Why Not Have Breakfast?

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Tonight wasn’t any different. The drinks weren’t different. Pretty much every day of his life was planned out and it was shaping up to be incredibly boring. Spencer honestly didn’t know why he let things get so slow in his life and his breakup was over 6 months ago and counting, yet he just wasn’t interested in looking for that perfect someone.

Tonight was going to be about an average girl. He would pick up a less than gorgeous woman, go back to her place and get his rocks off. Spencer wasn’t looking for spectacular and taking another swig from his beer he turned slightly in his chair at the bar to face the rest of the establishment.

To be honest, he’s never really looked around the joint. It was pretty drab with cheap lamps on the booths and the dim light did well to cover the dust and dirt that hadn’t been cleaned. But the beer was cheap and it was close to his apartment. Shrugging, Spencer surveyed the room and his eyes fell on a woman sitting alone. As he gave her body a once over she made eye contact with him and smiled. Paying her tab with cash, she got up from her seat and came over to him. Suddenly, she leaned in close, her perfume a little too sweet, and whispered in his ear “let’s go to my place” before putting her lips on his ear lobe and sucking gently.

Perfect, Spencer thought.


Looking around her place, Spencer realized her apartment was something you’d find in a cheap romance novel. The woman had so much color in the room it looked like a box of crayola crayons gang banged her walls. There was no real flow to the space. Kenzie, which he discovered was her name on the way over, had clothes everywhere, art hanging on the walls or stacked messily on the floor. He couldn’t even locate her kitchen which was something Spencer should have expected because Kenzie didn’t seem like the cooking “type.” If she had an oven she probably used it for storage.

The couch he was on was very plush and made of a deep lavender leather which had an “old age” odor. Spencer wrinkled his nose a bit in disgust and was glad when Kenzie came over and started to unbutton his shirt. She leaned in close enough for him to kiss each of her enormous tits, but he resisted, eager to see what she was up to. The last time he had sex the woman was aggressive and demanding, which he found hot but this time it appeared Kenzie was in the mood to go slow, very slow by the way his buttons were coming undone.

Kenzie pulled Spencer’s shirt off slowly and bunched it up into a ball and tossed it over her shoulder. Spencer made a mental note of where it fell in case he had to make a quick exit and while he was distracted, Kenzie had materialized a silk leopard print blind fold and was quickly tying it around his head forcing him into a false darkness. Soft music came on in the background and he could hear Kenzie moving about the room. He heard the sounds of drawers opening and closing, bags rustling, the refrigerator door slamming shut and he could be wrong but the soft clanging of chains being set down on a hard surface was also heard.

That can’t be right, Spencer thought to himself. After a few minutes of waiting he was starting to get nervous and began running a list of possible scenarios in his head. It was a few more minutes before Kenzie came over and took Spencer’s hands which he had folded previously across his chest out of nervousness. Finally on his feet and not sunk into the smelly couch, Spencer felt soft kisses on his skin. They started along his jawline and moved down the side of his neck. He could hear the soft giggles Kenzie made caused by his soft five o’clock shadow. Spencer wasn’t amused but tried to guess where she would kiss him next.

Spencer liked the feeling of her soft brown and blonde locks touching him as her kisses moved down his chest before stopping at the soft skin of his stomach right above his belt. Spencer could tell that Kenzie had changed out of her mini dress and pumps and had slipped on something silk and very soft. Kenzie started taking off his belt aggressively, pulling it hard to release it from his pants and Spencer had to adjust his balance in order to maintain his footing. She ran her nails along his skin, raking them across his belly and testing his hip bones with her teeth as she pulled down his jeans and left them around his ankles, which he had to admit felt fantastic.

Kenzie looked up at Spencer’s face while she was knelt down in front him. His jeans were around his ankles and his bright smiley-faced yellow and black boxers made Kenzie laugh out loud. Pulling them down caused Spencer’s semi-hard cock to spring forward into her face. She had to admit she was surprised at how gorgeous his cock really was. It was the perfect length to maximize her needs and she was really looking forward to unleashing Spencer’s artistic side tonight. She set up a table in her bedroom and put every toy, vibrator, bondage piece, gag, blindfold, a set of furry handcuffs she had on her dresser. And to satisfy his sweet tooth she threw in some chocolate etlik escort syrup and whipped cream.

Content with her spread, she went over to fetch Spencer. Once his pants were off and she was properly knelt in front of his exposed cock she reached up and took it in her fist, squeezed gently. Starting a steady rhythm she began to stroke him quickly, her fingers moving against his skin roughly, her body moved nearer to his and Spencer moaned, arching his back and putting his hands on his hips for support. Then she took him into her mouth, pressing his length against her tongue and to the back of her throat.

Slow. Yeah right, he thought, feeling his erection slide into her warm mouth.

Spencer went for her out of instinct, suddenly craving what she seemed to be offering up to him on a silver platter, but she stopped him. She reached up and untangled his tight hold on her hair then took her tongue and swirled it around the head of his erection a few times, bobbing her head. A few more moans out of Spencer and Kenzie was rising to her feet. She pressed him towards her bedroom guiding him gently backwards with her palms on his shoulders. It wasn’t an easy task for him considering his pants were still around his ankles. She smiled as his erection brushed against the soft fabric of her robe while she guided him.

Kenzie kissed his lips ever so softly and with a pathetic groan of impatience, Spencer lurched for her again. Except she didn’t let him get anywhere near her body. Instead, she untied the blindfold. Spencer gasped when he saw the sex “spread” Kenzie created on the top of her dresser. There were kinky toys and furry things he had only heard about.

“Relax Spencer. I’m letting you be in control.”

Spencer could only stare at her in disbelief and breathless anticipation. “What do I have to do?”

“Well, I want you to make my body into your own personal piece of art and then I want you to fuck me.” She whispered.

Spencer didn’t really know what to expect from all this. He assumed she had a screw loose, but then he took a look at the equipment she had at his disposal and his inner pervert suddenly knew exactly what to do with her.

He wasted no time in closing the gap between them. In a smooth rush, his tongue entered her mouth and he was finally able to penetrate her. His whole body went stiff and after a few moments of thrusting his tongue into her and possessing her. Spencer left her mouth and moved down her body. Her robe was open to her waist, the swells of her breasts showing. Kenzie yanked the lapels apart and in the silence she met his stare. Seconds later he was staring at her pink nipples, lust all over his face as he pressed it between the soft flesh orbs. Kenzie ran her nails through his hair as he nuzzled her.

“I want to kiss you here,” he said as he rolled her nipple between his fingers. “All right?”

She nodded and licked her lips. “I’m all yours doll,” she gasped.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“Either that or do it harder.”

“How about I do it a little more?”

“Yes, please. A little…more.”

He worked her with his tongue and mouth, playing with her nipple, driving her until her knees started to go weak. Kenzie let him take her hand and lead her over to the bed. Once she was standing near it, he shut and locked the door behind them. He didn’t know if she had a roommate and he wanted no interruptions. Then he pulled the sash of the robe she was wearing and stripped the silk from her shoulders letting it fall into a pool around her toes. Spencer stroked her long, silky hair and took a deep breath.

“Spencer?” Her voice was erotic in the quiet of the room. At some point the music stopped playing and spencer realized if he let her keep talking he would most likely chicken out and disappoint her. He pressed her into a sitting position on the edge of her bed. Sliding his hands up her smooth thighs he warmed her skin with his. Pushing her knees apart he spread Kenzie’s legs, wide. Going over to the dresser he collected a small pair of scissors and returned to her core. Snipping off her black underwear he left her bare. The scent of her wafted up into his nostrils and with a pathetic groan Spencer slipped one finger inside of her. Tight, wet, hot, she enveloped his finger. He began to move in and out in a slow, pumping rhythm, he could tell she wasn’t going to last long.

Slowly leaving Earth, Kenzie realized it was the first time anyone had ever taken such care to pleasure her. She wanted to weep that he would make her feel this way.

“Stay just where you are,” he said to her. She settled into her position on the bed, relaxing completely as he slipped his finger from her heat. Kenzie watched him walk back to the dresser and exchange the scissors for a black leather corset with red trim. It came with a matching riding crop that she couldn’t wait to have struck against her backside. Holding her breasts up she let Spencer tie the corset around her middle. She filled it out quite gaziosmanpaşa escort nicely she thought to herself, but the look of lust on his face satisfied her growing hunger for him. I can wait, she thought to herself.

The riding crop came next. Kenzie got off the bed and turned around. Her hands landed squarely on the mattress, her ass bent right at his waist. Spencer hissed as he stepped up to her body, his sexual needs cutting through his creativity. The riding crop came down hard. Kenzie screamed out in surprise and balled the comforter in her fists. Game over, he thought, watching a red mark form on her left cheek.

“Don’t stop. You want me,” she said. “And I want you to take me.”

He rubbed his cock against the soft flesh at the back of her legs. He swung the crop down again before thrusting his hips forward and grinding himself against her. Her moan of satisfaction cranked him even higher. Kenzie loved the little bursts of pain she felt because they meant she was as hungry for it as he was.

Another smack of the crop on her ass caused her to bite her lower lip and groan in excitement. Spencer had her turned over and under him in a smooth flash of movement and vicious impatience. There would be time to savor her body later. Now was all about raw sex.

Spencer honestly didn’t know he had it in him. He thought this would be a quick thing and he wouldn’t get attached. This woman was something unexpected. She was messy, dressed like she had nothing to hide and liked him. She just wasn’t what he wanted, but his body was telling him something else. He was going to fill this woman completely and it wasn’t going to be gentle. Part of him wanted to walk away and keep things uncomplicated, but looking down at her body and smelling her scent was too overwhelming. Enough thinking damnit, he thought.

While he worked her breasts out of the corset with his mouth. Her hands moved roughly over the flesh of his back as he linked his forearm behind one of her knees, stretching her leg up, and plunging himself into her body. He heard her gasp at his powerful entry, and her sticky slick heat grabbed onto him. With an awesome surge of energy, he propped himself up on his arms and pounded into her, taking her hard, drilling her. Her bed’s headboard banging against the wall to the beat of his thrusts. Kenzie grabbed onto his straining wrists, trying to hold herself in place through his onslaught.

She had never had this happen before. It was like a caged animal was loose and she was powerless to stop him. Kenzie didn’t really know Spencer all that well and she knew he wasn’t in it for commitment, but she was seriously surprised at how great she felt as he fucked her. Drenched in sweat and her head spinning she took it willingly and her body demanded more. She was too far gone to try and hold herself in place so she forced her other leg up and to the side, positioning it on his hip but she couldn’t get the angle right. Trapped under his weight and strength she dropped her leg and held on for dear life, getting lost in the sensation of his hard thrusts that penetrated her deeply.

Spencer pulled out of her. Her core made a soft popping sound as he left her body. He grabbed her waist and turned her over on her stomach. Taking her hips he lifted her ass up to his slick erection and reaching out. He grabbed her shoulders, pulled her body back and pushed into her deeply. He picked up the crop again and flung it down onto the soft curve of her ass. Spencer began to fuck her from behind in a quick rhythm continuing to smack her ass with the crop between thrusts. He was gearing up for an explosion. He thought about how much he wanted to come all over her body as he watched her breasts sway with their movements. He came violently, filling her up and pumping into her, his orgasm going on and on until Spencer realized she was coming right along with him.

It was the most perfect orgasm she had ever known. She was so completely full of his juices that she felt them begin to run down her inner thighs. She was a stretched, swollen and sweaty mess when he finally pulled out of her and collapsed on the bed next to her. She didn’t even bother getting up to clean herself, she just curled up next to him.

Spencer ran his hand across her huge tits as he felt his erection subside slowly. She was so wet when she came he couldn’t stop unloading into her. The sight of her swollen ass was an overwhelming combination when mixed with her swaying tits and the sound of their bodies smacking together. His cock twitched a little when he thought about it.

Kenzie sighed when Spencer touched her. She took his hand and brought it up to her lips, sucking the finger he had slid into her. They both fell asleep a tangled spent mess.


A few hours after dawn Spencer woke up. There was a sea of soft brown and blonde hair spilled across his chest and bicep and Kenzie was curled up closely with her arm around his waist. Smiling to himself Spencer ankara escort suddenly had a great idea. Peeling her body off of his he slipped from the bed and went over to the dresser. Picking up a pair of black fluffy handcuffs, a thick vibrator and grabbing a cold can of whipped cream from the refrigerator, he was able to finally find in the daylight, he returned to the bed. He took Kenzie’s wrists and tied them together using the headboard as an anchor.

The new position Kenzie was being rolled into forced her to grudgingly open her eyes. Spencer had her tied down to the bed with her legs spread. She looked down at her body and saw the evidence of their action last night. Her sheets were ruined and her body was stained and bruised. And here was Spencer, kneeling beside her and jerking off a few inches from her face

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Isn’t it obvious? Thought you might like some breakfast.”

“You’ve got to be joking,” she exclaimed laughing softly.

Shaking the can of whipped cream Spencer told her to open her mouth as he continued to stroke himself, letting his cock grow harder.

“Is this all I get?” she questioned after swallowing a mouthful of cream.

Spencer reached down and brought her largest vibrator into her view. He was going to make this girl scream his name and then he was going to fill her mouth with his cum. Switching the machine on, Spencer moved and straddled her left leg and pressed the tip against her core. Moving it in soft circles he teased her hole getting it nice and wet for when he thrust it inside of her.

Kenzie looked up at Spencer and could tell the moment he planned to shove her vibrator inside of her because his lips curled into a slightly evil smile. She didn’t have much time to think about it because she suddenly was stretched and filled with a cold piece of plastic. Relaxing her body, Kenzie let Spencer have his way with her. He started jerking the vibrator in and out roughly causing her to adjust her body in order to accommodate the violation he was performing on her. He was much more confident this morning and she couldn’t help but moan, loudly.

Spencer put the vibrator in his right hand and his cock in the left. Slowly he worked up a rhythm where both of his hands completed one stroke in sync. He was now jerking himself off in the same pattern as he was filling her hole with her vibrator. Getting a little worked up, Spencer decided to untie her hands and turn her over. Moving quickly he had her ass in the air and was running his fingers from the nape of her neck down the spine of her back over her puckered asshole and stopping at her warm core. Slipping a quick finger inside to test how ready she was, Spencer lined his throbbing cock with her pussy.

Kenzie didn’t know what to expect but she knew it was going to hurt. Last night was about satisfying his sexual urges and this morning was going to be about exploring his dark side and she couldn’t wait.

Spencer slid his cock into her. He didn’t expect her to swallow him to the root but her tight pussy pulled his body forward slightly causing his to rebalance himself. Picking up the still humming mechanical cock, Spencer turned it on full blast and shoved it violently into her asshole. He put his palm over it’s base and held it deep in her ass, his fingers gripping her flesh roughly holding it in place. Spencer was surprised her ass was big enough to take it all in one thrust, but that thought wasn’t as important to him as filling this woman with pain as well as pleasure.

Kenzie screamed out in sheer pain. Nothing in her life had felt so badly and tears began pouring from her eyes. She actually heard herself ask him to stop. But as soon as the word “stop” left her lips he started thrusting into slick swollen pussy like a madman. His violent thrusts caused her to brace herself against the mattress, holding her body in place and her ass at his disposal, as she cried during this painful invasion.

Spencer knew she was in pain, but he honestly couldn’t stop himself. He needed to punish this woman’s body and he didn’t know why. Something about her made him want to fuck her into two separate pieces. Her body pressed against his and he felt her trying to cause him to lose his balance. Spencer was determined to show her this pain was actually pleasure in disguise. Searching with his free hand he was able to find the riding crop tangled in the sheets and pulling it up he held it above his head and let it crash down on her backside with a loud and terrible crack.

Kenzie was going to cum. The outcome was evident with each and every thrust of Spencer’s thick cock. Her juices started flowing heavily and when she felt the crop on her ass cheek her stomach started to tingle and she knew she was getting close. The vibrator in her ass felt less painful with each thrust and there was an amazing feeling when Spencer’s cock entered her and slid across the thin skin between her pussy and asshole. She was double penetrated and her pussy was gushing like mad. She moved her head to the side and looked under her body where her juices were flowing down her legs and dripping onto the sheets. She could also see Spencer’s ball smacking hard against her button and with one final crack of the crop she screamed his name at the top of her lungs.

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