It Happened One Night

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It all started about a year ago when my girlfriend, Kathy and I started talking about our sexual fantasies. You see, I am the type of person who likes to keep things interesting in a relationship and thought that my girl would really like it if I could make a sexual fantasy come true for her. So in a general sort of way I brought up the topic of “Sexual Fantasies” hoping that she would open up to me some of her most erotic fantasies so that I had an idea of things that she would like.

You have to understand that Kathy is a very sexual woman but is very shy and has a hard time expressing her inmost feelings, even to me. Over the course of a few months I got her to tell me some of her interests and started to get some ideas for an erotic situation for her. I never imagined that the woman I have spent so much time with had such an erotic appetite. She was into being controlled and having more than one partner sexually including having an interest in being with a woman. I have to tell you that as she told me all of theses interests, I really became aroused with the idea of setting up a fantasy for her.

About a month ago I told her that we were invited to the wedding of my friend Jimmy from work. The wedding was going to be held in Ocean County, so we would have to stay over because it was too long of a drive to travel back after the wedding. Jimmy, by the way is one of my close friends. Even though I am his boss we are able to maintain a good friendship.

On the Monday before his wedding, I told Jimmy about what I was trying to do for my girl and that I thought that this weekend, his wedding weekend would be a good time to set up her fantasy without her knowing about it. I just told him that I really didn’t know how I was going to make it happen and if he had any ideas. Jimmy smiled with a devilish grin as I told him about Kathy’s interests and what I wanted to do for her. He told me that he had wanted to do something like that for Jenn, his soon to be wife but never got around to it. I could see that Jimmy’s mind started to turn and he suggested that we work together to create a fantasy for both of our women. I thought that would be a good idea, being that my girl had an interest in being with a woman and Jenn was a very attractive girl. I agreed and we began to plot how we were going to pull this off without them knowing.

Jimmy felt that being Carl and Brad from our group were coming solo, because there wives had no one to watch the kids, we would be able to get one of them into our plot without too much effort. You could see that Jimmy was getting into the idea of this and that he was more worried about pulling this off then his wedding.

That night I reserved a room near the place were the wedding was being held and told Kathy that I was looking forward to spending the weekend away with her. I told her that I wanted her to wear something really sexy to the wedding for I wanted everyone to see how lucky I am to have a woman like her. Kathy is 5ft4 with a great body. She has blonde hair and blue eyes and has that sexual look about her. I went around my apartment to find the things that I would need for the weekend plot in order to get it done the way Jimmy and I had discussed.

The big night came, and we were all having a good time at Jimmy’s wedding. Jimmy arranged it that Carl and Brad were at my table with Kathy so that she would have time to get to know them. Jenn looked beautiful in her form fitting white wedding dress and Kathy looked incredible in her low cut, short black dress. As the reception went on, Jimmy and I made sure that our ladies had plenty to drink. Part of the idea was we felt that if they had some drinks in them, they would be more acceptable to what we were planning.

As istanbul escort the night went on both of the women became very intoxicated. Kathy was getting flirty with the guys at our table, including Carl and Brad. She even danced with them for a few songs, pressing her big tits against them and grabbing there ass once in awhile while they danced. Jenn was dancing up a storm with Jimmy and I could see that Jimmy was fondling her ever chance he could get. The stage was set and now it was time to get this show on the road.

As the wedding was winding down, Jimmy came over to Kathy and suggested that we go back to their suite to have a nightcap before we closed the day out. Their suite was in the same hotel as ours so she said she would for one drink, but would not be able to stay long. He also asked Brad and Carl to come as well but Carl said that he had to get home, but Brad said that he would come for a quick drink before the ride home, he just had to stop first and get some gas and cigarettes before it got to late and he would meet us there.

When we got to their suite, Jimmy opened up the bar and started pouring some drinks for everyone. The girls were sitting on the couch talking about how beautiful the wedding was and how much fun they had. I walked up to Jimmy at the bar and told him that I didn’t know if we were going to be able to pull this off. Jimmy told me not to worry and proceeded to serve the girls their drinks. He told me that he had added something to them so they would be feeling really good after they drank them.

As we sat there talking and drinking our drinks, I noticed that the girls were becoming very wasted. Jimmy then suggested that Jenn go into the bedroom and put on something more comfortable then the wedding dress she had been wearing. Jenn then stood up, almost falling over and said that’s a good idea and proceeded to the bedroom to put something else on. Kathy laughed at the state that Jenn was in and said that she would help her and both of them laughing and staggering went into the bedroom. Jimmy told me to go to my room and get the things that we need, that I brought with me so that we could get it set up before Brad got there.

When I returned to the room, I walked in the bedroom where I saw Jimmy holding both of the women down on the bed acting like he was playing around, not letting them get up. They were both laughing at the thought that they were so far gone that they didn’t have the strength to get him off. Jenn was out of her wedding dress but only had on her underwear and bra. When Jimmy saw me enter the room, he asked me to give him the rope that I had brought with me and began to tie the girls up to the bed. First tying their hands above them to the headboard and then there feet.

The women were beginning to get concerned about what was going on and told Jimmy to untie them right now. Jimmy just smiled at them as he tied the last rope to the bed and said that Gary and I are now in control and that you will be good girls or we will make you pay. Kathy addressed me and said, honey please untie me. I walked up to her and told her that Jimmy and I thought you girls would like this and that I wanted to make her happy. She started to scream at me and replied, what are you talking about. I reminded her about her fantasies that we had discussed a while back and said that I wanted to fulfill it for her.

She began to call me an idiot and told me that it was just a fantasy and that she had no interest in doing it with Jimmy and demanded that I release her. I really got upset at this point. She made me feel stupid and was yelling at me. I don’t know what came over me but I told her to shut up as I checked the rope to make sure they şişli escort were tight. Jenn couldn’t believe what was going on. This was her wedding night and she was shocked at what Jimmy was doing to her. We stood there and watched them try to free themselves from the ropes. The site began to really excite the both of us. I walked over to Kathy, who was struggling to get free and sat next to her on the bed. I began undoing the buttons on her blouse.

She looked at me and in a harsh voice said, “What do you think you are doing? Untie me right now!”

I told her that I wanted to show Jimmy her beautiful tits. She started pleading me to stop but I continued with her buttons and opened up her blouse. She was wearing a black satin bra that had the clasp in the front. As Kathy was pleading with me to stop, I unsnapped her bra and let it fall to the sides exposing her tits to Jimmy’s awaiting eyes who was standing in front of the bed.

As her bra fell off, I could see that Jimmy’s cock eyes light up with the sight of my girl’s hard nipples sticking straight up. I could see that Jimmy’s cock was beginning to get hard in his pants as I felt Kathy’s tits and played with her nipples. Jenn watched as Jimmy became excited at the site of Kathy and started to yell at him. Jimmy turned to Jenn and said that it was her turn to show off her titties. Jimmy went over to her side of the bed and began unsnapping her bra. Jenn was screaming as her bra came off exposing her tits to me.

We both sat there playing with our women’s nipples making them hard. We began to suck on them and we notice that the women we starting to quiet down. They were beginning to become aroused at what we were doing to their nipples. I gestured to Jimmy that we should remove there panties so we both worked our way down them, kissing there bodies. Jimmy had it easy, Jenn only had her panties on and just pulled them down to gain access to her moist pussy. Kathy had on a skirt so I had to lift it up and then pull her panties down. She was soaking wet. I could feel the moisture on her panties as I pulled them down and I immediately felt my cock getting hard. We both started licking there pussy’s with our tongues making there pussies nice and wet and getting there clits hard. Both of the women were getting horny, jerking their bodies as we sucked on their pussies and played with their nipples.

Jimmy and I both were really getting into what we were doing and Jimmy said that we should switch off giving the girls a variety. So Jimmy and I switched positions and began to lick the other’s women. The women went wild as we licked them into submission. Their pussies were dripping wet and their nipples were standing up ripe as could be. You could see that the girls were building up to orgasm. I looked over at Jimmy to see that he had his cock out of his pants and was stroking it as he licked my baby’s pussy. You could see that he was very aroused by the size of his shaft and the swollen head. I told Jimmy that Kathy gave the best blowjob I ever had and that he should let her suck on his cock.

Well, I didn’t have to ask him twice. He got up from her pussy and went to her mouth and slid his hard cock in my girl’s mouth. Just then, there was a knock at the door. It was Brad. He walked into the room and saw the girl’s tied up on the bed and said that he was sorry he was interrupting and that he would leave. I told him that he was not interrupting and asked him if he would like to eat my girlfriend’s pussy. After all, she was flirting with you all night and now you can make her pay for teasing you.

Brad’s eyes lit up with the thought of eating her nice pink pussy and said that he would love to make her pay. So Brad began to remove his clothes mecidiyeköy escort and his cock was already ripping with the thought of what was about to happen. Jenn responded that she wanted to suck on Brad’s swelling cock while I sucked on her pussy. Brad looked at Jimmy as he was getting his cock sucked by my girl and asked if it was ok. Jimmy said it was fine and Brad moved his way past me to Jenn’s mouth where she quickly took it into her mouth and began sucking on it. I worked my way back and forth from Jenn’s pussy to my woman’s pussy getting them primed for a good fucking.

I then moved around to Kathy and told Jimmy I wanted a turn, and put my cock into my baby’s mouth making her suck on me. Jimmy took off his clothes and went into his pocket and pulled out a pocketknife and cut the women’s panties off of them so that we could gain full access to their pussies. He then went down on Jenn’s awaiting pussy and began sucking on her clit while he fingered Kathy’s pussy. He then got up and grabbed Jenn’s ass and lifted her up as he slid his throbbing cock inside her wet pussy. Jenn started screaming as Jimmy fuck her pussy with a vengeance. Jenn was quickly building up to explosion so to help it along, as Kathy was sucking on my cock, I leaned over to Jenn’s tits and began to lick her hard nipples up the sides.

Jenn pussy exploded almost immediately on Jimmy’s hard rod. She was shaking and moaning uncontrollably. Jimmy was surprised that Jenn came so quickly and started smiling at her telling her that he loved her. Jimmy told brad to help him untie Jenn from the bed and told Kathy that it was her turn to cum. Jenn got up and moved over to Kathy’s pussy and began to lick her wet lips. Jimmy and Brad stood on opposite sides of the bed and began licking Kathy’s erect nipples as they played with their rock hard cocks.

Jenn seemed to take control of the situation as she told Brad to come down and fuck this tight pussy that she had made nice and wet. Brad jumped down and took his erect cock and started fucking my girl. Kathy stared to moan as his cock began probing the inside of her sweet pussy. Jenn began stroking Brads swollen nuts and caused Brad to blow his hot cum inside my woman. She then told me to come down and take my turn so I moved down to the bottom of the bed and Jimmy moved over and stuck his well hung cock in Kathy’s mouth. I mounted my baby and took my turn fucking her tight little hole as Jenn played with my balls.

I felt my cock-swelling ready to explode as I pulled out and told Jenn that I didn’t want to cum just yet. So Jenn called to her honey and told him to fuck this little bitch and let her squeeze the cum at of his throbbing prick. Jimmy pulled out his cock from her mouth and moved down to her pussy. Jenn grabbed his swollen cock and worked it into her pussy. As the head of his cock entered her hole Kathy’s eyes let out a cry of pleasure as his stiff member invaded her puckering hole. I moved over to her mouth and made her suck the head my cock, grabbing her by the hair as Jimmy had his way with her pussy. Jenn announced that it was time to make the little bitch cum.

She reached up to Kathy’s hard nipples pulling them between her fingers as she began to lightly stroke her husbands balls. Jimmy stated to moan with pleasure as his cock quickly began to swell in my girl’s pussy. Just then Jenn , as she was stroking his balls said for her baby to let it go and fill her tight pussy with his juices. With what Jenn had just said made Jimmy’s cock stiffen up in her pussy causing him to shot his hot cum inside her pulsating hole.

The moment cause Kathy to lose it and bared down on his cumming cock and exploded with her own orgasm. The excitement was to much for me to handle and I pulled my swollen cock from her mouth and shot my cum all over her hard nipples. We all collapsed onto the bed and started laughing about what we had done and wondered if this was the beginning of a new type of friendship.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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