Finger Lickin’ Good Ch. 06


I was awaken the morning with the feeling of my cock being sucked. As the mouth continued to swallow my cock it became swollen and hard. When I opened my eyes and took a look around, there was Gloria on all fours sucking my cock as Janet was ramming that strap on into her pussy. I just laid back and enjoyed the feeling of Gloria sucking my cock and the sight of Janet fucking Gloria. After a few minutes I began to cum. Gloria swallowed all of my cum. At the same time Gloria and Janet began to cum also.

“Good morning sexy.” Janet said. “Did my slut give you a good wake up call?”

“Yes she did,” I said just before leaning over and giving Janet a deep passionate kiss.

“Let’s go take a shower, while my slut cleans this place up a little,” Janet said.

“Sounds good to me.”

I watched Janet’s big ole ass jiggle as she walked toward the bathroom. My cock started getting hard again. I stepped into the shower with Janet and she began to lather up my body, spending quite a bit of time stroking my hard cock. I began to lather up Janet, spending time playing with her tits and nipples, which became rock hard. By this time my cock was rock hard and ready to fuck. We rinsed off and Janet turned around and bent over. I spread her ass cheeks and rubbed my cock up against her clit and the entrance to her pussy.

“OH BABY FUCK ME,” she cried out.

I buried my hard cock deep into her pussy. She bent over and grabbed her ankles as I grabbed her hips and rammed my cock deep into her pussy. I continued to fuck Janet, ramming my hard white cock in and out of her black pussy. Her ass cheeks were shaking as my cock plowed into her pussy. Her legs began to shake and buckle a little as she began to cum. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and began to cum all over her ass.

“OH yes I just loved being fucked my that white cock.” Gloria said.

We finished out shower and dried each other off. And went back into the bedroom. Gloria was sitting on the freshly made bed.

“OK, slut after we dress, pack our bags and then go home, I am finished with you today.” Janet told Gloria.

“Yes Ma’am”

“Well we better get ready for the final training session. We can get together next weekend and watch the Super Bowl.” Janet said to me.

“Sounds like a winner to me. We can make all the arrangements next week at work.”

I went over and gave Gloria a deep passionate kiss and then got dressed. Janet and I went to the training session and afterwards said our goodbyes. I drove home, thinking about the past weekend and wondering what else could happen next weekend during the Super Bowl.

The week gaziantep escort went on, Janet, Gloria and I chatted about everyday things. Janet and I made arrangements for me to come over to her house on Super Bowl Sunday about 2 pm. I continued to flirt with the other women in the office, trying to decide who would be next one I would fuck.

Sunday finally arrived, I couldn’t wait to get over to Janet’s house and see what would happen. I arrived at her house and went up to the front door and rang the doorbell. I was shocked when Gloria answered the door wearing a French maid’s outfit, complete with the little white hat, stockings and garter belt. Her dark brown nipples sticking out just asking to be sucked. My cock got instantly hard.

“Come in Zeke, Janet is waiting for you.”

I followed Gloria, watching that fine ass shake a little as she walked. She led me into a good-sized room that had a big screen TV on the far wall along with several sofas and big easy chairs around the room.

“Ma’am, Zeke is here.” Gloria announced.

Janet got up from where she was sitting and my eyes almost fell out of my head. She was wearing some white “Daisy Dukes” with almost all of her ass cheeks hanging out, along with a short white shirt that was tied in a knot just under her tits. She also had on a set of white “fuck me” heels that made her even taller. My cock could not take it and was beginning to hurt being confined.

“Hey there Sexy, glad you made it.” Janet said as she walked over to me and bent down slightly to give me a kiss. “Let me introduce you to my husband Darnell.”

At this time an African-American male stood up and turned around. He was about 6 foot 5, 230, so dark that he almost blue and all muscle. I could tell this because he was wearing a tight fitting shirt that looked like it would rip if he moved. He was also wearing a pair of spandex work out shorts that had a giant bulge in the groin area that indicated that he was hung like a horse.

I walked over to Darnell a little apprehensive, wondering what Janet had told him. Also worrying if I was going to get my ass kicked for fucking his wife. I offered my hand and said “Nice to meet you.”

Darnell smiled, shook my hand and said “Same here. Janet told me all about last weekend. It made me so hot just thinking about her getting fucked by a white guy, that I wore her out.”

I smiled and said, “I am glad I could be a service.”

Darnell laughed and said, “I hope that I can see it up close and personal.”

“Well I am ready whenever Janet is.”

“I can tell that konya escort by looking at your pants.” Janet said as she laughed.

She was right my cock was hard and struggling to get free. It was ready to fuck some black pussy. Thinking about Darnell watch me as I fucked his wife Janet mad me even hotter.

“Well let’s get comfortable then.” Darnell said and with that he took off his shirt and shorts. When he took off his shorts his cock looked massive. It hung half way down to his knees.

“Gloria you remain dressed, since you will be serving us.” Janet said as she stripped.

I did not waste any time and stripped down myself. As I removed my pants my cock sprung out at attention ready for action.

“DAMN, you are ready aren’t you?” Darnell said. “Janet how about you go over there and suck on that white cock?”

Janet walked over to me and dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth. I stood there smiling enjoying Janet’s mouth. Her head bobbed back and forth swallowing my hard cock. I looked over to Darnell and saw that he had sat down and was stroking his cock. I watched in amazement, as his cock grew hard. I could not believe the size of it.

I was standing in front of a chair, so Janet pushed me back to sit down as she continued to suck on my cock. Her head was bobbing up and down as she sucked my cock.

I looked over to Darnell and asked if he liked what he saw. He nodded his head yes and continued to stroke his cock.

Janet stopped sucking my cock and told Gloria to go over and start sucking Darnell’s cock. I watched as Gloria struggled to take Darnell’s huge black cock into her mouth. She got his cock into her mouth and began to bob her head up and down. I was amazed to see how muck of that huge black cock Gloria could swallow. As I continued to watch Gloria suck Darnell’s cock, Janet climbed up onto the arms of the chair I was sitting in and then sat her pussy down, right on top of my mouth.

I could not see Darnell and Gloria any more, but so I began to eat Janet’s pussy. I spread her pussy lips open with my fingers and slide my tongue deep into her pussy. My tongue slipped in and out of her pussy as my thumb rubbed against her clit. I continued to eat her pussy, when I felt someone starting to suck on my cock. It felt good, having someone suck my cock as I ate Janet’s pussy.

At first I thought it was Gloria sucking my cock, but it did not feel like it was her. I was thinking to myself I did not hear anyone else come in. So who was sucking my cock? Janet stood up and I was able to look down at my cock. I was kayseri escort totally shocked to see Darnell between my legs sucking my cock. Oh my God, I thought to myself, what have I gotten myself into?

“Hey, hey there Darnell, I don’t go that way.” I said.

“Don’t worry Baby,” Janet said, “Darnell is bi and loves to suck cock. He doesn’t expect you to return the favor.”

“I don’t know about that,” I said.

“Just sit back, relax and enjoy it. Darnell does a good job, or so I am told.” Janet said.

I looked down and watched as Darnell’s head bobbed up and down, sucking my cock. It did feel good, so I tried to relax and enjoy it. As Darnell was sucking my cock, Gloria was under him sucking his cock. I looked over and saw Janet had put on her strap on and was getting ready to fuck Gloria. I just sat back and enjoyed the view and the feeling of getting my cock sucked. I figured it did not matter who was sucking my cock, it felt good. I have to admit that Darnell was doing a pretty good job of sucking my cock, but enough was enough. I wanted to fuck Janet so Darnell could watch.

I tapped Darnell on the head and said, “Ok, that is enough, I am ready to fuck Janet.”

Darnell looked up and said, “I’m ready to see that.”

Janet stopped fucking Gloria and took off the strap on. She laid on the floor spread eagle and opened her pussy for me.

“Put that hard white cock in this black pussy of mine.” She said.

I looked over at Darnell, who was still getting his cock sucked by Gloria, and smiled. I place the head of my cock at the entrance to Janet’s pussy rubbed it around a little. With one long hard deep thrust I buried my cock into Janet’s pussy. I began to pound my cock in and out of Janet’s pussy, while I kissed, licked and sucked on her tits and nipples.

I looked over at Darnell and he was watching intently as I fucked his wife. Gloria continued to suck his cock. Taking most of it into her mouth. Darnell crawled over and gave Janet a passionate kiss as I continued to fuck her. I took Janet’s legs and placed them on my shoulders so I could bury my cock deeper into her pussy.

“OH yes, fuck this black pussy with that white cock.” Janet said. “Darnell do like watching me get fucked by a white cock?”

“Yes, it looks great.” Darnell said.

I continued to fuck Janet as Gloria continued to suck Darnell’s cock. I watched as Darnell began to cum and Gloria tried to swallow it all but could not. Janet grabbed Gloria and began to kiss her licking up Darnell’s cum. I feel that I was about to cum so I pulled my cock out of Janet’s pussy and began to cum. Darnell grabbed me and placed my cock into his mouth so I would shoot some of my cum down his throat. He swallowed it all.

We all lay exhausted on the floor. We had all cum and were just laying back enjoying the feeling. Too bad the Super Bowl was getting to come on. We would just have to wait a few hours before we could start again.