Fantasy Land


I’ve always had the fantasy of multiple partners, or an orgy. We’d talked about it, and it always led to hard core sex. I think it turned him on as much as it did me. We’d had drinks with a couple of friends. I guess we’d had more than a few drinks, because when we started talking, it was about sex and we were very serious. We all started talking about fantasies. I could see in everyone’s eyes they were getting turned on by where this conversation was leading.

We started talking about our little fantasy, well, mine, that he was more than willing to enjoy … I noticed eyes looking around the table. And cheeks were flushing. The women were beginning to squirm and I noticed the men noticed it. I thought I’d gone too far, so I kind of stopped. When I did, I felt a hand on my leg, and looked over to see my man looking right in my eyes, and then he kissed me. I melt when he kisses me. It always seems as though all the passion in the world is contained between the 2 of us. When we stopped for a minute, we looked around, everyone was kissing, groping and even moaning.

We were right down the road from a hotel, I looked him urfa escort in the eyes and he nodded. I announced the the table that we were going to get a room, and they were all invited. Couples looked at each other, and it seemed as though everyone was in agreement. We all got up, and walked out together. We got in our car, and he slid his hand up my skirt. He had watched me dress that night and knew I was not wearing panties, so he slid his finger right into my pussy and told me he thought this was going to be a good night.

We got to the hotel, our friends in tow. I went in and got our room, we called everyone and told them the number. One couple stopped along the way and got us drinks, I guess they wanted to be sure to keep the party going. We propped the door open with the latch, but he wasted no time. He pulled me over to the bed and laid me down. We started kissing and he ran his hand up the side of my leg, raising my skirt and grabbing my ass.

Sandy and Fred were the first ones in. We were lost in our own little world, or at least I was, so I did not even see it coming. balıkesir escort I had had my leg propped up, and Sandy started licking my clit. Fred and Tom both sat back and watched her eat me. I came hard. While Sandy was on the floor, Tom got behind her, started playing with her tits then started rubbing her back. I could not see what was going on, as Fred had straddled my chest and I was sucking his cock, but I could tell Tom had started fucking her when she suddenly inhaled.

By the time Donnie and Amber go there, the rest of us were naked, I was sixty-nining with Fred, and Sandy was going down on Tom. So Amber started eating Sandy while she sucked Tom off, and Donnie decided to stick it up my ass, while Fred fingered me and ate my pussy. I heard Tom cum, I can never miss that. Hearing him cum always gets me off, but seeing as both my holes had something in them, I was already getting off quite hard myself. I felt Donnie expand inside of me, as his thrusting became ragged, he pulled out and came all over my back.

So that left Fred … and 3 very very horny women. trabzon escort Amber was the only one who had not been fucked – so far – so Sandy and I insisted she be the one to ride Fred. She straddled his cock, and we all admired how it looked going in, considering Sandy spread her lips for a clear shot to everyone. Sandy busied herself licking Fred’s sack and cleaning all the cum up from Amber, while I straddled Fred’s face and he ate me. Tom and Donnie stood beside the bed, watching all the action, stroking their cocks back to life.

Before I realized it, Tom picked me up off Fred’s face, and buried his face in my pussy. As I was screaming and cumming, I heard Amber cumming, and Sandy cumming as Donnie started fucking her. Tom slid up my body and slid his cock into me. Even though I had cum so much, it felt amazing to have his cock back.

Although I don’t believe it was intentional, all three guys came at the exact same time. I will never forget the sounds I heard in that room that night, and I doubt any of our neighbors will either. I had my fantasy come true. Tom and I stayed the night, everyone else went home.

I woke up when it was still dark, feeling Tom inside of me. I opened my eyes and he kissed me. He said he had never been so turned on by me and that I had never looked sexier than I had that night. He made love to me, then we fell asleep in each other’s arms. I will always thank my lucky stars to have found this man.