Your Night

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You get out of your shower, dry off and collapse on the bed. It has been a long week and you are tired. I tell you to roll over and I will massage the kinks out. I straddle your naked body and start massaging your scalp. I work my way down your body, taking time to caress each and every inch of your body. I get to your feet and then kiss my way up. You groan is different this time and I know that you are starting to get turned on. I work my up to your ear and whisper “I am going to take care of you tonight, this is for you. I want you to give yourself over to me and just enjoy. Can you do that?” You groan yes and I slip a blindfold over your eyes and have you roll over on your back.

I massage your front just like I did your back but I am avoiding the nipples and groin area. I get you into a spread eagle position and tie you to the bedposts. You struggle a little but then I see that wicked little grin and you whisper “Bring it on woman”.

I reach over and grab a bottle of lotion I bought just for you. I rub it on your nipples and then blow. You arch your back at the sensation. It is hot but cold all at the same time. I play with you nipples. Blowing, licking, sucking, biting, and rubbing them between my fingers. They are so sensitive; I can tell you are about to cum so I stop. I sit back and admire my handiwork. You are so hard and sexy. You scent is driving me wild. I decide that I have to many clothes esat escort on so I strip but I tell you everything that I am doing.

“I am slowly running my hands down my front, mmmm, my nipples are hard, I can feel them through my shirt and bra. I am pulling my shirt up and over my head. Oh yeah. I am reaching behind me and I unhook my bra. I am cupping my breasts now. The nipples are so sensitive, I wish that I could suck them like you do. Would you like to be sucking on them right now, mmm, I would like for you to be too, baby, but this night is for you. I am sliding my hands down my stomach to my shorts. I can fell my wetness seeping through my panties onto my shorts. I am pulling my shorts and panties off. OH! The air feels magnificent. I am so wet. See (I take my fingers and run them through my pussy and get them wet then I rub them on your lips). Like that? You do that to me baby”

I get back on the bed and crawl between your legs. All you can feel is the bed shifting. You are waiting to see what I will do next. You are breathing hard and your cock is twitching. I grab feather toy and run it up over your body making sure I twirl it on your hard cock and sensitive nipples. I distract you with the feather duster and then you gasp when I suddenly take you into my mouth. I deep throat you first then take my time licking, biting, and sucking every lovely inch. I move down and inhale your etimesgut escort scent. I cannot stay still. I want you in me so bad but I have to wait. I want you to fully enjoy this. I suck your balls and roll them around in my mouth. I get you nice and wet. My spit and your sweat are running down to your ass. I massage it with my finger. The angle is not right so I put a pillow under you to raise you up a little. That is better; I can now lick it the way you like. I tell you that I have a surprise for you and ask if you want it. At the same time I stick my finger in and massage your prostrate. You just moan and buck. I go back to sucking your cock while I play with your ass. I take my finger out, you groan; I smile around your cock.

I pick up my surprise, put it in me to lube it up and then put it in your ass. You moan so loud. You ask where I got the butt plug, and I remind you that I went shopping yesterday with the girls. We got all sorts of things for our men. You will just have to wait and see what else I have in store for you. Not all will come tonight though. You groan and tell me that I turn you on like no one else. I ask if you are really turned on or would this make your hotter and harder and I turn on the butt plug. I laugh at your reaction. It is a cross between ecstasy and pain. I slide up your body and straddle your stomach. I am so wet I am dripping on you. You beg to eat ankara escort me and I am so in need of it I straddle your face. You go to town and I have to hold on. You are so into it. I am not sure you have ever been this eager to taste me before. I cum in a heart beat. I slide down and kiss you. I taste myself. I reach up and take the blindfold off. Your eyes are on fire with desire they almost burn me with their heat.

I slide down and sit on your cock. We both moan from the pleasure of you filling me up. I start to ride you. You tell me to go faster and harder. I reach around and manage to fondle you while I fuck you. As you get closer to cumming I work my hand down to the plug. I slowly turn it and you get ready to explode, I can feel it. You are yelling and groaning so loud now, I wonder if the neighbors can hear you? You start to cum and I suddenly pull the plug out. That sends you into the longest hardest orgasm you have ever had to date with me. You just keep moaning and shooting your cum into me. I start to cum and you manage to cum again. I collapse on top of you and reach up to untie you. You wrap your arms around me and hold me tight for a few seconds. We are both trembling from the strength of our orgasms. I try to move but you tell me to stay. You love the feel of my aftershocks on your now softening cock.

Finally I crawl off you and untie your feet. I go to the bathroom and bring back a warm wet washcloth and wipe you clean. I pull the cover over you and tell you to rest. You grab me and pull me into bed with you. You pull me close, spoon me, and then whisper in my ear “paybacks are sweet baby, and oh how I will return this night to you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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