Foreign Language Student

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Introduction: This story is about a huge step my wife and I took this summer in our marriage. I’ve written a lot on here about how Jane has become much more sexually adventurous in the past couple of years, but in my wildest dreams I never imagined I’d ever write this particular story, let alone experience the pleasures it describes. We are a very ordinary, middle-class British couple living in the southwest of England, both of us 55, grey haired and respectable. Well, I ought to say outwardly respectable in my own case; I have a very high sex drive that makes me a bad boy, hence the stories elsewhere on here about my experiences outside marriage, but those need not concern us in this story.

Jane and I are now ’empty nesters’ and with several other factors that has transformed our sexlife and enabled us to be much more free-spirited and downright naughty together. We’re having better sex than at any time in the 30 years we’ve known each other and I’m amazed at the way Jane’s sexual response has changed so much for the better in her mid-50’s. After reading of the events I’m about to relate, you’ll understand why I have to sometimes pinch myself to take it all in.


One afternoon a few months ago I was getting some shopping out of the car on the drive of our house when a young girl trotted up to me and thrust a sheet of paper in my hand, gave me a lovely smile and said a bright “thank you” in what sounded like an Italian accent. She and another girl were leafleting all the houses in our road so I realised it was yet another piece of junk mail and was about to consign it to the recycling bin. Thankfully I didn’t, and there started a chain of events that proved to be a revelation for Jane and me over the months that followed.

Whether it was the bright and perky girls doing the leafleting or the headline on the sheet of paper that caught my eye, I don’t suppose it matters now, but whatever it was turned out to be serendipitous. “Earn £1500 tax free this summer by hosting international language students aged 18-20”. It was from a local language school in our city and the urgent tone of their message and the hastily published sheet gave the impression they were desperate for host families. We live in a historic city that attracts a lot of foreign students and I was aware of the challenge to find enough suitable host families each summer. We’d received similar invitations in previous years but had always declined for one reason or another. But with an empty nest and the prospect of earning some extra cash to help our holiday fund, I held onto the leaflet to discuss it with Jane.

We talked it through over supper that evening and her positive reaction surprised me. My wife is quite conservative and I fully expected her to turn down the idea of a young person living with us, especially given how she now enjoys having the house to ourselves, and the privacy it affords. But she accepted the idea with open arms, said it would be good for us to have a young person around the house for a few months, helping to keep us fresh and our minds active. It was a Friday evening and we had a nice meal together, talking at length about the prospect of sharing our house with a person younger than either of our two children. I think we both felt it was a big step to take though neither of us knew at that stage just how big it would turn out to be. We agreed to sleep on it all and make a decision the following day.

As invariably happens at the weekend, we both woke early feeling extremely horny and desperate for sex. With no foreplay needed to warm up, Jane pulled me onto her, opened her legs and urged me to slip inside her. I was blown away at how wet she was, even more than usual. Just as well as she was so tight but I entered her slickly and she groaned as I murmured in her ear what a mess her pussy was in even before I’d added my own. We fucked hard, urgently, and I made her a lot more messy within just a few minutes as we climaxed noisily together. I stayed inside her to gauge her mood and to see whether she was ready for more, or needed a breather.

She opened her eyes and looked intently at me, then without a word, squeezed me gently with her pelvic muscles. She’s become very adept at it and knows how much to squeeze so that she doesn’t cause my semi to pop out. She did it just right and milked me so that my cock got beautifully hard again. It was also her signal to me that she wanted more fucking, and we both knew it would be mind-blowing because I’d cum inside her already and could keep going to give her the multiple orgasms she was expecting. Getting hard inside her drove her wild as it always does, and as she was so aroused I knew I could tease her a little. I gave her some slow and steady full-length strokes of my cock and then just as she was expecting it fast and hard I gently withdrew and used my glans to stroke her labia and tease her clit.

She groaned loudly and gave me a pained expression, seemingly incredulous that I was going to make her wait for the deep pounding she wanted so badly. “Oh you bastard, I need you deep inside me,” she complained.

“I know my sweet, but you also love having izmir escort your clit stroked like this, and you know how open and wet you’ll be when I slip back inside.”

“Fuck, that IS lovely, don’t stop rubbing my clit with your cock like that, OH GOD… FUCK,” she cried out loudly and had a little climax, gripping my forearms with her hands and tightening her legs around mine. I decided to tease her with words next.

“I hope having a young student living with us won’t stop you enjoying yourself like this; we might have to be a bit quieter, you’ve got so used to being noisy,” and I slipped my cock back inside her to keep her on the boil.

“Oh fuck that’s good… God, there’s no way I want to stop doing this,” she panted as I started to saw steadily in and out of her. “Anyway, the students are out all day on Saturdays visiting places so it’s only Sundays when we’ll have to be careful.”

“Mmmmm, baby, you’ve thought about this haven’t you?” I gave her firmer thrusts of my cock.

“Well of course I have, I’m not…oh fuck… not giving this up anytime soon. Oh god… fuck me…fuck me hard… PLEEEEASE!” She struggled to get her words out, panting hard as I gave her the deep pounding she needed. I teased her further, knowing she’d get even more turned on by dirty talk.

“Just think darling, we might be given a cute young boy, all lean and dark who’ll fancy you rotten, especially when he hears you fucking with your dirty hubby first thing in the morning. You’ll have to wash his sheets frequently, he’ll make such a mess of them with his copious young cum, wanking while he listens to a lovely mature woman climaxing noisily, wishing he was shagging you.”

“Oh fuck that’s so naughty, you’re unbelievably bad…oh god, keep that pace going… fuck I’m going to cum again,” she screwed her eyes tight and ground her pussy against my pubic bone as I buried myself balls deep inside her. Her body racked with pleasure, she moaned her way through another little climax. “Tim hold my bottom, please…” She loves it when I do that, well we both do. It raises her bum off the bed and changes the angle of her pelvis, to allow me even deeper penetration.

Jesus, I could feel her cervix against the tip of my penis and it turned me on so much. I gave her deep firm strokes as I held her bottom, using her for my own pleasure as she came off her own climactic plateau. She talked gently into my ear, fully aware of how aroused I was, “I’d assumed we’d have a girl that I could mother for the summer… oh shit don’t stop that’s amazing… Oh GOD your cock is so hard… won’t you’ll get jealous if our young man takes a shine to me?” She teased back, and then gave us both a dose of reality, “knowing my luck he’ll be fat and smell of feet… fuck, oh fuck me hard.”

I was giving Jane a right old seeing to, her lovely feet were up in the air and her knees wide apart giving me complete access to her cunt. She was wired for sex and I pushed her further with the dirty talk. “No he won’t, he’ll be gorgeous and you won’t be able to keep your eyes off him, and nothing, absolutely nothing would give me more pleasure than to come home one afternoon and find you in our bed, teaching him how to fuck your brains out.” I didn’t give her a chance to respond and gave her a really hard pounding fuck to bring her to another climax.

This one tipped her right over the edge and she fell into a deep pool of orgasmic pleasure. She cried loudly for me to hold her as she fell and her body turned to jelly. I hadn’t cum but I knew that trying to carry on was hopeless as she’d lost her motor function and needed time to recover. I slid out of her and cuddled her close as she slipped into semi-consciousness, groaning and whimpering into my shoulder. She dozed while I held her and I worried if I’d gone too far in my verbal teasing. I’d no idea who we might get as a student, it could well be a girl and I certainly had no desire to even consider crossing any lines in that case. Anyway, young girls don’t turn me on, it’s older women I go for, always has been.

No, in my dreams, we’d have a nice young man, well behaved, a bit shy, good looking and who I could visualise fucking my darling Jane. Like a lot of men, I’d harboured a fantasy of seeing my otherwise respectable wife servicing another man in bed, just the two of them to begin with, but subsequently the three of us engaging in a filthy threesome. The likelihood of it happening I put at zero, as she’s strictly a one-man woman and has never had sex with anyone but me. But I could still dream, as it was a natural extension of what I have experimented with myself, for reaI.

I mentioned at the start of this story that I’ve been a bad boy, and among other delights I’ve been lucky enough to participate with quite a few couples in MMF play. It’s how I discovered I am bisexual, and I’ve learned a great deal about myself and about human sexual behaviour with some wonderful people over the past few years. My wife is unaware of my dark side, though she has commented in recent months that I’m so much more imaginative in bed these days. She teased me that I must alsancak escort have got ideas from watching internet porn – my god, if she ever knew.

I’d meant what I’d said about her fucking our young student, but I honestly never believed it would be anything more than a fantasy, and now I’d shared it with her. I wondered what on earth she’d say when she woke, assuming she’d remember me telling her, after all she had been on the cusp of a massive climax. I lost track of time and must have dozed off myself. I came back to consciousness to find Jane looking at me and smiling. She was lazily teasing one of my nipples and that must have woken me. I could tell she was in her post-orgasmic daze, at peace with everything and all loved up.

“Penny for them?” I asked.

“Do you remember what you said to me earlier while you were giving me such a lovely seeing to?” She asked softly, reaching down to kiss me on the mouth.

“Hmmmm, yes I do,” I kissed her back.

“God Tim, I had no idea… I mean… how long have you had that sort of fantasy?”

“Quite a while, I think it’s a fairly common one for a lot of married men.” I was winging it now, with no idea where this was leading. At least she hadn’t got upset with me – yet.

“You know I don’t want anyone else, you give me everything I could ever want, I adore you, and I wouldn’t agree to do anything that could affect our relationship.” She spelled it out quietly and succinctly, just as I’d expected her to.

“Oh darling, I know, and I feel exactly the same… and I want you to know it’s a purely sexual thing on my part, there’s no way I’d ever want to be competing with someone else for your affection, but if ever the opportunity presented itself, as a raw sexual experience, for you to have extra cock, then I would find it a monumental turn-on, but if it never happens then that’s perfectly fine too”.

“OK, but I suggest we forget this conversation and you go and put the kettle on and bring us both some coffee, then I’ll show you why I love sex with only you so much.” She reached down and squeezed my cock, then pushed me playfully out the bed to show she wasn’t upset with me. We spent the rest of the morning in the way we often do on a Saturday, bathing together and making love before getting up to fix some lunch.

I’d rather assumed the idea of hosting a foreign language student was out of the window following our conversation in the throes of sex on Saturday morning, so I was surprised to find Jane full of it all when I got home on Monday evening. She explained that she’d contacted the organisers and that the woman responsible for finding host families had called in that afternoon to see what we could offer. Jane excitedly told me that they’d had a long discussion, with the outcome that we were going to be hosting a young Israeli called Ben, aged 19, for eight weeks in May and June. Wow, a young man after all. She handed me a sheet with all his details and snuggled up to read it with me.

From the description it seemed he was from a nice family, so hopefully he had similar values to ours and would settle well. There were several pictures, showing him as a bright, happy young man with a clean-shaven, lean appearance. In one picture, presumably taken on a beach holiday, he was just wearing a pair of shorts and I could see instantly he was a good-looking lad. I looked at Jane and said he looked nice and that if she was happy then so was I. I couldn’t help notice her blush slightly and a reddening appear around her neck as she admitted that she’d felt bounced into saying we’d have him. She got a bit flustered as she explained that the woman had been so persuasive and that they were so anxious to find hosts that she’d agreed there and then to take Ben.

I hugged her and reassured her I was pleased she’d gone ahead and fixed it all up, and that I was completely OK with things. I asked her when he would be arriving and she swallowed hard, “this Friday” she replied weakly. Wow, I hadn’t expected it to be that soon and she obviously spotted my reaction. “I think if it wasn’t happening so quickly I’d have second thoughts, but if you don’t feel it’s right please say.” She worried. I held her close and felt her relax in my arms as I murmured in her ear how I couldn’t wait to have Ben with us. That night we made love tenderly into the early hours, Jane’s relief palpable as we talked softly about sharing our home with a young man.

Over the next few days Jane busied herself getting the house ready, not that it needed much, but it was endearing to see her attend to all the little details to help Ben settle in and make him feel part of us. She fretted about what he would and wouldn’t want to eat, but generally the preparations went well and Friday soon came around. We’d been instructed to be at the coach park early in the afternoon with all the other host families to meet the coach from Heathrow airport. It was well organised, the students flew into London from their various countries that morning, then got corralled onto a chartered coach and driven down to our city to link up with their hosts. We signed buca escort ourselves in with the organisers and awaited the coach. It pulled in shortly and disgorged its load of excitable young people, all full of energy. The coach park quickly filled with the sound of different languages and laughter.

Jane and I nervously scanned heads as we sought to recognise Ben. “There he is!” cried Jane, and pointed towards a slim young man with dark tousled hair collecting his luggage from the hold of the coach. He was just like the photos we’d seen and we waited for him to be checked in by the organisers and then introduced to us. It felt very odd meeting a complete stranger who was going to share our home for six weeks, but we were both so excited and each hugged him as if he was child of our own. Jane was immediately in her element as the welcoming and motherly host, she slipped her arm in his and led the way towards where our car was parked, leaving me to pick up the bags and follow on behind.

Ben was utterly delightful and charmed us both from the outset. His English was near perfect and he explained he was here more for the cultural experience and the opportunity to get acquainted with the UK. His first weekend was free time on his busy schedule and designed for him to get used to his new home. Jane made a fuss of him and the three of us bonded quickly. He was a lovely young man and we both took to him easily so he settled in well. He told us about his family back in Tel Aviv, his background and his hopes and plans. Jane was thrilled when he asked if we could Skype with his parents and sister back home, so we could all chat to each other. I think she felt more comfortable after that, knowing that he was from a family just like ours, and she chatted to his mum by email at regular intervals during his time with us.

We quickly established a routine with Ben in his first week; we’d feed him breakfast and give him a packed lunch, then he’d be off early for language and culture classes in the morning, followed by a visit to a museum or tourist attraction in the afternoon. This was the same routine Monday through Saturday, and then Sundays were free time, when we could entertain him as part of the family. We’d have supper together every evening and share our day’s news, treating him like another son and chatting easily into the late evening before retiring.

I confess I’d wondered how our sex-life would be affected in those early days of Ben being with us. In truth we were both tired what with the build-up and the emotional energy we’d expended in receiving Ben, so we weren’t up to energetic sex that first weekend. We made love early on Sunday morning and Jane urged me to be quiet as Ben’s bedroom was just across the landing from ours. I didn’t dare tell her that I was so horny at the thought of him hearing us fuck, and I made no attempt to stifle her cries of pleasure as she got into her stride. She might have wanted me to be silent but as she approached her first climax she struggled in vain to keep her own noise under control. We had a late breakfast with Ben and on a normal Sunday would have retired to our bedroom after lunch for some afternoon delight but this was now not an option, regrettably.

Unless we’re on holiday we normally only have sex at the weekends, as the demands of the working week tend to tire us out, so I was surprised to have Jane all over me when we went to bed on Monday night. She must have sensed my surprise because she whispered it was to help make up for no sex on Sunday afternoons while Ben was with us. We made love tenderly and quickly then fell asleep in each other’s arms. She wanted to make love again on Wednesday night, and begged me to go down on her and ‘wipe her out’ as she put it. She was noisier too, clearly less inhibited by the thought of being heard as she climaxed.

The second Sunday Ben was with us we took him to the beach in our camper van and relaxed together in the warm sun. Ben stripped down to his swimming shorts and enjoyed the sea, working up an appetite for the wonderful picnic lunch Jane had prepared. I was struck by Ben’s lean physique, his smooth, tanned chest and nicely shaped legs, so I could quite understand why Jane was stealing an occasional look at him too. There was no other way of putting it, he was lovely and I started to get the impression that my wife thought so too. My mind inevitably started to wander, imagining having him in our bed to use as our fucktoy, but I resolved to play the long game, and see how things developed.

Over the next few weeks I sensed that Jane was quite struck by Ben. She isn’t the flirty type so she didn’t show anything overtly sexual towards him, but I certainly noticed how she changed towards me. As she got used to him being around she became even more affectionate than normal, squeezing me and giving me a sly grope, often while Ben was in the same room, and she was even more hungry for sex once we were in the privacy of our bedroom. Midweek sex was something we hadn’t done in a while but we were enjoying it hugely, not as intense as our weekend fuck sessions, but just as enjoyable. Whenever Ben was in the house she still initially put up a pretense for wanting ‘quiet sex’ as she put it, but the demands of her body soon took over and she happily surrendered to her usual noisy orgasms and her love of dirty talk. There couldn’t have been any doubt that Ben regularly heard us, but of course nothing was said by any of us.

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