You Have The Right To Remain Silent Ch. 02

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For the first time in his two-year career with the department, Officer Chris Milling could not wait for his shift to end. He had pulled over the love of his life earlier for speeding and the traffic stop ended with him fucking her over the hood of her truck with her ripped off thong deep in her mouth. Afterwards she invited him to sneak into her place after his shift and wake her for an encore. He hadn’t had the chance to be with her since he took her virginity four years earlier but thought about her often. She was the only one to ever believe in him. The only reason he was on this side of the law.

She was sexy, smart, beautiful and comfortable with herself. She was everything to him. She was his younger sister, Anna.

After his shift was over he hurried back to the station to finish the paperwork for his arrests for the evening before clocking out, changing into street clothes in the locker room and heading to the parking lot. He felt like skipping all the way to his Blazer, but of course that was not an option. He was so happy and excited at the thought of feeling her again. Being in her, on her, next to her, waking with her, hopefully.

It was after midnight, he pulled into the all night gas station and went in to get a surprise for her. Chocolate donuts! When they were growing up it was a really big deal if their parents could afford to buy Chris and Anna their favorite Sunday morning breakfast. He hoped it was still her favorite, and that he was still at her place to enjoy them with her.

He went he rest of the way across town filled with anticipation and his jeans filled with a chubby. He pulled into the drive of her very, very small slab house and parked behind her Explorer. He knew she would never leave the front door unlocked so he went to the side door. Bingo. It was unlocked. He took a deep breath, box of donuts in hand, and opened the door. The scent of her smacked him in the face as her entered her spotless kitchen. He sat the box of donuts down on the table and reached down to adjust his expanding cock. She was only around the corner and down the hall a few feet waiting for him. He almost could not take it. His heart felt like it may burst out of his fit chest.

He tipobet365 güvenilirmi rounded the corner and silently walked down the hall to her closed bedroom door. He reached for the knob and stopped short of touching it.

“Oh please let this all work out,” he whispered to himself before grabbing the bedroom door knob and slowly, without a sound entered her room.

As he stepped into her room he saw her laying in her bed, sound asleep. The light from the hallway illuminated her. She lay on her back, her long blonde hair strewn about the pillow, a light blanket barely covering her torso. Her beautiful, perky, young tits stared straight at the ceiling. Her long, tan legs half spread. Her face looked angelic, so peaceful.

He moved to the side of the bed, staring at her intently. Drooling almost. With taciturn he slowly removed the blanket to reveal her hot sex. He almost creamed his jeans at his now civilian sight of her trim, skinny waist that seemed to point south to a delicious mound of very well trimmed blonde hair protecting the soft, sweet, tight pussy of his beloved sister.

He quickly disrobed and sat on the end of the bed and inspected her hot fuck hole like only a brother could. It seemed to be waiting for him and only him. The pinkness her tight pussy lips made his cock raging hard. She was still fast asleep as he carefully and slowly moved each leg apart, inch-by-inch so she would not wake yet. He watched in awe as her legs got farther apart and her gash gaped open. That was it he could not take it any longer.

He got between her legs and started slowly licking her pussy lips. The taste of her was unbelievable. He had waited so long for this. He could not believe he was actually here doing this.

“uuummmm,” she moaned in her sleep.

He was so excited but he didn’t want to hurry anything so he tried to contain his lust for her and take things slow. He lightly ran his hand across her stomach and down to her clit, up and back, again and again. His tongue moved to her clit as her sleeping body thought it was experiencing a wet dream.

“Oh GAWD,” she muttered in her sleep as her hips involuntarily started to move to her brothers face.

He tipobet365 yeni giriş inhaled her scent and took in her taste like a wild animal. He even swore he could feel little electric charges every time he touched her. He could not take it anymore. He had to be in her. His tongue landed hard on her clit as he sunk two fingers in her hot incestuous pussy.

“Chris?” She wondered out loud as she woke and grabbed the head between her legs.

“Yeah, Sis,” Chris breathlessly said between licks.

“Oh, Fuck Chris. Do it just like that. Keep licking me and fingering me,” she cried as her back arched and her long blonde hair dug deep in the mound of pillows.

“OOOOOHHHH, I MMMMMM CCCCUUUMMMING,’ she yelled before he saw the white juices squirt out of her cunt like a fountain all over her sheets and his chin.

He licked her through the hard orgasm she was having, made her cum a few more times lightly and slowed to give her a break. When she was done and gasping for breath he moved up next to her and laid his head on the pillow next to her.

She grabbed him and held on tight as she came to her senses. Her clit was still thumping as she straddled him and bent over him to look him in the eye.

“Brother, I am going to make you cum twice as hard as you made me cum, if that is possible,” Anna said as she ran her hands up and down the State’s finest.

She moved to kneel on the bed between his legs and stared at his raging hard on. She licked her lips and her mouth watered as she anticipated the taste of her big brother’s stiff cock in her mouth and throat.

He forgot to breath for a moment as he felt her long, silky, blonde mane fall over his legs as her head moved in on his manhood.

She stuck out her tongue and lightly ran it from the bottom of his family jewels to the base of his cock. She bathed every centimeter of his sack with slow sensual licks.

“AAAAHHHHHH,” he moaned gutturally. His cock was so fucking hard watching and feeling her do this he thought it just might burst.

He tasted so good to her. She had longed for this for so long. He was the only man that she ever trusted. He was the only man that ever protected her tipobet365 güvenilirmi and treated her like a princess. She just loved him with everything she was.

She took his wet balls in one hand and his solid dick in the other and started to work her tongue magic all over his cock. From the base all the way to the head, picking up speed as she did. The sounds of his moaning and the taste of him turned her on so much she was tempted to mount his cock and ride it off into the sunset, but she really wanted to do this for him.

She took one last long lick of his throbbing cock before ramming it deep down her throat.

“OooHHhhhh Jesus! Yes! Oh, Anna!” He hollered as she felt his hands instinctively shove her head down even further on his manhood.

He was in such a state of euphoria he didn’t realize he had just sat up quickly and started pumping his hips to her delectable mouth as she sucked harder and faster. His hands wrapped up in her long hair guiding her head, slamming it into him. He was going to jiz like he never had with anyone else very soon and he knew it. He couldn’t hold back any longer.

He came all over her face in loads. No one had ever made him cum so much and lose so much control. His white creamy deposits slid down her flawless face and dripped off. His body jerked uncontrollably as he released the last of his load on her tits before he collapsed.

“You ok?” Anna asked.

“Yeah, Sis. Just trying to catch my breath,” he replied as he pulled her in close to him. He grabbed his t-shirt from the floor and gently wiped his spunk off her face and breasts before kissing her passionately.

“So do I get to lay here naked with you all night?” He asked, still trying to catch her breath.

“I would really like that Chris,” she said as she looked at him with a coy smile, “but there is a condition.”

“Anything for you, Sis.” He replied, curious.

“You have to put this,” she paused as she touched his very sensitive and satisfied cock causing him to jump, “in me while we shower before going to the family dinner.”

“Oh, I don’t think that will be a problem,” he said quickly as he began to envision it.

“Good. Then you can stay,” she said with a schoolgirl giggle.

“Night Chris,” she said softly and moved in as close as she could.

“Night Anna,” he replied and squeezed her lovingly.

He lay there with her on the verge of slumber feeling on top of the world as he smiled and thought, “She is way better at this than Mom.”

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