Why I Liked School Ch. 1

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Anna lay with her legs open. God she was wet. I moved forward, and positioned myself between her legs. She was begging me to take her. I rubbed my head around her entrance, while at the same time massaging her legs (she has great legs, and I have always had a soft spot for great legs!). Finally I was ready. I thrust my cock inside Anna. I couldn’t believe my luck here I was, fucking Anna, one of the most beautiful girls in our year. I pushed my cock in further.

God she was tight. Then I came up against some resistance. It took me a couple of second to realise, so I asked her whether she was still a virgin. She smiled and nodded. I withdrew my cock a bit, then rammed it forward. As I broke her hymen, Anna screamed in pain. I should have been scared that the rest of the team may have heard, but by that point I had other things in mind. Anna and I got into a steady rhythm, and then she came with an almighty force. Her vagina muscles contracted around my dick, and then I too came, and filled her with my seed. As a teenager, I was still horny and could have carried on, but I could see that Anna was exhausted, so I withdrew my weapon. I turned around.

Standing there watching me and Anna were Helen, Debbie and Alison.

“I see that there’s nothing wrong with Anna then,” said Debbie

“I cant believe you two,” said Alison. This made me very nervous, I thought maybe that we would be reported or something. Alison continued, “losing your virginity, Anna. And you didn’t even invite us.”

I was surprised by this statement, but even more surprised when Alison knelt in front of me and engulfed my cock in her mouth. At the same time Helen and Debbie undressed one another. They had perfect bodies. they didn’t have huge tits, but they were perfectly formed, and their legs and arses were amazing. As there was nothing else for them to do, they began playing with each other, and ended in a 69 position, licking each other. The sight of this made me cum inside Alison mouth. I tried to pull out, but she grabbed my ass and held it in. She swallowed all my seed. The sight of the 69 kept my rod stiff, eskort gaziantep so I left Alison and went to Helens face, which was buried in Debbie’s muff. I pushed my dick towards Helen’s mouth. She stopped on Debbie, and started on my cock. After about 15 seconds, I removed my dick and shoved it into Debbie. I couldn’t believe it, Debbie was a virgin too. She was tight too. I broke through her hymen, and she too screamed in pain. I continued to switch between Debbie and Helen for about 7 minutes, with Debbie cumming at least twice. Then I came inside Debbie, but pulled out with just enough time to cover Helen’s face with my seed. My dick began to go limp, but as I turned around, there was Alison, standing in front of me, naked with beautiful legs and the pair of largest tits I had seen on a teenager. Needless to say I was hard again almost immediately:

“My turn!” she said as we embraced.

We kissed each other, and I backed her up against the wall. I began to slide my cock into her vagina, she was tight too. God, I though, she’s not a virgin as well. To my surprise she was. I pushed the head of my prick against her hymen, gradually applying more and more pressure. I knew Alison was in pain, as she was biting my lip, but this just made me apply more pressure. Finally it broke, and she let out a small yelp. We got into a steady motion, and for the fourth time I came. I withdrew. Standing behind me was Anna, Helen and Debbie.

They were arguing:

“I don’t know, shouldn’t I lose my virginity to my husband?”

“Cum on Helen, he’s taken mine, Debbie’s and Ali’s cherry, it’s only fair that he takes yours too!”

I could tell what they were talking about. I couldn’t believe my luck. Helen, Debbie, Alison and Anna were the 4 most beautiful 18-year-old girls in the school. I had had three of their cherries, I knew that I had to have Helen’s, who was the most beautiful of all four, but I knew it would be hard.

I slid onto my knees while they were still arguing. I positioned my face in front of Helen’s muff. She still didn’t notice gaziantep eskort bayan me. I grabbed her ass and shoved my face into her muff, and ate her out. She came within minutes. I stood up and lay her down on a bench. Damn she looked good. I told her to relax, and that it would be OK. I slowly slid my prick down her love canal. She was the tightest of them all. I massaged her gorgeous legs while continuing to go deeper inside of her. I came up to her hymen. I was going to enjoy this. Most boys in our year dreamed of doing this, I know I had. With one swift ram, I took her virginity. She went to scream, but Anna silenced her by giving her a deep kiss. I was turned on even more by this, and quickly got into a steady rhythm. Helen came immediately, moaning with pleasure. I continued to move in my rhythm, and she came again twice before I finally dumped my load into her now unvirginal pussy. 5 times in less than an hour. I was amazed with myself. I went for my clothes, but Alison called over to me:

“we’re not finished yet!”

She lay on the floor and beckoned me over. She positioned me so my dick, now fully erect again, lay between her hulking breasts. Anna then perched over Ali’s face. Ali pushed her tits onto my dick, and I pushed between them. At the same time she ate Anna out. Meanwhile I kissed Anna all over. I was now in overload and soon my knob erupted cover Alison’s face in my cum. Anna got up and walked over to a locker. She reached inside and tossed me a tub of Vaseline.

“You’ll need this” she told me.

I turned around and Debbie kissed me

“Ass fuck me,” She said. Still ready and willing, I turned her around and leaned her against the wall. I lubed up both her amazing ass hole, and my dick. She moaned as I slid my dick up into her ass. I started pumping, and I could hear my balls slap against her ass. I came again. I withdrew only to find Anna spreading her self next to Alison. I lubed them both up and took it in turn to fuck their asses. I came inside them both. I wanted Helen’s ass.

“How about it gaziantep eskort Helen” I asked

“No way” said Helen. She had gotten into her school uniform, which didn’t make me any less horny, as she turned me on in that. The other girls walked up to her and kissed her and played with her for a while. Debbie slid Helen panties off from under her skirt; she then beckoned me over. I lubed my dick up, looking forward to this. Debbie took some Vaseline and lubed up Helen as well, who could no longer object as she was sucking Alison’s huge tits. I pulled over a chair. I lifted Helen up and lowered her ass onto my cock. She moaned in pain as she was impaled on my dick. Her ass was seriously tight. It was like trying to get a jumbo jet down a toilet roll. Finally she was fully on me. It looked really strange, me naked, and Helen in her school uniform, it looked like she was sitting on my knee. At least it did until she began moving her self up and down n my prick. She began screaming in pleasure, and it wasn’t too bad for me either. Then we both came at once. It was amazing!

I was tired out now, completely. I felt completely drained. But the girls had one last surprise before I left. The only way to describe it is a 4-person tag team blowjob. They all came over and knelt in front of my prick, which again became hard. To my surprise Helen was there too. Secretly this had been a fantasy of mine, that Helen would give me a blowjob while in her school uniform. They each took it in turn to suck, lick or jerk me off. They each took about 5 minutes and each and me cum, either splashing on their face and in their mouth, or getting it all over their front. But I was delighted when it came to Helen. She grabbed my shaft with both hand, and guided my penis into her mouth. She sucked me better than any of the other girls. The sight of this blond beauty in school uniform sucking on my cock made me cum with the biggest force of the afternoon. I shot my cum to the back of her mouth where she duly swallowed it. but mid ejaculation she removed my cock, so my seed shot onto her beautiful face and all over her school uniform. A fantasy come true!

Now I was flat out! I was sure that I would never able to cum again, and I was sure that this was never going to happen again. I was wrong on both counts (luckily) as as the girls got dressed and left Debbie said, “Well girls, we let him off easy this time!, but in the future we’re gonna have a lot more fun with him!”

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