That’s because I had them all over early today, while you at work,” she said with a sexy laugh.

“Georgia! You dirty girl.”

“Tit for tat, you should have seen the look on your face,” she said. “You thought I was serious for a second.”

“I did,” I said.

“You’re so easy,” she said.

She looked at me with me holding the whipped cream and cherries. She was so trusting. She’s the type of woman that I could do anything with and she’d go along with it, at least once.

“Turn over and get on your hands and knees,” I said.

“Do you want me to bark like a dog, too,” she said with a sexy laugh. “Ruff, ruff.”

“Maybe later, ” I said returning her laugh.

She assumed a new position we had never tried before. I reached over and pulled her panties down and off. Then, I gave her a long, wet kiss where I’ve never kissed her before.

“Ooh, Don, that’s so kinky. You’ve never licked my ass before. Wow, what a rush that was. Do it again.”

This time I gave her a longer and deeper lick along her ass canal, while flicking my tongue by her asshole.

“Do you like it?”

“I feels good in a weird way,” she said wigging her ass to more accommodate my tongue. “It feels a little like when you lick and blow in my ear, only more concentrated,” she said with a laugh. “Yeah, I do like it.”

I loved her laugh. Whenever she laughed, she had the kind of laugh that made me laugh with her.

“I love your ass. I can’t believe I neglected your pretty and perfect little, round and firm ass all these years,” I said giving her ass another lick, a kiss, and a pat.

I shook up the can and sprayed a line of whipped cream, as if I was a drug lord making a huge line of cocaine. She recoiled and giggled with I sprayed the whipped cream, along and inside her ass crack. Then, I opened the jar of cherries, reached my fingers inside, and dotted her whipped cream coated ass with red fruit.

“Ooh, now that feels weird,” she said wiggling her firm, round ass to the tickle of the whipped cream and to my fingers placing the cherries in position.

I climbed off the bed and quickly removed my clothes. With the anticipation of what I was about to do, I already had a huge erection. With whipped cream and cherries coating her ass, she looked like dessert, cherries jubilee, Georgia style. I got comfortable ready to have my wife’s whipped cream, cherry topped, sundae dessert of an ass. I sprayed a huge blob of whipped cream on my fingers, inserted a couple of cherries inside and stuck it in my wife’s mouth.

“Yum,” she said. “I plan on doing that to your cock later.”

“I can’t wait,” I said.

Never wanting to be bored with my wife, lapping up the whipped cream and munching on cherries, I went to town on her sweet little ass. I was really licking my wife’s ass, really tossing her salad. Georgia was squirming with delight from the touch of my tongue and the feel of my hands görükle escort and fingers exploring her ass and asshole in the way that I normally explore her pussy and clit.

I had sticky whipped cream all over my face. Then, when I played with her clit while licking her ass, I thought she was going to have an orgasm. She was ready for what I was prepared to do next.

“Oh, Don, you have no idea how hot I am for you right now.”

“Baby, that’s good because I’m going to fuck you up the ass,” I said talking with a mouthful of cherries.

“Seriously, Don? I don’t know about that. I’m afraid. Are you sure? I’ve never had anal sex before. Have you?”

“No, neither have I,” I said, “but I don’t want to turn into one of those boring and uncommunicative couples we saw having dinner and not even talking to one another. I figure if we keep the sex fresh, new, and exciting, we’ll never be bored with one another.”

“Okay,” she said, “I guess. I’m willing to give it a try, if you are. Will it hurt?”

“I don’t know,” I said. “I’ll be gentle and if it hurts, just tell me and I’ll stop. Okay?”

“Okay, but go slow,” she said.

“I will. I’ll go really slow and I’ll be really gentle,” I said really wanting to just ram my cock up her ass, but I controlled my lust for her and for her ass.

Slowly, I poked my cock at her asshole. It was a tight fit, but it was slowly going in. First the tip of the head and then more of my head. Georgia gasped and I didn’t know if she was feeling pleasure or pain.

“That hurts a little bit,” she said. “Maybe you should put some gel in my asshole.”

“Okay,” I said pulling out and grabbing the tube of gel on the nightstand, squirting a blob on my finger, and inserting my finger around and in her ass.

“Whoa, that’s so cold. I feel as if I’m having a rectal exam,” she said with a laugh.

I reassumed my position and slowly eased my cock inside her anal cavity. It was easier going with the gel lining her asshole, but I was still going very slow. I didn’t want to hurt my baby.

“Do you want me to stop? Do you want me to pull out?”

“No, it feels good in a weird way,” she said. “Just go slow and play with my tits, while you’re humping me. I like it when you finger my nipples, while you fuck me. Maybe with you playing with my tits and fingering my nipples, that will take my mind off the pain in my ass. No offense,” she said with a laugh.

She didn’t have to ask me that twice to play with her tits. I love her big boobs. Slowly but forcefully, while I fondled and caressed her tits and fingered her nipples, I humped her until I could feel my cock sliding more and more inside of her. Then, it was in, all of it. It felt as if she was squeezing her hand around my cock. She was so tight. I felt as if I was fucking a virgin. Oh, my God. It felt deliriously good to fuck my wife up the ass.

“Oh, baby, you have no idea. This feels so good to fuck you up the ass, while reaching around you to play with your big boobs. I’m lovin’ this, Georgia.”

“Is is better when I do this?” She wiggled her ass, as I slowly humped her.

“Oh, yeah, that’s good, real good. My cock slides in a little deeper when you move your ass like that.”

Then, I started going to town on her. She was screaming and crying. I thought I was hurting her.

“Georgia are you okay?”

“Okay? I’m more than okay. Fuck me baby. Slam that cock up my ass. Give it to me. Fuck me, fuck me hard. Stick your cock deeper up my ass, Don. I love it.”

I fucked her ass for another fifteen or twenty minutes before I exploded a load of cum up her ass. Oh, my God. Never have I experienced anything like that before. That was a rush.

Slowly, I pulled out and got up to clean off my cock. When I returned, she was already waiting with whipped cream in one hand and the jar of cherries in the other.

“I’m going to pretend you’re a Chippendale. Grab a towel from the bathroom and tie it around your waist and then open it while I put on the whipped cream.”

“Did you ever do that?”

Excited and jealous at the same time, I wondered if Georgia sucked the cock of a male stripper.

“Do what?”

“Put whipped cream on the cock of a Chippendale dancer and then lick and suck it off?”

“I did, but it was before we were married. I went out with the girls for Joanie’s bachelorette party a lifetime ago, before I met you, even.”

“And did you lick it off his cock?”

“Don, no, I would never lick whipped cream off some stranger’s cock,” she said looking up at me with a sly, sexy smile. “I would suck it off, though. God, I was so drunk,” she said while laughing.

“Oh, Georgia, you’re such a dirty girl,” I said watching her cream my cock and dot it with cherries. “Suck it, Georgia, suck the whipped cream off my cock. Pretend I’m that Chippendale dancer.”

“Oh, baby, you’re making me so hot thinking about sucking that stripper’s cock.”

“Maybe you can do it again, sometime, so long as you tell me about what you did.”

“Really? You wouldn’t be mad? You wouldn’t be jealous?”

“God, no, it would be so hot to know that you sucked another guy’s cock.”

“Oh, Don, that would be such hot fun to do. Maybe, I’ll get some of the girls together and we’ll have a girl’s night out,” she said with a sexy look.