Safe Dick for Francesca: Swallowing

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I’m here, in your studio, waiting to hear the scratching of the key in the lock. My breath is calm, yet there is an underlying sense of eagerness. After months of creating safe communication, you finally text me a direct message saying what you want; what you’ve wanted, what you’ve needed, and what you’ve craved.

“I want some dick. I’ll be home by 5. The key is under the mat.”

Direct in its simplicity, yet a world of change has led up to those words being sent. Upon receiving the text, my phone was buzzing in my hand as I scrolled mindlessly through Instagram, I checked my to do list in my head. “See you soon,” I shot back. Finding parking was easier then ever before. Perhaps it was because not everyone had gotten off work in this area of San Rafael. I let myself into your apartment and took a breath. Not sure what was coming, I found myself breathing quickly. My brain threw all sorts of scenarios and possibilities out at me, all of them wilder then the next. I paused and breathed. I say a quick prayer and connect with the pure, calm energy within. The most intense experiences I have experienced have all been when I’m centered and relaxed.

I close my eyes and take a long, slow breath, focusing my attention inward at my state of being. I like what I feel. The excitement and sexual energy is familiar. I feel the blood pump slowly into my pelvis, starting to shift my pants without me consciously moving any body part. The image of you taking the head of my cock onto your tongue and then wrapping your soft lips around it gently causes a wave of pleasure. The next image is your hand around the base while you vigorously pump my spurting juices into your mouth, lips indented from the sucking you are performing. Now you are against the wall, dress up over your hips, beautiful black lace panties that were spectacularly showing off your cheeks pulled to the side, my member hard and partially planted inside you. The image changes, and you are sitting on me. I can feel you pressing down, your tightness starting to loosen as I slip past the ring of your anus.

Scratch. Metal on metal. The key. The key is finding the lock. I snap out of my fantasy reel and back into the reality of your apartment. I can now feel my cock straining through my board shorts and against my pants, still managing to let anyone know that it is there and ready to be used. The door opens, and I see you. Immediately our eyes lock. The air sparkles for a moment with desire and electricity. Quickly, I notice that you are already güvenilir bahis in a state I’ve never gotten to experience. All masks and pretenses that you wear outside in the world are gone. It was as though you walked through the door, and everything you were thinking or feeling hit the floor, just as your bags did.

Stepping forward into the entrance, I breathe in your sexual desire, energy and power. I smile, knowing that whatever is coming will be worth it. Your eyes, almost heavy lidded with desire, look at me but I can already feel your gaze, and it’s not on my face. I see that you’ve noticed my bulge, and you breathe in deeply, reflexively. The warmth from your pussy creates a tingling that rolls through your body like a wave, washing up your naval and lightly crashing against your nipples and continuing through your throat, onto your tongue. Saliva floods your mouth as you see what you want.

I put my hands behind my back and wait. The invitation and consent evident. The teasing clear as well. If you want to own your sexual desire and power, you can. I will not help you determine what you want based on my desires. Without hesitation, you extend your right hand and lightly drag the tip of your pointer finger over my lower lip. So gently I can barely feel it, you let your nail trace down the center of my throat and onto my chest. Splaying your hand, you allow your entire palm and all five fingers to momentarily make gentle loving contact with the center of my chest. For the first time, you look directly into my eyes, and I can feel your excitement, gratitude and light. Then it shifts and you sink into your desire.

Letting your hand fall, you grab both of my hips and drop your ass to the floor. Rocking back on your heals, your face now perfectly level with my bulge, you lean forward and inhale deeply through your nose, brushing my tenting pants with it.

Although it isn’t strong through the two layers of fabric, you can still smell the scent of my pre-cum and your pussy pulses, sending further wetness into itself. You swallow. Big enough that I can hear and see it from above you. No more teasing, no more waiting. You take both hands to my pants button, quickly opening it and assisting the zipper all the way down. Pulling the corners of my pants open, you pull expertly at the closest string on my board shorts, undoing the knot in one swift movement. Opening the closest corners of my board shorts you finally see where the happy trail goes. There is no teasing, no coyness, no pretense türkçe bahis that you don’t want to be exactly where you are, about to do to my cock exactly what you’ve been picturing for weeks.

I feel the cold air hit me as you pull down everything that stands in the way of you getting to slide my hot, hard cock into your mouth. You lean forward and, keeping your hands on my hips, stick your tongue out. We both shiver and feel a spark shoot through each of our bodies as your tongue makes contact. I look down and see the image of what I had imagined. Your tongue is gently licking the underside of the head of my cock, and your lips are starting to wrap around it. Your lips are soft, but the first suck on my head is not, as you try and get as much pre-cum into your waiting mouth as possible. I feel your tongue do a circle around the tip, once, twice, three times. The suction lessens but doesn’t go away completely, and you bring my cock deeper into your mouth; the saliva wetting the shaft as you pull it back out and try again. This time you go as far as you can while being at that angle.

I feel your hot breathe on the base of my shaft, and the head of my rod is pushing against your throat. You moan as you feel it hit your throat. This is what you’ve wanted. You’ve waited for so many years to just be able to unashamedly slide a throbbing cock into your mouth and throat and experience the pleasure of that act without worry or fear. Now you’ve got a safe dick that you can let out all your desires and experience all your fantasies with.

Moaning again, you start working your head and my hips back and forth at the same time, fucking your own mouth with me. My hands still behind my back, I moan as well. The rest of me doesn’t even exist in that moment. I’m a warm body with an open heart and a hard cock, and that’s all you want and need. No stories, no drama, no feelings, no bullshit. Just a chance to experience freedom and light during sex. You are enjoying the feeling of it pushing against the back of your throat so much that you hold tighter to my hips and pull harder. Your throat relaxes a little bit and your eyes roll back at the same time. Filled and stretched open. Your pussy has created a puddle through your panties onto the floor. Your body is on fire. It is ready and waiting to get to feel that cock slide into each of your goddess entrances and fill and stretch you. To feed the hunger that you feel to ride and be fucked in your pussy and ass.

I feel your body’s excitement and realize that you güvenilir bahis siteleri are actually getting close to cumming. I’m so close. I breathe deeply and shift my energy in an attempt to hold off the inevitable.

“I’m close,” I warn. I’m watching you for any signs of slowing and you look up at me and our eyes meet. The most beautiful site of your lips wrapped around my cock and you keep eye contact with me as you slide it back into your mouth. Opening wide, you slide it just partially into your throat and only look away when your eyes roll back and pleasure courses through you. You break eye contact fully and start sucking and pulling my hips into you quickly. You know that I’m getting very close and you want me to coat your tongue and throat with my hot cum. You’ve been wanting to drink it since we’d bumped into each other that night, and you weren’t letting me get away without it. Pumping your head quickly, you feel my cock flex for a moment and know it’s about to happen. Unconsciously, you moan and hum at the same time. The vibration and your excitement is too much, and I feel my muscles clench. From deep within me I open and can feel my hot semen shooting up my shaft and out my tip. My brain is exploding with lights and pleasure radiates from the head of my cock directly into my brain. I’m loosely aware of the the noise that you are still making. Each pump of my semen into your mouth elicits an unconscious moan as your pussy clenches and unclenches with my body.

Mouth filled with my hot cum, you push my hips away enough so that just the tip is between your lips and close your eyes. This isn’t about you meeting my gaze or being sexy for me as I just came in your mouth. This is about you getting to come home and suck a cock and feel it hit the back of your throat and feed your hunger for getting fucked. You’ve never gotten to really express how much you like getting a cock hard, milking it with your mouth, and swallowing the cum until this moment. Eyes closed, I don’t exist to you. Still with your mouth full, you suck just a little more on the tip, feeling my cock jump again and a small spurt gets added to your full mouth. You swallow and breathe deeply with the most contented sound I’ve heard you make. Having perfectly captured my cock in your mouth before I came, you know there is nothing else to clean up.

Your panties are ruined, your dress has been bunched up around your waist. Your work bag is on the ground. Still holding my hips, you stand. Dismissing me with your body, you turn towards the bathroom.

“Go get on the bed. I’ve got things to take care of,” you say. I can hear the smile in your voice even though I can’t see it. I see the bathroom door close, and I nod my head in approval. I’ve got no complaints.

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