Hair-Raising Encounter

Big Tits

(Note: The original in this series was entitled “Falling For My Roommate, of which this is a continuation, which includes “A Trip To The Park” and “My Sweet Little Crossdresser.”

It was a rather difficult trip home, even in the light of some of the things I had been through. It was most difficult leaving because of Marty, my sweet little cross-dresser who I just couldn’t get out of my mind. I knew he wouldn’t be the kind of guy that my relatives wanted me to end up with, but then again, they’d probably be thrilled just to know I found anyone.

Summer meant more than just a break from school. It meant finding a job, trying to relax, and maybe even meeting some new people. It sounded innocent enough, but I figured that this summer would be anything but normal. I had quickly settled in to my job, although the folks I worked with weren’t quite the ones I really wanted to spend any time with, so I often found myself alone on my days off. It wasn’t always a bad thing, but it was never that fun to go hiking by yourself, especially when one begins to crave companionship.

Somehow I had a Wednesday off from work, and I found myself in a relatively remote area where I didn’t expect to see a soul. It was a rather quiet area, so I decided to rest for a while. It didn’t take long before I started thinking about what it would be like to have Marty with me, and what fun we’d have in the great outdoors. It was a shame indeed that he wasn’t here, especially since he seemed to like outdoor sex. For once, I actually had pulled out a relatively short skirt for hiking, one that barely showed my knees. It was rather apparent that I didn’t have much of a tan, since the lower parts of my legs were often shaded by a much longer skirt. When I started out, I had a bikini under my outfit, but I quietly slid the bottoms off and pocketed them, letting my cock hang free, feeling the air around it and getting slightly hard in the process.

I searched around for an isolated spot where I wouldn’t be noticed if someone passed by, but I saw someone coming the other way before I could find a place. She looked a little bit like a hippie, with the typical patchwork skirt, revealing her unshaven legs. I’m not quite sure why, but this turned me on a little bit. As she approached, I tried to keep my cock in check, but it was difficult.

“You’re bursa escort the first person I’ve seen on this trail all day,” she commented, as she checked me out from head to foot.

“That figures,” I responded, “I didn’t think there’d be a lot of folks out here today.”

“Yeah, it’s nice and peaceful out here for once.” It seemed like she wanted to stop and talk a while, which was quite fine by me, but I didn’t know how long I’d last before I’d eventually just wet myself. As fascinated as I was by the rest of her, I just couldn’t keep my eyes off her legs. While I never fully understood why anyone wouldn’t shave them, I was still mystified by her. They just seemed to fit her so well. It seemed quite normal to me when I saw her like this, unlike what I would’ve imagined. “Are you staring at my legs?” she asked craftily, appearing pleased that I noticed.

“Yeah,” I timidly responded, “It’s not often I see a girl with unshaven legs, and it’s even less often that she looks good with ’em.”

“You should try it sometime,” she suggested, “It feels quite liberating to be free of the razor. Even then, you don’t have to show ’em to everyone.”

“You don’t HAVE to,” I noted, “but it’s still fun to see people’s reactions, eh?”

“That it is,” she said, grinning slightly, remembering my reaction to her, “Most folks just stare at me like I’m some hideous creature, although it doesn’t totally bother me. At least it keeps horny guys away.”

I laughed a little bit, thinking of my own ways of keeping guys away, and retorted, “Well, when ya show ’em a nice hard cock between your legs, it scares most of ’em off easily.”

“Yeah, but seriously, what girl has a cock between her legs…..that’s real?”

“I do,” I replied, wondering if I should actually show her.

“Prove it,” she declared, not convinced by my words alone.

I then eased my skirt up, exposing my cock, unencumbered by the panties which now rested in my hip pocket. I could see her eyes bug out in astonishment, which was the reaction I had come to expect. However, she still hadn’t seen the pussy that was hiding behind my cock. Oh was she in for a treat… or two.

She finally recovered from her shock and walked closer to me, constantly looking at my cock. malatya escort I could tell that she wanted to suck on it, but I put my arms around her before she got the chance and gave her a sweet, wet kiss first. As I loosened my grip around her, she slid one hand down my skirt, then pulled it up, exposing my cock. She began to caress it and began to kiss me again. I could tell that she wanted more than just to stroke my cock, so I beckoned her to sit down, hoping that I could return the favor on her.

Before we sat down, she slid her panties off and tossed them aside, then we sat with our legs spread. She sat down on my lap and commenced to stroke my cock again. I then began to explore her crotch, as I felt around for her clit which was somewhat obscured by her pubic hairs, prevalent, but slightly trimmed and well-groomed. I teased her by pinching her clit lightly, then harder, then even harder, until I could tell that she almost hurt, then I slowly let go and she breathed a sigh of relief. However, the fun was only beginning. I slid two of my fingers into her pussy, and used my other hand to play with her butt. I wet my fingers slightly in her pussy and began sliding them in and out of her butt, while she ran her hands up and down my cock as it began to get wet. I eventually gave her butt my full attention, as she lifted up, and sat down slowly on my fully erect cock, sinking into her as she sighed in pleasure. She planted her feet on the ground, and I grabbed her ankles, as she began moving onto and off of my cock, slowly building speed and making me want to burst inside her. Eventually I just couldn’t hold it any longer and I came, just as she had slid my cock all the way into her.

She held her position there for what seemed like forever, then she slid off my cock and laid down on top of me, with our heads at each other’s crotches. She began by fingering me, but quickly slid her fingers out and stuck her tongue into me, as I had already begun probing her pussy with my tongue, as well as licking her butt occasionally to taste the dripping cum that I had left behind. She finally began to return the favor by licking her fingers and fingering my butt, which eventually drove me to orgasm as I could feel her tongue in one hole and her fingers in another. I held myself çanakkale escort back as well as I could, dripping from my orgasm as she lapped it up. She came very shortly afterwards, but instead of just dripping, she squirted and got my face rather wet. I could tell that she took a sadistic delight in what she had just done, so I decided to retaliate. Rolling over so that she was on the bottom, I sat up with my cock right in front of her face. I lifted up a little bit, then pulled her shirt off, revealing her bare chest, and sat down on her once again. Drinking all that water was about to pay off. My cock was still somewhat hard, but I knew that this time, it wouldn’t be cum that would emerge. She waited in anticipation until I began to relieve myself and she felt the warm clear liquid all over her face. When I finished, she gently grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me down, kissing me with the leftovers still in her mouth.

We laid there for quite some time, just enjoying each other’s touch and the feeling that we had become rather connected, despite merely bringing the other to orgasm and getting kinky in the process. Eventually, she broke the silence. With a puzzled look on her face, she asked “Why in the world did we just do what we did?”

I replied “Because we were both in the right place at the right time and somehow were attracted to each other.”

“Perhaps,” she said skeptically, “but still, I don’t normally go for girls like you. Normally I go for the more natural kind, without the piercings, without shaven legs, but for some reason, you just cried out ‘make love to me’ and I listened. It still feels odd.”

Trying to reassure her, I noted “Sometimes we do things and we don’t know why. I admit, I didn’t think that I was going to meet someone out here. I was actually getting ready to sit down and masturbate until you came along. Then I realized that you and I could have fun together and make for an even more pleasurable scenario.”

Still skeptical, and still topless, she moved over to where I was sitting and sat quite close to me. After a short moment of almost awkward silence, she moved towards me and kissed me. I’m not sure what spark of passion I had ignited in her, or maybe ’twas her in me, but she was still a rather enchanting character. We both continued to kiss until we gradually grew tired, and then we just sat there in quiet amazement for a while. She soon picked up her shirt, shook the dust off of it, and put it back on. We then donned our backpacks and walked out of the woods, eventually exchanging phone numbers, should we ever decide to take a walk in the woods again and have some kinky fun together.