Zombie Apocalypse On The Shore Ch. 02


(Hi All, You don’t need to read the first chapter, though it would be great if you did. The emphasis is not on fighting zombies. However, it is a setting that brings different types of people together. This chapter is about the sex. I hope you enjoy.)

Day 5 is winding down and this team of survivors is relaxing from a hard day’s work of killing the infected, recruiting survivors, and obtaining more survival gear. Michelle comes out to the three guys she is a woman with something extra and wants to flaunt her assets to the delight of the three guys.

“Are you serious?” Our six foot plus leader, ‘Boss Man’ asked the sexy and topless transgendered, curly haired beauty kneeling between his knees.

“Definitely!” She exclaimed undoing his pants and pulling out his already hard and precum dripping thick cock.

Watching my girlfriend, Michelle, go down on my long time friend, Jake, reminded me of the first time I saw her. At the time, she was a mousey, scared looking guy (who would introduce himself as Mikey), with scraggly hair and rushing through the kitchen door within the first few minutes of the outbreak, just five days ago.

However, and living in this moment and just thirty minutes ago, Michelle had given us three guys a serious strip tease, along with exotic dancing, and a lap dance for each of us. Michelle stripped down to her black lace panties, with her rigid and luscious eight inch cock yearning to escape its confines. She was topping off her incredible performance by offering her full, red painted lips to my friend’s very big dick.

Andy and I were sitting next to each other on the couch across from the recliner. We had a perfect view of Michelle’s ass. Although her puckered asshole was barely covered by a string between her ass cheeks, her butt was extremely desirable and our imaginings ran wild. Andy, aka ‘The Lover’, had more than once watched me touching my bulge over my shorts as my sexy girlfriend performed fellatio on Jake. I released my hand from my groin and I simply nodded my head. Andy excitedly reached for the outline of my six inch cock pressing against my shorts.

He anxiously unzipped me and reached in to caress my erection. I put my hand on his shoulder and this subtle action strangely reminded me of his less than grand entrance.

The outbreak occurred and I ran upstairs after Jake, Mikey, and I secured the downstairs. I remembered hearing Andy’s fist frantically slamming on the upstairs door. I pulled him inside the house and put my hand on shoulder. He was crying about how his wife and neighbors changed. They were infected. The infected would tear into another person’s flesh. These psychos that bit into living flesh immediately sought other uninfected living bodies.

Back to this moment, I noticed Andy eased my rock hard cock out of the restrictive clothing and I watched as he took his finger, wet from my precum, to his lips and showed me he could suck my cum from his finger as easily as I sucked his cock a couple days ago. The threesome between Andy, Michelle, and me was beyond incredible! It was the first time I sucked a man’s cock, his, and the first time I plunged my dick inside Michelle’s tight and perfect asshole.

Andy leaned his head down and licked the tip of my cock and started slowing sucking on just my helmet. I had to stop him because I did not want to cum yet. He understood and sat back up but his hand stayed on my very hard shaft.

I heard Jake’s voice as he came, and wow, he must have needed the sexual release.

“FUUUUUCCkkkkkkk! Yeeeeeeeesssss! Dammmmmnnn! He roared.

Michelle kept her head down in his lap for a few more moments before picking her head up and looked at Jake.

Jake was sweating and helped her up from her knees. “Thank you! Thank you! I needed that so much!”

“My pleasure!” Michelle purred and hugged him hard. “I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for me.”

“You’re very welcome, Michelle, ‘The Killer’. I am glad you are on the team.” Pulling his shorts up, he turned to all of us, “I hope you don’t mind but I am going to call it a night.”

We all nodded as he disappeared into his room and turned the music up slightly.

Michelle wiped his cum from her face, chin, and perfectly shaped C-cup breasts using her discarded blouse as a big tissue. She then put her hands confidently on her hips as she surveyed Andy and me on the couch with our cocks out of our shorts.

“It is my turn to be pleased!” She said, filled with confidence, pride and excitement. “Now, strip!”

I would have undressed faster but she started giving us a repeat of the show she put on less than thirty minutes ago. She swayed as before but with more passion, grace and a stronger lust. She gripped her cock through her panties and brandished it like a weapon. Michelle slowly pushed her hips out and back repetitively to simulate her fucking either a mouth or asshole. She licked her lips lasciviously and shook her ass to taunt me and Andy.

I almost did not notice Andy removing white cotton panties görükle escort from his legs as we undressed. Andy and I eventually were fully nude and Michelle beckoned us to our knees with a simple finger motion; like an enchantress to her minions.

Andy and I excitedly and obediently knelt on either side of her shapely and lovely legs. We looked up at her extremely hard cock and it seemed to grow and expand. Her wonderful cock seemed to almost tear the black, thong panties as she flaunted her beautiful breasts and perfectly shaped ass.

Andy and I did not hesitate to remove her panties and take turns sucking her balls, shaft, and precum dripping cock head. We were both very familiar with her size and girth, having experienced her in our hands and mouth. Though, Andy was the only one of us lucky to be fucked in the ass by her.

Andy slid his free hand to my very hard cock and began to stroke me as he was closer and closer to having her completely between his lips. This was at least his third go at her beautiful cock and it seemed he was getting better each time.

Michelle noticed Andy’s hand on me after he successfully deep throated her cock with his nose pressed against her lower belly.

Michelle said excitedly. “That is too fucking hot, Andy! Suck us both, honey. I know you want to do it. Put both our cocks in your mouth!”

I quickly stood up and put my arm around Michele; keeping our bodies close and our erect cocks bumping. Andy looked up at us with a huge grin on his face as he held our cocks in his hands.

He licked my cock head first and then licked up Michelle’s precum. He stroked Michelle’s dick as he sucked my cock half way into his mouth. He bobbed up and down on my pole a couple times and repeated the oral action on Michelle’s dick while stroking me.

Gaining courage and knowledge of putting our dicks in his mouth, he grasped our cocks and put them together, rubbing our shafts and moving his lips closer to our collective cock heads. Michelle seemed to be even more excited as she watched this novice take us both between his lips. Andy leaned down and opened his mouth as wide as possible and pushed us both inside his warm confines. The sensation of Michelle’s dick rubbing along mine is always a sweet pleasure. However, the feeling of our dicks squished in a warm and excited mouth is almost indescribable.

Andy seemed to be a pro as he held us between his lips while his tongue swiped from one dick slit to the next and slowly easing his head down further to allow our shafts to enter. He held his movements for a beat before easing us out. Andy repeated the process a couple times being slow and deliberate. I could feel Michelle’s cock start to tremble and I know my cock slit was seeping out more cum with each suck.

Michelle slowly separated from his lips and my body. “Steve, it is your turn to fuck him. He has such a tight ass! You will love it and I want to watch.”

Andy was extremely excited and was quick to lie on his back on the carpeted floor with his legs spread. I anxiously prepped his asshole with a lot of lube before I slowly finger fucked him; preparing him for a deep fucking. I carefully slid the condom over my cock, with Michelle watching me to do it carefully and correctly. I slowly pressed my cock head at his tight entrance and eased inside him. He sighed and I paused to let him adjust to this anal incursion. My cock head passed his anal ring and my shaft seemed to slide right inside his tight but welcoming asshole.

Michelle stopped stroking her dick and slid off the couch to get a closer look. Her forehead was touching Andy’s chin as she started kissing him. He released his legs to excitedly hold her hair as their lips pressed and tongues tangled.

I slowed my entrance into his tight ass so I could watch them and not jostle their embrace. Michelle broke the kiss and licked his chin. She slinked her body down his, nibbling and licking his chest, paying special attention to his nipples before kissing his belly and licking the precum off his extremely hard cock. I am sure Andy had his lips wrapped around Michelle’s hardness because I watched her body tremble slightly before taking more of Andy’s dick between her lips.

I eased all of me inside Andy and pulled out slowly until just my cock head was inside him. I eased back and then thrust a little harder. I pulled back and thrust into him again and again, moving my hips faster and faster.

Andy broke from Michelle’s cock and screamed, “Yes! Fuck Yes! Don’t stop!”

Michelle kept her lips around his cock as he continued to express his lustful thoughts.

“Fuuuuck meee Steeeve! Suck meeeeee Michhhhheeeellllle!” He exclaimed as he was pumping his loads into Michelle’s mouth.

I could only assume he exploded between her lips. Seemingly to prove this assumption, Michelle looked up at me to show me her mouth was indeed filled with copious amounts of his seed.

My cock was about to burst and I have no idea how I managed to hold back the deluge. Michelle slid off Andy and görükle escort bayan turned her body so the two were face to face. She pulled him in for a deep kiss. I took the opportunity to ease out of him, toss the condom and kneel on the side of his face and very slowly stroked my cock.

Michelle noticed my position when she broke the kiss. She knelt on the other side of him and also slowly stroked her cock.

Andy did not hesitate to swallow my cock first. I could not have been between his lips for a minute before my balls contracted and my cock expanded.

“Ohhhhh! Wow! Yes! Fuuuuuuuuuuckk!” I screamed out while dumping my load in his mouth.

Andy did not slow down for a moment. His left hand grabbed my ass cheek for balance as he continued to suck me.

“Fucking awesome!” Michelle said excitedly. “EAT meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

My cock slipped from his mouth and we both looked at her and then I looked back to Andy as she jerked her cock furiously over his face. With a mouthful of my cum, Andy opened his mouth wide and he was just in time to catch the sexy transgender’s load in his mouth. Stream after stream of cum splashed across his lips, into his mouth, and onto his cheeks and nose.

Michelle quickly leaned down to kiss him and I joined her in licking up her cum and sharing our loads with each other. Three sets of lips and tongues tangled together in post orgasmic bliss and lust.

Eventually we broke apart and helped Andy up. We all sat on the couch catching our breath. We slowly finished our drinks and discussed how incredible that was for all of us. Andy was the first to let us know he had to shower. He grabbed whatever clothes of his he could find and left us. Michelle and I gathered our clothing and we slowly walked naked up the wooden staircase.

Michelle and I eased into the shower and slowly washed each other’s skin and kissed our bodies and lips repeatedly. We eventually walked into my bedroom, drying ourselves, and fell onto my bed naked and kissing while holding each other.

I caressed Michelle’s beautiful and naked form until sleep rapidly took her. I could hear her quietly snoring and see her body lightly rising and falling; matching her breathing. I remembered being intrigued by her, following the first night we met. Though, I never thought I would have this moment or feel this much about wanting and needing her.

A few short days ago, the world had gone insane! Jake’s and my girlfriends were among the first to be infected and that night was terrifying for all of us. This group of four managed to stay alive that night. When I finally fell asleep that evening, I never thought I would desperately want or need to sleep with any of them.

Michelle, then known as Mikey that first night, was assigned the bedroom across from mine. During that first morning following the mayhem, I passed him in the bathroom door and noticed his cute ass cheeks encased in pink panties with the word ‘MEOW’ in purple lettering. I was thinking about him in a different light ever since that one very brief moment.

The second night we met she orally pleased me and our sexual exploits have escalated each night since the cataclysm. She has been a fuck temptress and sleeping with me ever since the first time we went down on each other. Of course, I was falling I was in love with her. Tonight, I snuggled even closer to her and softly stroked her shoulder before exhaustion overtook me and I closed my eyes.

I woke up first and she was definitely sporting a hard-on, showcasing her beautifully shaped and perfectly curved large cock. I was too tempted and, being careful not to wake her, I took her sweet dick between my lips. I slowly bobbed my head up and down just for the sheer pleasure of having her between my lips and feel her cock fill my mouth to capacity. I don’t know how long I was enjoying the sensation before I looked up and saw a smiling Michelle looking back at me. I eased my mouth off her large cock covered with my saliva.

“Don’t stop now. I was enjoying that!” She said playfully.

“I have an idea I think you would enjoy even more.” I rose and moved toward the end table, taking the anal lube and squeezing some on my hand.

“Are you sure?” She asked me excitedly.

I have been inside her and though this will be the first time I will take a real cock inside me, I am not a stranger to an anal invasion. My kinky girlfriend, of two months, loved to fuck me with various dildos and loved pegging me. I am not nervous; rather I am very excited to feel Michelle’s real and alive cock inside me.

Michelle relaxed on the bed as she looked up at me while I lubed her imposing cock; I saw her smiling with anticipation and desire. I held her hard and thick dick in my hand and aimed my asshole directly above her imposing member. Michelle held my hips to ensure I didn’t fall and her eyes never left her cock as her tip touched my anal opening.

I remembered my breathing techniques but I was not prepared for how big her cock head actually is as it pressed bursa escort into me.

“Ow. Ow. Fuck. So wide! Fuck!” I exclaimed as quietly as I could.

“Relax, sweetheart. You are doing great.” She quietly encouraged me. “You will love me. I mean this; when I am inside you.”

Speaking in a voice I could only hear, “I already do” as more of her entered me. It hurt so badly, especially during the initial invasion of her passing my anal ring with that seemingly huge cock head of hers.

“Don’t stop, lover. You are almost there.” Michelle continued her encouragement as I was nearing her base.

I guess I had my eyes closed as I realized my next view was her cute nipples sitting atop perfectly shaped C-cups. My ass was completely filled. Damn, what a sensation! My knees were on each side of her hips and my ass cheeks were resting against her inner thighs. I could feel her ball sac pressing against my butt.

Michelle slowly eased her hands off my hips long enough to guide my fingers to her breasts; encouraging me to squeeze them to my heart’s content.

“Play with them, honey. It turns me on.” She cooed. “I want to get more acquainted with you, as well.”

Michelle put her hands on my hips and I felt the bed sink. Her cock slightly pulled back as her ass pushed into the bed. She slowly raised her hips until I felt her balls against me again. Very slowly she repeated these actions. She alternated between lifting my hips just enough that when she let go, I was flush against her skin. She would hold me steady and push upward and pause before repeating these actions again and again. Michelle took her time and enjoyed the sensations of slowly penetrating me again and again.

The pain was waning and I began to feel pleasure from her slow and persistent fucking. My cock had reawakened and I felt more comfortable as I lifted my hands from her breasts to grasp her thighs. She smiled at me and I mouthed the word, ‘fuuuckkkkk’ as I smiled back at her. I pushed down on her thighs and she helped to lift my hips up and then ease myself down on her dick. Her cock was in me and I was helping her fuck me again and again.

I picked the pace up when she grasped my cock and started stroking me. I was nearing climax and so was Michelle. Our actions became frantic and I lost track of who was fucking between her pushing upwards and my downward actions.

“Micheeeelle! Steeeeve!” We cried out to each other simultaneously. “Yeeeeeesssss! Fuuuuuckkkk! OOooohhhhhh!!”

I felt her cock expand and her explosion of cum into my body. My first spurt almost reached her lips but landed between her tits. My next shots landed on her belly and fingers. I soon experienced her cock soften inside me until it flopped out, fully sated.

“Now, I own you.” She laughed, covering my face with kisses.

“Oh yeah?” I returned her kisses and laughs with my own. I rotated our bodies until she was atop of me and I pulled her in for a deep kiss.

“I guess, now that you are on top, I own you.” I smiled and looked into her eyes. She smiled widely.

“Yes!” Michelle agreed and embraced me as we lip locked.

Eventually, we broke apart and took turns to use the bathroom and shower. We dressed in our own rooms and met up with Jake and Andy in the kitchen.

The morning breakfast was completely jovial between Jake and Andy. Though, it was expectedly awkward at first when Michelle and I entered the kitchen. Andy seemed shy and perhaps embarrassed. I guess he was feeling the nervous flutters due to our sexual romp. Eventually, though, he calmed down and he warmed up to his normal, smiling self by the daily roll call. Jake was uneasy toward Michelle but she just held his hand for a moment to reassure him all was okay.

Jake, aka ‘Boss Man’ led us into the living room and eyed each of us as we settled down and prepared for his speech on who needs to do what today. Jake stated he and Andy would gather up the volunteers and trek outward. Michelle and I would do the same. We would all meet back when the work day was over and exchange information.

Michelle, now armed with a ponga, a side arm — colt 45, and a ragged edged knife strapped to her calf, no longer concealed her female sexuality. She confidently strode outside with her protective equipment, properly worn. Michelle, ‘The Killer’, was not afraid to show she was a woman to be reckoned with if someone was foolish enough to try her.

Michelle and I started our day by going to the houses that had living people who volunteered to help us clean up the neighborhood and expand our influence. We also had to look for more survivors, ‘clean’ the infected, and obtain more supplies. Jake and Andy went to the houses they discovered that had volunteers. Their plan was to cover more area, gather intelligence and more volunteers.

Michelle and I had more experience than those we collected, so we broke up into two teams of six apiece. We nodded to each other before we parted and moved in opposite directions along the coast line.

We would later learn Jake and Andy found eight people and they ventured out in four cars-two persons per car. One car followed another and the two teams traveled in opposite directions. Andy’s team would drive east, collecting intelligence and dispatching the infected. Jake’s team traveled west and did the same.