Yes, No, Yes


“Yes?” she said, “And what do you want?””You!” he said.”Oh, yeah? What for? Do I know you?””You will!” he said”Why would I want to know you?” she said”Because I fuckin’ said so!””That’s not an answer. Just tell me who you are, where you’re from, and why you knocked on my door first,” she said, with a rising edge to her voice.At that, he grabbed her arm tightly near the elbow, digging his strong thumb and index finger into her tender forearm. Then pushing her hard back into the entrance hall of the apartment, he strode in with her and slammed the front door behind him.She gasped at his unexpected actions, then looked confused and a little apprehensive, and inside she began to feel a little afraid. He could see the dawn of understanding in her eyes as their expression changed slowly from the squint of annoyance to wide-open fear.”No, don’t do this,” she said. “I don’t know who you are, or why you picked me, but I don’t have anything you could possibly want. I’m not rich, I don’t have fancy clothes or stuff, so just let me go and leave, okay?”He said nothing, but continued pushing her along the hallway, and into the living room. There he looked around till he found the sofa. His eyes lit up and he began to smile, a thin, cold smile that became more of a grimace as he grabbed her other arm as well and began to push her over towards the back of the sofa.”Look!” she said, “I don’t know what you want, but you don’t need to hurt me, okay? If you just tell me what you want I’ll see if I can help you.”They reached the sofa, and as soon as she felt the smooth velour cloth pushing into the back of her hips, he spun her round so that Sex hikayeleri she was now facing it. Then, with one arm he forced her head and upper body forward and down, so that she was now bent over the sofa back, and with the other hand he quickly pulled the bottom of her skirt up over her scantily clad butt cheeks, so that her dark, lacy panties were exposed for all to see.”Oh, hey, what is this?” she said, with a voice slightly muffled from having her face pushed into the scatter cushions.Inside she could feel her pulse rising as the unknown intruder stared at her naked bottom.He pulled the hem of her panties hard and tore them away from the smooth, creamy white skin of her pert but nicely rounded ass cheeks. Then threw them to one side as he began to unzip his pants.”No no no no no!” she said, “look, why not be nice about this, huh? There’s no need for all this. Those were a perfectly good pair of Victoria’s Secret you just ruined!”He said nothing, but moved slightly to one side and then slapped her butt cheek with his right hand.”Oww! That hurt!” she said, “Why are you doing this? I’ve done nothing to you, so why the slapping?”He ignored her and slapped her again, hard!”Ouch! That stings!”Tears welled up in her eyes from the pain, and not just that but also from the anger that was building up inside her against the merciless aggression he’d shown. Who was this man to just barge in here and force her into such a vulnerable and undignified position?While he kept her from standing up straight again with one hand, he quickly unbuckled his belt, unzipped his flies, and pulled down his pants and shorts with Sikiş hikayeleri the other.With his clothes now out of the way but still around his ankles, he struggled to get her legs apart. Although he stumbled a couple of times, he managed to get them splayed out enough to get access. Then she felt the heat of his hand as he rubbed it along her slit from back to front, searching for her opening. She could feel every knuckle and fingertip as he rubbed back and forth, and within seconds, heat from the friction of his hot skin on hers began to arouse her.He didn’t let up, but kept up the relentless motion, backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards, from asshole to taint, to labia, to smoothly shaven pubic mound, and back again. The unannounced invasion of her most private place, mixed with the strong electric shocks of sexual response, caused her to feel completely conflicted about what was going on.Okay, she was no virgin, but this was no seduction either. Despite feeling more and more aroused as he continued with his hand, the sheer audacity of him forcing his way into her home, and then into her private place, meant that she didn’t know whether to shout from the pleasure he was forcing her to feel, or cry from the wrongness of it allHe kept up the hand work and then she felt the hot, hard bulb of his fully erect penis push against the back of her leg. He began to dry hump her thigh to help pull his foreskin back, ready for the main attraction, and with this accomplished, he moved his hand out of the way, then used his pulsing prick to push against her taint, and rub backwards and forwards as he Erotik hikaye tried to find the entrance to her sex.Despite her fear and anger at his actions, she felt the rising shocks of sexual stimulation as his questing knob continued to rub along her inner labia. Not only that, but she could feel a wetness on her skin that she assumed must be some pre cum leaking out of his tool.”Are you cumming already?” she said.”No,” he said, “it must be you.””No, that can’t be. I’d know if I was leaking.”But in truth, she didn’t know what her body was doing.”Shaddup!” he said, then pushed upwards to try and find the entrance to her now slightly sore, but increasingly swollen and reddening recess.She felt completely helpless and unable to stop him as he pushed, and pushed again and again, till she felt his cock head nudging at her rapidly moistening opening. As soon as his hot, hard, head pushed into her warm, wet, and almost willing tunnel, they both gave a silent sigh, as though the tension of the moment had been relieved, if only for an instant, before he pushed relentlessly forward once more.He was surprised to find that she was already becoming quite wet inside as he pushed on in, and the further in his cock went the wetter it got, till he felt her cervix pressing on the head of his prick, and he began moving his cock from side to side.She gave a little moan when he did that, so he shifted to moving his prick round and round in the time-honoured helicopter motion.”Oooh, that tickles,” she said, and began wiggling her ass from side to side and pushing back towards him.”Oh it does, does it?””Uh huh, but it’s nice, I like that.””Really?” he said “So tell me what else is nice, Bitch! Is this nice?”With that he found her anal sphincter and pushed his thumb hard into it and at the same time pulled his prick out almost all the way, then slammed it back into her, to hit her cervix again.