Dax , Lulu: Married Ch. 01


“Dax, that hack you showed me, has yielded fruit.”

Lou has been hacking on her own? Jesus. I will check her work for errors and cover as needed; she probably left footprints all over the place. My damned wife. I swear.

Dax smiled with no small amount of pride though as he was more than a little impressed at how quickly she picked up what he did.

“I couldn’t get Dave on misfeasance, he’s a slippery little fucker, and smarter than I thought. Just not smart enough. I laid a trap and that arrogant ass walked right into it.

I’ve called a meeting for this afternoon, all senior staff and select junior staff. This includes you, so dress accordingly and call the grands and or great great grands. We are going into the office.”


Milton and Lou and partners sit on one side of the table and David on the other. Matt, June and myself and several others sit in chairs against the wall behind Milton & Lou.

Lou slides a document across the table.

“This is a termination letter.

Dave, you are not a good fit. Much time has been spent managing and worrying about you and your performance, the entire firm has suffered as a result. It’s been a time drain

Your behavior has bordered on and consistently been disrespectful; you have undermined us on several occasions. Most recently and notably the Mauritius deal. You have complained within and without and openly challenged authority. Our only real regret about today’s action: is that we didn’t pull the trigger sooner.

There have been client complaints about you. If any one of our clients feel they aren’t being taken care of by an associate attorney of ours, they will look for a new law firm.

SO, when a client takes the time to complain, we take it seriously. It was difficult for them to talk about their dissatisfaction. The English can be reticent. Luckily, after a bit of prodding, they decided to do us the courtesy of talking about their doubts, instead of just firing our firm and moving to new representation.

“So for all those reasons and so very many more, you are fired. Effective immediately.”

Said my gorgeous wife, with malicious and undisguised glee. A brilliant smile on her sweet face.

Dave swallows painfully, shifting in his chair.

“At the onset of your employment here, you signed agreements, non-disclosure, non-competes. A confirmation email with scanned signatures was sent to you.”

“You know where I’m going with this right?” She looks at him coolly.

You contacted clients of Milton, Skewell and Associates and began the process of soliciting our clients to follow you to your new place of employment.”

Agitated, Dave interrupts.

“Where’s your proof? There’s no way you could possibly know that . . .”

Lou puts up a single finger for silence, and continues as before.

“You then sent letters notifying Milton, Skewell & Associates clients that you were changing firms and solicited them to switch their business – all without the knowledge of Milton, Skewell & Associates and in violation of Bar rules.

The Virginia Bar rules – for lawyers switching firms – state, “Absent a specific agreement otherwise, a lawyer who is leaving a law firm shall not unilaterally contact those clients of the law firm for purposes of notifying them about the anticipated departure or to solicit representation of the clients unless the lawyer has approached an authorized representative of the law firm and attempted to negotiate a joint communication to the clients concerning the lawyer leaving the firm and bona fide negotiations have been successful.”

“You did not draft a joint letter with Milton, Skewell & Associates.

Furthermore, Milton, Skewell & Associates was not aware that you were contacting clients in hopes of luring their business away.

Additionally, the solicitation continued after your recently accepted offer at Kamien & Spaulding.

With malicious intent you went after Milton’s best clients in an attempt to have them transfer their cases.

Your illegal and unethical actions confused our clients and left them with the impression that we either did not wish to continue representing them or did not have the expertise to continue said representation.

Solicitation letters – sent by you – on your new ‘would be’ firm’s letterhead, caused our clients undue confusion, anxiety and frustration as well as the fear that their cases were being abandoned, that Milton, Skewell & Associates had closed its offices and that it would cost the clients more money to have their cases prosecuted.

Kamien & Spalding had no prior business dealings with the clients of Milton, Skewell & Associates prior to your mailing those solicitation letters.

“We are in the process” of determining if those letters got any clients to switch their business to Kamien & Spaulding. The client list and their addresses are proprietary information of Milton, Skewell & Associates.

For these reasons and so very many more, you are fired as of right now, your office has yalova escort been packed and security will escort you from the premises.

“You don’t have the authority.” He sneered.

“In fact, I do. I’m a partner. A silent partner. But a partner nonetheless. The day to day operations are all Milton. Contrary to the malicious rumors – which you, a 7 year associate, tried to spread – I have in fact earned my place. I didn’t earn it on my back. Mommy and Daddy didn’t give me a hookup.

I came with clients. Big ones. The same clients who pay your fucking salary. You have put my professional reputation as well as that of my business at risk for the last time.”

David is sweating. He turns quickly to Milton. Who shakes his head.

“Don’t look to me to save you. You have had seven years and every opportunity, given who your parents are in this town, to shine, if only you had put in the work. Smear campaigns often backfire, especially, poorly conceived ones.”

“I’m sure your primary motivation was for financial profit and gain; which is surely a shame as we plan to bring suit against you and you can forget severance.” Says my Lulu.

“You do this to deliberately and publicly humiliate me in front of senior and junior staff?” He accuses.

“These are witnesses, just in case anything untoward should happen in this room. The record needs to accurately reflect what was said. Your admitted humiliation is a nice little bonus though. Thanks for that.”

“You BITCH! I will sue this place for wrongful termination!” He’s snarling at my wife.

Lou gives a slow devious smile.

“I would dearly love for you to try filing a wrongful termination suit. In fact, I would relish it. However, as egregious as your offences are, I am certain you won’t find representation. And anyway . . .”

She makes a show of checking her watch.

“It’s 4:58pm on a Friday and a holiday weekend to boot.”

She spreads her hands.

“Who the hell are you going to call? You can’t even file for unemployment until like next Tuesday at best, which you will surely need as we are not paying you a dime of severance.

Oh and until we have determined the full extent of damages, your accounts have been frozen and your final pay will be held in escrow.”

She leans towards him across the table and smiles.

“I have it on good authority that you were curious to know what it’d be like to be with me.” She gives Matt a sly side-eye glance

“Well, now you know – you are indeed fucked.”

“Good luck with that job search”

Dave is apoplectic with rage and goes to lurch across the table at my baby. Snarling curses, name calling, spittle flying.

Matt handles it before I can even stand. Shoving him against the wall and holding him quite easily.

June’s already called security and they immediately come and haul him off screaming, cursing and vowing revenge all the way.

Lulu gives a little shimmy in her seat. Milton breaks out the cigars and passes her one, which she smells with wistful delight, before passing it to me with a wink.

“Ah, Milt – now that’s what I call a wedding present!”

They have a hearty laugh and Dave is quickly forgotten as everyone talks of the upcoming July 4th holiday.


So. This is marriage. Home alone with two newborns and my husband missing in action for days at a time.

I did it to myself, buying into all the promises. We started out so strong. I really did not expect Dax to go typical man on me.

I love my husband and my sweet little babies.

I made babies! Two at one time. I still can’t believe it. It’s the most amazing thing I have ever done or ever will do.

So I will roll with this, for now and then I will make a plan. This will not be my life.

At least I was smart enough to keep working. Shortened hours and no travel. It pays to have a vested interest in the firm. Milton is pretty understanding, he bugs me as much as he dares to as Dax had the nerve to tell him to lay off. That fucking husband of mine man I swear.

Shit if it weren’t for Milton dropping by twice a week, I’d lose my fucking mind. I have a brain and don’t want it going to pot.

In the meantime, my beloved husband is all tease and no please; lots of hugs and kisses but nothing else.

Granted, I had a hemorrhage episode after the babies that freaked him out pretty bad, both of us truth be told. He’s been tentative and super careful with me ever since.

And though I am deeply moved by his compassionate restraint, I am growing more frustrated by the minute.


I can’t believe we’re hosting a wedding here. Our backyard is a beautiful spot in this unseasonably cool weather, 82 degrees, with no humidity, in August in Richmond, VA – astonishing.

Uncle Junius and Annelle at last. Goes to show it’s never too late I guess. Funnily enough this time it was him wanting to marry and her wanting not to. edirne escort

On the 4th of July, he bought her around and finally and fittingly convinced her over a plate of fried catfish and ripe red tomatoes he grew himself.

He looked at me and shook his grizzled head in mock exhaustion.

“Don’t know how you wrestled that one into submission.” He nods towards my Lulu. Those two have taken quite a shine to one another.

“It was easy, you just have to keep going til they give out.” Lulu rolled her eyes and walked over to Uncle Jack at the grill.

Those two say they don’t have a moment to lose, so now it’s August and here we are. It’s been a long year. This summer has been super busy with the babies and my being on the road so much. She’s had plenty of help though between Annelle, my mom and Arlene. My babies are with their grand and great grand-parents being spoiled.

My wife seems to be missing in action. I wander through looking for her, she’s not in the bathroom or bedroom. I’m about to wander out again when I catch a glimpse of her in the walk-in closet.

I smile, a glimpse of her naked is pretty much how all this started in the first place. At least she’s not bent over this time. She’s looking at herself critically in the mirror.

There are some changes there and I like them all. But I don’t think she’s entirely comfortable yet.

Her last flush of girl-hood is gone. She’s a woman now. Her hips have spread giving her a definitive hour-glass shape, she’s been working out like crazy every free moment she gets and the baby-weight is gone, if anything she’s even smaller now I think. It’s the breast-feeding it burns a thousand plus extra calories a day and the babies are pretty demanding.

There’s nothing to say about those breasts – they pretty much speak for themselves. Magnificent.

Twisting to the side, Lou runs her hands down her body, shakes her head and finally sighs. I come into the room and shut the door.

“Where are my babies?”

“They’re fine, they’ve got bottles and are with the grands and great grands having a wonderful time.”

“Ok.” She looks at me in mild irritation and quickly pulls a robe on. “Did you want something?”

“A few minutes alone with my beautiful wife.”

“Yeah? Well if you find her, tell her I said hello.” She snorts dismissively.

“What’s going on with you?”

“I don’t have the time or inclination right now Dax. We have guests. I need to get dressed and do something with this hair of mine, which will take me up to needing to pump again so that I don’t leak.”

“I just wanted a moment to talk is all.”

Dax watched in distracted delight as with a backward flick of wrists, the silk robe unfurled and fluttered out behind her as she stepped into her panties and quickly shimmied them up her legs, before shrugging off the rose and turning to reach for the matching bra.

Watching her move gracefully around the room as she goes through her routine of getting ready is like watching a dance.

“You’re tired aren’t you?”

Reaching for a matching bra, Lou turns a half step to look at me. “Ya think?”

More than irritated, she’s mad, at me.

“You need rest bébé.”

Lou rounds on me angrily. “What I need is help. Not someone that runs off to conveniently play software tycoon every chance he gets.”

She is angry with me. “Why didn’t you say something?”

“I will not argue in front of the children. I will not stress them like that. Not to mention the effects of stress on breastfeeding mothers. No.”

Well that’s a good ground rule.

“I am sorry love. But I thought you had help – my mom, Annelle, Arlene?”

“Yeah, triple A loves coming over to help.” She grimaces. “They come, tell me everything I’m doing wrong and then promptly leave me to stew in it.

It’s been more than a year of people telling me what to do and I’ve just about fucking had it! If I didn’t have one literally hanging from each tit, I’d be out of here.”

She slices a hand across her throat emphatically.

Not good. First time we’ve been alone to talk in months and it goes like this. I suspected she was somewhat irritated but I had no idea it was this bad. When I’m here she takes the opportunity to catch up on sleep. I thought she was doing fine. Eddie and Lili are busy with newborns of their own and haven’t been around.

“This’ll have to do.” She grunted, taking a final look before slicking conditioner through her still damp hair and arranging a giant curly puff atop her head.

I had no idea they made nursing lingerie, her bra and panties are quite lovely. Angry and tired but still very beautiful, and we’re alone. I’ve been gone, but I’m here now.

I keep waiting for the wild attraction to wear off or die down but it shows no sign of waning. If anything, it’s worse. She’s smoothing and brushing the edges of her hair.

Lou cuts a sharp eye at me.

“Don’t even look at me like that. It’s what got me into erzurum escort this mess in the first place.”

“As I recall, it was you who kissed me, that’s how this started.”

“Because you touched me. ” She smiles a small smile.

I smile too. This will forever be a chicken an egg argument. I approach slowly.

“I’ve missed you Lulu.”

“Back-off Dax.”

Her smile fades and she shakes her head in warning and goes to walk around me. When

I block her path she roughly shoves me aside. It’s so unexpected I laugh out loud. Strong as an ox!

Her look is serious as she shrugs into a lovely dark emerald green silk wrap dress, quickly pulling it around her and adjusting the aqua sash.

“I had a side project but I’m done with that now. There’s nothing left to do that can’t be done by phone and computer. I won’t be going anywhere again anytime soon without you.”

I have a major surprise for her and am just figuring out how to spring it. I’m pretty sure she is going to love it, but I’ve broken my promise to her already and that is not good.

Turning, she gives me a long look.

“Fine, but for now I’m from Missouri – the ‘show me’ state.”

“Fair enough.”

Clearly distracted, hasn’t even asked me what my side project’s about.

Looking somewhat less resentful, she steps into her heels, calves flexing beautifully.

Damn!! It’s been four, going on five months.

We had sex pretty much up until the day they were born as Lou was trying to encourage them to come out. I’m told that I got lucky with that as most men get cut off in the last month or two.

I’ve kissed her and held her plenty but that’s been the extent of it and right now I’ve got a crotch buster of a hard-on.

I’ve heard all the advice and have been patiently waiting for her to come to me. I caught her looking me over at Lenny & Eddie’s 4th of July barbecue. I even overheard her talking to June.

“God his ass looks good in jeans. Thank god I married that man.”

“I can’t believe you just thanked God. Lou are you objectifying your own husband?” asked June.

She said, ‘hell yeah, that’s some praiseworthy stuff right there’ and when I turned to her there was a particularly mischievous glint in her eye as she licked her lips and looked me up and down from head to toe.

Her blatant attraction to me still kills me every single time. I had to bit my lip to keep from laughing. She was just that adorable.

I just knew I’d get lucky, but she was so tired when we finally got home and got the kids down to sleep that she immediately passed out and I didn’t have the heart to wake her.

Putting on earrings and slicking on a little gloss she’s done. Simple and stunning.

We’ve two hours until the wedding – the guests can wait. I quickly go over and lock the door. She shakes her head and looks at me groaning in exasperation.

“C’mon man, I don’t have time for this right now.”

She looks annoyed and maybe a little panicky but that left eyebrow is slowly rising.

Seizing my chance I take her hands and kiss her greedily, slowly enfolding her in my arms until I feel her relax against me as her arms slip around my neck. I find the tightly knotted sash to the dress and go to undo it but she grabs my hands and looks at me uncertainly.

“We’ll only go as far as you want, ok?”

She nods, looking at me warily, but she’s also staring at my mouth. I smile at her and continue to remove the dress as she carefully watches me.

“There she is, my lovely wife. ”

Shaking her head, she turns aside.

“Come here Lou.” I sit down on the small bench and turn her to face the mirror. “Look at you.”

“I have. I found four gray hairs the other day. Not just gray, but silvery white. My hips are wider and I’m told they will stay that way, and there are stretch marks! Look! My bikini days are over.

Hell even my nose has changed. It looks completely different. About the only thing I have going for me right now are these massive breasts, and I’m told they’ll go away once I’m done breast-feeding and may even shrink and sag.”

“I never took you as vain?”

“Have we met? I was at least cute before, pretty even on occasion, and now . . .”

“You’re more beautiful than ever. Frankly, I’m glad your nose is a little wider, I’m not so concerned about your being able to breathe, and three stretch marks, three – is hardly cause for alarm, they’re practically gone anyway.

I’ve had gray hair since I was 13, so you’ll get no sympathy there. As for these hips? ” I turn her towards me.

“That’s my favorite part, that and those tits, hot damn! I’ve met MM and I don’t think they’re going away anytime soon. ”

She rolls her eyes dramatically. “You’re just finally horny is all.”

Dax gives a hearty laugh.

“Baby. I am always horny. Yep, horny for my sexy wife and I just found her after almost five months and I say she’s in pretty big trouble.”

“Oh really.” She turns slowly and gives me that sleepy eyed blink and looks down at me.

“It might be you who’s in trouble.”

Grabbing a fistful of my shirt, she pulls me to her arching that eyebrow as she kisses me again and again. I quickly take her panties off, almost dying on the spot as I look at that little bush. She timidly brings her hands down to cover herself.