Zofia Goes to College Ch. 01


When I was a young man, I saw many Eastern European fathers keep tight control over their daughters; so tight that they never had any fun at all. Young men were afraid to go anywhere near their house out of fear of the father. This control worked while their daughters were young but when they got older and got their first taste of freedom, the girls went wild. This is a story about one of those girls.


Zofia was raised in a very traditional Polish family whose parents emigrated from Poland before she was born. She had two older brothers and being the baby of the family and the only girl, she was the apple of her father’s, Stan’s, eye. He loved her deeply and was not only very protective of her but was also very strict. Her parents were raised that the man of the family was the king of the castle and whatever he said was treated as the law of the household. They were also very strict, conservative Roman Catholics that believed that girls should maintain their purity and remain virgins until their wedding night.

Being raised in a strict Eastern European family wasn’t so bad when Zofia was younger, after all, she didn’t know any other way of life. She was a good Polish girl, obedient, and studious in her chores. She was a little mischievous because she knew she was her parents’ favorite child and loved to get her older brothers in trouble. They would tease her often, as brothers do with sisters, but she would also tell her parents every time they got into trouble They loved their little sister but at the same time resented the little tattle tale.

Stan worked hard for his money so he could provide for his family and took all the overtime he could at the auto factory in order to help his family live the American Dream. There weren’t a lot of minorities in his homeland of Poland and Stan had a difficult time working in a diverse environment at the factory. Zofia didn’t understand his resentment of them because she went to school and became friends with several girls of different ethnicities and races at her public school but her father made it clear he didn’t want her that they weren’t welcome in his house. He eased up a little after his wife, Sonia, pleaded with him to relent so Zofia could have some friends of her choice. While he tried to hide his feelings while Zofia’s minority friends were over the house, it was pretty obvious that Stan was not comfortable. Sometimes he would invent chores for his daughter to do in order to keep her away from her friends. While she resented her father for doing this, she still had to obey his orders.

For as strict as her father was during her younger days, Stan got even more strict as Zofia entered her teen years and developed a more womanly shape. Seeing his daughter beginning to turn into a beautiful young lady bothered him to no end. He knew it wouldn’t be long before the young boys started hanging around the house and he knew what they would want to do with his daughter. He scraped the money together to send her to an all girl’s Catholic High School to keep her away from the boys.

Zofia had a lovely round face with round eyes and high cheekbones like most Polish girls. Her light brown, almost blonde hair and blue eyes made her even more attractive. As her hormones began to flow, her breasts developed into large round mounds of flesh that attracted the attention of a lot of boys and even some of her brothers’ friends. This made Stan’s blood boil even more and he became more strict with Zofia and kept a close eye on where she was going and who she was hanging out with. She had an earlier curfew than all of her friends but she remained loyal to her father’s commands.

When boys would show an interest in his daughter, Stan would make sure he scared them away. He even enlisted the help of his two sons who were more than happy to ruin their little sister’s fun by chasing any potential suitors away from her. They even physically intervened at times to scare the boys away. Word spread quickly that anyone that showed an interest in Zofia would have to deal with her big brothers first and then her father so they naturally shied away from her.

Zofia was devastated by her being shunned by boy crush after boy crush but still remained obedient to her strict father. She would never, ever disrespect him. She was allowed to have a couple of dates in her junior and senior years of high school but only after the pleading her mother did with her father but she still had to be home early. She was still able to experience her first kiss, some mild makeout sessions, and knowing what it felt like to have a boy grab her round, fleshy butt, and fondle her breasts but she refused to go any further. She wanted to save herself for marriage just as she had been taught.

While Zofia was respectful of her parents, deep inside of her, she wanted to, needed to, break away from them. All the studying her father made her do during school ended up Kadıköy Grup Escort being the key to her escape. She had phenomenal grades and was able to secure full scholarships to several local and out-of-state colleges. Her father insisted she live at home and go to a local university but she was now 18 and the local schools didn’t have the majors she wanted. Her father didn’t care and they fought for weeks over her choices of schools until her mother finally convinced her father to compromise. Zofia decided she would go to a school about 100 miles away. She would be away from home but still close enough to home.

When her parents dropped Zofia off for orientation the summer before classes began, her father got upset seeing the number of minorities that were present and he warned her to stay away from them. She had no choice but to promise her father she would follow his advice in order to keep him calm but in the back of her mind, she remembered her classmates in grammar school and how she wanted to be friends and found nothing wrong with having friends whose skin was a different color than hers.

Zofia was relieved after her parents left. She was also a little nervous because she never had so much freedom before and she planned to make the most of the next two nights. Her roommate for the orientation, Sylvia, showed up an hour later and they became friends immediately. Sylvia was dressed in tight shorts and a tank top while Zofia had on longer, less revealing shorts and a loose-fitting top that hid her ample breasts. They talked for a few minutes before deciding to explore the campus together.

While on their self-guided tour, the roommates ran across several other incoming freshmen doing the same thing. Zofia couldn’t help but notice the attention her new friend was receiving from the boys and deep down, was a little jealous but also curious to see how the boys would react if she were similarly attired.

After a few hours of roaming the campus, Zofia and Sylvia went back to their room to change so they could attend a social mixer. The dorm was now crowded with a mixture of young men and women. When there was any gathering of young people, they were all checking each other out and Zofia caught the attention of a young man, Chris, but she was too shy and inexperienced to return his flirtatious glances. He tried to talk to her but she got scared, the rantings of her father still embedded in her mind. She made an excuse to go and find Sylvia.

Sylvia asked her, “Why did you stop talking to Chris? He’s kinda cute.”

“I don’t know. I’m not very good with boys. My father told me they only wanted one thing, you know.”

Sylvia continued, “Come on Zofia, you’re in college now. You have to have some fun. Relax.”

Zofia just shrugged her shoulders, not convinced.

Sylvia was exasperated with her new friend, telling her, “Girl, we have a lot of work ahead of us. You have to loosen up and learn how to have a good time.”

Deep down Zofia was desperate to finally be able to let loose but still had to break through years of indoctrination by her strict father. The rest of the night was uneventful but the next morning the girls had a long talk. Sylvia had to explain to her roommate that college was a time for new experiences and to take advantage of their freedom away from home. Zofia was all ears but still scared.

The two girls were similar in size and build and Sylvia lent Zofia some of her clothes so she wouldn’t look so frumpy. Sylvia picked out a very short skirt and halter top for Zofia to wear while she put on another pair of short shorts and a tight tank top. She reluctantly put on the outfit her friend picked out and quickly told Sylvia she couldn’t wear it because her father wouldn’t approve.

Sylvia shook her head and exclaimed, “Your daddy isn’t here. It’s time to let loose. Now come on, let’s go strut ourselves around campus.”

Zofia took a deep breath and stepped out of the dorm room with her friend. This was the most rebellious she had ever been and it felt exhilarating. For the first time in her life, she felt the appreciative stares of the opposite sex as they checked out her legs and bouncing breasts.

They attended some mandatory orientation sessions and made sure they sat next to some cute boys who they might run into later that night at another social mixer. Zofia wasn’t used to wearing such provocative clothing and felt uncomfortable sitting in her short skirt. What she didn’t know was that anyone that was noticing got a clear view of her pink panties as she sat through the session. She didn’t realize why some of the boys kept looking her way but she enjoyed the attention they were paying her.

The same thing happened at lunch, in the afternoon session then at dinner. Zofia was experiencing being attractive to boys, something she’s never felt before. She was also feeling her pussy getting warm and wet. She had this feeling before but was told it was the Kadıköy Manken Escort work of the devil and she should resist until she was married but she couldn’t help herself. She was getting horny from the attention she was receiving all day.

After dinner, the girls went back to their dorm to get dressed for the social mixer. Zofia didn’t have any sexy clothing and she jumped at the opportunity to let Sylvia assist her in getting dressed again. It was a good thing Sylvia overpacked for the weekend orientation and had plenty of choices to share with her friend.

Sylvia asked her friend, “Do you trust me?”

Zofia responded, “I guess.”

“Well, let me pick your outfit for tonight and help you with your makeup.”

Zofia had to think for a moment, but the thought of being bad without her father’s knowing and already feeling naughty from the attention she got from the boys all day made her agree to accept Sylvia’s offer. She was going to enjoy her new found freedom so she placed her trust in Sylvia.

After putting on some makeup and doing her hair, it was time to get dressed. Zofia’s heart skipped a beat when she saw the outfit Sylvia picked out for her. She almost chickened out but Sylvia insisted on holding her to her promise.

“Just try it on Zofia and see how you look.”

Zofia reluctantly changed into the pink, off the shoulder, long sleeve, crop top and spandex micro mini skirt that showed off every curve of her ass.

She told her friend, “I don’t know if I can go out wearing this.”

Sylvia told her, “You can’t back out now. Besides, if you want to attract some boys, you have to advertise. Besides, you promised me.”

As scared as she was, Zofia wanted to experience a wild night and agreed to go to the mixer dressed in the outfit Sylvia picked out for her. Sylvia was dressed in an equally short skirt and tube top as they left for the mixer. Zofia was more than a little self-conscious but she had the emotional support of her new best friend. The girls drew a lot of attention as they walked through the campus on their way to the student union and even more attention when they got to the social. Little did Zofia know but her nipples were now poking through the material covering her breasts which drew even more admiring glances.

Several young men made their way over to talk to the two foxy freshmen but it was when Chris and his roommate Don, a light-skinned African American, approached them that things got serious. Chris eyed up the beautiful Polish girl and Zofia wasn’t as awkward as the previous night. They struck up a long conversation before he asked her to dance while Don danced with Sylvia.

Zofia had never danced with another boy but Chris didn’t mind her awkward movements as his eyes were fixed on her exposed legs and bouncing breasts. She got a little nervous when a slow dance came and she let Chris take her in his arms as they swayed to the music. Her young hormones were flowing and her pussy was getting warm and wet again. She got a little scared when she felt his growing erection poking into her thigh. Part of her wanted to run away but the new found adventurous side made her stay. She had never felt like this before and she liked being held in the arms of a cute boy.

When the song was over the couple parted, Zofia blushed, experiencing feelings she never had before. She was excited and scared. Sylvia then approached them to inform her that the boys had some beer back in their dorm room.

Chris asked, “Do you want to go back with us?”

Sylvia answered for her, “Oh, we’re going.”

Zofia was following her lead all day and was having more fun than she had ever had in her entire life so she agreed to accompany Sylvia to Don and Chris’ dorm room. She knew her father wouldn’t be pleased with her hanging out with Don because he was Black. He was quite handsome but her father would never have approved. When they got to the room, they were each handed a can of beer. Zofia had never drank before but didn’t want to look too naive so she lifted the can to her lips to take a sip. She didn’t like the taste but pretended to enjoy it. After drinking about half of it, she began to relax and felt a little tipsy. When she was on her second beer, she noticed that Sylvia and Don were kissing and slow dancing. His hands exploring her roommate’s body. Chris looked at her and leaned in to kiss her. One kiss led to another and another. Before long they were passionately making out too.

When Chris’s hands began to wander over her body, she was too scared to stop him. She was having too much fun and didn’t want to spoil it now, so she let him feel her breasts through her top and fondle her ass. The warm feeling between her legs was getting more intense and her heart was beating faster from being nervous and turned on. The more beer she drank, the more her inhibitions melted along with her heart. When Chris slipped his hand underneath her top to feel her bare Kadıköy Masöz Escort breasts Zofia moaned softly in pleasure. Part of her wanted to stop his wandering hands but it felt too good.

She noticed that Sylvia was now topless and Don was sucking on her tits. She knew what Chris would want to do next. Part of her wanted to run out of the room. If her father ever found out what she was doing, he would never let her out of the house again. However, she was a little drunk by now and having more fun than she’d ever had before. When Chris began to tug at the bottom of her shirt, she closed her eyes and lifted her arms, giving in to her desires.

Chris then announced, “Wow, you have great tits.”

That caused Don and Sylvia to stop making out and they looked over at Chris and Zofia. No boy had ever seen her 36c breasts before, now two boys were looking at them. Don smiled and Sylvia gave her roommate an approving nod. Chris began to suck on her nipples making Zofia even hotter than before. When he slipped his hand up her short skirt to touch her between her legs, she nervously jumped a little but was feeling too good to stop Chris’s advances. She began to breathe heavier as his fingers began to rub her pussy through her panties which were now damp from her juices. She got really nervous when she felt his hand slide inside her panties as his fingers began to penetrate her. She knew what she was doing was wrong but felt helpless to stop now.

She looked over at Sylvia who was now naked and on her knees giving Don a blow job. Zofia was shocked at this sight. She had heard about girls doing this but never really believed that women would put a man’s penis in their mouths. She noticed how big Don’s cock was and was fascinated by seeing Sylvia’s white lips surrounding the black cock. While she was momentarily distracted, Chris was busy pulling down her panties. She instinctively stepped out of them and when he unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor, she finally realized she was about to lose her virginity. Her father would be so disappointed in her. He would probably call her a tramp, a slut, or a whore for not waiting for her wedding night. She was so scared at that moment but she also was resentful of her strict father never letting her have any fun that this was one way to assert her independence.

She stood naked before Chris as he quickly undressed. She saw Don climb between Sylvia’s legs and enter her. She watched them fuck for a few seconds before she looked over at Chris who was now naked, displaying a 7-inch erection. She was scared and curious at the same time. He placed his hand over hers and placed it over his dick, showing her how he wanted to be stroked before he went back to exploring her body.

Chris then led Zofia over to his bed and laid her down. He spread her legs and fingered her. Zofia never felt more vulnerable than laying there naked letting a strange boy play with her most private parts. She was shocked when he placed his head between her legs and began to lick her pussy. She almost began to panic but when he ran his tongue over her clit, she immediately relaxed and began to moan in pure pleasure. She had never felt anything so wonderful before. Her breathing got heavier the more he licked and sucked on her clit. An overpowering feeling crept over her body until she tensed up and let out a mild scream as she began to orgasm. Her sounds even made Don momentarily stop fucking Sylvia, who was now on all fours and look over at Zofia.

Don commented, “It sounds like your friend is enjoying herself.”

“It sure does.”

Zofia was a little embarrassed by her scream but she also felt ecstatic at experiencing her first orgasm. She was exhilarated and hotter than ever. When Chris asked her to suck his dick, she felt obligated to return the favor. As scared as she was, she got down on her knees between his outstretched legs. She took his erection in her hand, momentarily hesitating, while staring as the first hard dick she’d ever seen. She wondered what it would taste like. What if she didn’t like it?

She licked her lips, gathered up all her courage, opened her mouth wide while closing her eyes, and lowered her head onto his awaiting cock. Zofia took as much of his dick into her mouth as she could, gagged a little then began to bob her head up and down like she had seen Sylvia do with Don. Now that the initial deed was done, Zofia decided sucking a dick wasn’t so bad and was encouraged by the soft moans coming from Chris.

Chris encouraged her with supportive words, “That’s it baby suck my dick. Oh, that feels good. Yeah, use your tongue just like that.”

Zofia used her tongue to swirl around the hard hunk of meat in her mouth as her head bobbed. She was giving Chris her first blow job that she ever gave. Her teeth accidentally scraped against his shaft a couple of times out of inexperience but she began to enjoy giving her first lover a blow job.

When he asked her to stop and get back onto the bed, she knew that she was about to have sex for the very first time. After that night, she would no longer be a virgin. She began to get visibly nervous as she laid back and spread her legs. Chris put on a condom then climbed between her thighs but noticed she was shaking.