A Rip in My Nylons

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Big Dicks

I don’t know too many women who enjoy wearing stockings, pantihose and tights as much as I do. It may come as a surprise to some of you guys out there, but most women can’t be bothered with them. Most of my girl friends dread having to wear hosiery of any kind — and when they get home from work or a night out, the first thing they do is rip off their pantihose and relax.

I’m the opposite. I get a perverse sexual thrill every time I slip on a pair of nylons and especially silk stockings. Maybe it’s because I have such amazing legs. They’re long, slender and smooth, and they love to be fondled, stroked, kissed, licked and adored. The feel of nylon and silk on my skin drives me wild — especially when I wear tights with no panties underneath.

I even wear hosiery to bed. I love lounging around my apartment in nothing but a pair of black, silky tights. The feel of nylon, silk and Lycra massaging my legs and pussy with every move I make just drives me crazy.

Once my guy caught me masturbating while wearing nothing but white silk tights. I was lying face down on my bed, my legs stretched languidly behind me, the seam of my nylons tracing the backs of my legs, from heel to crotch. I had one hand down the front of my tights, lightly massaging my pussy while the other tugged and squeezed my nipple.

Now and then, I would raise my heels to my bum or rock my hips, enjoying the wonderful sensations my pantihose made as they stretched and relaxed on my legs. I was teasing myself — bringing my body to near orgasm then backing off and savoring the intense pleasure.

After my third or fourth orgasm, I rolled onto my back, one hand still holding my firm little breast, and the other shoved down the front of my tights, tweaking my jerked-off clit and smearing my juices over my lips.

Still purring to myself, I opened my eyes to find him staring down at me through the bedroom door. He looked like he’d died and gone to heaven.

I must have been quite a sight myself mersin esc — long skinny legs spread wide, cum soaking through my nylons, my hair a silky mess on my pillow.

My heart raced as he dropped to his knees at the foot of the bed and started kissing his way up the inside of my silk-covered leg. He began at the toes of my left foot, dragging his tongue slowly over the arch and lightly biting my heel before moving up the back of my calf toward my knee. As he kissed and licked his way toward my pussy, I reached my right leg over his back, stroking his cheek with my inner thigh and stretching my silky toes down his spine to his waist.

Finally, I felt his hot breath assaulting my groin through my sheer white nylons. I spread my legs wider, forcing the crotch of my pantihose away from my lips and pushing his tongue away with them.

He pressed his hungry mouth onto my mound, pulling my dainty knees together around his head as his tongue drove the seam of my nylons deep into my slit.

The feeling was incredible. Every time he bit, licked or breathed on my thinly-veiled pussy, I writhed in orgasm. When I thought I couldn’t take any more, I felt his teeth tear through my nylons, biting at my swollen labia. His tongue wrapped around my clit while my feet pawed frantically at his waist, helping him off with his pants.

He drove his cock straight into me, shoving my head into the pillow, my thighs parting to give him room.

He withdrew slowly, letting my nylons brush the length of his cock as he exited, then fucked me gently, my legs wrapped tightly around his hard, bare ass. He kissed me deeply, sharing the sweet silk of my own delicious cream.

I turned to watch in the mirror, loving the sight of my young, lean body being fucked through my pantihose. Arching my back, I pushed my breasts toward the ceiling, reaching my hands down to cup my bum through my tights.

My lover started biting and sucking my nipples while continuing to slowly fuck the hole esc mersin in my nylons. I could tell he was enjoying the brush of silk on his shaft with each long, gentle thrust. His knob danced at the entrance of my twat, teasing my clit and pushing in and out of my plump, wet lips.

From my angle, I could watch his pole bury itself to the hilt in my crotch then withdraw till its glistening knob popped out, brushing my pantihose before plunging in again.

I flattened my back again, thrusting my long, white legs straight into the air, brushing my ankles together behind his back. He stopped humping and allowed me to roll his hips from side to side in a sensuous, scissor lock.

Just when I thought he would explode, he stood up, braced his knees on the end of the bed and started screwing me hard and fast, my silky legs pressed straight against his chest, ankles locked around his head. The angle and ferocity of his cock, driving in behind my clitoris, threw me into a violent orgasm. My arms thrashed from side to side, and the muscles in my thighs — hardened from years of tennis and riding lessons — strained inside my silky tights, my toes curling behind my lover’s ears.

He pounded in and out of my pussy till I was drained, his hands stroking my nylons from my bum to my heels.

Exhausted, I rolled onto my stomach and raised my silky bum in the air. Spreading my knees wide, I pressed my face and breasts into the mattress, reaching my hands under to pinch my hardened nipples while gently humping the air. I teased him with my pretty ass, hoping he would spank me or fuck me like a dog.

I turned to check his reaction in the mirror. There’s nothing I love more than watching my little prep-school ass being spanked, eaten and fucked.

My lover surprised me when he opened my top drawer, fished around in my under garments and pulled out my riding crop. I don’t know how he even knew it was there. I’d left the hunter-jumper circuit in freshman year of college and my mersin escort riding gear and boots were tucked away in the back of my closet. I keep the crop in my underwear drawer because it turns me on just knowing it’s there.

My pussy was pulsing in anticipation as he walked over to the bed and grazed the leather tassels of the crop across my ass and down the back of my thigh. He tickled my calf and ankle through my tights then savagely whipped the arch of my foot, causing me to wince and bite my lip.

Enjoying my pain, he drew the little whip up my inner thigh and across the hole in my nylons, twirling it through my moistened slit and over my tight bum hole. He lingered there, allowing me to grind my clit along the leather shaft before whipping my inner cheek with the tassels, stinging my labia. I tried not to yelp, but the pain was too intense.

My tormented sighs only egged him on. Thrusting his hands under my waistband, he pulled my pantihose off my hips and down to my thighs, exposing my bare bottom. Running his hand between my lips, he delivered a stinging slap across my ass with his moistened palm. It hurt so bad that I didn’t notice the butt of my riding crop pushing between my lips and sliding deep into my pussy. The leather brushing my slick inner walls made me shudder as he pumped it gently in and out.

The pace of his pumping quickened until my muscles tensed and I pinched my nipples, bracing for yet another orgasm. But just as I reached the brink, he yanked out the whip and plunged it straight into my ass.

Tears streamed from my eyes as I cried out in pain. I tried to push the handle out, but he forced it even deeper inside — the tassels dancing as he slapped my ass over and over again.

The view in the mirror was too beautiful — me up on all fours now, looking like a pretty pony, my whip jutting from my rear like a tail. I made myself cum just by wagging my ass. I was still cumming when my lover mounted me from behind, his balls brushing the waist of my nylons and his cock grazing the whip handle through my inner membrane.

The pain and pleasure built inside my bottom as we humped our way to a mutual orgasm then collapsed exhausted on the bed.

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