Windy View Introduction


It is always windy on the prairies. Walking toward my on this windy June day is Debbie, the cutest chick in grade 12. Standing 5’2″, shoulder length blond hair, sultry blue eyes, lips that beg to be kissed, small but perky breasts, tiny waist, rounded hips, great ass and shapely long legs. When she walks, her hips wiggle nicely causing her skirt or dress to sway sexily from side to side. She wears her mini shirts and dresses several inches shorter than the other girls in town. The hem would just cover her ass cheeks when she swayed down the street.

This windy day in June was no different. Her dress fit tight down across her breasts and flared out from the waist. The hem is just about an inch or two below her panty line. The wind is fighting to raise the dress and Debbie is struggling to keep her hem in position. She is carrying a package in one hand so she only has one hand to fight the battle. As she approaches, I can see she lost the battle at the rear. As her one free hand holds her dress in place in the front, the wind blows her dress up at the back exposing her ass to whoever is following. When we are about 10 feet apart, a gust of wind blows dust into her eyes. She lifts her hand to cover and protect her eyes. The wind blows her dress straight up and the hem is now by her face. My eyes devour her belly button, pale pink cotton panties and fully exposed shapely legs. She staggers and looks like she is going to fall. I rush to her and put my arms around her waist to keep her from falling.

“I have you.” I say, holding her close as my hands tingled at the feel of her soft flesh above her panties. She is unable to open her eyes from the dust so I hold her close. Her raised dress is trapped between us.

Debbie carefully rubs her eyes until she can open them again. “Thanks for the help.” Debbie smiles as she blinks her eyes open. It is then she realizes my hands are on her bare back and the hem of her dress is at her neck line. “Are you going to let my dress down or are you enjoying this too much?” she says a little joking and sarcastic at the same time.

I slowly ease my hold on her and back away a step letting my hands slide around her waist before breaking contact. She looks into my eyes and smiles as her dress falls but continues to be tossed around by the wind.

I offer to walk her home and she accepts. As we walk along, she continues to fight the wind with her dress. She carries her package in one hand and I slip my hand into her other hand. She does not resist my attention but now she has no hand free to fight the wind. We turn onto the side street so there isn’t much traffic and there isn’t anyone else walking so she just resigns and lets the wind have its way. I think she enjoys showing off her dynamite body and this was just another opportunity. We both chuckle as the wind blows her dress up and I get a clear view of her great legs and pretty panties.

We arrive at her home and she invites me in for a glass of ice tea. I accept. We sit and chat about the wind. “I suppose you like the wind” Debbie says “so you can see up the girls dresses.”

“The wind does have its advantages. It lets us guys get a peek at your panties.” I smile.

“Are you saying you saw my panties?”

“Pretty pink ones, they are.” I smile.

“Now I am embarrassed.” Debbie says as she turns slightly red.

“Don’t be embarrassed. They look very very nice.” I try to put her at ease although I am sure it is just an act.

“Had I known I was going to display my panties, I would have worn nicer ones.”

“You have nicer panties?” I ask.

“Sure, I have some fancy panties.”

“Show me.”

“I can’t do that.” Debbie laughs.

“Why not. I have already seen the panties you are wearing so it can’t be so bad to show me prettier panties you are not wearing.”

I continue to push Debbie to show me her other panties and she stubbornly refuses for a number of reasons. Finally she weakens and says “Ok, but since you have seen the panties I am wearing, you drop your pants and show me your underwear. If I like what I see maybe I will show you my other panties.”

My cock was already semi hard from the conversation gaziantep escort and this brought it to full attention. I stood and opened my pants and let them fall to the floor. My boxers did very little to hide my swollen cock. As my pants settled around my ankles Debbie’s eyes widened as she stared at the obvious swelling in my boxers. I put my hands in front of me in an effort to hide my excitement.

“No, no. Take your hands away. It looks like all the rumors about you are true.”

I let my hands drop to my side and ask “And what rumors is this?”

All the girls are saying that you are very big down there and I guess they are right.”

I turn red and am a little embarrassed. I want to change the subject so say “Ok, now can I see your other panties?”

“Alright but step out of your pants. You can put them back on after you see my panties. I like to see your big thing.” My cock twitched and grew as I stepped out of my pants. Debbie couldn’t take her eyes off my bulge. She clearly liked what she saw. “Don’t tell anyone I showed you my panties.”

We go into her bedroom and she opens a drawer on her dresser. I look inside and there is an array of color from all the panties and bras. I can feel my cock straining against my boxers as I peer into her private drawer. She rummages through the panties and finds a thong that is a shiny silk material with white lace around the tiny patch of material. There is no back to them, just a fancy lace string. Deb holds them up for me to see.

“What a pretty thong” I emphasize. I reach up, take them from her hand and feel the smooth material. “and they feel so smooth. I bet they feel nice when you are wearing them. Do you like wearing a thong?”

“Yes they feel nice because they slide over the skin so easily. The bare back lets my skirt slide across my butt.” Debbie replies like she was talking to one of her girl friends. She looks down at my cock, reaches out and very slowly runs her hand along its length. “The panties feel almost as nice as your cock does.” She wraps her tiny fingers around the swollen head and squeezes.

I squeeze the panties in my hand as I let out a groan. I watch her fingers explore the size and shape of my cock through the material of my boxers. After a minute of examining my hard cock Debbie seems mesmerized with studying my cock.

I can feel a powerful orgasm building and I don’t want to mess in my boxers so I say “I sure would like to see you wearing this silk panties. I have only seen you wearing your pink cotton panties.”

Debbie seems to snap out of her trance although she definitely likes my cock. “You are not supposed to see a girls panties anyway.”

“Why don’t you put this thong on under your dress and I will imagine how great you look wearing them.”

Again Debbie refuses and although she argues strongly, I can tell she was enjoys my admiration of her panties. Finally, she brakes down and says “Ok, but you leave the room while I put them on.”

“I will just turn my back.”

After a little resistance, “Ok, but don’t you look.”

I turn my back to her but by turning my head slightly I can clearly see her in the reflection of the mirror on her dresser. Debbie, lifts her dress, hooks her pink panties by the waist and in one quick easy motion slips them down and off her feet. She tosses the panties on her bed, takes the blue ones and slips them on, one leg at a time. Oh, what a great sight of leg as she carefully pulls them up and into position.

She smooths the dress and said, “Ok, you can look now.”

“How do they feel?” I ask.

“They feel very nice.”

“Do they make you feel sexy?”

“Yes, they are sexy panties so I feel sexy wearing them.”

“That is good because you sure look sexy to me.”

“How do you know? You can’t see the panties.”

“Then show me. I would sure love to see those sexy panties on you.”

Yet another weak refusal and before long, “Ok, but just a quick look.” With that Debbie slowly lifts her dress until all of her panties are exposed to my lustful eyes.

“Wow, you are gorgeous. Turn around for me.”

Debbie turns around holding her dress up. I see the sexy curves of her firm bare ass. The flesh is flawlessly smooth and perfectly rounded. Just a pretty string coming up between the cheeks indicates she is wearing her thong.

“Can I touch them?”

Debbie drops her dress and says “No!”

I sit on the edge of her bed and look at her shapely figure. I see the pink panties beside me and pick them up. “Mmmm, these ones are still warm.” I fondle the panties very gently as Debbie watches. I carefully kneaded the cotton material and notice a wet spot between the leg openings. “Feels a little wet.” I lift the panties to my face and smell the dampness. “Debbie you smell beautiful. I sure would love to feel the blue panties you are wearing. What would I have to do to feel the panties you are wearing?”

I am sure Debbie likes the idea of me feeling her panties but she has an opportunity now and she is going to use it. “Put the cotton panties over your head and I might let you feel my panties.”

I slip the panties over my head and position the damp spot at my nose. The fragrance is making my cock ache. I lick the panties and the taste is heavenly. Debbie likes to see me lick her panties and she sees a wet spot appear on my briefs at the cock head..

“Drop your underwear if you want to feel my panties.”

I hesitantly slide my boxers to my ankles. My hard cock stands straight out. Debbie is mesmerized and I can tell she is having fun.

“Take your boxers right off, and your shirt too.”

In an minute I am completely naked except for Debbie’s panties over my head.

“Ok, now when do I get to feel the panties?” I ask.

Debbie is enjoying this. She takes both my hands and parades me around the bedroom. My cock is bouncing as she has me sit on the bed. She comes and stands close to me.

“I want you to play with your cock while you feel my panties.”

She takes my one hand and puts it on her dress over her panties.

“Ok now play with your cock.”

I start to rub my cock with one hand and feel her hips with the other. My hand feels the firm ass cheeks through her dress for a minute and when I think it safe, my hand slips down to the hem, onto her bare leg and up the back of her leg. Debbie and I both gasp as my fingers slide onto the bare flesh of her ass cheeks. Smooth as a baby’s bottom and firm as an athlete, I run my hand over one cheek then the other. Debbie clearly likes the feel of my fingers exploring her ass. How beautiful. I slip my hand around to her front and caress her flat tummy. She is enjoying this also. I slide my hand down and feel the familiar smooth silk panties. Her hips are twitching as my fingers explore the curve in her mound. She squeezes her legs close together to prevent my fingers from exporing and deeper.

“Jerk your cock. I want to see you jerk off.” she smiles.

I am surprised to hear her say this “Do you have all the guys do this for you?”

“I have never done any of this before. I have never shown anyone my panties much less let a boy feel them and I have never seen a boy naked before. I have always wondered what it is like for a boy to jerk off.”

I push my fingers between her legs and at first she keeps her legs tight together.

“Come on Debbie, I get to feel all your panties.”

With that she opens her legs a little and my fingers slide back across her panties. I can feel the heat as my fingers easily glide across the narrow smooth material. She starts responding to my touch and I can tell she is enjoying the sensation also. I reach for her hand to guide it to my cock but she resists.

“No, I have never touched a cock. I just want to watch you jerk off.”

Deb’s body is rocking back and forth to my rubbing and I can feel her panties getting very warm and wet. “Have you ever jerked off before?”

Debbie did not answer. She just watches my hand stroking my very hard cock. She is mesmerized.

“Come on Debbie. If you are going to see me jerk off you need to tell me if you have played with yourself before.”

“Ok, ok, yes I have.”

“Then let’s jerk off together. Lift your dress so I can see your panties.”

Debbie lifts her dress and I watch my finger slide across the narrow strip of silk barely covering her pussy. As this is the fist time I ever had my hand on panties between a girls legs, I really don’t know what to do other than rub. It seems to be working as Debbie is breathing heavier and moving in time to my caressing. Again I take her one hand and guide it to my cock. She lets me wrap her fingers around my cock and I have her pump my shaft.

Oh, what a sensation having a girls soft small hand on my cock. It feels so different, so soft, so gentle.

Her eyes are glued to my cock and my eyes are glued to her panty-covered pussy. The width of her panties does not completely cover her pussy lips and I can see and feel the softest flesh in the world. Two virgins experimenting further sexually than ever before. Debbie’s breathing is growing rapid and she began to have her first orgasm from a boy’s touch. She slaps her hand over mine on her pussy, holding it in place, as her legs clamp together pushing my fingers very tightly against her pussy. She tenses as she orgasms. She holds this rigid position for a time and just as she is starting to recover my cock erupts uncontrollably. The first shot of juice hits Debbie on her thigh and the next on her panties. She tries to step back but I hold her firm. She watches as 3, 4, 5 times creamy white juice spurts from my cock. She is awestruck by the sight of a boy cuming in front of her.

Debbie, now fully recovered quickly cleans up and tells me to get dressed and leave. Thinking I may be in serious trouble, I am scared. I dress and Debbie quickly pushes me out the door. I say I want to talk and will wait for her outside. She closes the door and I sit on the step.

After a few minutes Debbie comes out. She has cleaned up and changed. She is calm and she sits beside me on the step. We talk about nothing for a few minutes until I say “I enjoyed that. It was fun. Can we do it again sometime?”

“I had fun too. I have never let a boy touch me like that. I want to save myself for my husband.”

“I am not asking to go all the way. I would just like to see your panties sometimes and maybe even do what we did today. You can’t get pregnant from that.”

“I guess we didn’t do anything wrong but I don’t want you telling anyone about what we did.”

“It will be our secret.”

“Ok, I will show you my panties sometimes and you can jerk off for me.”

“How about you jerking off for me.”

“I won’t take my panties off but I might let you feel me through the panties. Just like today.”

With this a relationship started. We were both virgins and although we had some pretty heavy petting sessions, Debbie always kept her panties on. Debbie loves cock and she would ask me to describe the cock of the other guys we know. After sporting events us guys would shower in a large gang shower and I always smiled knowing that within an hour I would be describing all the other boy’s cocks to Debbie. It always got her hot when I described the other guys. Debbie would stroke my cock as she asked for more details. She would stroke my cock as long as she thought there was more detail to get from me. She would spread her legs and let me rub her pussy through her panties but would not let me pull them to the side or remove them. That was being saved for marriage.

As our relationship developed it was clear that Debbie had a fascination for cocks, especially big cocks. When I wanted to really get her excited I would tell her about seeing Nevin in the shower. He is a tall slim negro student with long lanky legs, gangly arms and a very long cock. Debbie was very interested in hearing about Nevin’s very dark tool. I described it as long, very long, with a big black plum dangling from its end. It is dark, almost black and very smooth. His pubic hair is either trimmed or naturally very short and is very tightly curled. His balls are big and hang low in a deep sac. When he walks to and from the shower he reminds me of an elephant walking with his long cock swaying from side to side. Debbie would soak her panties and orgasm several times throughout the description as she developed a mental picture of Nevin in the shower.

Debbie is a very sensual girl who wants to experience the sexual side of life.