Zhinv and Niulang.

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Niulang and the children had settled in the mortal section of Jadetown: A little hamlet, set down in a lush glade, overlooked by the great Jade castle, high up on the hill, floating above the clouds, in the City of the Sky, where the fairies live, under the close eye of the Emperor — The Jade Emperor — who rules over the Sky City, with his favorite daughter by his side, ever since her mother died, giving birth to her: Zhinv, Royal Princess of the Fairies, His favorite child, who left His Regal Jade-Realm, and flew to the mortal world, to be with Niulang, giving up all of her magical powers, to be with him — Niulang; her love – she just wanted her love.

When Zhinv was found, by her father’s guards, and ordered back to the City in the Sky, she cried and cried, and wouldn’t eat, and in fear of her dying, the Emperor allowed Niulang, and the children to come to The Jade Empire, but Zhinv’s father set a cruel condition: A condition where the lovers, man and wife, may only meet on one day out of the Luna year.

Once a year, on this day, the 7th day of July — The Chinese Saint Valentine’s Day – The Jade Emperor orders his wizards to construct an Over-Bridge from rays of brilliant white light, taken from the Heavens above, and with powerful magic, they craft luminous Beams, into a shining bridged structure, upon which, the forlorn lovers, finally, would meet.

Midway across the magic Bridge, which connects the immortal Universe of the ethereal Fairy domain with the flesh — with the corporeal World of Man, itself — there, birds flock and swarm, in beautiful chevrons, fluttering and cooing, and swirling about the lovers — Zhinv and her beau — Niulang.

On the eve of the 7th, Niulang, and Zhinv lay in their bed, unable to sleep.

It was a year ago, whilst standing on the Light-Bridge, as they kissed, and hugged, and bade each other farewell for another trip around the block that day; and that they gave one another a small gift to keep, close, and close enough to remind each of them of their never-ending love, and they knew — it was only a matter of time.

Niulang had spent a month’s wage, to have a local witch, put a spell on a fluffy little kitten. The spell, would keep the kitten from growing up, and it would remain as a fluffy little ball, big enough to fit into the cup of one’s hand, for Niulang knew, that The Jade Emperor had forbidden, mortals to enter the Sky City, even if it was just an innocent little kitten. But Niulang wanted Zhinv to keep the sweet kitten, to remind her of him, always.

Zhinv, herself, had come across a sweet little ethereal grass snake, hiding in the shadows of the magic garden, just through the solid-gold French doors, and sapphire windows, which opened up, into her private garden, at the rear of her Royal rooms, in the magic castle, of The Jade city, in the clouds; and in the flower patch, just under an outgrowth of her favorite bloom — the Tiger-Lilly — in the outgrowth, of the flower bed patch, in her magic garden, in the shade, in beşevler escort the Jade Sky City, hid the shy grass snake; and she found it, and coaxed it out, with a fly, on the end of a pole and string. And once it saw her beauty, it wriggled up the sleeve of her tunic, and out from under her shoulder strap, coiling itself around her slender neck, and raising its perfectly scaled chartreuse head, it stared into her face, and tasted her sweet breath, by flicking its forked tongue, into the streams of spent air rushing out of her excited nostrils, and blasting forth from her sweet, honey mouth, as she giggled and laughed, at the antics of the cheeky little reptile, and the little snake smiled, and slithered down the open neck of her tunic, and wrapped itself around the outer perimeter, of Zhinv’s firm breasts, in a laid-over number eight configuration, which resembled the symbol of the – The’ Immortal Domain — the symbol of Infinity. And its little head rose up between Zhinv’s cleavage, and stared up into her eyes, and she knew then, that the little grass snake, loved her, and the snake felt her heart beat, and breathed easily — she wasn’t afraid, and the snake felt safe, and loved her, and she it.

On the Over-Bridge, a year, but a day, past, Zhinv had given the snake to her love, Niulang, and he, in turn offered Zhinv the fluffy kitten: The exchange transacted all that time ago; quite fully a year; there, between them, standing upon the solid beams of glistening light, radiant of the Over-Bridge structure, in clandestine illumination of their cloistered love.

Because The Jade Emperor had forbade beings, or animals of flesh and blood, of mortal decent, to dwell in his Empyreal Castle, and also, because the couple’s children, who lived with Niulang might be frightened by the snake’s primordial form, they, Zhinv and Niulang, spent time, planning the best thing to do; as the birds flocked around them, and warbled wonderful songs of love, as they held hands, and watched the fish, in the river beneath the Bridge, perform acrobatics, just for their pleasure alone.

Zhinv came up with the idea first. She told Niulang that she would sew a silk pouch into every one of her panties. A little pouch, in the middle, down there – in the front — in the front of her panties — right there – between her lovely thighs; like a pouch of a kangaroo, and there, between her legs…soft, and warm, and safe; she would keep her fluffy little kitten… There, it would be safe from the probing eye of Her jealous father…for he would never insist on inspecting the center of his daughter’s crotch, or the front of her gold-thread embroidered panties, and she could feed the kitten at night, sweetly, secretly, and the purring of the kitten, sufficiently muffled, beneath the layers of Her Regal garments; the alert – Her father’s suspicion – averted, and a Royal row skirted — around; and at all times, Zhinv would have a symbol of her love, Niulang, purring under her, warm and safe, and secure, beypazarı escort and wonderfully present — and available to her – every minute, of every day — anyway.

Zhinv, slipped Niulang a golden coin on the Bridge, and bade him hire a seamstress when he returned to the mortal world of the hamlet. He was to instruct a seamstress, also, to sew a pouch in the front of his under-shorts: And there, was he to keep, Zhinv’s sweet garden snake; warm, and safe, and as secure, just as the kitten, in her pouch; given from him: Together, in this way, would they not be as much apart — but at the same time — also, quite together – forever…

Zhinv and Niulang (Part 2)

They parted there, on the Over-Bridge of light; almost a year ago now. Zhinv, with her magic little fluffy kitten, which would never grow any bigger, and Niulang with his little green grass snake. They had given each other a symbol of their love for one another to hold close; in little silk pouches secretly sewn into the front of their underwear: Only – they – would know of the existence of the kitten, and the snake; in symbolic reverence of their secret, forbidden, love.

During the year that passed, Niulang got a job teaching Yoga. He was very good, and his body was very supple; his students had broken; almost no bones, in his classes. Zhinv had tended her garden, and thought of Niulang.

They both had their little silk pouches in the front of their underwear, and zhinv fed her little kitten on thick cream and honey, with flaked fish stirred into it: Niulang fed his snake with crickets which he caught in the fields.

Tomorrow would be the 7th day of July, and both Zhinv and Niulang were so excited, that they couldn’t sleep, and they lay there in their beds thinking of their pending meeting the next day – Saint Valentine’s Day – on the Bridge of Beams.

The bedroom.

Zhinv lay there, in the dark, and she felt a little stirring between her thighs. It was Niulang’s fluffy little kitten, it had gotten hungry.

Zhinv had a small bowl of its food at the side of the bed just for such occasions, and so she dipped her finger into the creamy honey, and fish flakes and slowly put her hand down the front of her panties, into the silk pouch. Zhinv gently felt around, until she found the fluffy little kitten’s mouth, and as she did the kitten opened up its mouth; to feed. Zhinv carefully pushed her finger deep into the little kitten’s mouth, and the kitten licked and lapped and sucked the cream and honey and fish flakes, greedily, from her finger.

Zhinv pulled her hand out and dipped her finger back into the creamy food, then slipped her hand back down the front of her panties, and into the silk pouch again. She felt around, and in no time she found the hot, wet, open mouth of the kitten again, and she pushed her creamy finger deep into the kitten’s warm sultry mouth.

The kitten, grasped Zhinv’s finger with gusto, sucking at it madly, and zhinv gasped with pleasure, ankara escort her head rolling about the pillow, her eyes closed with tears rolling down her cheeks – her heart racing; and her breasts heaving under the sheets, as she dreamed of her long lost husband – Niulang.

Zhinv fed the kitten as much as it wanted, and more…and more, until its little tummy was full, and bulging. Zhinv, pulled her wet finger out of the little kitten’s mouth, and searched around down there, between her thighs, in the silk pouch, for its cute, sweet, tiny nose. It was a funny little nose, pink, and hard, and it stuck out of the kitten’s furry face when it got excited, and as a treat, Zhinv would gently rub the kitten’s nose…around and around, gently, ever so gently; and if her finger got dry, Zhinv, would carefully push it back into the kitten’s hot, wet, velvety-smooth mouth, and coat it with some of the thick, creamy, honey-fish food that she had fed the little kitty cat with… Then, her fingers would come back up to the stiff, little pink nose, sticking out rigid – sticking out of the fur: And, she… would continue to rub the kitten’s little nose gently; around and around.

The kitten loved this, and Zhinv, would rub it faster and faster, gasping in the dark of her bedroom, clutching at her breasts, her head thrashing about on the pillow, the teats of her breasts, aching, as she pinched them, and squeezed them; gasping and panting, rubbing the kitten’s little pink nose, sticky and creamy, around and around, until…until…until, the room filled with wonderful colors, and angels danced just above her head…

Music came out of absolutely nowhere, and she called out to God, almost afraid but, braving it, and wanting more; and as she rubbed and rubbed, she began to shake, and shudder; and she gasped wildly, writhing around; rubbing faster and faster: And her body quaked, and convulsed, outside of her control, and she collapsed, squirming in the bliss and glory, of God’s shining light, and tears of utter ecstasy rolled freely from her eyes, as she panted… panted out her husband’s name, groaning, and moaning; with consummate, unadulterated, unabashed pleasure — Niulang, Niulang…Niulang my love… Niulang….

As the dark waves of pleasure, crashed upon the midnight shores of her soul, washing her stain clean…rushing – in furious torrents – noisily, to and fro, in the burning ocean of her love: …She quietly lay there in the darkness of her room once again, softly stroking the creamy wet fur of the kitten that lay purring between her thighs; in its silk little pouch, sewn into the front of her panties.

Zhinv: eventually let the fluffy kitten fall back into perfect sleep, warm and snuggly, tucked between the quagmire of her wonderful undercarriage, and she gently brought her slippery fingers up to her burning lips, and slowly ran them over her open mouth, breathing in their hot, humid, creamy scent; and her heart fluttered, and a few wayward waves crashed once again on the beaches of her Womanly shore: And as she slowly put her fingers deep into her mouth, closing her turgid lips behind them; and as she fell asleep, sucking them gently, but fervently — in the dreaming of the seeing, of the absent husband, and lover — Niulang; the very next day…

(To be continued…)

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