Wild Asian Adventure Ch. 02


I woke up with the sunlight coming through the windows, our bodies were intertwined, I looked down, Karin’s head was on my chest, I remember the night before and smiled, my cock remember it too making my normal morning hard on even harder.

The way she was wrapped around me, my cock was against her left thigh I was able to strain to see the clock beside the bed and knew we had some time before we met the group for breakfast. I kissed her on the top of her head and let my hand slowly trail down her spine, till it just tickled the top of her ass. I felt her body waking up, with her head on my chest when she opened her eyes the first sight must have been my hard cock stick straight up.

I felt her move, I said “good morning sexy” I got a sexy low moan in response then she moved down and took my cock in her mouth, first just circling the head with her tongue like a lollypop then slowly taking it into her mouth, her hand found my balls and started playing with them, rolling them between her fingers. After sucking me for a good few minutes, I was getting close, besides her head I was only able to reach the top of her ass crack and I let my fingers tickle her there and my other was on top of her head, not pushing down but more playing with her blond hair.

I felt my morning load coming up and with a few more strokes of her tongue I shot my load into her mouth. She sucked all the cum out of my cock, then moved up my body laying herself on top of me, I could feel her wetness against my softening cock, her nipples against my chest. She leaned down for a kiss, our lips met, mouths opened and she shared my cum with me. Our tongues dueling in each other’s mouths seeking more of my cum to swallow.

My hands were all over her body. I wanted to stay in bed and continue our fun from last night, but also knew we had to get up and meet the group for the day. After our lips separated, Karin says ” good morning with a big smile, and we should get up so we are not late. I said good morning back and added, I owe you one and as I said that my fingers slipped between her legs. She raised her eyebrows and smiled again.

We peeled off each other and showered together, making sure to wash each other paying special attention to the fun parts, but not get to distracted. We got out of the shower and got ready for the day, as we walked out of the room I said to her, “tonight it’s your to be in charge”, she gave me a wicked smile and gave my ass a light slap. As we were eating breakfast the couple from the next room came down, both looking happy but tired, as they walked past our table I saw the wife look at us and smile.

We spent the morning touring, and we talked more when we could, at lunch we sat across the table from each other and I quickly found Karin’s foot rubbing against my cock. She wasn’t rubbing hard but enough to make me have to focus to hold a conversation.

After lunch we had a 2 hour bus ride to the next location, it was during this conversation that I mentioned my bisexuality, and Karin became very curious asking me lots of questions about all the things I did with guys. I told her stories about some of the guys I had been with and the gay sex parties, she seemed really excited about the gay group sex parties.

After the afternoon tour we were about an hour into the long bus ride back, the bus had become quiet, most people either dozing off or just looking out the windows, Karin was resting with her head on my shoulder and my arm was around her, I was feeling mischievous and I brought my hand up to graze the side of the breast. Slowly I worked closer to her nipple, I could feel it starting to harden through her shirt and bra. After a few minutes Karin shifted positions to lean against the window, I took my hand from around her shoulders and placed it on her thigh, her arm crossed over mine and her hand was on my thigh, slowly we each worked our hand up the others thigh we both seemed to want to reach the apex first but also not want to be the first one to touch the other. We both reached the other about the same time and we spent the next 20 min of the bus ride rubbing each other’s crotch,

My cock was hard and I am sure she was wet. When we saw we were getting close to the hotel we stopped playing Maltepe Esmer Escort and straightened up, thankfully this gave my cock time to go down some. When we got to the hotel I got my bag from the room I was sharing and brought it to Karin’s room. When I got there the door was unlocked and I walked right in, I heard the shower running, and knew she was washing off the grime of the day. I quickly stripped down and joined her, we were kissing, fondling, touching and playing with each other, I knelt down and started kissing her upper thigh working my way up I pushed her legs apart and found her pussy, her clit was already hard and poking out, I took it between my lips sucking on it and flicking it with my tongue. I worked my tongue against her clit, I slid my hand up her wet legs I pulled her lips open with my thumbs giving my tongue deeper access to her pussy, I could feel her juices running out mixed with the shower water, suddenly I tasted a different taste and knew immediately what it was, I locked my mouth over her pussy not wanting to lose a drop of her golden nectar her stream increase and my mouth filled with her hot pee, I swallowed some but some escaped and ran out of my mouth I could feel the heat of the pee through the water, her stream didn’t seem to want to end, as I was swallowing as best I could I realized how much water she had been drinking on the bus and she didn’t make a “pit stop” all afternoon, she had been saving it for me.

After 3 or 4 mouthfuls I let the rest of her hot pee stream down my body, I felt the heat of it going over my nipples and then reach my hard cock finally her stream ended, I looked up and saw that wicked smile on her face again, I smiled back and dove back in, I licked off the last dropped and then used my tongue to bring her to orgasm her hands on my shoulders for support as she came.

We turned off the shower dried off and then just laid naked on the bed facing each other for a few minutes to rest before dinner. While lying there she asked me if I had any limits for tonight, I said “no and I was hers to use as she pleased for her pleasure.” With that we got up and got dressed for dinner.

We talked more walking to, and during dinner, getting to know each other a bit more and asking about each other likes and fantasies. I gave her more details of my times with other men, and other sex parties I had been too, she seemed to especially like hearing how much I enjoy sucking cock and getting fucked.

Again as dinner ended, some of the group went out for more fun and drinking, and we headed straight back to the hotel, as we got up to leave I saw the wife of the couple wink at Karin.

Walking up to the room I was turned on, and a bit nervous thinking what Karin had in store for me tonight. Karin opened the door to the room and stepped in, then turned and held up her hand to my chest to stop me from coming in.

Staring into my eyes she spoke “who said you could come into my room?” I took a small step back and looking down to the floor, I asked “May I please enter your room Mistress?” Karin gave a short evil laugh, then turned and walked in to the room and closed the room. There I was standing in the hall, not knowing what to do next.

I stood outside the door for a few minutes I could hear here moving around in the room, leaving me to wonder what she was doing. After about 3 or 4 minutes a piece of paper was slipped out from under the door. It said: if you want to come in to serve me be waiting here naked and on your knees when I open the door. Even though I was standing in the hallway of a hotel I didn’t hesitate and took off all my clothes,

I couldn’t see her but had a feeling she was watching though the peephole in the door. Once nude I dropped to my knees in the doorway and waited, it seemed like forever I was just starting to get nervous being out there naked, on my knees and my cock half hard. Though part of me was hoping for the couple would return to their room while I was there.

Suddenly the door opened, and Karin was standing there, I looked up and took her all in, she had slicked back her blond hair, giving her a sever look, she was naked I was looking directly at her pussy. Are you ready to serve me? She asked, her German Maltepe Eve Gelen Escort accent made the question seem both sexier and a bit more menacing at the same time. Yes Mistress I answered, I could hear the voices of people coming up the stairs, would they see me like this?,” Good you may enter now, crawl in!” I leaned down and crawled in past Karin on all fours as she closed the door I heard the people’s footsteps behind me in the hall. I was sure whoever it was saw my naked ass crawling past an equally naked Karin. I crawled to the middle of the room and waited.

I heard Karin walk up behind me, as she past, she slapped my ass hard, it caught my off guard, and I let out a sharp breath. She stood in front of me, up on you knees. I knelt in front of her, my hands behind my back, eyes down at her feet.

Slowly she circled me, in my mind I could picture her doing this in high heeled boots, and a leather corset, holding a ridding crop, but we had to make do with what we had with us. As she circled her fingertip lightly grazed across my shoulder. It brought a shudder to me and made my cock tingle. When she was back in front of me she lifted my chin with her fingers so I could looker her in the eye. “Achtung Aufstehen!! Stand! She said loudly I jumped up to my feet and my cock sprang to attention hearing her order me in German. Hand on your head, I was now in the same position as I had her yesterday.

She looked down at my cock, the first bit of pre-cum was showing at the tip she flick the tip of her finger against the head of my cock making it jump up. From the table next to us she picked up what looked like a shoelace. I am going to use this to make sure to stay hard enough to satisfy me tonight. She then proceeded to bind my cock, she first looped it around the base of my cock behind my balls, then brought it up between my balls separating them, then around the base of my cock and tied it off. I had worn cock rings in the past and enjoyed the feeling of them. All the veins in my cock were standing out now, the head turning a darker red. She gave my cock head another flick of her finger and it bounced again, a bit more painfully this time. Then she stood very close to me, grabbed my cock by the shaft and squeezed hard, and she in a breathy hissing voice, “this is mine tonight, I will use it for my pleasure not yours” then released my cock and pulled my head to hers and kissed my hard and deep, her tongue pushed deep into my mouth, she broke the kiss by grabbing the back of my hair and pulling my hard back. “lay down on that towel” was her next command.

I hadn’t notice in all the excitement but she had spread a towel on the floor next to the bed, I knew what was coming next and couldn’t wait. I was on the floor she used my belt to tie my hands to the legs of the bed, told me to spread my legs open wide and not move them unless told too. She stepped over me she was standing with her pussy over my face, I could see how wet she was. She then knelt over my face her pussy was just inches from my mouth, I looked up and could see her hard nipple poking from her tits. She reached up and pulled on both of them pulling and twisting them she let out a low moan to her own touch. She grabbed the front of my hair and pulled my face into her pussy, I took a deep breath inhaling her scent. I started to lick and suck her cunt, her juices were flowing on my tongue. She held my face tight to her pussy my nose was tight against her clit it was hard to breath but I didn’t care I just want to please her!

I could feel her breathing getting heavier, her moans louder, she was says, Ja, eat me, make me cum, ja, deeper, deeper, I was pushing my tongue in as far as I could, fucking her with it. The with the loudest moan so far she yelled “FUUUUCCCCKKKK” as she came, her juice were flowing like a hose, she let go of my hair and I laid my head back on the floor, she was still kneeling, catching her breath.

I had forgotten what the towel was for, when suddenly her pussy opened and her pee started to flow out, I quickly opened my mouth, catching as much as I could to swallow, it was all over my face, I could feel it pooling in my neck and running in my hair. She stopped her stream and stood up still over Maltepe Evi Olan Escort me she took two steps back and lowered her pussy till it was just over my hard bound cock, then she let loose the rest of her pee, it landed right on my cock the hot pee covered the shaft and ran down my balls and between my legs it felt incredible. When she finished peeing she brought her pussy back over my face and I cleaned her out.

My tongue pushing deep into her pussy seeking all the hidden spots. At this point she seemed to be having one continuous orgasm. Finally she pulled herself off my face and stood over me again. “Up Slut” I quickly stood up, my hard bound cock bouncing in front of me. Face the bed, and bend over, I was leaning over the foot of the bed, my ass in the air. Suddenly “SLAP” on my left cheek, hard enough to make me jump, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, three more quickly followed. My ass stung, I felt my hard cock bounce pre-cum leaking from the tip.

Then I felt a finger touching my puckered hole, then simultaneously as she push the finger all the way in she grabbed my swollen balls squeezing them. The combination of the pain and pleasure made me let out a loud yelp. She quickly added a second finger in my ass, she was finger fucking my ass, while pulling and rolling my balling in her hard.

Even with my cock bound up I knew I wouldn’t last long like this. The whole time she was saying, ” you are such a good slut, you like being fucked, you want a big cock in your ass? I answered yes Mistress, I do, I want a cock in my ass. She just gave an evil laugh and suddenly stopped and pulled her fingers out leaving my ass open and wanting more.

On the bed now, I got on the bed on my back, she bound my hand to the headboard like I had done to her the night before. My cock was standing straight up, she climbed over me, rubbing her nipples up my legs, across my cock, my chest and to my mouth, I tried to catch her nipple in my mouth but she kept it just out of reach. She was on her knees over me, I looked up, it seemed we were both taking a second to catch our breath, and to think what was coming next.

I looked up at her, her breath were rising with her breathing, she had a slight glow of perspiration on her skin, he pussy was puffy and leaking her juices. She looked like sex. She reached down and grabbed my cock by the shaft, holding it steady as she lowered herself onto it, my cock was so sensitive from being all bound I almost screamed when her hot pussy enveloped it. She slowly lowered herself down till I was all the way in, I felt her clit on my skin above my cock. She just let it stay there for a bit not moving. With me in deep she leaned down and kissed me hard on the lips. Then sat up and started riding my cock, all I could do was watch I wanted to touch her, play with her nipples, her clit, but I couldn’t. it was like she was reading my mind, “you want to touch these” as she grabbed both her nipples pinching and pulling on them, YES I said.

Her fucking was getting faster and harder. My cock was going to explode! On every down stroke, she would grind her clit into my pubic bone, he breathing was getting faster, her moan louder, she was going to cum again. And she did, I was so close but couldn’t, the lacing was just tight enough to hold me back.

She sat on my my cock throbbing inside her hot pussy wanting to explode. She climbed off and crawled between my legs, with the tip of her tongue she lightly traced slowly up from my balls and up my shaft, around the head of my cock, she ran her tongue over my pee slit, licking the pre-cum out. Then she took just the head between her lips, sucking on it like a lollipop her hand was very lightly pumping my shaft, she reached up with the other and grabbed my nipple and pinched and twisted, this was too much for me to take, I couldn’t hold back, she felt it coming and pulled her head off my cock, she grabbed me harder and started to pump, my cum shot out the first blast hit me in the face, landing on my forehead. Blast after blast shot out, she took me back between her lips and took the rest of my load in her mouth, sucking every drop out.

She climbed up my body and started kissing sharing my cum with me, I swallowed down what I could get. She rolled off, gently untying my cock and balls. As we laid in the afterglow of our sex, we listened to the bed of the room next to us rhythmically hitting the wall. We took a shower together, then just walked naked to the bed and curled up in each other drifting off to sleep as our hands played over the skin of each other.