Bound , Tied


Some types of pain can be inflicted without a physical touch… Those are the ones that are also the most damaging. To Master Deafneato for teaching me a very very valuable lesson of life. I love you and I hate you.


Lesson One: True Pain

Candles riddled the darkness their flames dancing rhythmically illuminating the room with dim light. The room was large slave W shuddered as she realized she was bound and tied to the bed in which she lay upon. The sheets were soft ‘silk’ she thought distantly as she looked through half open eyes. The curtains that remained closed around the bed were red as blood flowing down like a waterfall around her. Then she heard ‘him’ coming closer to the bed his boots not making hardly any sound at all but W felt his draw she knew it was him. He called to her through the deepest recesses of her dreams, her mind and she answered his call with her longing. His presence a rare gift one she craved every waking minute of her life and oh how sweet it felt when he graced her with it. The night was theirs and denizli escort theirs alone just as she was his. His hand parted the curtains as if they were the red sea and he himself were Moses. He emanated raw dominance without even uttering a word his presence alone told his story.

Her breath hitched in her throat and she whimpered as he stepped forth out of the shadows. His long chestnut hair falling around his perfect masculine form his hazel eyes looking down at her through thick lashes. A long seductive smile played his face a mixture of pleasure and lust touched the corners of his perfect lips. Lips W craved to feel as he bit her, marking her, burning himself into her soul forever. She longed to feel that savage passion she loved so much about her Master. Her heart fluttered as he lowered his hand flexing his fingers as if to touch her but not touching her. W whimpered once more a carnal sound arching her back pushing her body up to meet his touch. His smile deepened “Say it…”

W licked diyarbakır escort her lips “Please Master” his hand moved away and she cried out in frustration. “You know the words I want to hear! Now say it or ill leave you to lay here alone!” She wanted to say the words, she wanted to scream, them she wanted to beg, to plead, but she could not manage to verbalize what she knew he wanted to hear. It frustrated her she opened her mouth to speak the words but they vanished into nothing as she went to speak them. Just as he turned to leave she found the words “Please Master, please touch me, please use me and abuse me use my body to bring your pleasure. I crave your touch, your whip and your collar.”

He turned abruptly, so fast it surprised her his face was darkened with lust and something so carnal that it made her shudder to her very core. His left hand found her breast his fingers twisting and pulling her nipple as the right smacked it hard. W screamed in sweet agony her body shaking as moisture antalya escort began to form between her tightly bound thighs. His hands stopped working at her breasts and moved to her jaw jerking her head up so she was looking in his eyes. “Did I give you permission to scream cunt?” He arched a brow as if daring her to challenge him “No Master you did not give me permission to scream.”

His eyes moved down her body as she quivered beneath his gaze. He spoke slowly and softly drilling his words into her head making her think “What do you say?” W closed her eyes for a second the words dripping from her lips before she knew what she was saying. “Please punish me Master for my mistake I deserve to be punished please Master please punish me.” He smiled broadly pleased with her response his hand caressed her hair affectionately for a moment before jerking her head back sharply.

“Oh you will be punished cunt… You will be.” He whispered in her ear his breath on her skin made her shudder. He stood from the bed and left her to lay where he had bound and tied her. W cried tears streaming down her face obscuring her vision making her begin to sob. The only real punishment he could give her was removing his presence and he succeeded at doing just that. He was a light in her darkness the reason of her being her breathing. The worst punishment imaginable to W and the most painful.