You Can’t Be Mad Forever


Ian glared at the male directly across the table from him as they ate their supper together in the pub, his gaze full of rage. They were tucked away in a dimly lit corner to avoid being bothered by the general public, smiling and talking with each other in a place just for themselves. Well, at least, most of them were smiling and talking. The whole group of close, 20ish-year-old friends had finally gotten a time where their free days seemed to line up perfectly, and too the opportunity by going to the bar for a ‘guys night’, away from their family and girlfriends (well, only a few had girlfriends, that being just Andrew and Michael). Kevin looked back at the younger boy before him, frowning slightly as the other looked back to his plate quickly that he was picking at, but not quick enough. His elder still caught the daggers that were being shot at him just a moment before. And so, Kevin copied the other male’s action and looked back to his own large plate of food. He shoveled a fork full of the rice sitting upon it into his mouth, chewing softly. He decided to try and get the younger’s attention, gently poking his leg with his foot, but that only caused the younger to jerk his legs back angrily and hook his sneakered feet around the legs of the chair he was sitting on and out of the elder’s reach. Ian wasn’t happy. Not in the least, despite all of the excited and relaxed chit chat happening all around him with the other six members. Andrew and Ryan were talking about their most recent performance, Alex and Michael laughing their heads off at something that probably wasn’t even all that funny, and Nathan was now talking to Kevin about something Ian wasn’t quite aware of. Ugh. Kevin. Ian despised him at the moment. Although they were the best of childhood friends (although Ian secretly hoped they would have been more), and they thought nothing would go wrong between them, they were recently proved horribly wrong. After Kevin had ditched Ian and their plans to go hang out with Ryan, their whole friendship had been forced totally off kilter. Ian wasn’t normally one to get so angry over trivial things, but it had been happening more than once, even after the elder had apologized and promised not to keep doing such. And as a result, Ian had been feeling like he wasn’t wanted or liked by Kevin anymore, so he had decided to make it easier for the both of them and end it all between the two. He had done so by completely cutting their friendship off, no matter how stupid the idea may have ended up being. Although Kevin understood the younger didn’t want him to try and get his attention anymore, which he respected and didn’t do, that didn’t stop Kevin from sneaking glances from across the table. The whole dinner Ian had stayed in the same position: Maltepe Escort elbow resting on the wood as he leaned the side of his head against his hand, staring down at his incredibly slowly emptying plate, his eyebrows knitted. His cheeks were sucked in lightly and his lips were out in a soft, adorable, cherry-red pout. During one f his awkward stares toward the other male that currently hated him, said person did something unexpected: stand up. “Excuse me,” Ian said shortly. After informing the group, that wasn’t really listening (except Kevin, of course) that he was going to the washroom, he did just that. Kevin eyed his back as he strolled off from the table and rounded a corner, as well as out of Kevin’s sight, staring at the ground. Next time there was a pause in Nathan’s talking, Kevin took the opportunity to excuse himself to the bathroom as well. He sighed as he stood up, inwardly fixing his hair and making sure his clothes were straight and presentable. He sighed lightly, balling his fists together as he stalked off towards the bathroom himself, following the way he had seen the way the other had gone. Turning the corner, he hoped he wasn’t too late. Letting out a breath he didn’t even realize he was holding when he noticed nobody was in the hallway, he hurried towards the two doors at the end of the hall. Seeing the boy’s room was on the left, he took another deep breath and pushed it open. “I’m so sorry! I didn- Oh. It’s you,” came a voice through Kevin’s pounding ears. He had bumped into the younger boy just as he opened the door. His eyes widened and he stared down at him, before a small smirk fixed his lips, his eyes going back to normal. “Yeah, it’s me,” he said, surprising himself as his voice came out huskier than it normally sounded. Disregarding it, he slammed the door shut behind him after he had stepped forward and turned the cold metal lock with slightly shaking fingers, before whipping back around to meet the boy behind him. “K-Kevin, what-” Ian started, before he was slammed against the large mirror and wall beside them by the waist. He let out a small groan as his back hit the cold mirror hard, his lower back on the wall, and he was about to talk again before he felt a wet pair of lips land on his own. Ian started to whimper against the other’s warm lips, trying to push him away as muffled commands to get off were let out too, crushed by the other. He shivered lightly as he felt the grip on his hips tighten, and something wet and hot run against his bottom lip. His eyes widened as he continued to try and push the other off, to no avail. When he didn’t open his mouth for the other, Kevin decided to do it for him. He forced the two cherry like pieces of flesh apart, his tongue darting out Maltepe Escort Bayan to massage the other’s with his own. Ian continued to whimper quietly, Kevin’s thumbs drawing circles on his hips. Eventually, Kevin felt his lungs throb slightly as his body called out for air. He slowly let his lips separate from the other’s, breath coming out and in with quick bursts. He heard the other panting slightly himself, his chest heaving as he pressed up against him and leaned down, planting soft and needy kisses from his jaw line down to his neck. “S-Stop, Kevin… Please,” Ian commanded in a short whimper, but Kevin just kept going. He continued to lick and kiss at his pale skin, earning small and unwilling shivers from the boy he was currently… well… molesting. He easily reached a patch of skin right below his ear which he bit down on harshly, Ian moaning softly and involuntarily as his body shuddered. Ian was incredibly glad there was nobody in there with them, and although Kevin was unaware that they were alone, that was the least of his worries. He honestly didn’t care. “You don’t want me to and you know it,” Kevin whispered back huskily, continuing to bite, suck, lick and kiss on the same spot as his hands traveled down from the other’s hips. Instantly, Ian tried to push him off and in return, his wrists were snatched up together in one of Kevin’s hands. He moved back a little so he could put the limbs above the other’s head, now staring into his younger friend’s glaring eyes. “You can’t be mad forever,” he whispered, his voice full of obvious lust. He dove back down to the other’s neck, continuing to abuse the sweet spot below his ear lobe, which he occasionally took in between his teeth to bite. Ian’s back arched lightly, before going back down onto the mirror, biting and chewing furiously on his bottom lip to suppress any unwanted sounds. Resuming his earlier actions, his free hand that wasn’t clasping the other’s two wrists together now moving down to the hem of the other’s jeans. He heard a jingling sound as he fumbled with the other male’s belt, trying his hardest to undo it. When the task was successfully completed, he unhooked it from the loops and threw it somewhere in the bathroom with a loud clatter. He then moved on to his jeans, frantically undoing the button and zipper before pushing them down, along with Ian’s boxers. His lips turned into a nice smirk as he instantly took the other’s member into his hand, firmly. He heard the younger gasp loudly, shuddering softly. “K-Kevin…” he whispered, and in response, the said boy started to thumb the other’s slit before stroking his cock tightly, but yet painfully slow. “Yes, Ian?” Kevin asked, feeling excitement bubble up in his chest as the other Escort Maltepe moaned breathily. His own member twitched slightly at the thought of the other moaning because of his touches. He continued to stroke him slowly. “V-Vin… More… Please give me more…” Kevin’s heart nearly stopped as he heard the younger boy beg for more after calling him something he hadn’t heard in a while. Smirking wider now, he realized that he couldn’t do that; this was supposed to be to get Ian angrier, not happier. “Sorry, but I can’t exactly do that,” Kevin simply replied, pulling his hand away with a small chuckle. Ian whined slightly at the lack of contact, and that only made Kevin chuckle again. “Move your hands and you’re fucking dead,” he told the younger harshly, to which he got a frantic nod. Slowly removing his hand, the other boy obediently kept them where they were. Kevin smiled slightly, bringing his handss down to his own jeans, undoing the button and then the zipper. He pulled them down hurriedly, sighing out softly as his erection was sprung free, shivering as well at the cool air that met his burning skin. Looking with a lust-filled gaze toward the other boy, he could see that he was staring down at his own cock, his bottom lip captured tightly between his teeth. Kevin flickered his own gaze down to the other boy’s member, smirking widely and holding back a chuckle as he saw the other was pretty damn excited himself, to say the least. Moving back towards the other, he let his hand ghost over the other’s member. In response, he got a small, breathy, almost inaudible moan. “Like what you see?” he asked softly in the other male’s ear, licking his ear lobe while the other nodded frantically. Kevin, chuckling lightly, removed his hand from the other male, Ian almost whimpering at the loss of even his gentle touches. He quickly gripped the younger’s hair harshly, shoving him down to the ground. As the other male’s knees hit the floor with a painful thump, he grinned. “What the fuck, Kevi-” Ian started, before he was cut off by a soft, low mumble in the form of a bitter command. “Then suck it.” Ian’s anger resurfaced, completely forgetting about the pleasure and happiness he had felt just a few mere moments before. He barely got any pleasure himself, and then he was being told to suck the cock of the man he hated? Fuck no. Shaking his head, he tried to pull away, but whimpered at the feeling of his hair being tugged at roughly. “Fucking suck it; prove to me you like it. You want it, don’t you?” Kevin exclaimed, his tone slightly angrier and his voice louder, echoing in the cold bathroom. Ian shook his head once more, hands flying to his hair as it was pulled at even rougher. “Do you Want me to go in dry?” Kevin asked, voice dripping with venom. Ian stared up at the other, eyes wide. He desperately wanted to face palm at the realization of what all of this was about. He really didn’t want to suck the other off, but if that meant the inevitable actions coming later would hurt less, then so be it… Tentatively, he moved further closer.