Brandi and Kelly Ch. 01

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Driving from Monterey Park, Brandi was pleased to be leaving her parent’s home where an argument had ensued between her uncle and father. The Chinese New Year celebrations started with a bang then fizzled out with the usual quarrel whether they were Taiwanese Americans or Chinese Americans. It meant nothing to her, so she left them to it.

She also felt guilty because she had lied about returning to the apartment to complete an essay. If she had told them she was going to a club, her parents would have kicked up a fuss. A good Taiwanese girl should obey her parents and Brandi tried to, but how could she when studying at UCLA? There were just too many distractions.

Kelly opened the car door for her and she jumped in. “So you escaped them, I almost gave up on you,” Kelly said with a big smile.

There was a devilment to her eyes that told Brandi her long time friend was up to something. Brandi had quickly changed to meet her friend, who looked more like a sister, and they shopped and teased each other like sisters, too.

“So what are you up to?”

“You’ll see,” Kelly teased. She was the quieter of the two, but lived further away from her parents and was exploring this new found freedom more adventurously. They always looked after one another so whatever was planned for this evening would be OK with Brandi. Besides, they didn’t have school in the morning so it could be a late fun evening.

Kelly breathed a sigh of relief. There wasn’t a line of clubbers waiting outside, so her friend wouldn’t guess what was inside waiting for them. Kelly couldn’t wait to see the look of shock on her face and almost burst out laughing.


The suppressed giggle reminded Brandi of the near disgrace at her twenty-first birthday party only a few months ago. Unwrapping presents before family, she enthusiastically pulled the wrapping off her friend’s present to find a vibrator. Before her parents and family had a chance to see what it was, she buried it in the wrapping paper.

“Come on Brandi, show us!” her cousin had insisted, showing none of the restraint of the older family members.

Hearing her friend outside the room making that funny noise of a repressed laugh, Brandi said, “I should open it with Kelly, father.” A shy, guilty look turned to relief when he agreed.

Even after six months she remembered the feeling of shame. If her parents had seen that wicked object it would have been embarrassing and dishonourable for her parents before so many family members.


While her friend bought tickets to the club, Brandi smiled shyly at a naughty thought. It turned to a grimace remembering that she had used the damn thing and almost lost her virginity while in the throws of a passionate fantasy. Well, maybe not exactly, but she was pretty sure she tore her hymen to some degree during the frenzy of playing with the new toy.

Still dreaming, she followed Kelly into the club, not noticing very much. The music was just OK but then she looked around. “Kelly! You bitch! What is this place?”

“It’s a BDSM club,” she threw her head back laughing. “You’re here now so let’s explore the place. You had better keep a hold of me. I don’t want any of the perverts hitting on me.”

The two slim attractive young women held hands, looking for the bar. In tight jeans, t-shirts and tennis shoes, they looked out of place. Everyone around them was either dressed in leather, chains, skin-tight latex or hardly anything at all. Brandi was fascinated. It seemed to be a different world, as though they had dropped onto another planet.

“There he is, no, don’t look,” Kelly said, her face glowing hot.

“So that’s why you dragged me in here. Who is he?” Brandi asked. So she was after some guy. In the quick glance she had, he looked tall and handsome with a cute ass. An Asian guy wearing tight leather pants under a leather jacket with a few chains randomly placed. He didn’t look as bizarre as most of the freaks standing around, rather he looked fairly normal for such a weird place.

“He’s Kevin, in my psychology class. He’s doing a thesis on counterculture. All the girls are keen to get close to him and this is my chance. They will be so envious!” she laughed. She lifted her hair to tie it into a ponytail.

“Shit! When did you have that done? Your parents will go nuts,” Brandi screeched.

“Don’t worry, all but two are fake. So they look real, heh?” Kelly smiled with satisfaction.

Along both ears were rings that looked as though they were pierced but were just clipped. “My parents would disown me if I had my ears pierced more than once, well almost,” she giggled.

In fact, Brandi had no piercings at all. Her parents had forbidden it in high school, and even though she was now in college, it was not something that she had chosen to do. She had thought about it, however, and figured she could easily defend a piercing just once to each ear.

“It would be bad enough if they knew I was in here,” Brandi continued. “I can just imagine the urfa escort lectures every time I went home for the weekend. What are you doing now?”

“Here’s one for you,” Kelly said while pulling a dog collar around her neck.

“I’m not putting that damn thing on.”

“Go on, please, just for me,” Kelly pleaded with a mock look of pain on her face.

“You mean for him. OK. OK. Don’t go on. Where did you get this? I look ridiculous. I hope it’s not from home, a smelly pet or something.”

“Of course it’s clean. Come on, let’s go the restroom, it’s over there,” Kelly said, pulling her reluctant friend. It meant passing the bar where the guy stood talking to a group of heavily chained people. Brandi couldn’t tell which were male or females, they all had baldheads. She nervously ran a hand through her long black hair.

A short cut through the flailing bodies on the dance floor was a mistake. They became separated and a woman grabbed her middle and pulled Brandi close and held on tight. They were hardly moving between the heaving bodies and Brandi doubted if she were safer with a woman.

All of a sudden they were off the dance floor by the bar. “You look cute, girl, you cum here often?” she jibbed with a grin. Speaking close in her ear because of the loud music was just an excuse to be close. The woman licked her ear and her neck.

“I’m not a lesbian!” Brandi exclaimed, wanting her to stop. With a better look at her she seemed about forty, with short spiky dyed blond hair and studs in her nose.

“You never know until you meet the right one,” she quipped.

Brandi struggled trying to push her away, but the butch woman was too big and powerful, built like a brick outhouse. The feel of warm saliva in her ear was disgusting. She turned her head almost ready to bite her. The woman pulled away and looked at her with a grin still holding on to her.

“So you like it rough do you? Well, so do I,” she grinned, showing off a pierced tongue.

‘Oh hell, I’m in trouble now!’ Brandi quaked.

“Hey Jude, she’s with me.”

It was Kevin edging the woman away from her. Jude scowled at him then shrugged her shoulders. “No harm in trying, she’s a cute little girly.”

Brandi shuddered. “Thanks.” She was still a little shaken and didn’t know what to say.

He steered her to a quiet corner. “You’re Kelly’s friend, aren’t you? They’re not all like that. Most just want to parade around showing off,” he said, nodding to a couple of extroverts dressed with their asses hanging out of leather pants.

Brandi realised they were a couple chained together. “Well, that’s one way to stay safe together,” she laughed. He used a tissue to wipe her ear and neck and she laughed for it tickled. Perhaps his touch did something more than that. The ice was broken and they carried on chatting or at least she listened to his explanation of what the clubbers were about. It was fascinating.

He discreetly pointed to individuals and couples and nodded to others, telling her what their clothing meant.

“Oh! So there you are,” Kelly butted in.

Brandi hadn’t noticed how close they had been standing and took a step back with her friend’s sudden appearance. The look of annoyance meant Kelly was pissed with her, thinking she had moved in on him.

“You should get her to pierce her ears. She talks about it, but never gets around to it,” Kelly smiled at her innocently while talking to Kevin.

‘No way! What is she up to now? She knows I wouldn’t. Not just my parents. Even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t do it here,’ Brandi thought. She just shook her head “no” and made a shushing sound with her lips.

“You can do it here if you like. They do a good job, too,” he said with enthusiasm.

Brandi was about to protest when Kelly leaned in and whispered. “Just get a temporary one like mine in each ear. Go on, I dare you,” she said.

“OK! Where do they do it?” she asked Kevin. She didn’t want to show her friend up or herself by wimping out. There might have been a temptation to impress Kevin, too.

“I’ll show her, we’ll be back soon so don’t go away,” Kelly smiled at him.

Brandi would have to tell her friend not to try so hard; she was being too flirty and obvious.

“I didn’t want him to see you get fakes and discover my secret,” Kelly explained.


Brandi sat in what felt like a large leather dentist chair and became nervous. She remembered a young dentist probing her mouth years ago. He looked so delicious, but he was just learning and managed to nick her lip with his pliers when he was tightening her braces. He was an intern, learning from her usual orthodontist.

She remembered yelping, tasting her own blood, and then reassuring the intern that it was ok and that she would not tell. Her skirt had ridden up, showing her thighs and she had become so warm thinking any moment he would be able to see her white panties.

He apologised so nicely, trying to relax her, balıkesir escort thinking she was afraid of dentists. When he tightened her braces, a spasm of pain ran through her head. His fingers touched her tongue, producing such sensuous feelings she became hot. She couldn’t help squirming and hoped he didn’t realise what she was doing, or why she was rubbing her thighs together. She loved the feeling of her braces being tightened, of her mouth in bondage.

It had been so embarrassing, she felt ashamed. The idea of pain and pleasure being sexual hadn’t occurred to her back then. It was probably this club and this chair that brought it all back. She remembered the closeness of his lovely smooth face. It had been so disappointing when next visiting, for he had returned to the university to continue his training.


Brandi let her friend sort out the details as Kelly was now the expert and took over selecting earrings. The guy came over and moved her head to one side. With her long hair spilling over the back of the chair, he had a clear access to her ear. “Ouch!” she yelped.

Brandi didn’t think it would hurt at all, otherwise she wouldn’t have agreed. As the pain subsided she felt he had actually pierced her ear. “Shit! What have you done? Don’t put anything in the hole,” she squealed.

There was a lot more she was going to say but the mention of putting something in the hole choked off the words. The episode of being in the dentist chair rushed back at her, knocking the wind out of her. A familiar tingling sensation between her legs started and it shocked her. Why? She didn’t understand it.

The guy had a firm grip of her hair and turned her head for the other ear.

“Hey, no! Don’t please! I don’t want it, please stop it.” She tried to rise from the chair but Kelly held her back with a hand to her tummy. Brandi struck out with flailing hands but missed. Her friend was grinning at her.

“You know you want it really. Just relax, it’s no good with just one, they need to be balanced, its karma, gyrl,” she giggled.

“You bitch, don’t let him, stop him, please,” she implored. This was terrible. How could they do this to her? Her beautiful young body was being defiled. She didn’t want to be pierced. The tingling feeling became stronger while thinking of being pierced by a stranger.

She didn’t even know his name and he was going to pierce her ear with his thing. It was a scary mixed up idea and she didn’t understand it, but felt what was happening to her was wrong. So why was she becoming so hot?

“Please, Kelly, don’t do it to me. Tell him to stop. Ouch!” It was too late now. Brandi had been pierced. She didn’t understand why she felt so worked up, maybe it was the pain or being forced or maybe she associated being pierced with sex. She rejected the thought, unable to cope with it.

“There, all done. That didn’t hurt too much did it!” he smiled at Kelly. “You owe me a big favour. I’m not supposed to do it without consent,” he said.

“I’ll cover for you. Besides, look at the state she’s in. She wanted it,” Kelly told him and blew a kiss.

Brandi flapped her mouth but words failed to arrive from a panic stricken brain. ‘Please, let them be fakes! I can’t have pierced ears, I don’t want it. I don’t want my body damaged like that. I’m not one of those girly sluts that dreadful lesbian likes,’ she groaned inwardly.

“Damn, what have you done Kelly?” she gasped. She was breathing heavily from being stoked up. She had been grinding her thighs together in front of her friend and felt embarrassed. Escaping the broad grin on Kelly’s face she jumped up to look in a mirror.

Pulling her long hair away from both ears she stood very still and stared at the dangling earrings. Looking closer into the mirror she pulled at one. “Ouch!” It didn’t slip out; it was clearly a proper piercing right through the upper ear. Looking closer she saw they weren’t proper earrings at all, but little locks looped through each ear.

“What the hell! You stupid bitch, you’ve pierced my ears. I’ll get you for this! I can’t believe it, it’s disgraceful.”

In a panic she pushed and pulled at the locks, desperate to get them free. If she didn’t get the locks out of the pierced holes soon, it would take ages for them to close up.

“These damn things are little locks! Just give me the key!” Brandi demanded, with her small hand held flat, the fingers pointing accusingly at her friend.

Kelly backed away. “I can’t. I gave it to Kevin before we came in here,” she said, in a small voice.

“Then get it and get it quick,” Brandi demanded in a quiet fierce voice. “I’ll really kick your ass if you don’t hurry back!” she shouted fiercely. “Damn, damn, damn.” It was a good thing the guy had walked off or she might have kicked him in frustration. Instead she kicked the chair.

If her parents saw this she would never hear the end of it. Of all the tricks they had played on one another this trabzon escort was the most devious. She was beside herself with anger at the humiliation. Tears formed in the corners of her eyes and she gritted her teeth knowing she would have to ask, maybe beg to be released.

She felt so stupid at being fooled like that. It was Kevin, that’s what made Kelly do it. A fit of stupid jealousy over a guy she didn’t even know.

It was as though a part of her body had been locked up by a stranger and he had the key to her body. It was shameful, yet the thought of Kevin having this power over her produced a feeling of arousal. ‘Damn! What’s happening to me?’ She wondered why she was being stoked up over this stupid bitch’s trick. She didn’t like the implications, didn’t want to face it. The arousal left her feeling embarrassed and unsure of herself.


Brandi glared at them both and at least her friend had the decency to look ashamed. Kevin beamed at her with brilliant white teeth and an urge to hit his smug face nearly overcame her.

“Kelly told me you’ve had your first piercing. How does it feel? I’ve wondered about it myself,” he said with genuine interest.

“Where’s the key?” she asked.

“Key, what key?”

Brandi looked from one to the other then lifted one side of her hair to show an ear. He obviously wasn’t a part of the sordid trick.

“Cool! Oh that key. I didn’t know what it was for. Very interesting, you know what it means don’t you? We had better get out of the way.” He led her to a small room, murky dark like the others but quiet and they were alone. Kelley had escaped back to the main room knowing how angry Brandi was.

“Sit down, you must tell me what it feels like. All these in here are so used to it they find it difficult to explain or even remember a first piercing.”

She sat wondering when he was going to produce the key and intuition told her he wasn’t going to make it easy.

He was about twenty-nine and seemed so authoritative and powerful her natural instinct was to defer to him as she would to parents or older relatives. Besides, she didn’t want to beg him or let him know how desperate she was for the damn key.

She heard the word sex and suddenly took notice of what he was saying. When he started on about anthropology she had switched off but now she was on alert.

“. . . all this sexual symbolism is fascinating. You want the key and I want you as a part of my study,” he looked at her expectantly.

“Err, maybe. What do you want me to do?” she asked with a suspicious look on her face.

“You won’t have to do much. Just dress up and I’ll take you around the club so I’ll get more into the scene here, more accepted. Don’t worry, I’ll look after you, it’ll be fun and certainly something different,” he laughed.

“I get the key back then?” she asked.

“Yea of course! You agree then? That’s great.”

Being desperate for the key meant there was little choice but agree to this thinly disguised blackmail. Still, it might be fun pretending to be one of them. ‘I might learn something,’ she thought, unsure if she wanted to learn something in this den of iniquity. She would be safe with him and the intense way he looked at her brought on a nice warm feeling inside.

From the shop he brought a leather outfit, all zips and chains. It was tight fitting but covered her body otherwise she would have refused to wear it without exception.

She walked out of the little cubicle feeling very nervous. When he looked her over, his face was a picture of astonishment. It was as if he was seeing her for the first time and evidently liked what he saw. Brandi lowered her head, feeling pleased and suddenly shy.

“Here, let me adjust this, it’s not sitting right,” he said. He stood close, smelling of Brute aftershave and she became aware of the outfit’s new leathery smell. It was a heady combination distracting her from his fiddling at the chains.

He stood to one side revealing a mirror. “What do you think?” he said, as though unveiling a work of art.

Brandi gasped. She could hardly believe it was her. The thin skin-tight leather showed off her curves. An inbuilt bustier pinched her waist and braced her small breasts, pushing them up and out. It was so thin over her breasts her little nipples even showed.

The image was so lascivious she could hardly breathe with the shock of it. It was difficult to take it all in. She had to admit, with her long black hair, black leather and the shiny chains she looked gorgeous, in a kinky kind of way.

“No wonder it was such a struggle in there to get it on,” was all she could say. Meaning to run a hand through her long black hair, she found the action curtailed. Thin but effective chains ran from wrists to waist.

“Hey, what’ve you done?” she complained. “Get me out of this,” she said pulling at the chains.

“Do you want me to gag you?” he asked with a thrilled look on his face. She clamped her jaws together glaring at him.

“You agreed to be paraded around and that is exactly what I shall do. You don’t know the rules or etiquette here so you’ll have to act as a submissive. That way you won’t have to talk to anyone and spoil things. As you belong to me,” he started to say.

“No way! I don’t BELONG to anyone! That’s demeaning,” she retorted.