What Mama Don’t Know Ch. 5

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For Women

Dear readers. For some reason, this little story seems to have hit a certain resonance among some of you and has turned out to be the most popular of my stories, so far. I had fun writing it, but as always, the characters tell the story to me. I only copy it down–they can’t type for shit! I thought they had told me the whole story, but some of you were nice enough to ask for more, so I’ll try to pick up where they left off.

By this point in the story, Mama knows everything. In fact she is the one who engineered the whole deal, so the title is a little outdated but the characters mush on.

After learning that my wife and daughter had set me up so cleverly, my first impulse was to be a bit upset. I mean, we guys like to at least maintain some sort of semblance of being in charge. You know, it helps us keep it up to think that we are calling the shots.

On the other hand, I was getting all the hot, wet, tight pussy I could handle these days and it seemed like I might be viewed as unsporting and ungrateful if I attempted to regain what had previously passed as control around my house. It also might be viewed as a sign that I wanted to change something and that thought sent shivers down my spine.

I think I probably still went to work every day, but my memories always sort of blank out on that part of my life. Looking back, all I can really remember is the delicious feeling of waking up nearly every morning with my wife’s tight body snuggled up tight behind me and my dick lodged to the hilt in the hottest, tightest, slickest little pussy you ever imagined. That’s not all. That tight little pussy was being shoved back on that happy dick with great abandon while the owner of that tight little pussy tickled her twat to pieces when she wasn’t scratching my balls to get me to wake up and cum with her.

Of course I was always ready and willing to go whenever she was in the mood. Her mother would usually wake up about this time and reach over me to tweak our daughter’s nipples to help things along.

Marcie was into sex about as far as I had been at her age, but had never had the opportunity to scratch that itch as she was doing. It always seemed to be so unfair that girls were all walking around with all that good stuff while we guys were in such pain to find any way at all to make the swelling go down. I was fucking her at least twice a day, with matinees on the weekends, when my wife Sue and Marcie’s friend Betsy would join the lineup. I was sore, but happy.

One Friday morning, Sue said she had plans for the weekend. “I’m sure you guys won’t mind if I go away with my new boss this weekend. He has invited me up to his lodge for a few days of skiing and great sex. He hinted that he might bring along a couple of his friends to help me satisfy my fantasy of being gang-banged. I mentioned to him that the idea of triple penetration made my pussy drip and he wants to take pictures. I’ll bring you some.” “That sounds great, Mom. Why don’t I invite Betsy over for the weekend and we can see how long it takes to fuck Daddy to his knees?”

“That’s sweet, dear. I’m sure I’ll be tired and sore when get home, so see if you girls can drain your father’s crankcase for me. We don’t want him to feel left out, do we?”

“Hey! I’m sitting right here. What’s all this shit about everybody else making all the plans around here and talking over the top of my head like I don’t even exist?”

“Oh, poor Daddy. Poor, poor Daddy. Does he feel left out?” Marcie crawled into my lap like she used to do when she was much smaller. The difference was that now she brought a lot more to the lap than when she was smaller. Her filmy baby doll nighty covered just enough to keep me trying to see through it and she never wore the bottoms, by popular demand–mine!

I let her soothe me in her own sweet way. She nuzzled my neck and rubbed those firm mounds we adore so much against my chest as she wriggled in my lap like a coon dog trying to find a comfy place to lie down. If I hadn’t just finished dumping a huge load of cum in her a few minutes earlier I wouldn’t have been able to maintain my aloofness at all. As it was, I held out for at least a second. A man must have some pride.

Marcie’s hand was now inside my robe, tickling my chest and tweaking my nipples a bit. “Why don’t you take Betsy and me back to the mall, Daddy? We just love to shop and you just love to watch, so why not limber up those old credit cards and come on?”

I didn’t even try to hold out on this one. I still had vivid memories of the first time I took them shopping a few weeks ago. Sue had barely left the house by the time we were on our way to pick up Betsy.

“Oh, Mr. Long. It’s so nice of you to take us shopping again. How can we ever repay you?”, Betsy breathed in my ear. She was riding in the back seat behind me, because Marcie took up the whole passenger side of the front seat so she could give me a few cheap thrills on the way to the mall. Scratch that. Nothing was going to be cheap about this trip, but it was certain to be thrilling. gaziantep escort numaraları In fact, if Marcie didn’t put her skirt down and sit up, we stood a very good chance of my being thrilled into a ditch.

“Put your skirt down and sit up, Marcie. A man can only take so much. Betsy, why don’t you come up here with us? Marcie is going to make me drive in a ditch if she keeps that up. I’ll pull over at the next intersection.”

“Oh, that’s ok, Mr. Long. I’ll just climb over.”

Before I could object, there were a pair of long legs scissoring over the seat beside me as long, tall, lanky Betsy climbed over. It was damned lucky there was no traffic around us and the road was very wide. It appeared that Betsy shared Marcie’s taste in underwear.

“Don’t either of you wear panties any more?”

“We could get some thongs at the mall if you prefer, Mr. Long.” Betsy settled beside me and laid her hand on top of IT. Her skirt was still around her waist and Marcie was walking her fingers up Betsy’s thigh so slowly that I knew we would crash before she got there because I wouldn’t be able to tear my eyes away until she hit pay dirt. Actually, there was little chance I could do it then.

“Please, girls. You know I love it, but you’re killing me. Please just sit up straight like good little girls until we get there. Otherwise, we’re all in grave danger.”

Just then, an 18-wheeler blew past with his air horns in a tizzy, which sobered all of us up a bit. I knew I hadn’t been paying much attention to my driving, but I hadn’t realized how close to fact my prediction had been.

“Oooh, that was scary, Daddy. I think I peed my panties. Wait a minute, I’m not wearing any. Can I borrow your hanky to sponge it up a bit?”

“I’ll help, Marcie.”

We pulled into the mall parking lot with my eyes still glued to the seat beside me, while Betsy tenderly sponged all traces of moisture from my daughter’s tender lips. How we avoided curbs, other cars and disaster of all types I will never know.

“Now. Can we get out of the car like civilized people and go do our shopping?”

Marcie and Betsy were giggling too hard to speak, but I finally followed their pointing fingers and realized that I had a raging hardon that was visible halfway across the parking lot, with a huge greasy spot on my pants from the gobs of precum that had undoubtedly been leaking ever since we left home.

Betsy was the first to recover the ability to speak, but it was greatly hindered by her continued giggling and the fact that she was doubled over laughing and pointing at my crotch. People getting out of other cars were beginning to look where she was pointing.

“Sorry folks. We nearly had an accident back there and I guess I lost my cool a bit”, I announced to the small crowd of onlookers. The women smirked at the thought that it could happen to men, also, but the men took one look at the bulge in my pants and the company I was traveling with and nodded wistfully, knowing that they would probably never have the chance to embarrass themselves in that particular manner.

We finally made it into the store and the girls had a little whisperfest with one of the sales girls, who led us back to a special dressing room area that wasn’t visible from the rest of the store. There was only one little old man back there, apparently waiting for his wife, although she must have been from a later generation than him. It was hard to imagine any woman his age trying on the types of things that were sold in this particular emporium.

Marcie and Betsy roamed the store and picked out a few loads of clothes to try on while I made small talk with the old guy. About the time they came back, I learned that he was, indeed, there to pamper his new wife a bit, and yes he admitted that she might be called a “trophy wife” by some people, but he didn’t care.

When she came out of the dressing room to model her next selection for him, I didn’t much care what people called her, either. If I had been in the market for a trophy wife, I would have gladly fought ten better men than him just for a chance to grovel at her feet. Legs that went all the way up, a chest that just missed being too large (I draw the line at DDDD), and bright, sparkling eyes under a crown of golden curls. It was enough to drive any man crazy. She smiled at me to acknowledge my admiration, with only a glance at my wet pants.

About this time, my own harem came dancing out of their cubicle expecting my undivided attention. They had probably expected to get the same from the old geezer, too, but we were both still pretty intent on doing our imitation of dumbstruck assholes. The girls didn’t like the competition one bit.

“Daddy!” Marcie almost screamed at me to get my attention. The outfit she was wearing showed a lot of Marcie. Betsy was beside her in a similar outfit. Any other time, the two of them together like that would have finished the job on my pants. As it was, I was so numbed by the overwhelming sensations of so many beautiful gaziantep escort bayan numaraları bodies so provocatively displayed that I sort of went into sexual overdrive. I knew I must be leaking oil like an old pickup truck, but at least I was able to hold back the main load.

“Hi girls, I’m Jennifer”, she said, to defuse an obviously taught situation. She was no doubt accustomed to dealing with jealous young girls and recognized that she had no need to compete. Better to stroke them a bit and keep the tone of the setting high. Otherwise, she wouldn’t get as much out of the trip as she would like, either.

“Those outfits look really stunning on you. Someone must have given you a lot of good advice on how to dress.”

She went on for a bit in the same vein, stroking and complimenting the girls until they saw that she had no interest in competing with them for attention–she simply wanted to get as much as she could out of the shopping trip, which happened to match their interests, too.

Jennifer had one more trick up her sleeve. She could see that the girls were still a bit miffed at having my attention divided so she upped the ante a bit. “Don’t you think they look ravishing, dear? See how the bustier raises the tops of their firm breasts even more and almost, but not quite, reveals their pink strawberries to us? Turn around dears. Maxwell is a true connoisseur of beauty. Let him see how the cut of the bottoms is perfect for your firm derrieres. If your figures weren’t so perfect, those outfits wouldn’t work at all.”

Marcie and Betsy were too stunned to object as Jennifer turned and posed them in all sorts of poses so that her husband could more fully appreciate their bodies.

Maxwell was enjoying the show immensely. So was I. The girls must have been or else they wouldn’t have gone along with everything so dociley.

“As great as that looks on you, dear, there are a couple of minor tucks and nips we could take to make it even more sexy. Would you like for me to show you?”

The girls were still beyond words, but they allowed Jennifer to continue.

“If we just roll this part here down a bit and tighten this, we can make more of a bubble on top, which is always exciting to a man. Doesn’t this excite you, dear? Maxwell always turns into a tiger after our shopping trips, don’t you dear?” Jennifer smiled sweetly at him and continued.

“Oops! Looks like we made the bubble just a bit too high there. One of our strawberries is trying to get away.” Marcie’s bright red nipple was now sticking out the top of the bustier.

My problem was almost sticking out the top of my bustier, too. Maxwell looked like he might be on the verge of a memorable hardon, himself.

“Let’s just tuck that little scamp back in, shall we?” Marcie stood as still as a statue while Jennifer rubbed and patted her firm tits until her nipples once more hidden. They were right on the verge of escaping, but not quite, then she did the same for Betsy. It was the first time I had ever seen the two of them so quiet and obedient. They must have sensed Jennifer’s competence and were content to let her lead and instruct them.

“See, the object of seduction is not to show everything, but to merely highlight the possibilities. Darling, you simply must feel the velvet texture of their young thighs. You don’t mind, do you, girls? Maxwell is such an expert on beauty. He has greater appreciation for perfection in the female form than any man I have ever met, although I think you father may be a close second. Don’t you agree with me, Sir? Don’t you think your daughter and her friend are exceptionally beautiful?”

“Never mind. I can see that you do. Would it be all right with you if I were to demonstrate to the girls some of the exercises I use to keep myself fit? They won’t need them for several years, but it’s always good to take advantage of useful information when it is available. Don’t you agree?”

As she talked, Jennifer locked the door that led to the this secluded dressing area. As she returned she wriggled out of the top she had been wearing, revealing two of the most mouth-watering breasts I had ever dreamed of seeing.

Maxwell wasn’t saying much, but he was definitely in favor of the show. Perhaps he had seen it before and knew where she was going with it.

Facing the stunned girls, Jennifer lifted and massaged her treasure chest and showed them how she kept her muscles in tone to keep her tits high and firm at an age where most women started to droop a bit. I could have watched her technique forever, but she had other plans.

“Here, let me show you.” She unzipped Marcie’s bustier and reached around her to cup her bursting titties in a firm grip. She made sure that Maxwell and I were treated to a good show as she taught Marcie, then Betsy, all there was to know about good breast health. While she was at it, she taught them how to check themselves for problems. All in all, she was so calm and matter of fact about the entire sequence that the girls forgot escort gaziantep numaraları to be embarrassed about showing their tits to a strange man and having his wife caressing them at the same time.

“In fact”, Jennifer went on. “The same sort of muscle stimulation will also extend the abilities of the male. May I show you?” Without waiting for an answer, she unzipped Maxwell’s pants and drew his long prick out into the open. I don’t know if it was the muscle stimulation or the sight of my daughter’s tits that had the old man hard, but he was rigid as a crowbar. So was I, for that matter, but it wasn’t all that surprising.

Marcie and Betsy made no objection, so Jennifer went right on with her demonstration in a very professional manner. “There will come a time when you girls will be very glad to know some of these techniques, so watch very closely. In fact, you may wish to follow along with me and repeat the same techniques so that you know you are getting them right. You don’t mind, do you, Sir?” She smiled sweetly as if she were really asking if I minded having two beautiful teenagers play with my prick.

Jennifer had barely begun her demonstration on Maxwell’s gnarly organ when Betsy dropped to her knees and wrestled my own musical instrument out to play. Neither she nor Marcie seemed to think there was anything unusual about the situation. Maybe they didn’t, but my old buddy Maxwell and I sure as hell did. However, we were prepared to humor them as long as they maintained an interest in educational activities.

Jennifer stroked and pulled and tickled and squeezed. So did her students. Maxwell shuddered and shook like a hound dog shitting apricot pits. So did I. As unlikely as it might have seemed, he and I went over the edge at the same time, but I’ll bet it wasn’t his fourth time of the day.

Cum flew everywhere until Jennifer dropped her mouth over the tip of her husband’s recital and my girls did the same for me. They were all so cute with all that cum in their hair and big grins on their faces.

“Girls, you have been so great that I wonder if I can ask one more favor of you?”

“Sure, Jennifer”, they chorused. “Whatever you want. We’re really having a blast. Thanks for teaching us all this stuff.”

“Well, my husband really enjoys fucking young girls. Would it be too much to ask if you would let him fuck you both? He has had an implant and it will stay hard as long as you like.”

Marcie looked at Betsy and Betsy looked at Marcie. Both were starting to grin.

Marcie spoke first. “How old are you, Maxwell?”

“I’m 81 years old”, he stated proudly.

“And you think you can satisfy two 18-year old girls?”

“If I can’t, I’ll be proud to die trying.”

“Well, don’t die on us, but if you can satisfy both of us, we’ll tell everybody you did. Ok?”

“That’s a deal, honey. Bend over, here it comes.”

I watched somewhat jealously as my beautiful young daughter bent over the arm of the chair and guided Maxwell’s 81-year old prick into her tight 18-year old pussy.

Betsy stood behind me and stroked my non-implanted, 39-year old tool to an even greater hardness as she fed it into the furnace that Jennifer offered, bent over the other chair arm.

Apparently, that implant did things for Maxwell’s technique that agreed with Marcie’s needs. She was already starting to make bubbles and was having trouble getting enough air. Of course the long buildup with an unexpected twist at the end may have done something for her. In less time than it normally took me to boil her juices, Marcie had a full head of steam. I took a quick look at the door to see if anyone was likely to come in to check on the screaming but Jennifer recognized my concern and reassured me that the room had been soundproofed for this exact reason.

Speaking of Jennifer, she was wringing me dry. If she was willing to continue divulging her secrets, we were going to be seeing a lot of her in the future.

Betsy could hardly stand still. She was so excited, watching her friend get so royally fucked that she couldn’t get enough fingers in her cunt to scratch where it itched.

Jennifer was the first one to notice and made me stop long enough to let Betsy take her place. “Just keep her warmed up for Maxwell. Ok? He’s got Marcie pretty close to her limit and you can fuck me again when he’s ready for Betsy.”

Like I was going to argue with anything she suggested. Hah! I slammed into Betsy with enough gusto to powder my balls if they had been in the way. I don’t remember ever having been so wound up. It felt like I was taking strokes that were two feet long. Betsy’s tight cunt was so slick it barely hurt as I rammed deep into uncharted territory.

Suddenly, Marcie’s cries trailed off to nothing and I realized that she had passed out. Betsy was off my prick and on Maxwell’s before Marcie hit the floor. It helped my feelings a little when Jennifer came back to give me the rest of my mercy fuck, but I knew I might never forget the day I was outfucked by a geezer.

Said geezer had Betsy going about as quickly as he had done Marcie. Maybe a little faster because of the great warm-up I had given her? Yeah, right. I was about to start feeling sorry for myself when Jennifer once more picked up on my vibes and dropped to her knees. By the time she had finished massaging my prostate gland, there was no possibility of another round for me that day–or night. I was beginning to worry about my wakeup fuck but decided to wait and see.

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