Wife Enjoys Being Watched


Another chapter in the lives of a fifty-something couple. Anyone who has read my previous stories will know that they are all based on true events.I first discovered my wife’s liking for being watched was on a weekend trip to London. We had been out for the evening and had just returned to our hotel room in the Bays Water Road, our room was at the back of the hotel and was overlooked by a block of apartments. The room had a large picture window, just made for my wife to own up to kolej escort bayan what she would find exciting.As we were getting undressed, I went to the window to pull the curtains, could you leave them open she asked with a grin on her face. I knew straight away what she was thinking as soon as I slipped a finger into her already sopping wet pussy.She laid on the bed with her legs wide open and pussy facing the large window. “Switch the light on darling would you?” she Escort sihhiye asked. I did as requested and she revealed that she had spotted a guy in the overlooking apartments watching as she had got dressed earlier.  She was very aroused as she began to stroke her glistening pussy. I went to our case and found her favourite toy, a large nine-inch black dildo.It was not long before I spotted the guy in the apartments peering from his window; I could see he was stroking his cock sincan escort as he watched the display my wife was putting on.When I told her what I had seen, she had the most amazing orgasm that I had ever seen. She beckoned me over and wanted to let him see her sucking my rock hard cockShe positioned us so that the guy could get te best view possible and started giving me the best blowjob of my life. As she worked her lips up and down my shaft, I could not hold on any longer. As I began to shoot my load, she took her mouth away and let me make a hot sticky mess all over her face.She went over to the window and started to wipe the cum onto her fingers, she sucked them clean while the guy continued to watch.