Women’s Studies 201 Ch. 05


[This story involves bodily functions so if that offends you, please read no further. All characters are 18 or over.]


Marcia Jaspers and Lynn Owens, the two sophomore students in Prof. Kate Sullivan’s Women’s Studies 201, never knew what to expect in Prof. Sullivan’s weekly class. There was a large enrollment, all female. The class had already covered many aspects of the quintessential female function, menstruation, as well as lesbians and discipline.

When they entered the large classroom, there were the usual five comfortable chairs up front reserved for those women in the class who were menstruating and had so advised the professor. She would pick five to occupy those seats.

Today, she announced that she wanted five women to volunteer who arrived feeling that they might need to urinate during the class. Quite a few women raised their hands.

“Hmm,” Prof. Sullivan said, “I guess many of you don’t bother to use the ladies’ room before class, but today, that is a plus rather than a source of concern.”

She looked round the room and selected five women, all of whom seemed quite different, in height, weight, bust size, and figure. Also, it was clear she was seeking racial diversity as there was one African American woman and one Asian.

As the women sat down in the comfortable chairs, the blonde, tall professor told them to lift their skirts and drop their pants, and then to pull down their panties to their knees.

All five complied, and did not seem discommoded, perhaps because women in this class had been exposing their most intimate areas during each class since the first.

Prof. Sullivan then placed a large deep bowl in front of each chair and asked the five women to sit on the very edge of the chair so that most of their bottom was off the chair.

“I realize that this is uncomfortable, but it will be necessary for this demonstration,” she said. “As soon as it is finished you will be able to sit back in comfort.”

Janet Kane and Frances Keene were two of the women and they did as directed by Prof. Sullivan but said rather loudly that this was a hard position to hold.

Tiffany Daniels, who was African American, and Katie Li, a Chinese woman, complied but said nothing. The fifth woman, Leila Jaschkowicz, muttered something in her native language, which was Polish.

Prof. Sullivan asked her to tell her what she had said in English.

Leila blushed but said it was an exclamation that she felt crazy to be sitting in this ridiculous position.

Prof. Sullivan smiled and apologized to all of them for the discomfort caused and for the obvious embarrassment but reminded them that this was an all-female class so that they were among members of their own sex, who of course were sworn to secrecy about the class.

Then she said she was going to ask each of them in turn to start to pee into the bowl. She told each woman to wait until given the direction to start. First, she told Janet, a redhead, to begin, and the class could see the girl release a strong, loud stream of yellow urine from her urethral opening between her legs.

“Notice that Janet’s stream is quite strong, that it began that way, and now she will STOP,” she ended with the order.

Somehow Janet managed to cut off the powerful stream of pee she was sending into the bowl and she looked perturbed.

“You had some left in your bladder, didn’t you?” Prof. Sullivan now asked her.

“Yes, Miss,” Janet answered quickly.

“You may resume and finish then,” Prof. Sullivan said.

Janet seemed to take a few seconds to respond as clearly her pressing need to pee had been sated. Finally, the class heard a softer sound of a stream drizzling into the bowl and gradually dying off and finally ending.

Prof. Sullivan now directed Frances to start. She was a fair-haired girl and the class could see the faint fair hair on her mons veneris as she began with what Maltepe Fetiş Escort looked and sounded like a light stream.

“Note that her stream is far softer than Janet’s,” Prof. Sullivan commented. “Did you have to go very badly?” she asked.

“Yes,” Frances answered in a low voice, “but I always start slow and if I really need to go badly, the strength picks up as I go along.”

Prof. Sullivan let her finish. Then she went on to Tiffany. She told her to start and Tiffany let out a blast of pee, stronger than either of the first two. Then Prof. Sullivan reached down and put her fingers in Tiffany’s stream. The girl looked taken aback but then grinned. Prof. Sullivan asked the girl next to Tiffany, Katie Li, to put her fingers in Tiffany’s stream.

“How does it feel, Katie?” she asked.

“Uh…warm, quite warm, Professor,” the Chinese girl said hesitantly.

“Taste it,” Prof. Sullivan said, adding: “Don’t worry. Urine is sterile as it emerges from the body.”

Katie gave a perplexed look and licked her fingers where she had put them in Tiffany’s pee stream.

“How does it taste?” Prof. Sullivan asked her

“Sort of salty, Professor,” Katie said, again after a moment’s hesitation.

“I know this might embarrass you,” Prof. Sullivan now said to the class. “But how many of you have tasted urine fresh from the body, your own or someone else’s?”

A few hands rose and then as it appeared there were a respectable number confessing to this seemingly very unrespectable behavior, many more raised their hand.

“How many tasted your own?” Prof. Sullivan asked now.

Quite a few hands rose.

“And how many tasted someone else’s or both?” she went on.

Somewhat fewer hands went up.

Meanwhile, Tiffany’s stream had finally ended.

“You really needed to go?” Prof. Sullivan asked her.

“Guess so,” Tiffany answered off-handedly, as if she were asked this question every day.

The class giggled, and Prof. Sullivan apologized and said she hadn’t meant to embarrass Tiffany.

“No offense taken, Ma’am,” Tiffany answered with a smile.

Now Kate Sullivan stood by Katie and asked her to start peeing. The girl poised herself over the bowl, squatting more than the others and not relying on sitting on the edge of the chair as they had. A few spurts of pee emerged and eventually a longer stream which also stopped and then started up again.

“How many of you pee like she did, in fits and starts?” Prof. Sullivan asked the class.

Probably half the girls raised their hands.

“And the rest of you pee the way Tiffany, Janet, and Frances did?” she followed up.

About half the girls—the other half—raised their hands this time.

“That does confirm what has generally been suggested,” Prof. Sullivan said. “It is hard to explain but it may have something to do with the position women take sitting on the toilet. When we crouch a lot of squat under pressure, it may slow the excretory process both from the bladder and the anus by bending the urethra and the rectum in each case,” she explained.

“Have any of you tried using the squat toilet found in Asia to do

or the little platform they sell now to put your feet up when you sit on the toilet?” she asked.

“It’s sometimes called a Squatty Potty,” she added.

A few girls lifted their hands.

“Some say that this is the healthiest way to defecate,” Prof. Sullivan declared, “because it straightens the anal canal and makes excreting feces easier and reduces the need to strain.”

Katie finished peeing and sat back on her chair.

“Now all four of you may take some of the toilet tissue and wipe yourselves, remember, front to back,” Prof. Sullivan said to the four.

All did as they were directed and then Kate Sullivan motioned to them to hold up the tissue.

“You see that there is pee on all the toilet paper,” she announced. Maltepe Gecelik Escort “It tends to land on the labia as the spray emerges from the urethra,” she explained. “You of course know to wipe front to back so as not to get anything from the anal area in the vagina.”

She then turned to Leila and hand her what looked like a funnel-like apparatus.

“This is one of the several devices created for women to use so that they can pee standing up,” she said. “I’d like you to place it over your vulva and that includes covering the urethra opening, so that the pee hits it and then goes down the funnel tube.” She helped Leila place the device over her vulva and ran the tube from the device into the bowl.

“Now you may go ahead and urinate, Leila,” she said calmly.

The girl held the device close to her genitals and finally was able to relax so the class heard her pee stream hit the funnel part of the device and then watched as the pee flowed down the tube into the bowl.

“It works, doesn’t it?” she said to Leila.

“Yes…Miss,” Leila answered in a somewhat confused way.

“I think these devices are well and good, especially if we find ourselves somewhere without a toilet,” Prof. Sullivan said to the class. “I don’t think there’s much demand by women to use them merely so they can pee standing up like men do.”

One raven-haired woman raised her hand and was recognized by the professor. She spoke quite quietly but with a firmness that Prof. Sullivan admired: “Professor, I have used one of these devices when out camping in the woods. They are good so that we don’t have to squat to pee. I have no desire otherwise to try to pee like men do. In fact, at least we have the same problem they do in having a bowel movement out there where you have to squat and defecate on the ground and then attend to cleaning up your movement.”

“We’re now getting beyond the immediate topic of this class,” Prof. Sullivan responded. “But next time I will bring a very small portable potty that will prove quite useful to dealing with the situation that Jessica [the raven-haired girl] presented.”

“One last point for today, ladies,” Prof. Sullivan said. “We will get into this more in future. You’ve heard women told to ‘do your Kegels’. I’ll explain what this is all about. But for today, remember first to keep yourself clean down there. Wipe the right way front to back. Never touch your vulva area after touching your anal region. And don’t forget to wipe—drip-dry is not an option if you want to stay healthy.”

She was about to outline what would be expected for the next class when a girl with stringy hair raised her hand and was recognized.

“Professor,” she began, “you mentioned this need to clean ourselves down between our legs. I was wondering about that because as we all know, boys are totally gross and never seem to wipe at all and leave pee stains on the front of their pants and the worst skid marks in their Y-fronts.”

“I’m not sure what you’re asking,” Prof. Sullivan replied, “but I do need to emphasize that the major reason women need to be scrupulous about cleaning there is that we have a shorter urethra, in other words, the tube from the bladder to the exit point for urine, which is called the meatus, is shorter in women than in men, mainly because a man’s urethra runs the whole length of his penis. And uncircumcised men do get infections from not cleaning under their foreskin.”

“For next time,” she continued, “I want each of you to urinate in front of your partner. You may use a toilet. I want the partner in each instance to record whether the stream comes out in dribs and drabs or as a single steady emission. She should also record how long the entire urination takes from start to finish. I also want the partner to exercise some control by deciding when the person peeing may lower her panties, and she may tell her to stop and start peeing, including Maltepe Genç Escort making her stop while peeing. Then you may use one of the devices for peeing standing up and report how effectively it works.”


When Marsha Jaspers and Lynn Owens, the two sophomore roommates in Prof. Sullivan’s all-female class, returned to their dorm room, they decided to start their assignment right away since both said they needed to pee.

They went into their bathroom and Lynn sat on the open toilet. Marsha told her she could lower her panties but should wait until given permission to start to pee. Lynn pulled down her bright green undies and looked at Marsha.

Marsha decided to exercise some dominance, being certain that Prof. Sullivan would approve when she submitted the report to the teacher. She said calmly, “You will pull up your panties now and await further instruction.”

Pulling down her panties had made Lynn very ready to pee and now that she was given this awful order to pull them back up, she realized she would have difficulty in not peeing her panties.

“I’m afraid I’m going to lose control and pee my panties, Marsha,” she said in a small fearful voice. “Please don’t make me do that, sweetie.”

“It seems you need some more discipline, Lynn,” Marsha said with a grin, so Lynn knew Marsha was purposely assuming the dominant role now. But Marsha knew that the tables would soon be turned so now she told Lynn she could pull her panties back down.

Lynn breathed a sigh of relief, pulled her panties down again, and waited for Marsha to give her the signal she could start peeing.

Marsha carefully looked at her watch and when the sweep second hand reached twelve o’clock, she told Lynn to go ahead and start peeing. After Lynn’s stream did come out in fits and starts and had just started to flow steadily, Marsha gave her the order to stop and to stop right then.

Lynn blanched but somehow managed to have her sphincter stop her pee flow.

“Ooh, that hurt,” she said testily.

“You may resume and finish peeing,” Marsha said promptly, and Lynn proceeded to pee for another long span.

“May I wipe now?” Lynn asked. “Yes, you may, but only use two squares of tp,” Marsha said firmly.

Lynn’s face reddened at this humiliating order but proceeded to wipe her crotch front to back.

Marsha then ordered her to show her the tissue. Presented with it and seeing the yellow stains, she smelled the tp and as she smiled, told Lynn she could dispose of it in the toilet and pull up her panties.

Lynn asked her if she needed now to pee and Marsha nodded that she did.

Then Lynn told her to sit on the toilet seat with her panties up. Marsha did and realized that sitting with her legs apart made her need to pee more and made holding it in more challenging.

“Oh,” she exclaimed, “that really makes me need to go. Can I pull down my panties now?

Lynn smiled and told her she could but that she could not pee yet, knowing this would intensify Marsha’s imminent need to release her bulging bladder.

Marsha started moving her bottom on the seat and Lynn told her she would not be allowed to pee until she stayed still, knowing how hard this would be for her roommate.

Finally, Lynn told Marsha she could start peeing and listened and watched as she let out a really strong stream that belied how much she had needed to go.

“You really did need to pee pretty badly,” she said to her roomie.

When Marsha had finished, Lynn smiled and said Marsha had been a good sport.

“I really did need to go,” Marsha said, slightly upset, “but I guess we each gave the other something of a challenge.”

“Let’s get in bed and resolve this the way we both enjoy,” Lynn said with a wide grin as she slipped off her top and skirt, unhooked her bra and pulled down her panties. Marsha followed and the two clambered into Lynn’s bed and held each other tight.

“I guess it’s good we did all that like Prof. Sullivan wanted,” Marsha said coolly, “or we might now want to pee in the bed.”

“I’m just worried about what she may deal with next, after the kegels,” Lynn answered, because I’m not quite as thrilled to play with making doody.”