Zoe Opens Up

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When you finally hooked up with Zoe, you thought it was the start of something special. You’d had a crush on her all semester. She often came to class dressed casually — a messy ponytail, simple athletic shorts or leggings, and a baggy shirt that you’d later learn did a good job hiding her perky DD-cups. She didn’t flaunt her body like most of the other girls at school, it was her face that first attracted you. She had black hair that contrasted with her fair skin. She had delicate, feminine features, a thin nose, and beautiful eyes that had a vaguely exotic look to them. Her smile was one of innocence with a hint of naughtiness. You’d later find out why.

You finally worked up the courage to ask her on a study date.

You eventually bring her back to your place, and when you finally make a move, she reciprocates interest. Despite her reserved, innocent demeanor, once you get her going she revealed a kinky side that catches you off guard. She sucked your cock like a pro, stopping to tease your balls with her tongue before rhythmically swirling it around the head. When you slide your hand under her shorts you find that despite being soaking wet, her pussy is so tight that pushing even one finger in takes effort. She moans in pleasure, with a slight hint of pain, as she’s penetrated for the first time in over a year. You lick her pussy a little bit. It’s the best looking pussy you’ve ever seen: petite, pink, with thin lips.

After teasing her clit with your tongue, you finally slide your cock into her. The first few thrusts seem to hurt her, but she seems to enjoy it before long. As she leaves you can’t wait to call her, hoping this is just the first of many hookups. You don’t know it yet, but Zoe used to have a wild streak. The reason she hadn’t had sex in over a year was that she was trying to keep her fiendish libido under control, but after letting her guard down with you, it had revived a monster inside of her.

You play it cool not wanting to come off too eager, but her mind is elsewhere. All she can think about is sex, and not just with you: she simply just wants cock, any way she can get it.. Your little hook up opened the flood gates and Zoe was once again a cock-obsessed whore. She asks if she can come over, being overtly sexual in her texts. You tell her that you can’t tonight but you’d love to take her to dinner soon. She rolls her eyes, finding the suggestion boring.

Then she sees something that excites her. A basketball player from her school, Jemarcus, posted a story at a pool with several of his teammates. He had tried to hit on Zoe multiple times over the past year, but, sticking to her self-imposed celibacy, she’d shown no interest. Now, it was like a switch has flipped in her brain, and she sees the perfect opportunity to fill her craving. She hits him up and gets right to the point.

She sends him a picture of her in a tiny black bikini, barely containing her tits and leaving little to the imagination with the message “I’ve been looking for somewhere to wear this, I wanna get wet.”

She’s promptly invited. She quickly trims her pubic hair and shaved her ass clean, then hops in her car, full of excitement.

When she walks into the backyard pool area, she’s somewhat surprised to see she’s the only girl there, with five tall, muscular, shirtless men staring at her. She feels her pussy start to tingle and dampen as the reality of the situation sets in.

She’d assumed she would just pull Jemarcus off to the side and fuck him in one of the bedrooms, but now that she was here all five men were staring at her as if they planned to fuck her, and she realizes that she plans to let them.

She slips her oversized t-shirt off, revealing her slender 19-year-old body in a skimpy black bikini that can barely contain her large, shapely breasts. The men react with excitement as they get a better look at how their afternoon is about to be spent. She slowly slips into the water in an almost trancelike state. The guys make some brief small talk, but they all know why she’s there.

“I never do stuff like this,” she giggles in a state of dreamlike disbelief.

Before long she’s slipping her bikini top off, letting her perfect tits fall out for the world to see. Her full DD-cups look massive on her skinny frame and her tiny, pink nipples are already erect from excitement. Before long, there’s a mouth around each nipple, sucking passionately on her beautiful tits.

The sensation of having two men touching her at the same time is intimidating, but also intoxicating. She feels vulnerable and tiny, but empowered; she’s the main attraction, and all five of these men are expecting her to satisfy them. Soon, when she feels a third man approach her from behind and slide his hand to her pussy, she simply let her lustful euphoria take over and goes with the flow.

The second Jemarcus drops his shorts she knows she made the right decision. She didn’t think your dick was small, in fact she thought it was above average. But she didn’t want to be anywhere near average. His massive cock dwarfs yours gaziantep eskort before he’s even fully hard. She practically begs to suck it. The men lift her out of the pool and bring her to the poolside chairs. Zoe wears a giddy grin on her face as the men tower over her.

“It’s perfect, I’ve never seen a cock like this before,” she cooed as she wraps her thin, petite hand around Jemarcus’ cock and gasps in disbelief.

Zoe would hold the cock in her hands, feeling its thickness, and then hold her forearm up to it to compare its length. She eagerly sucks it, and is so fixated on it that she doesn’t notice the men on either side of her both pulling out their own, similarly sized cocks. She does eventually, though, and her face lights up; she makes a muffled “mmm” sound as Jemarcus’ cock is filling her mouth. Each of her hands grabs wraps around the nearest cock. She first runs her fingers over them, as if savoring them in her hands, before starting to rhythmically stroke them.

Eventually, the two men who have yet to get involved get fed up with sitting and watching. Both grab the strings on either side of her bottoms and swiftly untie them. Zoe again tries to giggle, but with a large cock filling her mouth she’s only able to make a faint “mmphmm” sound. As her bottoms are peeled off, a neatly trimmed little patch of dark pubic hair is revealed sitting atop her pussy. That wasn’t there when you hooked up, must be a product of her newfound wild streak.

Her pussy is still petite and tight, but it is throbbing so badly for cock that she feels wetter than she ever has in her life. It’s not until her pussy is exposed to the fresh air that she thinks about the fact that she is essentially having sex in public, but that thought does more to excite her than it does to deter her. One man slides a finger up through her pussy’s lips, making her quiver with pleasure; when he gets to the top he gives her clit a light flick. A wave of bliss shoots through her body, making her momentarily stop servicing the three cocks in front of her. The fifth man begins pinching her nipples and lightly pulling on her shapely tits. The men eventually shift to a more comfortable position. Zoe lies on her back with her legs spread as the men encircle her.

Jemarcus kneels before her pussy and kisses it before he begins eating her clit passionately. She moans wildly as she still struggles to keep up with pleasuring the four cocks surrounding her. You’d eaten Zoe’s pussy for all of 30 seconds before sliding your cock in. Meanwhile, Jemarcus has her in a state of toe-curling euphoria that she’d never felt before.

As she feels an orgasm swelling up in her body she briefly pulls her head away from the cock she’s been sucking to let the guys know, “I’m cumming!”

Her exclamation is loud enough that a next door neighbor heard it. A beautiful 45-year-old housewife peeks out her sliding glass door and sees a busty, petite white girl being ferociously pleasured by a group of five black men. Zoe locks eyes with her; any embarrassment she feels is overwhelmed by pride.

The house wife scoffs, but deep down she feels her pussy start to throb. The image of these massive cocks surrounding this young white girl sticks with her; a week later she’ll find herself knocking on their door to properly introduce herself. She’ll of course be invited in, and subsequently dominated and stretched out, while her husband is away at work.

The men drag Zoe inside and throw her onto the couch face down. Her perky, round ass sticks up as she tries to get her bearings. One of the men smacks her ass, hard, making her whimper. Another kneels and swirls his tongue around her hairless, spotless hole. Despite being a freak, Zoe had never had her ass eaten before.

An exasperated “woahhh” escapes her lips as this new, unique sensation washes over her.

She’s presented with two cocks in her face, and quickly scrambles to suck both of them, alternating her mouth and her hands back and forth. Jemarcus slides into her pussy, raw. She’d made you use a condom, but there’s no way that she was about to exercise any caution with these men. Any dignity went out the door the second she decided to let five men gang-fuck her. Your modest six inches hurt her pussy last week, but she’s now so aroused – both physically and mentally – that Jemarcus’ thick, nearly foot-long, cock brings her pure ecstasy.

Jemarcus eventually pulls out and smacks her ass. He manhandles her, spinning her around and flipping her onto her back. He then grasps the back of both her knees and pulls them back, spreading her pussy for one of his boys to enter. The two men in front of her both scramble to fuck her, but the bigger of the two shoves his friend out of the way. He begins violently thrusting into her pussy and Jemarcus continues to hold her legs spread. This position allows his friend to get a deep as possible, and, for a second, Zoe is concerned that he may actually break her, as his cock is plunging deeper into her pussy than any man had been eskort gaziantep before. Jemarcus’ balls dangled in her face as he kneels above her, and she begins to lick his balls and jerk him off, while upside down.

Zoe is fucked in every way imaginable over the next two hours. Any weak boundaries she had are soon cast aside. Each of the men would fuck her raw; it seems like she only cared about using condoms with you. A finger slipping in her ass eventually leads to a cock taking her anal virginity, after minimal convincing. She’s double penetrated, feeling like she is going to burst as the cocks completely fill her petite body. Just a week ago, your very average missionary sex had caused her pain; now she had nearly three feet total feet of cock in her at once, and she’s loving every second of it. Well, she was still in her fair share of pain, evidenced by her eye makeup streaking down her cheeks, but the otherworldly pleasure she was receiving far outweighed it.

One by one the guys reached their limits; one cums in her mouth, spurting his thick load down her throat. The large cock inside of her erupts, giving her the odd sensation of her first anal creampie. Jemarcus looks into her eyes as he fucks her pussy, tacitly asking permission to cum inside, she gleefully agrees. She’d stopped taking the pill months ago, figuring she didn’t need it because of her sexual inactivity. But to her, this amazing day was well worth a Plan B. With cum leaking out of her mouth and dripping down her chin, she welcomes Jermacus’ potent seed into her pussy with a nod and a grin.

The men continue to use her for hours. She has countless loads dumped inside of her, to a point that eventually disgusts the men. While Zoe gets fucked from behind, one of the men presents their ass. In the heat of the moment, she eats it without a second thought, even though the idea would’ve been revolting to her just days ago.

She eventually gathers herself, aching and sore. Her makeup is smeared around her eyes. Her hair is matted with stray streams of cum. Her ass is beat red from a barrage of slaps. Her pussy and asshole are tender and raw from hours of animalistic fuucking. While most girls would feel a sense of shame, Zoe feels a strange sense of empowerment, bordering on enlightenment. She’s just had orgasms more intense than she’d ever thought possible. She loves the feeling of capturing all of the men’s attention, and leaving them all satisfied..

She walks outside to collect her bathing suit. By this point more neighbors are home, and two men watch, mouths agape, as this disheveled, petite white girl walks outside bare naked, looking like she’s just gone through hell. Zoe grabs her bathing suit and walks inside gingerly, almost limping. She doesn’t even bother putting her bikini back on; she just throws her oversized t-shirt on over her naked body.

“You might be the best lil slut I ever seen,” Jemarcus whispers into her ear.

Zoe giggles, “Thank you Daddy! I’m here whenever you want my pussy.”

Jemarcus doesn’t kiss her, which she understands. By this point, no part of her was clean. She slips out the door.

The housewife next door watches as Zoe makes her way to her car, and finds herself rubbing her clit as she imagines the sort of savage fucking that the girl had just experienced.

Zoe starts her car, her hands slightly shaking as they grasp the wheel. Her pussy lips, still parted from the intense stretching she’d just received, begin to leak a little bit of cum onto the seat. She doesn’t care. She sits in the shower for an hour trying to clean herself up; but she already knows that she was filled with so much cum that it’ll be impossible to clean it all that night. She’ll pay special attention to her ass; it’d never had so much as a finger in it before today, but had just been fucked by three large cocks. She feels a soreness that she knows will persist for a while. She finds herself tearing up, but she doesn’t know why. Her heart is filled with nothing but euphoric bliss. She feels like a new purpose has washed over her.

An hour later, she gets out of the shower and sees your text. She still hadn’t replied to the last one, but you were so eager to hook up with her again that you shamelessly double-texted.

Hey sorry about tonight, but we should do something tomorrow!

She feels a sudden twinge of curiosity: could she enjoy regular sex again after being barbarically fucked by five huge cocks? She decides she’d better find out before she wastes her time meeting any new, normal guys. Besides, she still has somewhat of a soft spot for you.

She comes over the next day. Any small talk you try to make seems lost on her. When you finally make a move, she’s instantly receptive. She doesn’t feel nearly the same sense of excitement that she did yesterday, but she feels her pussy heating up as you suck on her nipples. When you go to eat her pussy, you already notice a change. It’d previously been visibly tight, with her petite lips pursed together. Now, they’re gaziantep bayan eskort slightly spread, with the surrounding area visibly red. You ignore this and proceed to eat her out passionately. She enjoys it, but there’s something missing. This all feels too tame to her.

When the time comes to suck your cock, she does so with even more wild fervor than the first time. You have to fight the urge to cum right away.

“Oh my God, you’re so good. You’re a little slut aren’t you?” you grunt.

She nods and gives a “mmm hmm” with your cock still in her mouth, the muffled vibration of her words feels amazing.

“Yeah you are a good slut,” you sigh.

She smirks and lifts her head from your cock. “Well… yesterday I was kind of a bad little slut,” she says, holding your dick against her cheek.

You laugh and say, “oh yeah? Why’s that?”

She climbs on to your lap, preparing to mount you, and says, “yesterday I fucked five black men from the basketball team.

You laugh, confused by her bizarre joke.

“I had three cocks in me at one time; I let all of them use my pussy; three of them fucked my ass. I didn’t really love that, but in the moment I just couldn’t say no to anything,” she says with a bright smile on her face.

In disbelief, you start to question whether she’s actually telling the truth. You focus on the sensation as she slides down onto your cock. Last week it had taken a few thrusts to ease it in to her tight, almost virgin-like pussy, but tonight your cock is met with no resistance. You can immediately tell that it feels different than before.

She has to be telling the truth, she’d spent yesterday get stretched out by multiple cocks, all of them much bigger than yours. You feel disgusted and go to pull her off of your cock, but she shifts her weight down; her ass cheeks slap on your thighs as she buries you deep inside of her pussy. The inner walls that were tightly gripping your cocks just a week ago are now stretched to fit bigger and better things.

You want to cry. This is a girl you saw yourself dating: the cute, shy girl in math class who blushed when you finally asked her out; girl that was speechless the first time you kissed her and caressed her breasts. You’re angry, but mostly heartbroken. She looks at you and for some reason you can’t move, no matter how disgusted you are. This girl has a hold over you -those eyes, that smile, those tits. She once again slides her pussy up your cock, slowly, deliberately, and then plunges her ass down, enveloping it again. She’s trying to see how much she’s able to feel your cock. So far, the sensation is just a fraction of what she’d felt the first time you’d slept together.

“Why did you do that?” you finally stammer.

“Honestly…”, she begins while still slowly riding your cock, “I’ve always been a freak. I got a reputation as a slut when I was younger, and eventually my parents had to homeschool me, but honestly, it never bothered me. It shamed them more than it ever did me.”

She slides up again.

“I decided it was best to just avoid sex altogether; it seemed like it only got me in trouble. But when you asked me out, well… I like you.”

You feel a mix of anger, arousal, and confusion as Zoe’s ass once again smacks down.

“I wanted to have sex with you, and I enjoyed it,” she says, as if fondly replaying the memory. “But it was like the floodgates opened. Once I got home, I couldn’t stop thinking about sex,”

“Why couldn’t you have just asked me? I would’ve been down to have sex whenever!” you shout.

She smiles coyly. “But sweety I’m a slut. The idea of being with one person doesn’t turn me on,” she says with a devilish smile on her face. “It’s the idea of every guy wanting a piece of you, satisfying as many as you can, that’s a feeling that monogamous sex just can’t compare to.”

You want to throw up. “Five people all at once?” you ask. “Is that seriously what you like?!”

“Well I’d never done that before, and it was kinda scary at first. But in a way it’s amazing. You’re like the center of attention. You’re being touched in so many different places at once it’s kind of overwhelming”, she giggles, “and their cocks were so big it was hard to say no to any of them.”

Your cock twitches a bit as it stiffens more. You’re just now realizing that this might be the hardest you’ve been in your entire life. Zoe looks down at you with a dirty smile on her face. She realizes your cock is actually growing as you hear the details of her gang bang.

“I had one in my pussy and one in my ass at the same time. It’s such a crazy feeling, hard to describe,” she says with a beaming smile on her face.

You’ve heard enough. You sit up, looking at her face to face.

“Why the fuck are you even here then?” you ask angrily.

“I wanna see if I can still enjoy an average cock,” she says in a matter-of-fact tone. She abruptly pushes you down onto the bed and begins to ride your cock like a maniac.

Both feet planted on the bed, she begins bouncing up and down on your cock harder than you thought possible. Despite the hot visual in front of you – the girl you’d had a crush on for months is fucking you like a porn star – her stretched pussy only feels a fraction as good as it did a week ago. You pinch her nipple with one hand, hard, twisting it. She bites her lip and laughs as she continues to bounce on your cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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