Zach and his Christmas Gift

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Zach does sister-in-law for Christmas

I know this is wont pass the WINTER HOLIDAYS CONTEST 2017 rules because it looks like I just cobbled an existing story but I actually wrote this as a three part story several winters ago for my own enjoyment. No Really! Never submitted to any story site. Just recently joined Literotica. So, anyways, enjoy the story for what it is. Thanks.


It was just before Christmas and I was lying in bed on a lazy Saturday morning stroking my cock when my cell phone rang. I saw it was my sister-in-law calling. I answered, “Hello Kate.”

She replied, “Hello Zach,” in a somewhat sultry voice.

The last time I was over my younger brother Bob’s house for Thanksgiving Kate was doing some heavy flirting with me. She has a really nice rack, maybe D cup sized jugs. While walking past me in the kitchen or den she has been running those boobs across my arm or along my back. She would hum or moan while doing so. I asked if she had anything to be thankful for and she sadly said, “Not recently,” then walked into the family room swaying her ass. She looked over her shoulder and smiled when I grabbed my cock over my pants.

Back to the call, I asked her where she was and she said still in bed. I asked her where my brother was. She slowly said he was out for his morning run and would be gone a good few hours. I decided to call her out for her flirting.

“What are you wearing Kate?” I asked.

She took in a long breath with a small moan and said, “My see through pjs.”

“Turn the phone onto Face-to-Face Kate,” I said. She told me that would be too naughty and I told her again with a stronger voice.

My phone dinged and I saw her beautiful face surrounded with morning messed up Irish red hair. My brother had married a slightly older woman making Kate about my age. She was a real looker – great boobs, nice shape and a great ass which she loved to show off in a small bikini in the back yard pool.

“Show me your pjs top Kate,” I whispered.

“No that would be too wrong Zach,” she said as the phone panned around to show me her boobs hiding behind the see through top. I could just make out the darker aureoles and nipples.

“Is it cold in your bedroom Kate because your headlights are on,” I teased her.

“No their just excited,” she whispered.

“Kate put the phone down and take off your pjs top,” I ordered her. I saw movement in the phone and heard some rustling. Kate’s face came back into view and she was flushed in her cheeks and down her neck. “Show me those nice kittens Kate,” I whispered.

“No Zach that is too naughty,” she moaned as the phone moved down and her beautiful breasts came into view. Her dark red nipples were hard and extended out about a pinky tip surrounded by dark pink aureoles the size of silver dollars. Her Irish was evident as freckles spotted across the swell of her breasts.

“Bring the phone close and rub it across each nipple Kate,” I ordered her. I heard her moan as I got a close up of each nipple being pushed back and forth. “Take your fingers and show me them pulling on your nipples Kate.” She moaned when she pinched one of her nipples. “Pull it out all the way Kate.” She took in a long breath through her teeth as her hard nipple was pulled way out. “Now the other one Kate.” I got a close up of her other nipple being pulled and twisted. I could see her chest rising and falling and getting redder.

“Are you wet Kate?”

“Yes,” she said softly.

I told her to use her fingers then show me them in the phone. I heard a deep moan then moist fingers came into view. “Show me as you lick them off.”

Kate brought her fingers to her mouth and licked and sucked each finger clean. I told Kate to kick off her covers and take off her pjs bottoms. Again the phone was put down and I heard the rustling of the covers and Kate huffing as I guessed she was removing her panty bottoms.

The phone returned to Kate’s face and I saw her eyes were closed. “Show me the door to your playroom Kate,” I said in a firm voice. The phone view was of her breasts then her belly button then finally a pretty tuft of red hair and the doorway to her pussy. Her vulva wasn’t bald but had soft reddish hue from her close cropped pubic hair.

“Open the doorway and show me how wet you are inside Kate.” The phone was moved to point to her pussy then several fingers were placed on either side of her pussy lips and pushed away until her pretty pink inner lips were visible. “Rub your little love button Kate.” Her fingers moved up her slit and circled her clit till it swelled to the size of a green pea.

“Are you really wet Kate?” I asked.

“Yes,” she moaned.

“Yes what Kate?”

“Yes, Zach,” she moaned again.

“Kate go get your special toy you use when my brother doesn’t please you.”

“No Zach I can’t do that,” she whimpered.

“GO or hang up,” was all I said.

Again I saw movement in the phone and heard some rustling and a drawer opening and closing. Kate settled herself on the bed again then the phone showed me her face again. “Show me kolej escort your toy Kate.” The phone panned down to a regular sized dildo.

“Oh my Kate, what a small little toy. It must be the size of my brother and you don’t want to make your cunt too loose when you use that toy every night. Now show me as you rub it up and down your honey pot,” I said. “What are you gonna do Kate when I stretch that pussy way out with my long, thick man cock? I’m gonna give you my big cock as a Christmas present. Would you like that Kate?”

“No Zach, please no. I can’t let your cock into my wet pussy,” she moaned.

“Get that toy boy cock good and wet then show me how you clean it off,” I ordered her. The phone then showed me the cockhead rubbing up and down her slit gathering her pussy juice.

“Zach you are so naughty. I can’t go on,” she whimpered.

“Then just hang up Kate,” I whispered. Instead I saw Kate’s lips then the cockhead came into view. Her pretty pink tongue slid out and licked all around the head. “Get it wet again Kate and slide it deep into your mouth,” I ordered her.

The cock disappeared and I heard Kate moaning again. The cockhead reappeared dripping her pussy juice. The phone showed her lips opening and the cock slowly slid in. It only went in a few inches so I told her if she was gonna take my big cock for Christmas she had to take that cock deep to the back of her throat.

“No Zach I can’t let that ever happen,” she whimpered.

“Get it wet again Kate and push that cock deep down your throat and think that is my big cock you are pleasing,” I ordered her. The cockhead reappeared again dripping globs of her honey. Her lips opened real wide and that cock slid deep into her mouth until she coughed a little. She didn’t pull it out but worked her mouth up and down the flesh pole.

“Enough Kate now show me how you punish your pussy with that boy cock when my brother leaves you wanting something long and thick like my big fat cock.” I heard a long low moan as the phone showed Kate rubbing the cock up and down her pussy slit. “Show me the opening to your pussy and that cock sinking deep up your cunt you slut.”

“I’m not a slut Zach,” she moaned.

“We will find out about that since my cock is gonna turn you into my cockslut; now shove that toy dick up your cunt,” I growled.

The phone then showed me her juicy dripping pussy opening as the dildo head began to slide in. Kate moaned and humped her hips as the dick slid down her pussy.

“Don’t stop until you have it all, my Kate slut,” I ordered her. Slowly she took it all until the fake balls landed on her pussy lips. “Now make yourself cum for me Kate.” She moaned as the fake dick was slid out then deep down into her cunt over and over. When she was close I told her to yell out my name when she came.

“No I can’t do that Zach, oh no, no, no I’m cumming Zach, I’m cumming thinking of your dick making me cum, I’m cccccuuuuummmmmiiiiinnngggg Zach!” Kate yelled.

It was shaky but I could see Kate pumping the cock in and out hard rubbing her clit with the fake balls. She shook for several minutes still pumping her pussy with that boy dick. She finally let out a long hissing breath and the phone fell to the bed and all went white. “Zach I have to go,” she moaned.

“No Kate I am not done with you yet,” I raised my voice. “Show me your pussy with that boy dick pushed all the way in.”

“Damm,” she said but the phone soon showed me her pussy with the balls pushed against her wet lips.

“Pull that dick out slowly then show me your pink lips covered in your pussy juice.” Slowly the dick slid out and left a wide opening between her lips and then her pussy juice leaked out and down the crack of her ass.

“Are we done,” moaned Kate.

“Not yet. You are learning your lesson not to tease me. Now bend your knees up and show me your wet asshole.”

“No Zach please don’t make me do that,” she moaned but the phone soon showed her anus shining with her pussy juice.

“Take that dick head and rub it across and a little into your ass.” Slowly the dickhead found her backdoor rosebud and rubbed around in a circle. She centered the dickhead on her anus and pushed in a little. She moaned deeply and pushed a little more.

“Stop Kate I will open that back door with my fat cock the morning my brother leaves for the big race across town.”

“No Zach I can’t let you come over this was a onetime thing,” Kate moaned. I told Kate that was wrong and perhaps my brother would like to see the phone video from this morning.

“No, no Zach please don’t,” she begged.

“Then I expect that call early in the morning, my Kate slut — right?”

“Yes Zach,” she whispered.

“Yes what?” I said louder.

“Yes Zach,” she said louder.

“Yes what?” I said even louder.

“Yes master,” she finally sobbed out.

“That’s better Kate now show me how you clean up that dickhead one last time.”

The phone shifted and it showed Kate opening her mouth and sliding that dick all the way down her mouth. Her lips formed an “O” küçükesat escort and sucked as she pulled the dick slowly out.

“Kate look at your phone I have a Christmas gift for you.” I then turned my phone and showed her my large eight inch fat dick with my hand pumping it up and down. I then shot six or seven loads of hot thick cum up on my abs.

Kate took in a big breath and said, “It’s so much bigger then Bob’s and you cum so much. Please Zach; please don’t come when Bob is out running. I’ll be lost forever,” Kate sobbed.

“Call me again Kate or Bob will get an edited phone message for his Christmas present,” and I ended the call.

Chapter 2:

Before my little brother’s next race he called and asked if I could help with some outdoor Christmas decorations after work. I went over and we worked outside for several hours and his house looked great. He asked if I wanted some left over’s for dinner and I agreed. Kate was all flustered while preparing the food since I was following her ass or tits all around the kitchen. She seemed to realize her flirting had got her in trouble. Food was ok and my brother spent the whole time telling me about the big Christmas Toys for Kids race this Saturday.

Kate moved the dishes to the sink and my brother said he had to make several phone calls to coordinate the toy drive and told me to just let myself out. Once he left I stood up from my chair and the legs squeaked on the floor. I saw Kate shake nervously. I reached into my pants and pulled my cock out through the zipper. I moved hard against my sister-in-law’s ass pinning her to the sink.

“What’s the matter my little Kattie, are you scared of this big fat cock rubbing on your nice tight ass? Are you getting wet just thinking this man cock is gonna be in your pussy on Saturday. That it might be in your warm mouth or even in your virgin ass?”

When I said that last part Kate moaned and pushed her ass back against my dick. I reached for the hem of her skirt and pulled the back up. I saw she had a thong on so I rubbed my cock between her ass cheeks then into the gap between her thighs. Kate moaned and pushed her wet gusset against my cock. I reached around her and grabbed each tit and pulled on her nipples through her blouse and bra.

“Don’t Zach, don’t come here on Saturday I will have no control when I see that cock. Just leave me to my teasing and fantasies. Besides it’s my fertile time and Bob and I wanna start a family. I can’t let you take my pussy. Please just stay away,” she sobbed and left the kitchen. I put my cock away and let myself out knowing that if I showed up on Saturday that body would be mine.

Chapter 3: It was early the next Saturday morning and I was expecting a call from my sister-in-law Kate. I told her she was to call me as soon as my brother left for the Christmas Toys Race across town. I guess we would have several hours together before he returned. Like on schedule my cell rang and it was Kate.

“He’s gone,” she whimpered, “Please don’t come over today Zach I won’t be able to say no to you.”

“Kate I want you to unlock the back door then lay naked on your back on the coffee table in the den. I’m on my way right now,” I ordered Kate then shut off my phone.

On the drive over all I could think about were Kate’s D cup sized breasts and that pretty pussy covered with Irish red hair. And of course that sweet mouth and tight ass would be waiting for my big dick. During our phone sex I watched Kate swallow all of her boy dildo. Just thinking about what was gonna happen made my eight inch cock creep down my thigh. I parked my car and walked around to the back door. I took a peak into the den and there was Kate laid out totally naked across the den table. There in the corner was the decorated Christmas tree, its lights twinkling off Kate’s body.

I walked into the den and stripped down and with my hard cock pointing the way stopped above Kate’s head. “Lick my balls, Kate slut,” I ordered and dropped my balls on her lips. Kate whimpered but out came her wet tongue which started bathing my balls. “Stick that sweet tongue way back there Kate and clean my butt hole,” I growled and pushed my balls to her chin. Then I felt her wet tongue rim my ass and push her point a little up the hole.

“Good job Kate slut,” I said as I moved back a bit, “Now slide your head off the end of the table.” Kate did, which lined up her mouth and throat in a straight line. “Open up and don’t gag until I’m in up to my balls.

“No, no, no Zach. Don’t force your big thick cock down my throat,” Kate moaned but opened wide when I ran my dripping cockhead across her lips. When my helmet entered she made an “O” with her lips and ran her tongue around my dick rim and tickled that sensitive spot under the head. I slowly slid my big dick to the back of Kate’s mouth when popped into her throat until my balls rested on her face.

I kept my dick in deep for some time then moved back so Kate could get a deep breath. I then repeated the deep throat several times calling her my dick slut. “Move your hands ankara escort to my dick Kate and get ready for a big load. I have enough baby butter in those balls to still give you your Christmas present,” I growled.

Kate gripped my shaft as I thrust through her hands and to the back of her throat. I sped up thrusting in and out of her mouth and when I was getting close I told Kate to wet her finger in her pussy then shove it up my asshole.

One hand left my dick and I soon felt her wet finger pushing at the entrance to my ass. When she rammed her finger all up my ass I lost all control. I could feel my balls tighten and my cum start to rise up my dick slot. I shot globs of cum on the back of her mouth. I could feel her swallowing on the end of my dickhead each shot draining all I could give her. I reached forward and grabbed each of her nipples and pulled them out away from her boobs. She moaned around my dick so I pulled back a bit but left the dickhead in and told her to suck out all the rest of my juice.

When I could take no move I pulled out and admired Kate’s tongue bathed with my white cock butter. I knelt down near her face and whispered, “No speaking today Kate — just be my silent dick slut.” I then moved to her lips and we kissed with great intensity for several minutes. I moved to the other end of the table and pulled Kate’s hips to the edge. I opened her legs wide which spread her pussy lips open.

“My, my, Kate slut’s pussy honey is just dripping out of that pink love hole. I guess I better get some for breakfast.” Kate took in a deep hissing breath through her teeth when I placed my tongue at the bottom of her pussy and licked up until I captured her clit between my lips and sucked hard. I slide my two long fingers into her pussy and curled them up and backwards to stroke her g-spot. She moaned deeply so I used my thumb and in one shove drove it deep down her ass chute. My little slut came right then spraying her pussy honey all over my face and chest.

“Oh Zach, oh Zach I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” Kate screamed out then shook for some time.

“Bob never eats my pussy and won’t touch my asshole. He thinks they are so dirty. He just slips in his tiny peepee and cums quickly. I’m so horny all the time,” she whimpered

I moved my two fingers on her clit and my thumb in and out of her asshole. When I again pinched her clit and shoved my thumb deep down her ass I could feel her sex holes pulse and shots of pussy juice soaked my hands. Kate moaned deeply and shook on the table for several minutes.

“Oh what a slut you are for me Kate. I think Santa is gonna have to put you on that naughty list,” I laughed

“Please Zach no more, no more” she begged. I pushed her thighs up towards her tits then slapped her ass several times and growled, “You were told not to speak today,” then slapped her ass about ten more times. When her cheeks were bright red I lowered her feet back to the carpet.

My dick was rock hard again so I lifted her thighs up beside her tits and in one move I drove my big dick into her pussy and only stopped when my balls hit her ass.

“ZACH,” Kate screamed. I pulled all the way out and saw the wide “O” I left between her pussy lips so I lined up again and slammed my dick home again.

“ZACH, ZACH, more, more please more,” Kate screamed. So for several minutes I pounded my cock deep into Kate’s cunt and tapped the door to her womb.

Kate must have come out of a sex stupor and pleaded, “Zach don’t cum inside me. Your brother has been trying for months to get me pregnant and I am at the right time today. Please don’t spray my womb with all your hot thick baby dick juice.”

I told her my brother can’t get the job done right so I am gonna give you a big load of my baby juice right here and now. “You will remember this Christmas as the time your brother-in-law filled your cunt with his hot thick baby butter and that you came screaming his name,” I growled as I filled her pussy.

I then started pounding her pussy with all my strength. I grabbed one nipple and her clit and twisted both until I felt her cunt clamp down hard on my dick and her body start shaking. She sobbed out nonsense words then, “Oh Zach, oh Zach I’m cumming, I’m cumming, shoot your juice deep down my pussy.” I rammed my dick home one last time pushing her womb open and shot six or seven big loads of my baby juice.

I kept my dick in deep as I leaded down and grabbed Kate’s lips with my own as we kissed deeply for a minute or two. When I felt sure my cum worms had found their way home into her womb I slowly pulled out but kept her legs elevated.

“There is your Christmas present from me Kate, a nice Christmastime made baby.”

Kate moaned out, “No, no, no Zach. Not your baby juice. Not your baby juice from your thick long hard cock going deep and pushing my womb open with your thick cockhead, in so deep.”

I laughed inside listening to Kate argue with herself and loose out to my big cock. I moved to the other end of the table and placed my dick across Kate’s lips and ordered her to clean me off. As I slid my dick along her lips Kate’s tongue snaked out and cleaned the bottom of my dick of my cum and her pussy juice. I turned her head to the side and slid my dick into her mouth. “Get me hard again Kate I have another place to cum this morning.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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