Winter Track Shower


This is my first story, the 2nd sex scene isn’t great I’ll admit. I would like to hear you guys’ tips, comments, and critiques.

All people in this are over the age of 18.


Track practice had just ended. The practice hadn’t been that hard, but I was covered in sweat any way. Time to hit the showers I thought to myself, heading towards the boy’s locker room.

By the time I was finished getting undressed in the locker room, the other boys had already taken all the showers. Darn it I thought to myself, I really need to take a shower before school. I thought about just waiting until they finished, but then I would be late for school. The only showers that would be open would be in the girl’s locker room. The girl’s locker room only had 2 girls in it (The other girl hadn’t come to practice that day). They would have an open shower I could use.

I wrapped a towel around my waist, and went out to the gym. Since we didn’t have anywhere to practice, we practiced at our school’s gym, it is a pretty nice facility, even though it’s purpose wasn’t for track. I walked over to the girl’s locker room with the towel covering me. I opened the door and walked down the narrow hallway, there were two locker rooms and some side rooms for offices. One of them use to be a room for the ice bath, but they moved the Ice bath beside the weight training room.

I could hear them talking from the one locker room, so I knocked on the door that was propped open.

One of the girls answered, “Who is it?”

I recognized the voice, it was Emily. She is a short girl, probably around 5′ 3″. She had dark blond hair that is almost always curly. She also has small breasts and slight curves.

“It’s Kile,” I responded. “I was wondering if I could use one of the showers, all the showers are full in the boy’s locker room.”

They were quite for a moment, then Emily answered with, “Yeah, come in.”

They were all still in their sport bras and compression shorts. The other girl, Brooke, was gathering things from her bag for her shower. She was about 5′ 5″, with an almond shaped head. She had light mocha skin, along with her black straight hair. Her breasts were medium sized, and helped her look curvier than Emily.

Emily walked into the shower room to turn on the 3rd shower head so it could warm up. She got a little wetter in the process, but she didn’t seem to mind. While I was watching Emily turn on the shower, I saw Brooke glance at me from the corner of her eye, then quickly back at her bag.

Emily walked back to her bag, and started collecting shampoo and gel for her shower. They seemed nervous to take off any more clothes in front of me. So I decided I should go first, and took off my towel, tossing it onto the benches along the wall, and walked into the shower that Emily had turned on. I stood there for a moment, letting the warm water wash over me, relaxing my muscles.

I glanced back at the two girls. Emily had her compression shorts off, so she was now only standing in her sports bra and panties turned away from me. Brooke was staring at me. But when I returned the gaze, she quickly looked away, and returned to her bag, trying to look busy.

Emily was almost fully naked now, with only her panties on. Her ass looked cute on her small body. She then leaned forward to take off her panties, flashing me her pussy in the process. She had the hair trimmed short so it wouldn’t show in a bikini.

Before she could catch me staring at her, I refocused my attention on my shower. I could hear her start walking toward the showers. The attention I was trying to spend on my shower failed me, forcing me to glance at her. She had her soap bottle in her right hand, looking at her shower head, probably already envisioning what the warm shower will do to her sore muscles. With each step I could tell that her petite breasts shook a little. She had a great body from all the running she did in track, with her abs outlined slightly. I managed to conquer my hormones after a second, and refocused my attention on my shower again. I heard her moan quietly as she used the first shower stall, my guess about how the hot water would work on her sore muscles correct.

Brooke had finally started stripping, having built up enough confidence when Emily had entered her shower. From the way she was standing I got a nice side profile of her as she took off her clothes. She lost her sports bra first. Her bigger breasts bouncing some as they were released from their grasps. Leaning forward, she took her compression shorts off. She must not of been wearing underwear under her compression shorts like most girls do. Her pussy was shaved as bald as the day she was born. Getting control of my hormones again, I again tried to keep myself focused on my shower.

Emily had taken the first shower, so Brooke was forced to take the shower beside me. She closed her eyes as she let the hot water relax her tense muscles after the workout we just finished. I paid no attention to her in my attempt to give her some privacy. I Anadolu Yakası Escort ran my hand through my hair to make sure it was thoroughly wet, then reached up on the shelf to grab my soap, which of course wasn’t there. duh, I thought to myself, this isn’t the boy’s locker room, my soap wouldn’t magically be here.

Brooke must of noticed my reach for air, since she said, “Do you want to borrow some of my soap?”

I glanced at her, then at the soap that was in her hand, and then, to my annoyance, her breasts with water dripping off the slightly harden nipples.

“Yes!” I said, trying to focus my eyes on her’s. “Thank you, I’ll have to repay you somehow.”

“It’s fine,” she responded said giggling slightly.

She handed me the soap, which I took gratefully, and started lathering some up between my hands. I set the soap on the small shelf to use later, and started washing my hair. I then did the same with the rest of my body, feeling refreshed. I reached up and grabbed the soap to return to Brooke.

She must of saw me reaching to return it, and accepted it, saying, “Thanks.”

“For my repayment, would you like me to give you a massage?” I asked her.

She glanced back at me with a glow to her eyes, “That would be wonderful!”

She quickly turned her back to me. After the first touch on her shoulders, she immediately started to melt. After a few minutes of messaging her shoulders, I started messaging her back. I didn’t want to push her over, so I just used my thumbs to massage her. Having the rest of my fingers on her sides to negate the force of my thumbs. I could feel the firmness of her breasts at the end of my fingers, trying to cup them a little without being too obvious. I then went to her lower back, right above hey hot butt. She was quietly moaning to herself now, just audible over the shower. After messaging for a little longer, I did a quick massage back up to her shoulders, finishing up. She seem to understand and turned back towards me.

“That felt so good!” she exclaimed. “That was more than repayment!”

“It was fun,” I responded to her cute smile.

She must of remembered that she didn’t have any clothes on, exposing her breasts to me, since she turned to her shower head with her back facing me, starting to wash off her body, since she hadn’t been able to use her soap to clean up.

I decided it was my due to get out and dry off. Emily had already gotten out and was drying herself off. My towel was beside her so I headed there. As I passed I pinched her butt.

She jumped, and glanced at me, declaring, “What was that for?!”

“It was just so cute, I couldn’t resist.”

She blushed at my response. I couldn’t tell if she was annoyed or happy over what I had said, so we both let it drop. She finished drying off, setting her towel down and ruffling through her bag.

“Fuck,” she mouthed. And then out loud she said, “I forgot my underwear.”

She stared at the skirt and t-shirt she had already laid out to wear.

“I can’t wear a skirt without underwear,” she said frantically.

“I have an extra pair of clean track shorts if you want to wear those,” I told her.

Track shorts are usually on the smaller side, so they would look fine on her. They also have an adjustable string for the waist, to accommodate for her smaller waist.

She looked a little skeptical over if they would fit her or not, but then glanced at her skirt again and decided it was worth a try.

“My bag is over in the boy’s locker room,” I said, “wrap a towel around yourself and we can go get them, all the other boys should have left by now.”

She agreed and wrapped the towel around her torso. It came to about mid thigh and went just high enough to cover her nipples. She was sexy with her hair still damp, and being exposed to almost immodesty. I did the same, but only wrapping the towel over my lower section, and walked out of the girl’s locker room with Emily following.

I walked into the boy’s locker room first, just to double check that all the other boys had already left, which they had already. I went back and got Emily from the gym, where she had been waiting. She was probably nervous that any one could walk into the gym at any moment and see her, but luckily that hadn’t happened. Yet.

We entered the boy’s locker room together when Emily said, “I’ve never been in the boy’s locker room before.”

“It’s not that different than the girl’s,” I responded.

“Looks that way,” she said as she glanced around.

We had reached my bag by then, and I started looking through it. The shorts were pretty easy to find, they were black shorts, and would come to about 1/3 thigh for me(I know, it’s short, I always try to wear long compression shorts under them). On Emily they would come to 3/4 the way down hey thighs.

When I had them in my hand, she dropped her towel and reached for the shorts. I gave them to her and she thanked me gratefully. I got to glance over her body while her attention Pendik Escort were on the shorts. Her breasts were really perky, with smaller tits that were hard, probably from her just getting out of the shower. Her pussy was trimmed short, but the hair was hardly noticeable since the blond hair was light.

My view was cut short as she leaned forward to put on the shorts. As she stood straight again, I noticed that I was wrong that they would come 3/4 the way down her thighs. They came to just above half her thigh. I thought for a moment, and thought it was probably since she didn’t need any room for anything under the shorts, so they could fit snuggly against her.

She adjusted the string on the waist so it would fit her smaller waist, and then glanced at me and asked, “How do I look?”

“The shorts look good on you,” I said.

She then asked “Since I don’t have any underwear, and these are really thin, do you think…?”

“They will ride up?” I asked.

She hesitantly nodded in response.

“We can test it if you want,” I responded.

She looked at me questionable and was about to ask how, but I stopped her by saying, “If you sit down, I can tell you if anything is visible”

She looked nervous, but complied, sitting down on the bench beside my bag. She had her legs straight out, and glanced at me, to nervous to voice her question. I kneeled down to check.

“I can see your lips, but if you shift your shorts a little I could easily see you fully,” I said as I looked up into her eyes.

“Try crossing your legs instead,” I suggested.

She picked up her leg, and moved to cross it over the other. In the process moving the shorts just enough that I could see her vagina for a split second before the gap closed.

“Are you still able to see anything?'” she asked, still nervous over the situation.

‘You can tell you’re either not wearing underwear, or are wearing a thong, but other than that, you aren’t exposed.”

That seemed to relax her some, as her shoulders weren’t quiet as high as a second ago.

I moved my bag, and sat down beside her, hoping that I could comfort her some. Looking for a topic to start a conversation about, I said the first thing that came to mind, “You have really nice breasts by the way.”

She blushed and brought a hand up to rub one of her nipples. “Damn hormones,” I thought to myself.

“Sorry, that was rude of me.”

“No, it’s nice that there is a guy that speaks his mind,” She says as she smiles at me with her damp hair outlining her face. I smile back at her, and she looks away, suddenly shy. I look around the locker room in the awkward silence that followed.

“I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to have some one touch me,” Emily says turning back towards me, blushing.

“I mean, I’ve touched myself but never had another person…”

“And you wanted to know what it felt like?” I asked

“Well, yeah,” she replies looking at my shyly.

I can’t believe she just asked me to touch her. I don’t remember telling my limb to move, but it came up and cupped her left breast. Her breast fit perfectly into my hand, as if it belonged there. It was firm but not mushy. I brought my thumb and fore finger together to squeeze her nipple, creating a squeak from Emily.

“You Okay?” I asked concerned.

“Yeah, fine, I wasn’t expecting my nipple to be so sensitive.”

I laughed quietly, and start rolling the nipple between my two fingers. As Emily gently moans. She relaxes, and leans back against the lockers behind her, moving her hips forward.

“Stop,” She says suddenly.

I look at her in concern wondering what I did wrong. Before I could mouth out my question she says,

“I need to take off your shorts before they get more wet.”

She stood up after I released her nipple from between my fingers. I could see a definite wet spot on the shorts where the fabric hugged her body between her legs. She leaned forward, and removed my shorts in a quick movement. She glanced at the towel that was still around my waist, and probably at the buldge that was hardly concealed by the towel.

“It’s hardly fair that I’m naked, and you’re not” she says.

I laughed quietly at her, but comply. Standing up, I quickly let the towel fall around my feet, leaving me fully exposed. I smiled at Emily, and sat back down. Emily came to me then, sitting on my lap, her pussy pushed against me. I took this opportunity to pull her closer, and kiss her. Her mouth resisted the entrance of my tongue in her surprise. But quickly conceded and joined in. I could feel a definite wet spot on my leg where she was pressed against me.

Slowly she started rocking her hips back on forth; grinding her pussy again my leg. She let out a quiet moan into my mouth. Slowly she built up to an orgasm while was kissed. At the end she came in a rush, releasing the kiss with a loud moan. She kept rocking her hips for a little gazing upward, but when she finally opened her eyes, they were bright. Kurtköy Escort

“Now it’s your turn,” She said standing up, and laying down on the bench beside me, her legs spread. Her pussy looked blushed. I swiveled myself so I could enter her. Slowly, I lowered my dick into her, she was really tight but soaking wet. She moaned with her eyes closed as she was filled.

I was fully encapsulated in her soon after. I held still while she got use to having something so large in her. Smoothly, I started sliding in and out of her wet pussy. Her moans got more and more eccentric as I built up speed. She started to rock her hips in time with me. I was getting close to cumming in her. She started clenching her pussy as if to keep me in her. That pushed me over the limit, making my cum deep into her stomach. She came at the same time, raising her hips to try to get my dick deeper into her. She screamed in ecstasy as her orgasm rolled over her. She slowly lowered her hips with her breathing slowing as her orgasm ended. I slowly pulled my now limp dick out of her wet pussy. You could still see she was breathing hard, just not as hard as before.

She took a hand that had been lying beside her and rubbed her pussy.

“I’ve never been this wet before,” She said grinning and looking at her hand.

She slowly stood up and then looking down she said “ooh, definitely sore. I had never gone all the way before.”

I looked at her in concern. “I’m sorry, I should of started off slower.”

“Na, it’s fine, I use to steal the school’s dry erase markers to masturbate,” she said, looking embarrassed about it.

She leaned over to pick up her towel and started drying off her nether region. After she felt she was dry enough, she spread her lips again, and noticed some of my cum starting drip out of her. She frowned.

She brought two fingers down scooping up the cum, and then brought it up to her lips, sucking the them off.

To my bewildered expression she asks, “What? I’ve always wondered what it tastes like.”

“And what does it taste like?” I ask still surprised.

She looks quizzical for a second then responds, “Doesn’t have much of a taste, other than slightly salty.”

She than grabs the towel again, but this time tries to shove a corner of it inside her to get some of the cum, and her liquids out. I grin watching her attempts to dry herself.

She just glares back at me and says, “It’s not funny! You try walking around with your … area soaking wet.”

I laugh at her response, which is probably part of the reason she gives up then.

“We should be getting back to Brooke, she is probably wondering what happened to us” she says as she drops the towel to put on my shorts again.

While I gathered my bag up and wrap the towel around me again, she looks at me and says “By the way, thanks for helping me.”

I look at her quizzically, then remembering that she wanted to know how it felt, “Sure no problem.”

She doesn’t wrap the towel around herself as we both leave the locker room.

We make our way back to the girl’s locker room with Emily’s chest fully exposed to any fellow students that would be in the gym at that time. Luckily for Emily’s modesty, we find no one. When we get back Brooke is out of the shower and drying herself off. She glances at us and notes that Emily doesn’t have a shirt on.

“You guys took long enough.”

“Yeah,” I responded, “The other boys hid my bag as a prank so we had to go searching for it.”

Brooke didn’t look convinced but she lets it slide.

“You, yourself took your time in the shower to be just getting out just now” I said to Brooke.

She seemed to of blushed a little but responded “I like long showers.”

By now Emily had put on her bra, and was pulling her shirt over her head. She put the skirt back in her bag. I set my bag down beside Emily’s since that is where I had put my towel before. I pinched Emily’s butt through the shorts again, when Brooke wasn’t looking. She didn’t jump as a high as before, but still gave me a dirty look. She got her bag and then told us both that she would see us later. Brooke smiled at her and said, “bye”. I told Emily that it was fun talking with her, she winks back at me.

Since Emily had left, I decided it’s finally time to put on some clothes(Even though I’d have prefurred staying naked for school). I would be wearing grey sport shorts and a t-shirt for track(Of course with a pair of briefs). As I got dressed I watched Brooke get dressed. Currently she had only a thong on, and was putting on grey sweat pants. She noticed me staring but ignored it. Next she put on a bra and then just a dark grey sweat shirt with our school’s logo on it.

I was fully dressed then when she asked, “Do you want to take an ice bath with me?”

Ice baths were normal to take in Track, you usually sit in about 50 degree water for 10 minutes, but never with the opposite gender.

“Sure,” I replied, “my calf muscle is still sore from Thursday’s practice.”

“I don’t even know the name of the muscle that is sore,” Brooke says, pulling down her sweat pants, and drawing a line with her finger from the inside of her thigh, just below her thong, down to about mid-thigh. “Whatever muscle that is,” She says as she pulls her pants back up.