Farmer Pt. 08



Part 08. Motel as a den of debauchery

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Sitting under the canopy in the Farmer’s yard, the two black men exchanged news quite frankly, and their conversation gradually touched on the women. Joseph did not like to discuss such matters, which was not the case for Bisoye. No, the Nigerian was not famous for talkativeness either, but in this situation he pursued goals that could not be considered innocent. Therefore, very soon Joseph learned a lot of intimate details about a young woman living with her husband in the neighborhood of the Farmer. Yes, he often saw Elena walking with a small child and the fact that she was a nursing mother was no secret to anyone. Yes, it was secret from him that the young woman was under the tutelage of his friend and this tutelage was far from puritanism. But what Bisoye had just told him made the black giant freak out.

“Did you suck her milk when you fucked her?” Joseph had asked this question more than once. “This is a perversion. When a woman puts her nipple in a man’s mouth after the nipple was held in her mouth by her baby.”

“Honey, she not only let me win her nipples. By the way, this white young mare has very sweet milk”, a lascivious smile spread over his black face. The Nigerian defiantly ran his palm over the fly of his trousers and continued, “I think it was created to swallow our black seed. In any case, my balls remain empty every time my cock grabs her lovely lips. You have no idea what pleasure I felt when I shot sperm into her tight young throat.”

As if to confirm the words spoken, the door to the neighbor’s house opened and a young woman with a child in her arms appeared on the threshold. She saw black men behind the fence, and they could see how embarrassed she was. Once in the yard, Elena went to the stroller and bent down, putting the little girl on the mattress. A thin dress tightly wrapped around a young body and Joseph involuntarily sighed, looking at how temptingly the heavy buttocks rounded under the fabric.

“I see you correctly assessed her merits. Do you want to shove your dirty dick into this whore too?” – the Nigerian laughed at this joke. But after a pause, he finished the sentence quite seriously and looking into the eyes of the interlocutor, “I appreciate my friends. You are my friend. And if one day my friend wants to taste my white girlfriend, I will leave them alone for as long as he wants.”

Bisoye was a cunning schemer. And he achieved his goal. Joseph was agitated and it was obvious. The desire to saddle Elena overcame the usual caution and, not assuming anything bad, he boasted of his own successes with white women. Yes, he did not name Mary, he did not say anything about her weaknesses. But when Joseph said that his mistress is now known, and the Farmer takes care of the health of his workers and the fact that she accepted sex without a condom, Bisoye changed the subject and soon the men said goodbye.

Bisoye received a prize more valuable than he had expected. He not only drew his friend’s attention to Elena, but also became the owner of the key to new pleasures. He had not planned to find out the name of his black friend’s mistress. He knew her, and in his notebook was written down the phone number that belonged to this red-haired beauty. Now there was only one thing left to do, to analyze the situation and choose the right solution.

After making all the purchases, the Nigerian returned to his rented room on the outskirts of the city. Here he lived for the last five years after immigration and he was lucky to find this cozy corner among the numerous stream of ads. The area was quiet and uncrowded, mostly workers from a nearby factory lived here, the main contingent of whom were immigrants like him. The only inconvenience was that there was no air conditioner in the room and there were only two small shops on its street, and therefore all household chores had to be solved when traveling around the city. Having cooked dinner on a small gas stove and laid out the food on the shelves of the refrigerator, Bisoye stripped naked and took a shower, lay down on a couch under the open window. His thoughts returned to the recent conversation with Joseph and having found a notebook on the nightstands, he did not hesitate to transfer to his phone contacts the coordinates of the red-haired woman on whose thighs his gaze had stopped more than once.

“It looks like I got a chance,” the man’s lips whispered and his palm lay on the sagging crooked cock, whose brown dick-head shamelessly reacted with weight to these frank thoughts. Nevertheless, finding an acceptable option for rapprochement with a friend’s mistress was not an easy task. Options changed, bursa escort but the brain didn’t want to come up with a perfect solution. In the end, the Nigerian threw his notebook and phone aside and began flipping through commercial TV channels. Suddenly his gaze lingered on the credits of the film where naked bodies intertwined in a love embrace. The man happily slapped his forehead with his palm – he found a solution! The hand instinctively reached for the phone, but stopped halfway. It is late evening, this woman is most likely at home next to her husband. And Bisoye prudently judged that the time of his first call would come tomorrow. But no, it will not be a call, it will be an SMS.

* * *

Farmer was sitting in a chair and leafing through a notebook. Beside him lay both of his dogs on the carpet and idly watched the owner drinking traditional coffee from a Chinese porcelain cup. The unexpected rustle of photographs made the animals alert, but after a minute they relaxed again.

Ail loved his nickname. Yes, he was a farmer and he loved his hobby. Day after day and year after year, he nurtured his flock of mares and there were no trifles in his worries. Dozens of white women passed through his hands. These were not women of easy virtue. Among them were creative people and respectable ladies, athletes and housewives, students and respectable wives. Different in age and hobbies, different in social status and their education, these women were united by one common feature. They were different in character, but today only one thing unites them. They all joined the Farmer’s herd, and their white legs eagerly wrapped themselves around the black bodies of Farmer’s stallions as they inseminated their married or single pussies. And in this long play of his triumph there were moments when the tender lips of the mares obediently and resignedly clasped the Farmer’s tired phallus and the thick sperm of the winner found connoisseurs of her taste.

Today was just such a moment. Going out onto the balcony and noticing Elena standing next to the baby carriage in the neighboring yard, the Farmer explicitly invited her to visit his house. In a different situation, she could leave the child with her grandmother, but today there was no one in the house. And in a few minutes the young woman stepped over the threshold of the room, carefully carrying the sleeping child in her arms. The girl did not wake up when her mother put her on the sofa and she could not see how her mother sat on the lap of a stranger. Only two dogs on the floor witnessed how the young woman at first weakly resisted the hands of her neighbor, and then she gave up this false modesty and humbly accepted the shameless caresses.

Button by button Farmer’s fingers slowly unbuttoned the light sundress and after that women’s hands wrapped around the old man’s neck at the moment when the fastener of the removed bra clicked in the silence of the room. This man knew what he wanted and the young woman sitting on his lap had no remorse in front of her gullible husband. Moreover, engulfed in this exciting game, she anticipated the next move of her mature admirer with a smile, and her hand lifted her saggy heavy breasts as the man’s lips rested on a swollen nipple. Depraved by her black lover, Elena suddenly realized that she was instinctively rhythmically squeezing her breasts with her fingers and quenching the man’s thirst with streams of warm milk.

The familiar sensation of sweet debauchery finally destroyed the border between “no and ok” and Elena moaned long, feeling the Farmer’s fingers penetrating between her labia. A young mother and a *** vivacious*** wife spread her plump young legs and clenched her teeth on the man’s shoulder, trying to restrain the groans of pleasure rushing out.

“Your milk is very tasty. Isn’t my girl angry with her old neighbor?” A whisper near her ear accompanied the fingers massaging her erect clitoris. “Do you realize now that I was right when I opened your pussy for a black stallion?” fingers squeezed soft pink flesh and the female body trembled with thrill. The woman flew to the top of pleasure and she needed only one last push. Her thin fingers frantically searched under the pants for the phallus of the old libertine and she instinctively squeezed into this piece of meat that he put into her palm.

“My girl is great. And the time has come for her next step”, – with these words the Farmer’s fingers dug deeper and Elena’s thighs trembled in anticipation of the inevitable.

“In a few days you will take a second black cock into that cunt. This rooster will be much larger than what Bisoye has. And now, show me how you will take him”, the man’s fingers threw away tenderness and two blunt blows cut the married young pussy in two. The naked body twisted in convulsions of orgasm, but the Farmer’s fingers again and again threw malatya escort the woman mercilessly in the height of ecstasy, until the white body in his hands went limp and slid exhausted onto the carpet.

The dogs lying on the floor were indifferently watching what was happening and again showed interest in the guest only after she regained consciousness. Obeying an unaccountable desire and a strange feeling of gratitude, Elena crawled to the chair and with a gentle smile wrapped her lips around the pink ball of the cock, the head that the Farmer’s wrinkled hand put into her mouth. A short idyll of this unusual intercourse followed, and when thick semen splashed in several portions into the woman’s throat, she swallowed it with a slight cough.

“You’re crazy,” is all that Elena could say after finishing licking the old stallion’s phallus. When both calmed down and she went down the stairs, her daughter woke up and her little lips moved demandingly. “Now my dear, I’ll give you milk too,” said the mother and looked back at the Farmer who was accompanying her. Both smiled, suddenly realizing the ambiguity of this phrase and continuing to smile, the man playfully slapped the young whore on the ass.

Returning to the table, the Farmer again plunged into reflections, interrupted by this light affair – in secret from his shepherds and mares, he was preparing a new surprise for them. The second stage of training of new white mares was coming and this process entered the final phase. It was not by chance that he always collected complete information about his pets. Therefore, even members of every family or friends were not left without attention. Often this brought good results, and in the plan that it has now brought to life, it all the more played a big role. It is no coincidence that in recent days he collected all the information about the husbands of Elena and Mary. Now these boys were interfering with him and they had to be neutralized for a certain time. It was not difficult for him.

First, he called the warehouse where Elena’s husband worked. Their town was small and these people constantly provided him services. This time, he quickly agreed that a fairly large batch of various building materials would be concentrated in the warehouse, which they would pick up on orders made earlier in the state. They agreed that one of their employees would go on a business trip for a few days and personally receive goods from suppliers. Since he is Ail’s neighbor, the instructions will be very detailed and moreover, his wife can help him with some assignments. Mary’s husband was more difficult. But even here a partner was found in New York who was ready to accept the visit of this salesman for 2-3 days, since he was satisfied with the prices of the seller’s goods. By evening, all the traps were set and rooms in a small, cozy motel were booked on the ocean shore.

In the evening, the neighbors discussed all the matters and the Farmer correctly predicted that the young man himself offered his wife to help him. She had to go to a company that was far from the main route, but no more than 100 miles from their home. It was clear that in the absence of the mother, caring for a small child would fall on the shoulders of the mother-in-law for a couple of days. Mary called at the same time. Her husband came home from work and happily bragged to her that he would be leaving for New York on Monday, where he found a very good dealer. Everything went according to the plan of the Farmer and after the weekend nothing could prevent new events.

* * *

Mary got up early. The husband left for work, during the school holidays the younger children stayed with her parents, and she could not rush. Coming out of the shower and combing her hair in front of a large mirror, she examined her reflection and a thin smile wandered on her lips. It was only two days after a strong black stallion fucked her mercilessly in a cheap motel, and waves of desire to meet again rocked the fragile boat of her family life. Her hand lifted a heavy, sagging chest and she ran a finger over her wrinkled and petrified nipple. The sensations of fantastic pleasure that she had repeatedly experienced under the weight of a sweaty black body reappeared in her memory, and her nipples responded with the sweet pain of waiting for new touches of men’s lips.

She was always perplexed about her breasts. She always hid those large flaccid pears, which her husband once called a cow’s udder, under her loose dresses and blouses. Everything has changed. She saw with what eagerness her black lover was unbuttoning her bra, she remembered how he kissed deep stretch marks on those flaccid breasts, she again felt how he sucked her nipples and of course, she could not forget his enthusiastic eyes. Yes, she was at first confused when, obeying his whims, she sat on top of the black man çanakkale escort and became an accomplice in their synchronized movements, each of which ended with a blow to her womb, distraught with lust. And only in the rhythm of this animal intercourse, his admiring eyes answered her why he wanted to see her from above.

In those minutes, her heavy pear breasts swayed over his face with every movement, and she realized that not only a fat black cock in her married cunt, but also her swinging white breasts delighted the young stallion. Having become an accomplice in this wild sex and having received a compliment from these eyes, she got a chance to thank her male with all the virtues of female maturity. And in this last intercourse before parting, she threw out on this black animal all the load of boiled lust and passion. Her movements gained lightness, her hips chose their own rhythm and not him – she was now fucking him, and it was her breasts in a wide amplitude hitting his black face, and it was not he who shot sperm at her, it was she who made him fill her open his uterus with black seed, and it was her cunt that squeezed and massaged a thick black phallus, emptying the stallion’s eggs from the remains of his horse seed! And as a reward, a series of waves of orgasm shaking the body of a white mature woman and a stream of sticky viscous liquid flowing from her juicy big pussy.

Naked Mary stood at the mirror, looked at her body and relived that day in her memories. Again, she enjoyed every second spent on the creaky bed and every minute she later spent at home. Yes, when tired and broken she returned home, a previously unfamiliar feeling of revenge awakened in her new forces and a completely different side of sexual lust. It was she who dragged her husband into bed and, like a few hours earlier, it was she who fucked the man and this man was her husband now. He’s a fool. He screamed with delight, suggesting that he seduced his wife as a sexy man. Fool. She simply destroyed the traces of the presence of a strange man. And she enjoyed the thought that now in her hot pussy she would make her husband mix the cum of both. She achieved her goal and was convinced of this while standing under the shower jets. Moreover, the husband did not say harsh words about her breasts, and she was surprised that she had an orgasm with him. Yes, that was her day – a day of sexual lust and paradoxical orgasms.

After the past memories, Mary went to the shower again. The juices were too abundant to put on linen. And this episode once again reminded her of how many new events in her life happened after she accidentally met this old man, whom his workers call the Farmer. It’s terrible, but she was not at all ashamed of the fact that, obeying the intoxication of caress, for the first time in her life, she took someone else’s dick into her mouth, and it was the Farmer’s dick. At first, she did not allow the thought of adultery, but peace came to her family after she was pushed to this step by a mysterious r@ pe in his house. She was frightened by the words of the Farmer about sex with black men, but now she stands in the shower and hopes that in the near future black palms will squeeze her breasts again and a black fat cock will again part her married labia. Now the Farmer told her that he was preparing a new surprise for her and after the weekend she had to take a couple of days off from work. As it turns out now, he was not joking, and it is clear that her husband’s departure is his merit. This news caused excitement, she did not doubt that the surprise would be sexy, but now she did not resist, she surrendered to the will of the Farmer completely. Having calmed down a little, Mary got dressed, drank a cup of coffee and went down to the car. She was supposed to be at work in 20 minutes.

* * *

Throwing her purse on the back seat Mary got behind the wheel. At this time, the melody of her phone announced the received message. She glanced at the screen and, seeing an unfamiliar number, shrugged her shoulders in bewilderment. However, she opened the file.

“Katrine, I lost my phone with all my contacts. Sorry I haven’t called for two days. It’s good that I remembered your number. Sorry for our fight. Your Biz.” Mary read this message several times until she finally realized that the unknown subscriber made a mistake with his Katrine’s number and she is now aware of someone’s problems. After sending this spam to the trash can, she got out the key and was about to start her green Ford when her phone reminded of itself again.

A new message came from the number she already knew. “Katrine, have you forgiven me? My dear princess, answer me. I miss you. Your husband is an idiot and he cannot appreciate your merits as I appreciate and love your body.” This time Mary smiled. First, it turned out that not only she has problems with her husband. Secondly, these two are clearly lovers and the man is definitely eager to have sex with his Katherine. Due to the fact that there was little time left, Mary decided after arriving at her insurance agency to inform the strange subscriber “Biz” about his mistake. And although on the way her phone reminded of the received messages twice more, she did not pay them any attention.