Yui’s Awakening Pt. 04



A week after her liaison with Haruka and Nanami, Yui was booked for a studio shoot with Sana. This was the first time she had met Sana since their Thailand adventure, and the two young women felt warm and comfortable in each other’s company very quickly.

The scenario for this shoot was basically two lovers enjoying each other’s naked bodies without any obvious sexual connection. By now, Yui was quite professional and able to remove herself from any emotional influence during shoots, and because she enjoyed Sana’s company, the two girls easily gave the camera and video crew exactly what they needed, and nothing more.

After showering and changing, Sana came and sat next to Yui at the makeup counter.

“Yui chan, do you want to come to Nicho with me?”

“What’s Nicho?” Yui was thinking it was a restaurant.

“Ni-chome, it’s where all the gay and lez bars are… you haven’t been there?”

“I’ve heard about it, but I’ve never been. OK, let’s go.”

“Great. Bar Hers is opening about now,” said Sana, as she grabbed Yumi’s hand and dragged her out the studio door to the car park.

They arrived at Bar Hers after walking through tiny streets filled with similar bars in the centre of Tokyo. Bar Hers was basically a door with ‘Hers’ written above it. Sana pulled on the door and grabbed Yui’s hand again as they entered a long, dimly lit corridor that led to another door. The sound of muffled music and vices grew clearer as they reached the second door, and Yui was beginning to get a little nervous, as well as excited at what might lay beyond this door.

Sana pulled on this door, and the sounds of slow R&B music, and women’s voices met them, indicating to Yui that they had arrived at their goal.

It was not as scary as she had expected. The decor was light toned, friendly, not dark and dingy like some other ‘normal’ bars she had been in. The room was populated by about 10 to 15 women, some in couples, others in small groups, all comfortably enjoying drinking and chatting. Behind the bar was a very cute young girl with a lot of energy. She greeted them, and seemed to know Sana, and gestured for them to sit at the bar.

“Sana san, long time no see! How you going? Who’s this, your new girlfriend?”

Sana waved a ‘no’ and introduced Yui to Manami. This was the first time Yui had heard the term ‘girlfriend’ in her circle, and it occurred to her that, of course, she could have a girlfriend, or indeed, be a girlfriend. This concept made Yui feel more at home and comfortable in this environment. She took Manami’s outstretched hand and gazed into her beautiful beaming face.

Suddenly, Sana was absorbed in catching up with a couple of older women who were teasing her about her Thailand trip. Sana indicated you them that Yui had also gone on that same trip, and that they had ‘enjoyed the local delicacies’. This made the two women giggle and they dragged Sana to their table for details.

Meanwhile, Yui noticed a presence beside her, and turned to face a beautiful, tall, slender, blond western women. Her blue eyes were like fresh water pools and Yui felt like she blushed and didn’t know where to look.

“Do you mind if I join you,” she said in almost perfect Japanese.

“Oh… please do…” stammered Yui.

“Where are you from?”

“Moscow. I’ve been living here kürt porno for 5 years,” said this beautiful creature as she settled onto the stool next to Yui.

“I’m Dina.”

“Nice to meet you Dina, I’m Yui.”

Manami leaned in and greeted Dina.

“Usual Dina chan?”

“Thank you, and whatever Yui wants…”

Before long Yui was sipping her red wine, and stealing glances at Dina’s long legs. She was wearing tight fitting jeans that made the most of her shapely legs and peach shaped bottom. Her blouse tightened at the waist to reveal, at least to Yui’s imagination, a model’s hourglass figure.

“Tell me about yourself, Yui. Are you gay, bi… or escaping your annoying boyfriend…”

“Well, I don’t have a boyfriend! I did have one at college, but he was unfaithful many times, and felt horrible, so I finished with him. Am I gay? I don’t know, Dina, I’ve never thought about it like that. My best friend in college, Yuki… she was the first girl I ever looked at in that kind of way. I guess I had a crush on her for our last year. For that whole year I couldn’t work up the courage to tell her. We did so many things together, and I had many opportunities to let her know, but it was too scary. Then on the day she left to travel around Europe, she kissed me… on the lips… I… I just wasn’t prepared, I was shocked, and then I thought that it’s too late.. she’s going away… and that was that. Then I started my job I promised myself that I would never be so shy, and that I would never let an opportunity slip through my fingers, and so for the last year I’ve been really enjoying being a single girl in Tokyo, exploring my sexuality with some special women in my life.”

Dina was watching Yui intently during this long outpouring, watching her pert lips moving, enjoying the gentle movement of her head as she spoke.

“Well, I’m happy that you are grabbing life with both hands. Did you come here looking for someone? Or …”

Yui could sense that Dina was interested in her, so she decided to play along, enjoying the attentions of this exotic young woman, and she had decided that she was going to either ask this beautiful foreigner to spend the night with her, or if she asks, she would say yes.

“Mmm… I wasn’t planning on meeting anyone, I just came here with a friend after work. Do you usually meet girls here?”

“Occasionally. Well, often actually. To tell you the truth Yui, I’m completely hooked on Japanese girls. Since i can remember, I’ve been a lesbian, and when I moved to Tokyo for work, I began coming to places like this, to meet girls that I knew were interested in girls. As you know, it’s very difficult in Japanese society, to know about anyone’s interests like that. So here, women and girls come for a small number of simple purposes. To escape the male dominated society they spend all day in, to relax in an atmosphere that accepts them for who they really are, and finally, to meet other likeminded people who they can share their most intimate thoughts with. So when I first made love with a Japanese girl, I felt like I wanted to love her forever. Sadly, she was drawn out of this world and back into the other world. Probably married now.”

Yui laughed with Dina.

“Maybe my Yuki is too!”

“Anyway… Yui… I think you are so pretty. You’re a very ladyboy porno beautiful girl.”

Yui blushed.

“Thank you Dina. You are very beautiful too. I’ve never actually met a western girl before. Especially a Russian girl. You’re very tall, and your accent is so cute!”

They laughed, and stood up to compare their heights. Yui enjoyed the sensation of looking up to Dina’s beautiful face.

It was only a matter of 20 minutes that Yui was walking through the small streets with Dina, just three blocks to her apartment.

Once there, once the door had closed, they could finally look into each other’s eyes and Yui reaching up, and Dina bending slightly down, they embraced in a passionate kiss that seemed to be a release for a huge amount of sexual tension that had been building up in the previous hour or so.

“I want you to wear something for me Yui,” said Dina as she moved to a closet and pulled out a classic Japanese school girls uniform. Holding it up, she winked at Yui.

“Care to make one of my naughty fantasies come true?”

Yui, aware of the school girl fetish among not only men but some women, smiled and motioned for Dina to pass the uniform.

She emerged from the bathroom after about 10 minutes, looking completely the part of a high school girl, the skirt just a little too short, the knee-socks hugging her lovely legs, her hair brushed straight and pinned to the side. She stood at the foot of the bed and struck a few of her well rehearsed cute, naive, innocent school girl poses, enjoying the reaction from Dina.

Dina was now naked, and almost panting. Her eyes were fixed fast on Yui and her hands were already reaching for her aching pussy. Yui also couldn’t take her eyes off Dina’s long, pale naked form.

“Oh Yui, you are such a cute girl… you look delicious… I could devour you… “

Dina came to foot of the bed and sat with her legs spread, facing Yui. She gently ran the back of her fingers along Yui’s cheek, and standing up, embraced Yui against her naked body as if to again absorb her into her own body.

“Put your arms around me you naughty school girl… yes… that’s it, don’t be afraid… you know what you want… you want to feel another woman’s body don’t you?”

Yui played along.

“I’m not sure… is this right? Will I get in trouble?”

“Yes, yes, it’s ok. I won’t tell anyone. It’s our secret ok?”


Dina looked down at Yui and gently held her head, tilting it up. Yui could see both Dina’s gorgeous pink nipples on either side of her face, those blue eyes looking into her soul.

“God you are so beautiful Yui.”

“Do you think so? Do you like Japanese girls?”

“I love Japanese girls… like you.”

Dina gently sat Yui on the edge of the bed and began running her hands over her legs, from her feet all the way up her thighs, until she got to the skirt let where she lowered her head and kissed and licked Yui’s thighs, eventually working her way up to the little panties. She spent a long time smelling, kissing, nuzzling Yui’s crotch.

Yui lay back on the bed now, spreading her legs to allow Dina access to her legs, thighs, and under her skirt. Dina slipped off Yui’s little panties, and lovingly caressed her face against Yui’s black pubic hair. As she lay down, her latin porno top raised up showing some of her stomach, and this made Dina change her focus now. She lovingly caressed Yui’s stomach between the skirt and top. Gently kissing the exposed skin, she slowly unbuttoned the top to reveal more of Yui’s soft warm skin. Yui raised her arms above her head to expose more of her lovey stomach for Dina. Dina became more turned on now, sucking that beautiful skin into her mouth, kissing and biting wherever she could.

“I want to feel your body, your soft skin Yui…” hissed Dina as she unbuttoned Yui’s blouse and slowly parted it to reveal Yui’s golden, soft skin.

Dina devoured Yui in exactly the way Yui was hoping. This sexy Russian girl spent ages worshipping Yui’s body: admiring, kissing, caressing, and licking her little Japanese friend’s warm skin while occasionally telling her how beautiful she was.

Eventually, Dina lay down next to Yui.

“Come and sit on me Yui… oh yes… let me see your beautiful little body… mmm… that’s it… oh yes… you have such a sexy little body Yui… oh yes please, grind your little pussy on me…”

Yui was intoxicated by not just the three glasses of wine, but also the fact she had actually picked up a girl in a lesbian bar and was naked with her in her apartment! Or was it she that was picked up. It didn’t matter. All that mattered was that she was enjoying this new experience so much, she wanted to make the absolute most of it.

“Oh Dina… I feel so horny… you like my body? You like how my soft skin feels? Is my body nice? Mmm?”

“Yui, your delicious little body makes me so horny. I feel so sexy with you… I want to touch you and lick you all over…”

“Mmm… please touch my body all over Dina… I want to feel your hands all over my beautiful body…mmm… I feel so naughty Dina… oh yes, touch me… “

Dina’s Hans explored Yui’s delicious body as she sat on her, grinding her wetness onto her stomach, her hips… meanwhile, Yui had both her arms over her head, allowing Dina to explore her body, her armpits, and her small but firm breasts. At some stage, Yui had removed all the school uniform, and her naked body shone in the moonlight as she gyrated on her knees above Dina.

Yui eventually fell forward onto Dina’s chest, and it was then she really noticed Dina’s large, pink and very erect nipples atop small and firm breasts. She began rubbing her face over those beautiful nipples, sucking one, licking the other… Dina wrapped those long, slender legs around Yui’s body, squeezing her thighs as if to absorb Yui’s warm little body into her own.

Their love making lasted two more hours until they had both orgasmed at least three times each, and had finally fallen asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning, rudely awoken by the inescapable sounds of the inner city, Yui gazed at the long limbed woman she had spent the might with. She felt very nervous as Dina stirred. Dina opened those blue eyes, smiled at Yui, and snuggled her face into Yui’s neck.

“You’re still here.”

“Yes. I really enjoyed last night.”

“Do you have to be somewhere?”

“Not until noon, how about you?”

“Not at all today…”

Dina was now up and walking into the kitchen. Yui watched with fascination as Dina’s beautiful body moved so femininely. She had never really looked so closely at a naked woman as she was now, and she began to feel again, very warm and comfortable with who she was.

Dina returned with two black coffees, which they sipped as they sat naked on the large bed in the morning light.