Workplace Romance Ch. 02

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I felt her bum wriggle against me as I realized we were still spooning together on the bed. I kissed her neck just behind her ear. She pressed back against me with more urgency and moaned as my thick cock, engorged and hard again slipped between her thighs. She flexed her legs around me, drawing my cock tight against her sex. Her lips were still wet, and my hardness was slipping through her slit now as she pumped my cock, I came to my senses quickly. Not knowing how long we’d been asleep, minutes or hours. That thought disappeared quickly as she moaned softly, rubbing my steel-like cock against her clit. I knew she could feel my cock pulsating against her hard little button.

“I need you inside me,” she whispered, rolling onto her back, her head turning and lips reaching for my lips. We kissed passionately, she opened her mouth to mine and our tongues danced in each other’s mouths as we embraced.

Her thighs released my cock as she rolled over onto her back further. I raised up onto my knees between her legs. Her pussy still soaked from our oral session earlier in the night. I reached down and touched her lips and clit, she shuttered, pumping her hips toward the attention I gave her. I looked down at my rigid cock, now a little shiny with her juices, it was ready for her. She reached down and touched it, gripping it in her small hands, gently stroking me.

“Be careful with me,” she said breathlessly.

“Don’t worry baby, we’ll start slow.” I responded.

As I touched her and slid my fingers through her lips, she shuttered. I lowered my face to her sex, needing to taste her again first. Her clit stood out hard as I lapped through her folds and for just a moment I hovered over her clit, flicking it with my warm tongue…she shuttered and came softly. That was all the encouragement I needed, and I raised up, making eye contact with her again. She grasped my shaft and positioned the pulsating head on her lips, rubbing me through her sex as she moaned.

She leaned over to one side, looking down around her pregnant belly at my cock between her legs. She pressed me against her entrance, I flexed my hips and pushed the tip inside her. She shuttered a little and moaned. She tugged me back out and held me up, noting her juices spread onto the head of my cock. She put me back and I pushed a little further, slipping most of the head inside her and stretching her tender pink flesh. She moaned as I held it there for a moment and she pulled me back out. She raised my cock again, admiring how her juice was now coating the head and running down my shaft to her fingers. Again she placed me where she wanted me and I drove the head completely inside her. Her face winced as she pushed through a little pain. Her pussy stretched delightfully and her tight muscles clamped down on the thick shaft as my head disappeared inside her. We were both watching my cock move in and out of her tight pussy. She hadn’t had any sex since the pregnancy, and she claimed never before that with anyone this size…she felt virginal to my hard mast.

“Fuck baby, your cock feels so good inside my tight little pussy!” She moaned at me, as she began to pull me out again.

Again she held it up, beşevler escort admiring how she’d now drenched my entire cock, her juices streaming down the shaft as she gently stroked the slippery length. Now, her facial expression changed, something more urgent, devious, lustful. I knew what she wanted.

My voice broke the relative silence in the room again, “Lay back baby, let me fuck you.”

Gripping the base of my cock as she held her own breasts and prepared for my assault, I pressed the head inside again as she winced less this time as she stretched around the bulbous head. With the head inside her canal, her pussy clamped down on my shaft, then in one movement, I drove inside her half way.

She moaned, “fuck yes baby!”

I pulled back leaving the head inside, but driving back in half way as before. Her hips pushed up to meet me. Watching this gorgeous women enthralled with this shared sensation as my cock throbbed inside her searing hot pussy. Her pregnant belly rising and falling with each thrust, I reached out and held her hips as I pushed and entered her again, a little deeper this time. Going very carefully as not to hurt her. Not only was I big, and she very small, with her pregnancy this far along, I certainly didn’t want to damage her cervix by pressing into her too quickly. I was slow and deliberate, inching forward a little with each thrust. I leaned forward and kissed her again, I needed her on my lips. It wasn’t easy as her belly pressed up into mine, and I sat back up after tasting her lips…our kiss told me a lot, she was ok and wanted more. She reached for my hips coaxing me forward, and deeper into her sex. I inched forward with each slow thrust, a little deeper each time, taking my time and being careful.

Her pussy was stretched tight around my throbbing mass inside her. She opened her eyes and we looked at each other as I pressed the last inch inside her. I could actually feel her cervix gently pressed against my pulsating head. My balls rested against her lips, fully enveloped inside her body.

“I’m fuller than I’ve ever been…now fuck me!” She moaned.

Her words made me shudder, and as I did she came on my cock immediately. Her back arched, she bit her lip and grunted, impaling herself on my length buried deep inside her.

I took that as a sign and began pumping my cock in and out of her faster and harder now. We both moaned loudly at the feeling of our bodies mashing together.

“Yes baby, your pussy feels to tight around me!” I moaned back at her, watching her body rise and fall with each thrust.

“Faster baby!” She encouraged.

I picked up my pace with her, long, fast, deep strokes impaling her with my cock. she felt amazing as our bodies crashed together. I looked down at her petite, and very pregnant beautiful body, and don’t know that I’d ever been inside a sexier women before. My cock was like steel, and I was enjoying the show. But I wanted to let her have some control for a moment. I lowered myself and we rolled over as best we could so she could be on top of me.

She sat up straight letting her petite breasts bounce as she caressed her own hips straddling me. She beypazarı escort found her own rhythm a mix of grinding and impaling herself hard down on my cock, riding her new toy as it invaded her depths. Her pace sped up and she fucked me faster. Her breasts glistened with sweat as she grunted with each thrust. She bit her lip and was focused on using my cock for her own pleasure. I wanted her to cum on me, and I wanted it now.

“That’s it Michele, come for me baby. You’re so sexy fucking me like this, please come baby!” I pleaded with her.

She leaned back, giving me a perfect view of her incredibly sexy body and rode me with wilder abandon now, faster and harder she fucked herself with my hard stick pulsing inside her wetness. It was beautiful to watch.

“Oh fuck!” She moaned breathlessly, and it happened…her whole body shuttered, her pussy convulsed so hard she pushed my cock right out and it smacked down on my belly with a wet slap. “I’m coming!” She cried out and erupted, and a stream of her juice squirted over my cock and belly.

Another, and another as she shuttered on top of me. Before she could stop I quickly grasped my cock and with her hips raised, flexing through another torrent of cum leaving her body, I pushed my hips forward and impaled her as she spasmed.

“Yes Scott!”

“Oh yes Michele!”

I pumped my hips up into her and we began fucking more frantically. Her pussy never stopped spasming around my cock as I invaded her tender flesh. Her eyes were closed, focused on her own continuing orgasm. I rolled her off me, knowing her muscles had to be tired from her orgasm. She laid on her side, I lifted her leg forward and re entered her, sort of from behind, kneeling over her bottom leg. I didn’t have any on concerns over hurting her anymore and I drove into her recklessly, fucking her deep and hard. Her ass slapped against my pelvis as my cock invaded her with each thrust. She matched my loud grunts with each deep stroke.

She convulsed again hard, “Fuck Scott, I’m still coming!”

“Yes baby, I’m going to come soon!” I wailed.

“Come for me Scott, I want your cum all over me!” She cried back.

That was all it took and I felt my cock thicken and my balls tighten, I think she felt it too, because as I pulled out, she rolled in front of me on her back, grasping for my cock in her hands and jerking it madly as it erupted. She tugged and stream after stream leaped from the head coating her breasts, belly, neck and face. She scooted lower and sucked me past her lips as the last few spurts were deposited in her hungry mouth. She quickly swallowed and sucked my entire length. She kept sucking and tugging at me, keeping me hard. I had just had a huge orgasm all over her, and she sucked me while tugging at my long cock with one hand, her other hand spreading my cum all over her skin on her breasts and belly. She smiled with a mouthful of cock, playing with my cum on her skin.

I stood from the bed and pulled her to the edge, she dropped her head off and guided my cock to her mouth. Her face, plastered with my cum, as were her breasts and belly. In this position with her head hanging off the ankara escort bed she took me deep as I touched her belly and nipples. She grasped at my ass forcing me deep each time, all the way until my balls rested on her nose, she pulled at my hips encouraging me to fuck her throat. Tasting her own pussy juice that coated my cock a moment ago. She pulled at me, I complied, pumping my hard cock in and out of her throat as I had her pussy a few moments before. It felt amazing and she moaned all over my cock as I continued my assault.

I slid my hands over her sexy belly and rubbed her clit, she shrieked and came instantly, my cock buried in her mouth as she did. This wasn’t going to take long and I felt another orgasm building as I fucked her mouth. She let me fuck her until I groaned with my impending orgasm. She pulled me out quickly, guided my hand to my own cock and sucked on my balls. Her own hands moving down to her sex. I stroked quickly as her warm mouth sucked on my balls that so badly wanted to erupt again. Watching her please herself frantically, she was rubbing her clit and fingering herself fiercely she pulled her legs all the way back so I could see what she was doing. She sucked and licked my balls as we stroked ourselves for each other.

“Fuck Michele, I’m coming!” That was it, I came. A rope of cum shot out from my cock and splattered her round belly, splashing down onto her tits as she moaned onto my balls. More cum erupted form my depths and splashed against her belly I watched her flex her legs and a torrent of juice sprayed from her folds as I continue to pump my warm cum all over her breasts as she didn’t relent from my balls. She came and came, as she did, she moaned with her mouth full. I watched her squirting subside, she gently released my tender flesh from her mouth. She scooted up on the bed just far enough to put my cock back in her mouth. Her tongue swirled and she took my cock deep again as it began to soften into her warm mouth. She tenderly licked and sucked me clean…in a way, worshipping my cock for bringing her to this level of her own pleasure. My eyes were still rolling into the back of my head and I found it increasingly hard to balance.

She finished cleaning me off, and let me go, moving back up the bed. I collapsed next to her, both of us splayed our legs and we rest our heads on each other’s thighs. So close to each other’s sated organs as we tried to catch our breath. Opening our eyes looking at each other with a sense of complete satisfaction, and a little bewilderment of how this night had been so unbelievable. She smiled, I returned the favor.

We stayed like this, looking at each other for a long time. Both of us not needing to speak, but being content to lay here and regain some strength. She was the first to raise up, and extend a hand, she led me to the bathroom as I watched her ass wiggle in front of me I wondered how this little petite woman had just opened my senses of what was possible. Hoping she felt the same about me, I followed that perfect little ass into the bathroom. She reached in the glass enclosure and turned on the shower, we were both exhausted, and the warm water felt amazing washing over us as we stood silently in the down pour. Our thirst quenched, completed sated for the first time in as long as either of us could remember, this was exactly what we had desperately needed, and better than either of us could have imagined. We embraced, content to just stand and hold each other’s spent bodies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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