Yen Ch. 04: Yen’s Revelation Pt. 02

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*Note that this story contains elements of femdom, cuckolding, and male chastity. If that is not your kind of thing, then you will likely not enjoy the following story, and please feel free to skip it. However, if that kind of thing is your scene, then I hope you enjoy it!*

**This story is the fourth chapter in a series. If you would like to get the full context then it will be very useful to read the previous chapters before continuing.**

It was the middle of the night by the time Yen finally came home. I didn’t know exactly what time but it had long since been dark and I had not managed to sleep at all. The battery in my egg had died a while ago and honestly, I was glad it had. The gentle but relentless vibration left in me a place that I had never known before, I didn’t know it was possible to be that horny! I had initially tried everything I could think of to gain more stimulation from it, but the restraints Yen had put on just wouldn’t allow me to move enough to reposition. My pleasure had turned to frustration and eventually resignation, I stopped even trying to fight it or gain any more pleasure and just accepted my fate. Yen knew exactly what she was doing. She knew that I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to orgasm without her and I was foolishly naive to hope that I could. Since then I had just been lying there immobile in what could only be described as a wet patch of my own precum. Disgusting, humiliated, and utterly desperate for Yen to return.

When Yen finally did get home, she wasted no time in coming to inspect the results of her little experiment. I heard the front door close, immediately followed by Yen’s footsteps as she paced up the stairs and into the bedroom. As soon as she entered, she burst out laughing and took great joy in mocking my situation.

“Ally, you little slut! The bed is soaked!” Yen exclaimed in a slightly slurred voice that gave away her tipsiness. “Let’s take off this blindfold so we can talk, be careful of the light, are you ready?”

I nodded and Yen untied the ribbon from my head. The ceiling lights immediately stung my eyes and it took me few seconds to find my vision. After I did, I was greeted with Yen looming over me by the side of the bed, she looked incredible in her black dress! Although her hair and make-up looked a bit messy, which was curious, that never usually happens when we go out together, I thought to myself.

Before I could follow my thoughts any further, Yen bent over, pointing her ass straight towards my face, and slowly removed her thong in a purposely teasing demonstration.

“Ok, let’s have a little chat.” She announced and climbed on top of me, straddling my chest, her knees on either side of my head. Grinning devilishly, she continued.

“You made a real mess of the bed Ally! It’s kind of gross. Did you try your little best to cum?”

I nodded frantically, trying to portray my exasperation.

“Ohh, but you couldn’t because of the ribbons. Still, your panties are covered in precum so you must feel better now, I can’t imagine there’s anything left inside you at this point.”

At this, I nearly lost it! I tried to scream but through my gag, what came out were just the same pitiful, muffled whines.

“Oh, of course, your gag. It can’t taste very good anymore, I’m sure after so many hours it’s lost all of its wonderful flavor but luckily for you, I have a fresh one right here! Well… I shouldn’t say fresh, but new at least. I danced so much tonight and really worked up a sweat, I also had a little ‘extra’ fun so I think you’re gonna really love the taste.”

With that, Yen drove her fingers into my mouth, prizing the ribbon to one side so she could fish out the panties from my mouth. She scoffed at the soggy wadded ball and tossed it onto the floor, before quickly stuffing the new gag into my mouth again forcefully bypassing the ribbon between my teeth. The stabbing motion of her fingers hit the back of my throat and caused me to retch.

“Ohh, I’m sorry Ally, I just want to make sure they’re all the way in.” Yen giggled, making no effort to hide her sarcasm or feign concern before stabbing a few more times to get a repeat result.

The taste of the new panties was powerful, almost overwhelming. The same sharp musky taste as always but something was different, I didn’t know what it was but the panties had a sort of slimy feel to them.

“They taste good right?!” Yen said with genuine excitement.

I just lay there, eyes wide still trying to puzzle what she had put in my mouth and why she was so happy about it.

“Answer me, Ally! they tell taste good right?”

I quickly remembered my place and nodded.

“Ohhh, haha, I’m glad you like them. There’s a special ingredient in there, but I won’t give it away just yet, I don’t want to ruin the moment. And anyway, I’m pretty sleepy, and seeing as you’ve made such a mess in here, I think I will go and sleep on the couch tonight.”

My eyes widened further if that was even possible, and I groaned repeatedly. If I could speak I would have asked “Are you fucking seriously gonna just leave sıhhiye escort me here?!”.

Yen picked up on my despair and took full advantage.

“Ohhh, I know you must be frustrated babe, and you must be desperate for some relief after being tied up like this all night. I know it’s hard for you but you just have to wait a little bit longer. I was going to let you cum tonight, but you’ve made such a mess of yourself and the bed that I simply can’t sleep here tonight.”

“Just think, if you were a little bit more considerate of my needs, then you could already be out of your binds. Think about that, right now you could be feeling my soft hands rubbing your cock, wouldn’t that have been good? Feeling your balls empty all over my hands.”

I let out a cry of desperation, a cry for mercy, a cry for… anything!

“But instead you’re still tied up and your little cock is trapped inside his cage. Ohh, I bet he’s so ready to cum. Are you ready to cum Ally?”

I nodded with everything in my soul. Trying to show Yen how much I wanted it. But she just laughed.

“Oh dear, look how pathetic you look nodding away like that. You’ve let yourself get into this situation, do you really think you should be allowed to cum? Looking like you do, tied up, wearing girls’ panties with a vibrator up your butt and dirty panties in your mouth. Do you think that a real man would ever be in this situation? Do you think that the guys I danced with tonight would ever allow themselves to end up like this?”

With that, Yen’s hand slid down to my cage and sure enough, it was leaking precum again. Even if I wanted to protest and defend whatever manly honor I had left, my dick always betrayed me. I knew it and Yen knew it.

“See you in the morning Ally.” She sneered as she left the room.


Still, I lay there, completely helpless and unable to sleep as my mind raced and the hours went by. The sun came up and with the light of morning, nothing about my predicament had changed. My only glimmer of hope was that I knew Yen would wake up early. She has always been an early riser and even after a night out, she never slept in. I clung to this hope listening with desperation for any sign of movement downstairs.

When that movement did finally happen, my pulse began to quicken. This was it! Finally, I will be released and allowed to cum, I had never needed it so much in my life! I would do anything Yen said if it meant getting to cum.

However, Yen took her sweet time before coming to check in on me. Cooking herself breakfast and taking a shower, and even talking to her friend on the phone! Like, fuck! was it really so important to have that phone call right now?!

“Hello, my little cutie,” Yen said with a triumphant smirk across her face when she finally entered the room. She was wearing her usual hangover attire, a pair of loose-fitting sporty hot pants and a small crop top. Not intentionally sexy but still scanty enough to reveal most of her toned physique. She climbed on top of me and perched herself proudly on my chest with her thighs flanking each side of my head. The smell of the body butter hit me and my dick stiffened against its cage all over again.

“I think we need to have a little chat. I bet you’re just bursting with questions right? Especially about the special ingredient you’ve had in your mouth all night?” I nodded, but Yen just carried on talking “I understand that you’ve got a lot of things you want to ask, and I have a lot of stories I want to tell, so I think its best that we have some conditions for our conversation, conditions you will have to agree to if you want to be released from your predicament. Do you want to hear them?”

I nodded again, more warily than before.

“Good. Ok, so this is what’s going to happen. I will remove your blindfold and your gag and I will free your little man from his cage while we have our chat. If you play nice I will help you cum, but not too soon! If you cum before I tell you to, there will be serious trouble! You will be allowed to ask one question at a time, no exceptions! So think carefully about what you want to ask before you do. Nod if you understand.” I nodded and Yen sprang up with worrying enthusiasm.

She quickly removed my blindfold before moving down to unlock my cage. “Oh, my god Ally, you dirty girl, your panties are still soaking wet. Ohhh and look at your little man already pressed up against his cage. He’s clearly ready to be let out isn’t he…”

With that comment and its accompanying snigger, she took my cage off. My dick became rock hard as soon as the cage lifted, and Yen, delighted at the sight, gave it a quick slap before resuming her position on my chest. I had about 5 seconds or so to bask in the relief of freedom before Yen started to remove the panty gag from my mouth but before it was even out she threw a curveball my way.

“Ok, are you ready to ask your first question? By the way, have you figured out what the new taste is yet?”

“I… err… I don’t know, what is it?”

Yen let out a sneaky laugh sincan escort before answering “Not what is it, but rather whose is it?”

“Wait… whose?” And then it hit me, the slimy texture, the salty flavor. Surely not? No… No… It was another man’s cum! And it had been in my mouth all night! For god knows how many hours!

“What the fuck Yen?!” I yelled. “You fucked another man last night! Who was he?

“They…” replied Yen again, with a sneaky giggle.

“WHAT?!… What the fuck?!… How?… When?… Where?… How many…?”

“Ah, one question only remember! That’s what we agreed. Now calm down and decide what you want to say” Yen asserted with a grin on her face, clearly enjoying my reeling.

“Jesus fucking Christ Yen!… Fuck!… fuck… ok… How many? How many are they?

“3… Well, technically 2 if you’re asking how many I fucked, because the third was only a blowjob. So that doesn’t count right?” Yen proclaimed, the grin now a broad smile now spread across her face.

“What the fuck?! How does giving another man a blowjob not count?!”

“Well, you asked how many I fucked last night, so the answer to that is 2. Are you angry?” Yen asked half-rhetorically as she reached behind herself to grab my now twitching cock. “Because your little man definitely isn’t. In fact I would say he’s really enjoying what he’s hearing.”

Goddammit! I thought. My dick had betrayed me again. Honestly, I couldn’t say exactly what I was feeling at that moment, my imagination was spinning out of control.

Yen noticed my state of confusion and pounced on it. Gently stroking my cock with her right hand while exploring her own body with her left. I tried to maintain some clarity but I couldn’t help myself and several moans escaped me despite my best efforts to repress them.

“Ohh I’m getting so horny babe, seeing you like this, and thinking about last night… Next question.” She pressed.

“Ohh… fuck… Have… Have you done this before?”

“Hmm, yes and no”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“Well, you know I was pretty wild back in university right…”

I did know this actually, we had talked before about our past sexual escapades from before we had met each other. And it’s probably no surprise to hear that she was much more successful than me. I spent most of my time in the library amid books and comics. Yen was the opposite, incredibly confident and masterful in social interactions. I later came to learn that she was quite famous, or I should say infamous for her head-giving abilities. On the rare occasions that I did join her at parties, I would get numerous high fives and fist bumps from Jocky dudes who seemed all too aware of her talents and were only too happy to congratulate me on how lucky I was to be the guy “nailing Yen right now” or some other asshole frat boy comment like that. Yen always brushed it off as no big deal whenever I got jealous though, insisting that she had a talent and it was only fair to share it with the world.

“…But since we started getting serious, I haven’t been with anybody else… besides last night” The final detail Yen snuck in for her own amusement, and giggled as my cock jolted again in her hand.

“But we were together in uni?” I challenged.

“I know, but we were only dating, and as I said, when we started getting serious, I stopped fooling around with other guys I promise! Although… I will admit, there were a few times when we’d meet up for dates early on and I had just been with some guy that afternoon. Hahaha, In fact, I remember once where I met you outside the library. You’d been working late and wanted to grab some burritos together, you walked up to me and tried to give me a kiss on the cheek, but I backed away. I had literally just come from some guy’s house and like, five minutes before meeting I had swallowed his load. I didn’t want you to smell it on my breath so I waited until we’d eaten the burritos before I let you kiss me. Gotta love Mexican food! It really masks the smell of cum!” Yen proclaimed with a genuine sense of satisfaction.

“Oh my fucking god!” I was horrified but yet again my dick was proving my worst enemy.

“Oh god, Yen, I’m gonna cum!”

“NO!” Commanded Yen, her tone shifting very deliberately as she squeezed my cock like a vice.

“No cumming until I tell you to. Plus you haven’t even heard what happened last night” She said returning to her calm and playful tone and sliding her hand down to my balls.

“Next question…”

The pain in my balls quickly halted my pleasure and I struggled to think of where to even start. Eventually resigning to just let her tell me the whole story, I simply stated. “Ok, so tell me what happened.”

With that, Yen resumed her slow stroking of my cock head and continued.

“Well, the girls and I went to eat first at a classy restaurant downtown. We kept the food light because, ya know, we wanted to look sexy in our dresses. We shared a few bottles of wine and then headed over to meet Lana’s brother and his friends in a cocktail bar a few sınırsız escort blocks down. They had just finished watching some game on TV and were now looking to start the night properly. We agreed that the cocktail bar was neutral territory. By the time we got there the boys had already booked out a VIP room, apparently, Lana had told them it was my birthday so they wanted to do something nice. So anyway after a few cocktails and more than a few shots together things started getting a bit more… racy.”

“Racy? What do you mean, racy?

“Well you know how it goes, a group of muscly guys and a group of well dressed beautiful women. Things get kinda… frisky. Everyone was tipsy and we were all hitting it off, so we wanted to hit the dance floor. I’d been hanging out with a couple of the guys since we met up, they were personal trainers so we’d been talking about working out and stuff and they were very professional. Talking about how good my body looks, especially in my new dress. And I mean from there, as the drinks flowed we all started to get a bit… flirty… you know how it goes…”

“Do I?” I interjected, skeptical of what I was hearing.

Yen’s strokes got faster, quickly dispelling my objections and she continued.

“They were giving me tonnes of compliments and a couple of the guys started to touch me. Ya know, in a strictly professional way, just appreciating the hard work I put into my body. Initially just my lower back and waist. Then one of them commented on my legs and particularly my ass saying how firm and tight it looks. Which, I mean… of course it does. I told them about how I had worked on it earlier in the gym. Being professionals and all, they said that they would need to prove it by having a feel. I didn’t want them to think I was lying so I let them. I jumped off my barstool and bent over the bar while two or three of the guys grabbed and squeezed my ass.”

My cock twitched again and Yen slowed her rhythm sensing my building tension.

“They were all so complimentary and honestly, it made me kinda hot. So anyway I suggested that if they wanted real proof we should go and dance so they could really see what I was capable of. Of course, they took up my offer and we headed over to meet some of the others who were already in full swing on the dance floor.”

“Ohhh fuck…” is all I could muster. My mind was all over the place, caught between jealousy, frustration, and honestly, uncontrollable horniness.

Yen’s smile grew and I could see she was getting hot again just thinking about her night. The hand she’d been exploring herself with now moved decidedly up to her breasts and she was starting to get lost in her own pleasure. I was helpless to do anything but stare at her beauty. Sublime in her complete control over the current situation.

“The music was just my style and the guys were more than happy to indulge me. Grinding against the strong bodies of the two trainers I’d been hanging out with all night, I was in my element and I could feel they were into it as well. As the music played I made a point of pushing my ass into the crotch of one of them, and Ohhh Ally… I could feel his dick getting hard, pressing into my ass cheeks with every movement. The dance floor had gotten pretty crowded at this point and the lights were low, so I took my opportunity to reach behind and grab his cock. The same hand I’m grabbing your cock with now Ally…”

I shuddered. “Oh fuck Yen… Fuck! I’m so close…”

“NO! Not yet…” Yen interrupted. “I’m not ready to let you cum yet, now pay attention.”

With that, she loosened her grip and slowed her rhythm. I squirmed around in frustration as the sensation slowly faded away.

“The other guy in front of me saw what was happening and moved in closer to join. I wasted no time and took his cock in my other hand as the three of us moved to the music. I honestly can’t say who’s dick was bigger, they were both long and thick and clearly dying to burst out of their pants. Oh god, Ally how I wish your dick was like one of those. Both of them were easily two or three inches longer than yours and twice as thick. Real cocks Ally! And attached to strong, athletic men.”

I felt a punch of humiliation in my gut and a sense of shame washed over me but Yen was oblivious, her hand moved down from her breast and into her hot pants. She was as lost in the story as I was.

“As the music changed it was clear we were all worked up. One of the guys noticed our VIP was empty and suggested we sneak away to have some more… private fun.”

“And you said yes?” I questioned feebly, already knowing what the answer would be.

“I didn’t say anything Ally. I just let the two of them shuffle me off to the VIP room. I knew what they wanted but I was so horny from the dancing that I just let it happen. As soon as we got inside the room I pushed the first guy onto one of the sofas and dropped to my knees in front of him. He unzipped his pants and that beautiful big cock of his jumped straight out, right in front of my face. We were all so hot that there was no time for foreplay and I immediately took his length straight into my mouth. He put his hands on the back of my head but I didn’t need any encouragement and took all of it right down my throat, his dick was so thick that it filled my mouth and I could feel him pulsating in my throat.

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