Emily Goes Black Ch. 02


Emily slowly stirred the next morning as the sun began to stream through her bedroom window and fall on her pale, nude figure. Panic gripped her for a brief second when she realized she was not alone in her bed but just as quickly, she remembered the events of the night before. It had been three months since her husband left on deployment, and this was the first morning she had not woken up alone.

Emily’s thoughts ran back to the previous night, and a strange mix of emotions began to flow in her. She felt a little guilty, but also strangely satisfied. The gravity of the situation was not lost on her, but the seriousness itself was also highly intoxicating. Last night, for the first time in her life, she had cheated on her husband. That thought alone made her feel both guilty and very, very aroused. The object of her desire was still dozing peacefully next to her in the same marital bed she had shared with her husband so many times. After five years of marriage, Emily had finally stained her sheets with another man.

“Not just any other man,” she thought to herself, “but Marvell. I have wanted to sleep with him since high school!”

She grinned to herself slightly as she gazed as Marvell’s dark, naked form next to hers in the morning sunlight.

She continued thinking to herself; “My first black cock…totally worth it. Too bad Josh wasn’t here to see it. I wonder if he would have actually enjoyed his fantasy of seeing his wife getting nailed by a black man…he did buy me that black dildo after all…and posted the pictures of me using it on that damn website.”

Emily found herself becoming upset at the thought of Josh’s betrayal. Without her knowledge, her husband had posted pictures of her masturbating with a big black dildo he had gotten her on the Internet. Her pictures had been viewed over twenty thousand times already. He had blurred Emily’s face so you couldn’t tell it was she, but Emily was upset her husband had shared her body with so many others without even consulting her.

“Well, it’s my turn to share my body without consulting him!” she thought to herself.

Emily gazed at Marvell’s well-muscled, dark skinned, nude figure as he lay next to her. The darkness of his body contrasted sharply with Emily’s soft, white skin. She rested her head on his chest, allowing her eyes to gaze down at Marvell’s now limp penis as he snoozed lightly.

Her dark curly hair was an absolute mess from the pounding she had received from Marvell last night. She was still enthralled my Marvell’s black cock. Even now, limp as it was, it was impressive. She had been a little worried about its size; it was the largest penis she had ever taken. The second largest was a boy she had met the summer of her freshman year, and for a white boy he had the largest cock she had seen at the time. Her husband’s penis was average in her experience, and it was the only one she had had for over five years. Her petite, 5’2”, 109-pound frame was still able to enjoy her husband’s penis, but she did find herself longing for something more occasionally…until last night. Taking Marvell’s big black cock into her tight, white pussy had been revelatory for her. Not only did he have size, but also he knew how to use it. She thought back to how deeply Marvell had touched her, unleashing something she had never felt before inside her. Her eyes had been opened last night to real sexual satisfaction…and she was very grateful.

Emily shifted her face closer to Marvell’s cock. She gingerly reached out with her left hand and wrapped her fingers around his limp cock as he snoozed lightly. Her wedding ring glinted in the morning sunlight as she guided Marvell’s cock into her mouth, softly wrapping her pink lips around his soft cock. She looked up at Marvell’s sleeping face. Just past Marvell, on the wall next to her bed, was a picture of Emily and Josh. She looked into her husband’s eyes in the picture frame That’s right honey, your little white wife is going to wake up the black man that she fucked last night in our bed by sucking his big black cock. I hope you enjoy the show. She turned her attention to Marvell’s large, dark cock as she began sliding it in and out of her mouth, stroking his shaft with her wedding-ring hand and playing with his balls with her other hand. It quickly began to harden and fill her mouth.

Marvell sleepily opened his eyes and was greeted by the image of Emily’s wedding ring sliding up and down his cock as her mouth stretched to accommodate his now engorged member. He placed his hand on the back of her head and held her face down on his cock. Emily twisted a little and looked up at him. He smiled at her.

“Good morning.” He said.

“Gumph mrnngghh” Emily’s speech was muffled by Marvell’s black cock in her white mouth. Marvell laughed a little and relaxed the grip on the back of Emily’s head, allowing her to pull his cock from her mouth. She raised herself up some on her elbows, allowing her bare breasts and pink nipples to hang in Marvell’s view over mardin escort his cock. She wiped some precum mixed with her saliva from her chin as she began to rub Marvell’s cock on her pale white breasts.

“I wanted to thank you for last night. I thought you would enjoy waking up to another man’s wife sucking your cock,” she said while grinning at him and rubbing his precum in between her breasts. She moved up and kissed him, her hands never leaving his cock.

“Girl, your breath smells like you were sucking cock last night.” Marvell said with a wicked grin. She returned the smile.

“Well your breath smells like you were eating my white, married pussy last night. Maybe we should brush our teeth.” she retorted.

“You can brush your teeth with my cock.” He said as he pushed her face back down and onto his black member. Emily opened her lips as Marvell forced his penis into her mouth. Emily hungrily swallowed his cock and began stroking his dark shaft, her white fingers barley able to wrap fully around it. Emily ran her tongue up and down Marvell’s cock, licking the precum from his engorged purple cockhead and swallowing it. Emily relaxed her throat and began to try to take Marvell’s black member past her tonsils. Marvell began to buck his hips forcing his cock down Emily’s throat. She gagged and involuntary tears formed in her eyes. He began fucking Emily’s mouth, his cockhead forcing its way into her throat. Tears flowed down Emily cheeks as she began to gag and choke. Saliva and precum spilled from her mouth and ran down her chin. Emily relaxed and allowed Marvell to fuck her white mouth with his black cock.

“Do you think Josh would like knowing that right now his wife is enjoying getting her pretty little mouth fucked by a black dick?” he asked her. Emily looked up at Marvell and nodded.

“Mm dnngh wgghwy crrghh” she said, her word again muffled by his cock. Marvell pulled his cock from her lips.

“I love it when you try to talk with my dick in your mouth.” He said, chuckling. “What did you say?”

“I said I don’t really care.” Emily rubbed the saliva and precum from her chin and rubbed it in between her breasts. “Wanna tittyfuck me?”

“Yes I do. Did you ever let your husband tittyfuck you?” he asked.

“Yeah, Josh loves fucking my boobs. Because of that, I want your big black cock to fuck them. I want you to own them now.” Emily replied with an evil grin.

“Mm mm, just like your sweet white pussy?” He asked.

“Yes, Baby, just like that.” She replied, smiling.

Emily lay back and pushed her breasts together. Marvel mounted her, straddling her chest, and pushed his black cock into her pale white titflesh. Emily looked past Marvell’s hips and at the picture of her husband hanging on the wall. Marvell noticed her gaze and looked at her quizzically.

“I’m just imagining him watching you tittyfuck me. I know he says this is his fantasy, but I’m sure he would be mad. He was actually the first guy I let tittyfuck me.” Emily said.

“Well, I guess I’m the first black guy to tittyfuck you” Marvell replied. She nodded and smiled.

“Yes you are, baby, and I love it.”

Marvell began to push his cock in and out of Emily’s breasts. She was in awe of its size as it sawed in and out of the space between her breasts in front of her eyes.

“I can’t believe that huge thing was inside me last night” she said. Marvell grunted in pleasure as he began to pick up the pace. His cock head would fully exit the top of Emily’s titflesh tunnel and poke her in the chin.

“When I let my husband do this, which is not very often, I barely see his cock poke out from the top of my tits, but your cock is practically poking me in the mouth! I bet I could suck your cock while you tittyfuck me.”

“I thought that was the idea?” Marvell whispered to her, smiling.

Emily opened her mouth and began licking the large purple head of Marvell’s black cock as it briefly appeared in between her creamy white breasts. He moaned more every time her tongue flicked at his dark, engorged cock head. She opened her white mouth and stuck out her tongue, allowing Marvell’s black cock head to begin poking in and out of her slick, warm mouth. His precum deposited itself on her tongue, adding to the slickness. Emily swallowed Marvell’s precum, enjoying the taste. She began to feel the friction of his cock in her breasts as Marvell continued to plow her chest.

Emily looked up at Marvell.

“Are you having fun fucking my married, white titties with your big, black cock?” she asked him.

“Mmmm, Baby your titties feel soooo good.” He replied, continuing to thrust his dark member into her creamy white titflesh.

“Are you gonna cum, Baby?” Emily cooed at Marvell. He nodded furiously. “Do you wanna cum on my face or in my mouth?” she asked. Marvell shuddered as he began to feel his orgasm build quickly inside him.

“Both.” He gasped. Marvell began to grunt quickly. Almost van escort immediately, she felt his black cock begin to pump in between her breasts as a thick rope of cum shot out from his cock and splattered onto Emily’s face, covering her right eye. Marvell’s cock spurted three more thick streams of hot, sticky cum on Emily’s face, hitting her lips, cheekbones, forehead and her curly dark hair and covering them in thick ropes of his warm jizm. Marvell suddenly rose up and shoved his dark cock in Emily’s mouth. She dropped her breasts and grabbed his cock, stroking it. She tried to swallow all of the cum Marvell was pumping into her mouth, but four more sticky streams of semen later some of it escaped from the corners of her lips and ran down her chin.

Emily continued to suck on his penis as he left it in her mouth for a few additional moments after his orgasm.

Marvell eventually relaxed and pulled his black cock from Emily’s mouth, collapsing next to her. Emily shifted on the bed. She swung her crotch up near Marvell’s face and opened her legs, spreading her shaved white pussy lips in his view. Marvell noticed Emily’s pussy was slick with vaginal juices. She wiped the excess semen from her face and chin, coating the fingers on her left hand with Marvell’s semen. Emily’s wedding ring glittered as she briefly studied her cum-covered fingers.

She moved her cum-covered hand down to her open, wet vagina and pushed her fingers into her pussy as Marvell watched. Emily fingered herself with her semen-covered fingers, spreading her legs and pushing Marvell’s genetic information deep into her fertile pussy. She continued to masturbate, wiping Marvell’s semen from her face and pressing it into her white, married vagina.

“How was that, Baby?” she asked, masturbating while Marvell watched, his face inches from her pussy.

“Did you like fucking my married titties? Do you like watching me play with my married pussy? Do you like watching me rub your cum inside my married pussy? Mmmm I love feeling your cum inside my white cunt.” Emily continued to rub her pussy with her semen-covered fingers until her vaginal opening was frothing with her pussy juices and Marvell’s cum. She shuddered and let a sigh escape her quivering lips.

“You are amazing.” He replied. She arched her back like a cat, smiling at him. She relished the aftertaste of Marvell’s cum in her mouth and the feeling of his cum in her vagina.

“I’m glad you are enjoying me. You know, I never let Josh cum on my face. He would be so upset that I let you do that. He has been begging me for years to let him cum on my face.” She laughed and kissed him on the neck. “I bet you never thought someone’s wife would be letting you do to her all the things she would never let her husband do.”

“No, I didn’t. Damn, Girl, is there anything else he has been begging you to do that you are going to let me do?” he asked, half laughing. Emily smiled and looked at him seductively, casting her eyes down at Marvell’s cock and then back up to his eyes.

“Maybe…yes. And he is going to be so mad…” she said, casting her eyes down again.

“Oooo, what is it? Tell me, Em.” he insisted. Emily looked at him, her expression more serious.

“Marvell…I’ve…I’ve never…had anal sex. Ever.” She finally explained.

“What? Never? Even with your husband? Has he never asked you to do that?”

“Oh, he has asked plenty of times. And he has even tried plenty of times without asking. But I haven’t let him do it, ever.”

“Oh, my God, does he know you are an anal virgin?” Marvell asked. Emily looked at him, slightly puzzled.

“I guess I never thought of it that way…but yes. I told him I’ve never done anal before. I also told him for the longest time that I wasn’t going to do it…until…well…” she trailed off. Marvell leaned in closer, obviously more interested.

“Until what?” he asked

“I might have promised him that I would let him, you know, have anal sex with me when he got back from deployment.” She replied sheepishly.

“That sounds like a good gift to give your husband. I’m sure he is really looking forward to taking your anal virginity when he gets home. In fact, I bet he thinks about it every day. ” He said

“I’m sure he does…but…” she trailed off again. Marvell snickered.

“I’m sorry…but what?” he laughed this time “Get it? Butt what?” he said, laughing some more. Emily slugged him in the arm. “Damn, Girl! Sorry, I just couldn’t pass that one up…”

“I’m trying to be serious here!” she scolded him. She looked into his eyes. “Marvell, I don’t want to give my husband my anal virginity…I want to give it to you.”

Marvell stopped laughing. He swallowed hard.

“Are you sure, Em?” he asked.

“Yes, I am sure. But I want it to be special. And I want to film it. I want my husband to watch you taking my anal virginity. I want him to know that I gave you something that I promised to him. And I ankara escort want you to take it in a way that he will never be able to enjoy anal sex with me.” She said decisively.

“Well, that’s hard to argue with.” He replied. Emily got up from the bed and walked toward the bathroom. She stopped at the door and tried her best to look sexy by provocatively leaning up against the frame, sticking her ass out and wiggling it slowly in Marvell’s direction.

“I’m going to take a shower and try to get your thick cum out of my hair. Maybe after that we can get some breakfast? And I think we need to do a little shopping today…do you have any other plans?” she asked.

“Ummm, let’s see, take the anal virginity of another man’s amazingly beautiful, sexy, white wife or…hang out with my friends, drink beer and watch sports…hmmm, tough decision. I think I’m going to have to watch sports with my buddies.” He said, sarcastically. Emily stuck her tongue out at him and bent over, wiggling her bare ass at him even more.

“Well then, I guess me and my fine, white, married, virgin asshole are just going to have to find another way to entertain ourselves tonight.” She replied. Marvell leapt from the bed and tried to catch her in his arms, pinching her bare bottom. She swatted at his dark hands as he groped her bare, white ass.

“No, wait! I changed my mind! I want to stay here and take your anal virginity! And I want to rub it in your husband’s face, however you think that is best! Is that the answer you were looking for?” he replied, laughing as he gathered her slim, white frame up in his arms, his large dark body dominating her presence. Emily leaned in and kissed him.

“That’s much better.” She replied. She kissed him again as they stood naked in each other’s post-coital embrace in the doorframe of the bathroom that adjoined the master bedroom. Emily broke from their dark embrace and looked over at the picture of her husband hanging on the wall. Marvell followed her gaze.

“Is your husband watching us from his picture frame again?” he asked, smiling. Emily shook her head and returned her gaze to Marvell’s eyes.

“No, not yet. But he will, soon. We are going to show him more than he ever bargained for. We are going to show him who really owns his wife’s lips…” she said kissing him.

“…His wife’s breasts…” she said, kissing him again and placing his dark hands on her pale white teats. He squeezed Emily’s breasts and she sighed. She broke from his kiss, continuing to speak.

“…His wife’s ass…” she continued, kissing him and moving his hands to her bare white ass. He squeezed her ass and Emily moaned softly.

“…His wife’s pussy…” she said softly, moving his left hand to her vagina. Marvell stroked her white clit with his dark hand and Emily moaned, kissing him again. She moved his other hand from her ass and placed it on her belly, below her navel and just above the bulge of her pubic bone. Emily’s stomach fluttered as she looked into Marvell’s eyes.

“…and…maybe…his wife’s womb…” she whispered to Marvell. His eyes widened. She moved in closer in his arms and whispered in Marvell’s ear, “…I’m not on the pill…and your cum has already been inside me twice since last night…and I want more…I want you to shoot your cum deep inside me tonight…” she kissed his ear “and tomorrow night” she kissed him again “and the night after that…”

Marvell pushed her back some, a shocked look on his face.

“Em, what if you get pregnant?” he asked. She put her fingers on his lips.

“Don’t worry, we will cross that bridge when we get there…but this is what I want…and I want your cum…give it to me, ok? I’ll be your sexual servant for this, anything you want me to do, I’ll do it, but you have to service my fertile, married womb with your hot cum. Fair deal?” she said. He nodded slowly. “Now, let’s take a shower.” She walked over to the shower and turned on the water. Marvell stood there, dumbfounded, but taking in the sight of Emily’s tight, white body as she turned on the shower. She looked back at him over her shoulder.

“Baby, what are your friends like? Do you think they would like to meet me?” she asked, a slight smile crossing her lips.

“I…uh…huh?” he asked, still stunned. Emily walked up to him and stroked his cock. She led him into the shower. She stood under the showerhead. Warm water began cascading down her body, running off her now erect, pink nipples and flowing down her belly to in between her legs before running off into the drain.

“I think I would like to meet them…what do you think? Wanna show off your new toy to your friends? I’ll bet they’ll be jealous. I’ll bet they don’t have another man’s white wife as their brand new sex toy. Would you like showing me off to them?”

Emily got on her knees in front of Marvell, stroking his cock and looking up at him. She stuck out her lower lip as she cradled his large, dark cock in her tiny, white hands. “Well, Babe, what do you think?” she asked. He looked down at her.

“I don’t know, sure I guess, if you want to…” he replied. She looked up into his eyes as she cradled his cock, kissing it softly.

“Don’t worry, Baby, I’ll make sure I give your friends a good show…” Emily replied, taking Marvell’s cock into her mouth.