All Fun and Games

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All character are, of course, eighteen years of age or older.

Contains: brother/sister incest, slow build-up (just a fair warning).



Even with my headphones on, I could hear my sister yelling my name from downstairs. I decided to ignore her and turned the volume up a step. It didn’t take her much time to poke her head through my door, her lips moving soundlessly. I couldn’t figure out what she was trying to say over the loud music, but she looked mildly agitated, so I took pity on her and lowered my headphones.

“Yes, my dear?” I said.

“Ugh, didn’t you hear me at all? My controller’s empty again and I can’t find any batteries. Have you seen any?” She started looking through my room without waiting for an answer.

“Firstly, I didn’t hear you at all, as I am listening to music, as you may see,” I lied. “And secondly, no, I have not seen the batteries you are looking for.”

“Dammit, where are these little fuckers again? I’m in the middle of a race!”

“Language, please.”

“Oh, shut up and help me find them!” She threw a shirt at me she just picked up.

I wordlessly raised an eyebrow and she rolled her eyes in response, but put on her sweetest smile at the same time.

“Please, big bro?”

I laughed. At any other time, she would have asked our mom, but as our parents had left us on our own for three weeks of summer vacation, for some cultural sight-seeing in Eastern Europe, I was her only hope left. And as tempting as it was to just ignore her cheeky request, I’d rather see her in a good mood than to let her sulk for the next few hours. She took gaming rather seriously.

“Well, if you ask that nicely.”

I sighed, stopped the music and got up from my bed, where I had been lying comfortably until now, and followed her downstairs.

“But didn’t you buy a rechargeable controller about a week ago? You know, to save batteries?” I put the last words in finger quotes.

“Well, yeah, but I didn’t get round on actually recharging it. You see, it has to be plugged into a USB port for six hours straight and I really don’t-“

“Yes yes, enough with your excuses.” I held my hand up, interrupting her. “Let’s just find you some of them buggers.”

My sister wasn’t actually that geeky, but she was tech-savvy and a passionate video gamer. She preferred racing games, while I was more of a role-player myself. So she got to use the XBox most of the time and I had a decent gaming PC in my room. It was nice to have similar hobbies, but I still liked to poke a little fun at her once in a while.

In the kitchen, she started rummaging through the drawers she had obviously already searched before.

“They’re almost always here or in the front door dresser, but I’ve checked and there were none. And I know that mom brought some before they left.”

“Maybe she took them along?”

“No, I told her to buy two packs and leave one here.” She made a mess extracting the contents of the cabinet that were probably undisturbed for the last few years.

I idly looked around the kitchen until something caught my eye on the upper shelf. When I wandered off to inspect the suspicious yellow box, it was indeed a set of twenty brand new AA batteries, ready for use. Triumphantly, I claimed my treasure.

“Here they are.”

“What?” She spun around. “Where?”

I handed her the box with only the slightest bit of haughtiness. “Top shelf, dear sister.”

“Ha ha, like I’d ever found them up there,” she scoffed and grabbed the box from me. “Did mom order dad to put away the groceries, again?” She sighed deeply. “Anyway, thank you James.”

Despite the grumbling, her mood brightened visibly. She had a point, though. With 6’1″, I was almost a foot taller than her, and from her angle, it was unlikely she could see anything on top of the shelf.

She gave me a quick hug and a peck on the cheek, a sign of affection that grew common in the last few weeks, and bounced back to the couch. I decided to follow up and flopped myself beside her. She reloaded her controller and seconds later, she was back into the game, her eyes glued to the TV screen.

“You’ve become pretty good at this,” I said matter-of-factly.

“Huh, you bet. I had lots of time to practice and I’d beat you any time now.”

“You may be good, but I still have a three year gaming advantage. And better reflexes.”

“No you don’t.” she snorted, still not looking at me.

I wasn’t in the mood to argue with her, so I let it drop. Instead, I lounged back on the couch and let my gaze wander from the screen to my sister. She did look a little geeky, wearing a hoodie and loose gym pants, her brown hair tied up in a ponytail with a few loose strands tucked behind her ears. She could have worn glasses to perfect her casual outfit, but she told me once she didn’t like them while playing. She was wearing contact lenses instead, like she did most of the time.

Still, she was a pretty girl and I loved the ardor in her face when she was at her game, or anything else she threw taksim escort herself into. What I also liked about her were her ears, strangely enough. Their shape and delicate curves and how they reddened whenever she was agitated. And I liked it when she put her lower lip between her teeth, the determined look it gave her. And her cute, slightly upturned nose that cringed every time she made a slight mistake. Oh, and I really liked her neck and how it…

“Watcha staring at?”

Her question pulled me out of my daydream.

“Wha-? Nothing, I was just, you know, thinking.”

The race was over. She won.

“Thinking ’bout what?” she probed.

“Uhm, guy stuff. I guess.”

She raised an eyebrow. “So you’re thinking about ‘guy stuff’ while looking at your sister, huh?”

“Not that kind of guy stuff, silly!” I slapped her arm playfully. “I was just…musing, looking nowhere.”

“Maybe thinking about getting a new job already?” she teased.

She was right, I was basically unemployed at the moment. I had ditched my old job at a fishing shop a few months ago, shortly after me and my now ex-girlfriend parted ways. We didn’t really “break up” in a traditional sense, our relationship rather dissolved itself, between me working, her working, pursuing hobbies, being busy and all that. We had shared two years of our life together, moved to another city, were making plans. After that, I didn’t want to stay there and my parents were more than happy to have me in the house again, as was my sister. It had been strange the first few days, but now that I was back for some weeks, it felt like I’d never left at all.

“After summer.” I finally said.

“Are you still mourning her?”

“No, I guess I’m past that. If there had ever been something to mourn about in the first place.”

“So what then? You’re just lazy?”

“I’m relaxing. You know, enjoying the calm as long as I still can.”

“You mean like, in your room, alone, listening to music or playing games?”

“As if you’ve done anything productive today,” I scoffed. “How about you accompany me to the kitchen and help me prepare dinner, for a change? You get to cut the veggies.”

“Alright, alright, tell you what.” She offered me the second controller.” I’ll race you split screen and if you win, I’ll make us dinner and you can do whatever you want. If I win, I’ll just help you out of generosity. Deal?”

Her sly smile told me the odds were against me, but I took the controller anyway.

“Well, besides you cooking, I can’t seem to find any downs-” I stopped, puzzled. “Wait a minute, didn’t you say you were out of batteries?”

“I was. For my controller.”

“You could have just switched them, you know.”

“Pft. Less talking, more driving!”

The race was already on countdown.

“What did I ever do to you?” I shook my head.

“Lose,” she smiled.


Needless to say, I lost.

Dinner was already on the table, but my sister had decided to take a “quick” shower after she was done helping me in the kitchen. I didn’t want to rush her, but I wasn’t keen on letting the food get cold either.

“Lynn?” I called her up the stairs. “You’re coming or what?”

“One minute!” she shouted back.

“It’s always one minute with you!”

I returned to the table and filled two glasses with the white wine that was left from the cooking. I even considered lighting a candle, but then again, it wasn’t a very special evening. I cooked regularly for my family since I was back, more so now my parents were out of the house. If I had let my sister have her way, it would have been pizza service and microwave food all the time.

Not that she was particularly unhealthy. We had a trampoline in the backyard she used frequently and once in a while I could even convince her to go swimming with me. She could wear a bikini just fine. More than fine. She was in fact rather slender, almost petite, but with matching, womanly curves.

“Done,” my sister said as she wandered into the kitchen.

She had changed into a t-shirt and her still-wet hair hung just above her shoulders. Not a bad look for her either, but personally, I preferred the pony tail.

“Mmh, smells nice!” She sat down at the table. “Wine, risotto…James, you’re spoiling me!”

“Too late, dear sister. You’re already spoiled.”

A quick poke of her tongue couldn’t betray her genuine smile. I too sat down, took a sip of the wine and started eating.

“So, you have any plans for tomorrow?” I asked between bites.

“Yep, the girls are comin’ over. We’re gonna be out for lunch, though.”

“Too bad, I could have made pizza for all of you.”

The “girls” were Lynn’s three best friends. In no particular order there were Allie, a shy but very cute, dark-haired geek who shared most of my sister’s interests. Furthermore Shirin, a fiery and quite busty girl of Middle Eastern descent, who had the most beautiful gray-green eyes I had ever seen on any woman. And finally—and I may have lied about the order—Roxy. Her name was çapa escort actually Linda, but strangely enough, nobody called her that, not even her own parents. And she was gorgeous! Just about two inches shorter than me, sun-bleached blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, tanned and toned. As a volleyball player, she was slim but muscular, with a tight tush and a very sexy indication of a six-pack. Add to that an enchanting laugh and her odd habit of hugging me at every opportunity, and you may get an idea why she was the main reason I liked to have the girls over. They were all about the same age as my sister, by the way, eighteen to twenty.

“Daydreaming again?”

I really should have stopped doing this when my sister was around.

“Nope, I was just…enjoying the silence,” I said absently.

“You didn’t eat for two minutes straight.”

“I was thinking about-“

“Roxy?” she finished my sentence for me, smirking.

I grimaced, being caught so easily. She knew me too well.

“She likes you, you know?” my sister said.

“I can tell.”

“Just not in the way I imagine you’d want her to like you.”

“Come on.” I took my wine and leaned back in the chair. “She treats me like I’m ten years old! I’m actually surprised she doesn’t bring me candy. Or, I dunno, pat my head every time I walk by.”

My sister was obviously trying hard not to laugh at me. “At least she hugs you, you always seem to like that.”

I put on a fake pout and crossed my arms in front of me.

“Aww, poor Jamie,” she snickered. “Don’t worry, with that cooking skills of yours, you’ll find yourself a girlfriend soon enough. Another one, I mean.”

I noticeably flinched at the last comment. Our “break-up” hadn’t been very painful, but it didn’t mean I liked the way it went. In hindsight, cutting all ties to this part of my life probably indicated that it had affected me more than I was yet ready to admit.

“You know, you’ll never get over her if you don’t watch out for new opportunities.”

“I told you, I’m past that.” I made a dismissing gesture.

She examined me for several moments as to evaluate my honesty, then rolled her eyes.

“But seriously, you’re a nice guy. Funny, smart, reasonably handsome…”

“Reasonably handsome, eh?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Shut up, You know what I mean,” she chuckled.”You won’t get any more compliments from me acting like that.” She pointed her fork at me and took another bite before continuing. “So, you got any plans yourself, or are you just staying here to ogle at my guests?”

“Well, I did consider to drive down to the lake and have a nice long swim, but I think I like your idea better.”

“Thought as much, perv.”

We were both laughing now.

We spent the rest of dinner chit-chatting about the plans for our immediate and distant future. I more or less successfully dodged her attempts to tease me about Roxy, and after I made her help me clean up, we each went to our rooms. Since I had nothing better to do, I played Skyrim for the rest of the day until I was tired and went to bed. Tomorrow would be a good day.


I actually did go to the lake the next day, though I chose the morning hours, when the sun wasn’t as hot and the water still refreshing. Besides swimming and relaxing, it also gave me the chance to contemplate my current life undisturbed. Basically, my sister was right. I should have gone dating again, and even without her hinting at it, I may not have had the worst of chances. After all, I was tall, sporty but not bulky, with short, dark hair and the same hazel eyes as my sister’s. And yes, I was in fact quite proud of my cooking skills. Girls like men who can cook.

My train of thought was interrupted when a group of bikini-clad girls arrived at the lake and I found myself being more interested in watching them splash around, than to listen to what was going on inside my head.

After about half an hour of gawking, I took one last dip in the lake to cool off mind and body, then drove home, dropping by a small diner on the way for some lunch. Even with being too lazy to cook sometimes, I just couldn’t bring myself to eat fast food.

Back at our house, there was no sign of the girls yet, so I brought myself to at least making them some snacks for later. I couldn’t suppress a laugh as I realized that I was once again in my mom’s role, not that I did mind much. I actually enjoyed caring for my sister, or her guests in that matter. Granted, we fought and bitched at each other from time to time, like all siblings do, but we generally got along rather well. And I somehow had the urge to make up for the time I had left her alone here with our parents.

Just as the smell of freshly baked cheese crackers pervaded the kitchen, I heard the front door, followed by giggles and idle chatter.

“Hi, James!” the girls chirped almost simultaneously as I rounded the corner to greet them.

As usual, Roxy came right up at me and gave me a short but sincere hug. Her scent of coconut was intoxicating.

“So, I hope bakırköy escort you girls all ate healthy today?” I said.

“Yes, mom,” my sister sneered.

“Don’t bully him, Lynn.” Roxy put her arm around me and pulled me to her playfully. “I wish I had such a nice, caring brother. If you don’t want him, I’ll take him in anytime.”

If she had also patted my head right then, my sister would have probably died laughing, but I didn’t care, as I could feel Roxy’s breast pressing against my arm.

“Let’s get to my room, girls,” my sister laughed, and Roxy let go of me.

“Alright, if you need anything, you know where to find me.” I made an implied bow.

“Thanks, James,” Shirin purred and winked at me before following the others.

I lingered for a moment and watched them ascend the stairs, appreciating the display, before returning to the kitchen. The crackers were done.


A knock on my door disturbed my aimless web-surfing about an hour later.

“Yes, come in,” I replied.

The door opened and Allie poked her head through.

“Hey,” she said shyly.

“Hey, what’s up?”

“Um,” she started, fidgeting with the hem of her shirt. “We were about to play a game and we wanted to ask if you might want to, you know, join us maybe?”

“What kind of game?”

“Well, you should probably see for yourself, but it’s more fun with more people. But if you don’t want to…”

Her gaze fell towards the floor. She was way too cute to refuse her proposal.

“No, no!” I said hastily, almost jumping out of my chair. “I’d love to, seriously.”

“Great!” she beamed and grabbed my hand. “Let’s go.”

I felt strangely manipulated as she led me to my sister’s room. Girls just had it far too easy with me, sometimes. Most of the times. I had always been the one to let the prettiest girl in class copy my homework. Or every other girl that fluttered her eyebrows at me, for that matter.

The others were already sitting in a half circle on the floor when we arrived.

“Someone ordered a fifth wheel?” I joked.

“The more, the merrier,” my sister said and beckoned me over.

We sat down, legs crossed, and shifted to form an even circle, me sitting between Allie and my sister. I noticed an empty wine bottle and a box in our center.

“So, what are we playing?” I asked, nodding towards the props.

“Pocky-kissing,” Shirin answered flatly.

“Um, what?”

“It’s basically like spin-the-bottle.” She opened the box and pulled out something that looked like a chocolate-covered pretzel stick. “You put one of those in your mouth and your partner takes the other end in her mouth. Then you both nibble on it towards each other. The one that breaks the ‘kiss’ or shies away first, loses. The winner gets to spin next. Simple.”

I was one blink away from disputing the sense of—and my participation in—this game, as it dawned on me. Playing a kissing game with Roxy? Hell yes! Worst case scenario, I could watch four girls engaging in their borderline lesbian activities before getting thrown out for drooling on the carpet. The only question left was whose brilliant idea it had been to include me in their fun in the first place. Sure, I had long suspected my sister to be drawn to her own sex, and this game could easily have been her brainchild. But that didn’t quite explain the current situation.

“You’re still in?” I heard Shirin’s voice through my speculations.

“Yeah, sure, I’m in.”

“I expected nothing less,” she winked at me.

I somehow felt like the room had gotten several degrees hotter in the past minute and I struggled to get back my calm. I really didn’t want to have to excuse myself for the bathroom before the good part had started. On an unrelated side note, I suddenly remembered that the last time I had sex was about half a year ago.

“So, who’s first?” I asked.

“Allie’s first, ’cause she had to fetch you,” my sister said, pointing towards her.

Allie grabbed the bottle and the box of sweets and looked at the group, obviously a bit nervous.

“Okay, here we go.”

The bottle spun, followed by five pairs of curious eyes. When it finally stopped, it pointed right at Roxy.

“Alright, let’s do this,” Roxy grinned.

Allie took a Pocky stick from the box and put it between her teeth as Roxy turned to her, one corner of her mouth turned up in an impish smile. She closed her lips around the other end and they both started gnawing towards each other. When their mouths were about a finger’s width apart, and Roxy already began to tilt her head, Allie moved back, visibly blushing.

“I win!” Roxy announced.

She took the bottle and gave it a spin, only to have it pointing straight back at herself at the end.

“Huh, I guess I’ll just have another one of those.” She took a second stick and happily munched on it before grabbing the bottle again.

I had my hopes up for the next spin. I had no idea how far she would go to tease me, but I was willing—more than willing—to find out. But to my dismay, it pointed at Shirin instead, who didn’t seem to be all that unhappy about the outcome as well. The two girl repeated the play of carefully moving towards the center of the little delicacy, and just as their lips met, Shirin slowly backed away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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