Will and the Mystery Woman Ch. 02

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Will, after taking a look at the engine trouble of his friend’s car, came back around 1 p.m. and had lunch after which the mysterious woman, who met him on the highway, said she wanted to sleep and went to her room and closed the door.

Will lay down on the couch and thought of her lascivious idea of sitting stark nude on a bike and wondered about the possible erotic positions in which they could have sex and soon dozed off.

When he woke up at 4 p.m., he found the door locked and assumed she was still sleeping. After some time, she came out and smiled at him.

“I’m sorry. I slept well. It’s been a long time since I slept like that.”

She looked pretty with her loose hair framing her face and her smile added to her natural charm.

“That’s fine. I will make tea.” he said and went to the kitchen. She followed him and watched him as he went about making tea.

“What shall we do till midnight”? she asked.

“I thought we could just go out and meet some friends,” he said offering her a cup of tea and taking one for himself.

“No. I don’t want to meet your friends… as yet. Maybe later. Sorry…” she looked like she was genuinely apologetic.

“That’s fine,” he said reminding himself that she hardly stayed in any place for more than two days; today was the second day. Hence, it was of no use getting her acquainted with his friends.

“But I would like to know about your friends. Tell me about them,” she said as if to make amends for not wanting to meet them.

“Hmm. I have lots of them. Most grew up with me here. I have four with whom I hangout regularly. Freddy, a chubby, bearded drunkard, whom we call Captain Haddock. Nice guy, but his wife had a different opinion. Now he lives with his dog. Then we have Ann and her husband Joe. They have two boys. Nice family. Then we have lots of others who drop in for a drink now and then.’

“Good, but I am a rolling stone and want neither memories nor friends,” she said in a tone which betrayed an underlying melancholy.

“So, what shall we do till midnight? You wanna practice?” He said in an effort to cheer her up.

“I’m not horny right now. Shall we go out somewhere?” she asked nervously.

“What do you prefer? A walk or a ride?” he asked trying to understand her mood swings.

“Let’s go for a drive, so we can avoid people. I hope it’s okay with you?” she asked.

He nodded and got out his car and they took the highway which was empty, save for a few speeding trucks now and then.

“I love long drives which go on and on with no end in sight. The road looks like a huge friendly serpent lying in front of us, swallowing time and memories as we travel. I think if there are no memories, human race would be different. What do you say?” she said trying to keep her hair in place as the evening wind played with it.

Suddenly, she sounded philosophical, detached and distant, making him feel as if he was trying to figure out a movie he had begun watching from the middle. He came to the conclusion she was trying to forget the past and was making an effort to run away from it.

“Yeah. I too wish I could forget half of my life,” he said to make her feel comfortable. He had no regrets, not even over his live-in relationship, because all his friends had rightly predicted the etlik escort break-up.

“Look at the sunset! It’s lovely. I always love to see a setting sun and the rising moon. Nature is so pure, pristine and innocent. Oh! Am I boring you with my description of scenery? Park the car, let’s watch the sunset,” she said, perking up a bit.

He did so and they watched the golden globe cast a yellow light all around as it descended towards the horizon. She took his hand and placed it on her thighs and went down slightly in the seat. Unzipping her jeans, she revealed the top of her white panties and gestured to him to play with her. He slid his left hand inside and found a hot and shaven pussy. His finger went in smoothly as his thumb drew circles around her swollen clitoris. Encouraged by her wet and slippery love alley, he inserted two fingers, took them out and smelled them.

“Do you like the smell?”

“Fantastic fragrance,” he said and offered his fingers to her which she smelled and then sucked.

Coming closer to him, she guided his fingers into her vagina which she raised to accommodate him comfortably. The darkness which was painting the evening was so intoxicating that she began kissing him and took out his 7-inch erect manhood and stroked it gently. They slowed down as they began breathing faster and withdrew their hands which were busy giving pleasure to each other.

“Wow, You have a nice big cock and I got aroused like hell, but I want our first encounter to be on a bike. Let’s postpone our excitement, save our energy and wait till midnight when the moon will light up our romantic romp,” she said buttoning up her pants and helped him also.

“Let’s have dinner at a place further down where you won’t come across anyone I know. Is that fine?” he asked.

“Yeah. You sure there won’t be anyone watching us when we have sex on the bike?”

“You are the one who came up with the suggestion. Didn’t you think of that possibility? I am just kidding. The garage is covered on the left side and I haven’t seen the neighbors on the right side. I think they live elsewhere and come here once in a while,” he explained as he drove towards a diner where they had pizza and Pepsi.

They reached home after dinner and Will went to get drinks for them.

“I will have a bath and be back,” she said abruptly and went into her room. He placed her drink on the table, drank his and thought she could have invited him for the bath with her. Switching on the TV and watching the news, he realized their relationship or friendship, whatever it was, had not reached a stage where he could take her for granted. It was a tightrope walk for them. She alternated between being comfortable and then suddenly becoming withdrawn. He left it to her to decide what she wanted to do. Seeing her emerge out of her room, dressed in a white skirt, he felt that there no hint of inner encumbrances like bra or panties. She took the drink from the table where he had kept it and she sat next to him.

“Why don’t you have a bath and wear something…like this?” she asked.

“No inner wear, like you?”

“I hate panties and bra. I love being nude inside the house, always,” she said as he looked wistfully at her tempting thighs.

“Go have a bath and wear boxers gaziosmanpaşa escort with nothing inside,” she pushed him.

When he returned, he found her watching a movie. Pouring another drink for them both, he plopped down next to her on the couch. She ran her fingers through his hair and kissed his cheek as they sipped their drink slowly. Waiting to have sex and letting the steam build up was a new erotic experience for him. He could grab her and take her from behind to relieve himself of the mounting sexual stress but that wouldn’t betray the trust she had in him. Also, he was not sure how she might react; she might just up and leave and he would see no trace of her again.

“You look sexy in your boxers,” she said finishing her drink, and, coming closer to him, she slipped her hand into the boxers and gripped his erection.

“Oooh, I love your big cock,” she said stroking him gently. They kissed, savoring the saliva and the smell of sexuality oozing out of their each and every pore.

“Hmm , it is around 11 and dark all around, do you think it is time for us to begin. I can’t wait any longer,” she asked.

“Let’s go out and see,” he said and got up and opened the back door and stepped out into the garage. There was no light in the house next door and it was dark all round, except for the faint moonlight. She came and stood next to him and took his hands.

“I think it is quiet and the town has gone to sleep. Put on a light here, so that we can see ourselves,” she said and went inside. As he switched on the light she came out of the house nude. He removed his boxers and his cock sprang out. They hugged and kissed as their hands fondled, parted, pinched and plucked their asses with fervor.

“Turn around and sit on the bike, let me suck you,” she said.

He sat on the bike with his legs on either side and she stood by the side of the bike and held his cock with both her hands. Her hair fell on his stomach and thighs, covering his view, and he gathered it and pulled it back.

“Your big boy needs both my hands,” she said and began sucking the throbbing meat. Her hot tongue and mouth relished his balls and cock while he watched her in the dim light. He held her hair and moved himself gently into her mouth for a few minutes.

“Now it is your turn,” she said and sat on the bike and held his shoulders to balance herself as he bent down to eat her. Parting her inviting wet pussy petals, he slurped her from top to bottom and went all the way down to her tight asshole.

“Hmm, you are a naughty ass-explorer, asslicker, aren’t you? I love that. Shit! Open me wide and eat, you starved man, mmmm…” she let out throaty moans.

Her running commentary came as a titillating surprise and egged him on to lick and bite her hungrily all over.

“I wanna sit on that pole and do a pole dance, baby,” she said and got down from the bike and watched him sit with his legs on both sides.

“I am gonna sit on your erection, hold me,” she said and mounted the penis as Will held her hips. She kissed him as his eager equipment slid inside her slippery cunt and opened her up wider and wider.

“Jesus! I feel like I am coming, you horny horse, you got me all wet and juicy,” she said as she bobbed on him. The ankara escort night was quiet except for the sound of the hard projectile entering a sloppy pussy and thighs dashing against thighs as the erotic cavorting picked up speed. She slowed down after a few minutes and said: “Take me from behind and cum inside me. I want your cum all over the seat.”

She lifted herself from his rod, and both got down and she sat on the bike and held the handle bars as if she were riding it and raised her ass. Will sat behind her as she lowered her cunt on to his manhood, taking it in inch by inch. He held her round and shapely boobs and thrust into her pussy, prompting her to raise herself higher. Holding her hips he rode her from behind as her moans and curses became louder. After a few minutes of savage lunges into her cavern of lust, she gasped and said, “I am fucking cumming again.”

He felt her cunt muscles contract, quiver and shudder and she broke out into an orgasm, drenching his invading weapon in her sex juices. Grabbing her boobs tighter, he battered her faster and faster, racing towards his mighty explosion which came soon, in spurt after spurt inside her twitching orifice. Both were breathing harder and he held on to her as the aftershocks of his quaking climax tapered off. Sweat covered their contended bodies and they sat there to let their heartbeat stabilize.

“Your cum is dripping out of my cunt, oooh, I can feel it. I wanna see cum on the seat, withdraw slowly, please,” she moaned.

After a few minutes his erection slipped out and he stood by the bike as she too got down.

“Ooh! Baby, see those lovely white pearls of jizz, I love that,” she said and wiped them off with her fingers and licked them clean. “Oh! Heavenly, tasty, salty seed.”

She hugged him and said: “That was stupendous, cunt-blowing fuck. Let’s go inside and have a drink.”

Sitting nude and slaking their thirst, he said: “I am surprised how you are a different person at times, the words you used when we had sex took me by surprise, you know.”

“That is natural, all women use such words in heat, don’t you know? Maybe you didn’t expect me to turn into a wild one?” she winked.

“Ya, that is true but anyway we had rocking sex,” he said and began fondling her pussy which was still open and wet from the recent salacious encounter.

“Let’s go to bed,” she said and took his hands and led him into the bedroom. Lying on her back she opened her thighs invitingly and he lay between them, rubbing his semi-erection again her smooth love mound.

“I thought we would fuck only on a bike,” he said.

“Hmm. Silly you, I wanted our first sexual coupling to be like that,” she giggled..

By now his penis had hardened again and he slid it into her slit which his semen had lubricated just then. Her thighs entwined his hips, mouths met, moans and grunts mingled and sweat spread on his back as they entered a world of pounding and plunging. He came after a few minutes of gyrating lunges, flooding her again.

“You are a fabulous fucker off the bike, too,” she said giggling and held his semi-erect cock, stroked his balls and was soon lost in a satisfied sleep.

But he lay awake, still wondering about this woman: would she leave soon, what was her past, was she running away from law? Her language and behavior revealed that she had had a good upbringing and education, but one could never say. A few more days with her might make things clear or maybe he would wake up tomorrow and find her gone; that was his last thought as he fell asleep.

(To be continued)

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