Working from Home Ch. 02

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**This is a follow up story to Ch.1 and starts immediately after the end of Ch.1. Whilst it can be read in isolation, the characters and situation may make more sense if you read that one first**

They lay there recovering their breath for a moment, before pushing themselves up and separating their bodies. James’s cock pulled out from Steve’s ass with an audible plop, and Steve stood to avoid the cum dripping onto the sofa. Instead, he felt it dribbling out of his ass and down the back of his legs.

“Fuck I needed that,” Steve panted.

“I could tell,” James laughed, “Want to do it again sometime soon?”

“Try and stop me,” Steve laughed, “but I’m not sure when my folks are out again, it’s a miracle they’re gone today as it is. Are your parents working from home too?”

“Yeh, which is a pain. But we’re in the middle of the countryside, there must be secluded spots you know of?”

“Well, there is actually one place I always thought would be good for a tryst, but never had chance to put it into practice. You know the track in the woods about a quarter of a mile from here, just outside the village?”

“Oh yeh, I know where you mean, never really known what’s down there.”

“Well, it doesn’t lead anywhere, so no one is going to pass down it, mean you tomorrow at 1?”

“Sounds good to me,” James said, pushing off the sofa, the muscles flexing enticingly as Steve watched. “I better head back before they wonder where I got to!”. As he spoke he bent down to grab his shorts, showing off his white ass, in contrast to his tanned body, teasing Steve.

“Until tomorrow,” James smiled heading for the door. Steve stood there for a moment before heading to the shower to clean up.

The next 24 hrs passed far to slowly for Steve. The following morning at work was agony, he couldn’t focus on anything, and was wishing the time away. He had a quick lunch with his parents, before announcing he was heading for a walk, something he often did at lunchtime.

It was another scorcher, and he’d dressed appropriately, a light vest top and shorts, with hiking sandals. He hadn’t bothered with any underwear, figuring they’d soon be discarded anyway, and he walked down the drive and headed for the rendezvous, glancing up the drive to see if he could see James. Not unduly worried, he headed to the spot they had agreed, before climbing onto the gate to wait.

He’d been there about 5 minutes when a bike came slowly round the bend, labouring up the short hill the wood was situated on. Steve felt his breath growing short as it always seemed to when James was around. Again, James was topless, his tanned arms clutching the handle bars as his legs pumped up and down, powering up the slope without difficulty. He pulled to a halt, and Steve was pleased to see he was actually little out of puff, so he was human after all.

“Funny seeing you here,” he said, looking down at the younger man.

“Funny indeed,” James smiled back, lust filling his eyes. He climbed off his bike and stepped over the fallen wall, following Steve into yalova escort the woods, which after about a minute completely hid them from the road. After another 30 seconds they came upon a clearing, the runs of an old building in the middle, only the brick chimney remaining.

“I never knew what this place was, but its kinda fun,” Steve said as James propped the bike against the chimney. The sound of birds was the only sound Steve could hear as James turned to him. Their lips met, tongues eagerly probing into the others mouth as their kiss soon turned passionate. Steve let his hands roam over James’s body, whilst James had his fingers wrapped in Steve’s hair, caressing his scalp. Steve pushed James back until his back was against the chimney, their kiss wild with lust. Pushing James’s arms up, over his head, he let his mouth move from James’s mouth, letting his lips caress the skin around his neck, his tongue caressing the sensitive skin, licking up the sweat that was beading there. He let him mouth trail across the strong chest, meaning towards first one nipple and then the other, letting his lips and tongue tease them until the hardened, causing James to moan.

He didn’t let his lips linger there for long, he had an end goal and he was swiftly heading there. He sank to his knees, the soft forest floor beneath, as his lips trailed across James’s abs, tracing each muscle with his tongue and hands as he did. Continuing further, he could see James’s dick already straining to be free, tenting his shorts.

Without hesitation he pulled them around James’s ankles, letting it spiring free. Taking it in one hand he started to rub it up and down, turning it rock hard. He bent forward and let his lips take the head into his mouth, his tongue running over James’s slip.

“Ah yeh, suck it,” James moaned, his eyes closed in pleasure, head thrown back to the sky.

Steve slowly took more into his mouth, before slowly pulling out. He continued to tease James like this, taking in up to half the length before pulling out again, his hand wrapped around the base, caressing it in time.

James was growing impatient, and reached down with both hands, placed them on Steve’s head, guiding it slowly and forcefully forward. Steve knew what James wanted, and so this time, fighting the gag, he bent forward until the full length was in his mouth. James pushed his hips forward, trying to force more into Steve’s throat, before pulling back, allowing Steve to grab some air before pushing his full length back into Steve’s throat. The air was now full of the sound of Steve gagging, with James’s breathing becoming more ragged as Steve continued to service his dick.

“Hmmmmm,” was all Steve could moan as he bobbed his head up and dock, taking James’s dick fully into his throat.

James was also moaning incoherently, his hips moving more urgently now. With a final thrust, he cried “I’m cumming,” and then spurted his seed deep in Steve’s mouth. He pulled his dick back, allowing the next stream to splatter on Steve’s lips and cheeks, before slowly yalova escort bayan running down his face. Steve let his mouth close, his jaws aching, James’s cum oozing with his spit down his chin. Licking his lips, he took the cum from there and savoured the taste, before swallowing it down.

“Hot man,” James smiled, his six-pack and chest panting as he took in air.

Steve smiled, his own dick hard and starting to ooze cum, the liquid staining his shorts as it did. Quickly he reached down and pulled them down, letting his cock swing free. He pulled his top over his head and dropped them onto his shorts, so he was as naked as James. The warm summer air caressed his body like a lover, and already he felt pricks of sweat forming. He kissed James again, more slowly and lingering this time, letting James taste his cum as they did.

“Ready for round two?” James asked, breaking their kiss. Looking down Steve saw that James was growing hard again, and marvelled at the wonder of youthful vigour.

Smiling, he turned around and lent forward, his arm resting against the brick chimney presenting his ass to James. James stepped close, and spread Steve’s feet, opening his ass wide.

“Ahhh,” Steve moaned as a finger was inserted into his tight hole, slowly probing in and out as James worked it around. He had one hand resting on Steve’s ass, massaging the cheeks as he continued to thrust his finger in and out of Steve’s ass, slowly widening it as he did. A second followed, causing another moan from Steve, his head resting on the arm propped up against the wall. He couldn’t help himself and felt the other hand reach down and start to wank himself off as James continued to finger fuck his ass.

Letting go of his dick for fear of cumming, his cheeks flushed with pleasure he looked over at James.

“Why don’t you stick that hunk of meat in me now?” he panted.

“As you wish,” James smiled, pulling his finger out of Steve’s ass and stepping close. He didn’t immediately comply, instead he stood there rubbing his dick up and down Steve’s ass. Steve thrust his ass back, needing to feel James’s dick inside of him. James took his dick in one hand, the other on Steve’s ass, and he slowly ran his dick between the cheeks, leaving a trail of precum along the pale skin.

“Fuck me,” Steve moaned, desperate to be impaled, and James finally took pity, positioning his dick before thrusting forward.

The head of his dick entered Steve’s ass, before meeting resistance. Slowly he pushed forward, as Steve’s breath came in short sharp pants. Pulling back, he slid in again, and this time be popped through the resistance, and slid all the way into Steve’s ass.

“Argghhh,” Steve moaned loudly, not caring if anyone heard. James pulled back slowly until his dick was almost out and then slid all the way in, his groin slapping against Steve’s ass.

Sliding in and out easily now, James grabbed Steve’s hips in each hand and began to fuck him, pulling slowly all the way out, before slamming his hips violently forward, the meaty slap of their escort yalova bodies meeting echoing through the clearing.

“Mmff,” Steve moaned as it felt like he was being split in two, James’s hands pulling him back onto the stiff cock.

“You like that cock buried in you?” James moaned, and Steve moaned a reply which James took to be an affirmative. Slowly he increased his rhythm, not pulling out as for before slamming back in, but going quicker. Somewhere nearby a car went past on the road, but neither of them noticed, too lost in their carnal pleasures.

Steve was really flushed now, sweat running down his face as his body rocked in time to the fucking he was receiving. His own dick was flailing around, and he took it in one hand, the pleasure too much to ignore. He’d barely touch it, when a particularly deep thrust from James sent him over the edge. He continued to wank off as he came, his cum spurting onto the ground beneath him. His legs went weak and he had to prop himself with his other arm against the chimney as James continued to fuck him.

Over the sound of his own deep breaths Steve could hear James’s breathing becoming more ragged. His thrusting became quicker and shallower, and with a groan, he felt James slam into him and not pull back. Deep within him he felt the virile seed spurting, and he clenched his ass, milking James’s cock of cum.

James collapsed forward, still buried deep in Steve’s ass and lent his chest against Steve’s back.

“Fuck me, your ass is something else,” he whispered, their sweat mingling as their bodies touched. Standing up once more, James stepped back, his dick pulling out with a plop from Steve’s ass, bringing a flow of cum from the gaping hole that trickled down Steve’s leg.

Steve took a moment before turning to face James leaning up against the chimney for support, letting his eyes unashamedly take in the young man’s body, the panting six pack, the tanned body with the clean tan lines and the softening cock that had so recently been buried within him.

“Like what you see?” James smiled, equally unashamed, making no effort to hide his naked body.

“You kidding?” Steve said, “I wish I had a body half as hot as yours.”

“You have,” James smiled, stepping closer and letting his hand caress Steve’s tanned forearm, running lightly across his chest, “to me you’re hot as well.”

Steve said nothing, instead pulling James in for a brief but passionate kiss, before the younger man broke away laughing.

“Less of that, else we’ll be off again!”

“And?” Steve smiled, “I guess you’re right, probably should get back.”

“You might want to clean up first!” James laughed, “you look a right dirty mess!”

Steve ran a hand over his face, feeling the sweat and cum that was drying there as he did. Looking down he saw the trail of cum that had run down his leg as well.

“Yeh, questions might be asked otherwise.” He smiled back.

“Catch you again sometime?” James asked as he grabbed his bike.

“Try and stop me,” Steve replied, thinking it was going to be a good summer. He let the younger man head back to the road, whilst he tried to at least make himself look vaguely respectable. Pulling his shorts and top back on, he stepped back out of the woods, and headed home.

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